IRELAND – 4 Nurse Whistleblowers SPEAK OUT! Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • These 4 people are absolute stars 🌟. These bullies need to be named and shamed as they are killing people day by day. More people need to wake up and stop sheep following. Discrimination and I will never have that shite put in me

    • Pfizer are broke. Assuming many elites have shares or pressure from those who do.. Pfizer leave their flash building soon to go to the same area as CNN, they too are Broke, apparently… They had to push this jab

    • Everyone needs to speak out. It’s an abomination genocide

      • Im sorry folks…but violence will be the inly way this ends. That time has come.

    • As a nurse in Scotland who has spoke out! Can I say I’ve been waiting on you all, thank you. I can relate to you all so much. We have a group of nurses and health care staff, if you to speak to us im on Instagram at nurse kirsty and telegram courage uk ❤ much love and respect. We Need to unite and stop this hell

  1. These whistleblowers are great news… but! These people COULD be seen as actors, just like those youngsters who are apparently queuing for the jab at Twickenham. We really need some ‘confirmation’ that these people are REAL NHS staff. I do not disbelieve any of these people at all, but the vaxxed would question the validity of the whistleblowers. I know its difficult.

    • This is the Irish HSE not UK NHS. These people are gold dust, like gemma the gem.

    • The vaxed don’t question anything! If they did they wouldnt have had it!

      • I’m questioning. What happens when they have killed or rendered disabled our military, our care workers, all essential gvt contracted people…??

    • There have been instances of well-documented NHS genuine whistle-blowers but no good has ever come of it. We have to be asking WHY would GENUINE NHS staff whistle-blow? Why? What for? For 15 minutes of fame? An interview with David Icke? So that someone can make a few bucks uploading you to youtube? You stand to lose your good job, your career, what you have studied for years to become, your livelihood. Unless you forge a new career in TV 😀 If not, you will soon be long-forgotten. Especially more so now, when none of this ‘whistle-blowing’ appears to be working anyway. Would you? It would be a completely pointless exercise – you would have nothing to gain and everything to lose. You would have to be nuts or knocking on the door to retirement. Why would you risk it all to save the sheep. Personally, I wouldn’t!

      There was some ‘good cop’ video doing the rounds a while ago and it was obvious it was fake, the nearest that cop was to real was maybe working for the Public Relations department of the cops 😀

      • We know 2 nurses the start of bs lockdown last march spoke out to there boss nhs and was told to leave and paid off £60,000 each they are heartbroken there proffession of 30 years

      • Totally agree but people have to start trusting others statements. Trust has to be engaged. Because the folk at the top of the ladder can lie whenever, doesn’t mean it should trickle down. Everything has its context and everyone just wants to live. Take care.x

      • I guess if you can live with the oath of “do no harm” whilst doing it .. I have immense respect for the doctors , scientists, virologists speaking against this. I will trust their insight going forward in regards to health and truth. The truth will come out, those on the right side will be heros.

      • Some people have a conscience that can not be quieted. Can you respect yourself if you are complicit in these crimes?

    • The queue at Twickenham was for the season football tickets, young people are not offered the jab yet, I don’t understand why they said they were there for the jab 🤔

      • Maybe they were paid to say so.

      • Then why did the NHS claim they jabbed 15000 at Twickenham yesterday?

    • They can’t possibly reveal who these nurses are as they could be targeted, not just in their jobs, but by members of the public and so could their families.
      The vaxers will wake up someday but sadly many will have to learn the hard way.

    • These people are risking their livelihood speaking out. They will lose their jobs if they are identified

    • My daughter works in a hospital here in Ireland and she has been hounded about getting the vaccine. What these whistle-blowers are saying is happening is true, listening to them was like listening to my daughter and the daily harassment and attempted coercion for her to get the vaccine, it has left her broken and hating the job she loved.

  2. We knew that this would happen.
    A Canadian Dr has spoken out about the mRNA vaccine too.
    It’s getting into people’s bloodstream, affecting different organs, even crossing the Blood brain barrier and causing Blood clots, aka strokes!

  3. More heroes. A question for all to ponder. Would you trust these nurses, or would you trust Matt halfcock? If you answered halfcock then I suggest you go and get the jab.

  4. Any medical/care worker that gives ANY medical intervention or test without giving FULL information of possible side effects/outcomes can be held PERSONALLY responsible for Malfeasance, Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and CRIMINAL LAW to describe any act that is wrongful. It is not a distinct crime or TORT, but may be used generally to describe any act that is criminal or that is wrongful and gives rise to, or somehow contributes to, the injury of another person. That person DOES NOT Have legal indemnity if full signed consent is not received and any coercion took place. This is a one on one unlawful act. See Prof Dolores Cahill video where she explains this in detail she has legal expertise in common law.

  5. What will the regime do to prevent the truth about vaccine injury coming out when the damage becomes widespread?

    • They’ll call it yet another fictional variant and blame the unvaxed

  6. Why hiding identity? Nothing will get better for you,no point. The more speak out publicly,more chance we get. We have to stop this genocide. As that nurse said,now is the workers,after the relatives will be required or denied access. I am so angry,what the hell is this,i can see it turning into a war soon. Today human right commission suporting enforced vaccinations in healthcare,can you imagine? Human rights!!!

  7. Under these regimes there is no longer any protection under employment law. The employee has no rights any longer.
    You have to say no in the knowledge that you will lose your employment without any recourse.
    I feel so sorry for those with dependents & a mortgage or rent to pay.
    Hopefully one day those who forced the drugs on others will pay, but in the meantime the victims will pay with their health.

  8. Good on them for speaking out! I hope this encourages more people to come forward.

    Given that that it’s clear that the NWO wants to create an apartheid system, is there a way that we could create a job site to connect people who have been fired/ have had their job roles reduced due to refusing the vaccine? It’s silly that these nurses are being forced to stay at home when they clearly want to work and there’s a huge number of patients who have been unable to see doctors for the past couple of years.

    Also, if people were aware that there were other job options, fewer people would feel coerced into taking the vaccine to prevent being fired and it would encourage more whistleblowers to come forward because there would be less risk to them financially if they were fired for speaking out.

  9. Forget about work relations and the so called unions the unions are in on this as well they are pushing the narrative. The only way to stop this is for everybody to stick together and say no. How many nurses strikes have taken place over the years in the quest for more money and wages yet not one strike over being forced to take a experimental vaccine. I never clapped any health staff or any other staff for that matter nobody sticks together anymore it’s everyone for themselves. No unity that’s the problem and this is what the government want a split in society and anyone who goes along with this is part of the problem as well.

  10. Yup. I know a district nurse wrote down covid with no test on an elderly gentleman who was dying of old age.

  11. A friend of mine has been having cancer treatment, here in Ireland. He has been enduring it for four years. If he had been diagnosed within the last 18 months he would have received no treatment whatsoever, and would either be dead or at home screaming in agony. He talked to his consultant last week and this is what the man said: ‘ I will reverse the colostomy and remove two tumors at the same time. To be honest I have time on my hands.. ‘Really?’ replied my friend. ‘No one to see at the moment,’ shrugged the redundant doctor. Utterly shocking. Wicked…… people die. Last summer I wandered around the same hospital, took a lift up and down the floors. It was like the Marie Celeste. A ghost hospital. Deserted.Until more people realise that we are on the mystery train to dystopia ,that paradise will never be regained , that we are up the creek without a paddle and no savior is on his or her way, we are stuffed, screwed and buggered…………………

    • This is an interesting post to say the least. I wonder what the truth is at the big picture level? If this Doctor has time on his hands, do others have time too? What happened to all of the cancer patients? Did covid and or the lockdown cure them all? If not, where are these patients?

      In the UK the ONS has been reporting deaths at BELOW the normal level of mortality for the last few months. I cant make sense of it all if those ONS statistics are true. Cancers not being treated, people dying of the jab, and yet lower deaths than normal? It is only explainable if by staying away from healthcare it somehow paradoxically improves your life expectancy.

      I have no answers, only questions. The level of censorship and obfuscation is making it almost impossible to discern what is really going on.

      • The death rate will go up. There have been many missed and late diagnoses of cancer, and they may survive a while with palliative care. But many will die. It didn’t have to be like this

      • My husband is a nurse in Dublin and there is no COVID in his hospital. He spent from March to April with nothing to do , no patients and had his hours reduced significantly. He is still not busy


  13. Hi I think it’s absolutely brilliant it too we hear what’s happening in Ireland and we’ve been led to believe that you’re following the old needle bet you’re obviously not and good load of you are she can a special form in the NHS and absolutely brilliant the shape can turn it round and get them this leading all this on indigo and let them stay there forever lovely to hear from you Andy

  14. The whole thing is nonsense – Anyone in healthcare that went along with this is just as guilty as the media, politicians and va33ine makers!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  15. Hugo is on fire 🔥 😍 thanks so much Hugo. Keep them rolling.

    I applause these brave nurses.. these psychopaths’ days are numbered. The net is closing in.

  16. These nurses, frontline, working everyday near Covid patients, all likely have natural immunity by now. This is not about the virus.

  17. We really do need a massive investigation into what incentives have been given to any unscrupulous individuals who are driving this coercion. The whole Covid narrative stinks.

    • In the USA Medicare gave hospitals $14000 if a patient was recorded as having Convid and $39000 if a patient was put on a ventilator! So I have read….

  18. We know all this information for a long time, but someone has to publicity come out & speak for all of us. I have so much praise for these wonderful nurses

  19. We are only a few seconds into this and ‘Gemma’ comes out with that old trope “DNA altering ‘vax’ceen'” Does she really believe that? Or has she been watching too much David Icke? 😀 For me coming out with that is a big reg flag.

  20. Bless these whistleblowers; in the fall when many people start to drop like flies, we’re going to need nurses in our future.
    Especially when you hear there is a real pandemic coming, people will need their immune system.
    This is criminal and so evil…

  21. Carry on Whistleblowing.

    No longer just a trickle of whistleblowers, now we have a lively stream, soon to be a small river of them.

    At some point it will become an overpowering Biblical style flood. Well done these nurses, and well done everyone else who has spoken out with good and true information.

  22. Indian, Thai, what else can we get from the take outs…Its fucking ridiculous…wake up people, the is gene altering therapy…is not a vax, called a shot, becvause it gonna kill a lot of people…

    • French Souffle variant? Russian Roulette variant? Mexican Taco variant? Etc etc etc!

  23. I agree with video man 1959 , it could be seen that these people are actors as they all had a Dublin accent.

    • There’s several hospitals in Dublin and I’d say a good many of the staff have Dublin accents, just as many of the staff in the Limerick hospitals have Limerick accents which you know yourself is a very distinctive one! I don’t think their accents prove they’re actors at all and as someone who was a nurse for 20 years, I can tell by the way they discuss the work they do i.e. the hands-on, basic nursing care, that they are probably care assistants, who were called Nursing Auxilliarys in my day in England. When I trained in the NHS from 1979-82, it was us trainee nurses, both Student and Pupil Nurses, and the Auxilliarys who did all the washing, toileting, feeding and all the mundane and dirty tasks of patient care so I would would be able to tell if they were people who had not experienced this sort of work first-hand!
      No one knows what it’s really like to give hands-on care to the sick and dying unless they’ve done it and IMO, these people have done it!

  24. They made the flu into c19 using the PCR proces, which IS NOT A TEST and cannot be used as the basis voor testing. It’s all one big satanic scam.

  25. Watched this straight after the interview with Dr Peter McCullogh on vimeo.
    Be in no doubt, it is about the vaccine, not the virus.
    One good point the Dr makes, especially about the complete shut down of primary care (in the US, but also in the UK) with the advice to stay home until you’re so ill you can’t breath and then go to hospital, is that the whole profession has been hostage to group think. It is the only illness in history the Drs have refused to even try and treat at home to prevent hospitalisation. The drugs they could use include steroid inhalers and aspirin to deal with clotting in the lungs, a well as ivermectin and hydrochoraquine, have been effectively banned. GPs should have bern bette than this.

    • Some people are taking horse ivermectin (using your own weight for dosage) with immediate results and no side effects. The only thing is you have to lie to get it.

    • I’m absolutely sick of reading these comments about using medication to treat for a virus that doesn’t exist.
      Yeah, that’s right, IT DOESN’T EXIST you fucking idiot.

  26. Great Hugo thank you 😊🙏

    Fair play to the people 👍💪 speaking out!!!💪

    Have great evening to you All ✌️🙏🙏

  27. I was working in a care home. I left beacause of the disgusting pressure to take the jab.
    I also want to say that I spent the christmas with my family. Shortly after christmas some of my famoly membersbhad covid and I had nothing at all – I was taking zinc,vit.D and multivitamins.

  28. This is the best thing that can be done, exposing the evil in whatever way we can and refusing the jab. Thanks for the video Hugo.

  29. Amazing piece of work Hugo keep the good work up !
    Many thanks for your time!

  30. No Government have taken liberty or frightened the people like the Provisional Govenment in Leinster House, a country where it people are Sovreigne each equal to a King or Queen

  31. Thanks 🙏 for sharing this Hugo – this is frightening but it’s good these people are ready to speak out now

  32. Doris is wanting to jab the world by 2022 and the trails don’t finish until 2023.
    Think about it

  33. Don’t like the idea of a ‘turd jab’ how is pop effective?

  34. Ivermectin renders Vax unnecessary. Look at US senate hearings. Look at Mexico.

  35. So what are the trade unions doing about it? Or have they been paid off as usual ?

    • What trade unions🤣🤣🤣they are all puppets. Paid to coerce us into commitment to murdering ourselves. They have all been given brown envelopes for bribes

  36. I’m a nurse, have not being directly forced.

    ADON s trying to tell us if we don’t take it we will be transferred.

    Students can’t do placements if they don’t get it.

  37. Thanks for this, Hugo, it’s certainly an eye-opener. Shows how much is being covered up. “We’re the dirty ones.” Really!? I’m that petrified, l’m shaking in my shoes.

  38. In 1946-47 at the Nuremberg Trials one major thing that came out was the ‘Nuremberg Code’ which stated and High Lighted what the Nazi’s practiced Experimenting Medical procedures and treatment’s on Jews and other’s against their Wills! It seems the Nuremberg Code and the outcome from the Nuremberg Trials have conveniently pushed aside! All this recent Vaccine scam is one Huge ‘Field Test’ to find out the outcome of a Virus Big Pharma are pushing…… they still don’t know this virus’s sequence yet? And don’t forget Bill Gates is into this too! Just do a search for the Nuremberg Code and read it, it’s a Crime against Humanity…!!!!

    • The Thurd Reich never used the term Nazism or Nazi for that matter. Please read Eustace Mullins for clarification.

  39. Covid is a hoax and the vaccine is a killer. This is murder on a global scale.


  41. It’s your duty as a health practitioner to speak out on record, even if it means you loose your job. Mass genocide is happening and now they want to vaccinate the children, babies and pregnant women. There are many other ways to earn money. I think peoples lives are more important.

  42. Please show me some proof!
    We are all aware of the blood clots but changing your DNA think its a bit far fetched and how long will it be before the vaccine actually kills me……………. Im on the edge of my seat waiting on your answers and proof.
    Have a wonderful day

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