Obama Talks Aliens and New Religions / Hugo Talks #lockdown

99 Comments on “Obama Talks Aliens and New Religions / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. As a basic rule of thumb. Unless you see it with your own eyes first-hand (rather than via a media screen filter), it’s more than likely pharma-grade horse shit.

  2. They should have poisoned his pint of Guinness when he was in Ireland.

  3. And they laughed at Trump!
    What a numpty Obama is

  4. I’d like to see your longer video. They’re preparing us for an ‘alien Invasion’ which will really be humans creating the myth to make us all even more afraid of leaving the house than people are now. Control. Oh and to convince us to accept a new religion of satanism, I’m sure

  5. I had an interest in UFO phenomena, (due to seeing some strange things) but a few years ago as soon as members of the armed forces started coming out and drip feeding the public about sightings, I became suspicious. Now the MSM are reporting- alarm bells are ringing but not because of the aliens. Flourish and prosper all of you refusenik conspiracy factists.

  6. ANNUNAKI ,ancient alien astronauts, RH NEGATIVE bloodline of the aliens. The royal family and most of the US presidents have this blood type. Maybe they are preparing us for the return of our alien ancestors ?????? They have controlled us and that is why we were produced, we are a SLAVE race!!!!!!

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