Amazon Skynet Big Brother / How To Opt Out! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I’d like to opt out. Of this world. Into the next. Look up, for redemption draws nigh for those who believe in the Saviour. 🙏

  2. The only way this self proclaimed ‘elite’ stay in power is through tight central control. They want full financial spacial control. This way you control the population 100% They do not want a meritocracy, because they would lose their power. So, they’re going with this. To control and micromanage every single aspect of your life. These people are criminals, liars, bullies, psychopaths, thugs, deluded cretins who are willing to destroy the planet to keep their ‘power and control’.

  3. I’ve said all along the main purpose of these things is to keep a check on you, never had one never will. My life is my business no one else’s, certainly not amazon and the new world order’s.

  4. Thanks Hugo, you’re spoiling us now.

    Why are people becoming so lazy?

    The don’t want pick up their phone to put music on
    Don’t want to get up and turn the lights on
    Can’t be bothered to go to the door to see who’s there?
    But they all want next day delivery??

    Let good old Amazon and Google collect and sell your data and make it look like they doing you a massive favour!

    The only reason I go on Amazon is to check out the sellers and buy direct from them.

    The big corps don’t get my money if I can help it.

  5. We need to be basic, not have these mod cons.
    I’m old fashion but young
    Normal door bell
    Basic phone don’t download app’s not interested.
    No smart meter
    All this technology is sold to control the followers.
    Fuck there new world order right up Bill Gates and Bronson ass hope they suffer.

    • That’s all well and good . I bought a ring door bell of ebay because I was almost burgled by a crazed crack head . He got in my bedroom window. I have been looking into using old smart phones as a couple of security cameras outside my house. Its not even just my house it my car as well. My neabour caught a druggie at 7 in the morning in my car ? I mean it seems if u dont have any camreas outside these days and live in a city ur an easy target to be robbed. That’s not fiction that’s a fact. Even more so now we have fucking covid 19. Its bought out the very worst in people.

  6. Chen trail skies have been phenomenal over the south west of England over the last few days. Apologies for sounding conspiratorial, but I know the difference between a cloud and a plane borne vapour trail that expands exponentially across the sky over time. Just one more thing that makes you wonder what they’re up to.

  7. We should forsake all these big dog merchants “ especially Amazon “ their leading the way for a cashless society!

  8. Friend just had to get one of those stupid doorbells about 6 mths ago,, I told him it the camera was not for his benifit but he thought I was talking shit,,, it turns out his head is filled with the same stuff!

  9. I do have a smart phone (it’s the only tech device I have, I don’t even have a tv) but I keep location, voice control etc turned off, have a VPN and use Tor as much as possible.
    I only take it oit with necwhen I have to and all social media is under old details and I swap sims for online acyivity

    • With smart phones, the camera and microphone can be switched on EVEN IF THE PHONE IS OFF!


  11. Even if you opt out, you’re still always opted in. As long as you so much as even interact with these companies. The Corporate Caliphate is here. There’s no escape unless you go black market, digitally anonymous, momma / poppa businesses or cash / barter only. Even then they still got you.

    What’s more is that these ring cameras apparently utilise facial recognition technology, so even if you don’t own one, if you happen to pass where one is placed, you’re biometric data may still collected and possibly stored in the caliphate’s database systems. All of which is linked to the babylon system.


    Furthermore, we exist in the age of the Corporation. Everything is incorporated. Your ‘friendly’ neighbourhood civil services are corporations. Your very existence (especially in westernised / globalised societies) is subject to database and status of being a corporatised individual. You even have a ‘bond / writ of ownership’ attached to your existence. [Goods received by the state] – Hence your ‘birth certificate’ [which is actually owned by the vatican – Unam Sanctam], which expires on your demise – ‘death certificate’. You are simply a “Taxable Asset” hence your national “insurance” code… (Check out naval / admiralty law, “birthing of goods” shipping etc. It’s all linked.

    Anyway that’s why it’s so hard to live outside of the system, it’s all backwards upside down and endorsed by those devils in high places. And with the acceleration of this technology, the net is really closing in on us…

  12. I think George Orwell underestimated the scale of surveillance heading for the world when he wrote 1984. It’s a watered down version of the present day.

  13. Most things seem to be about opt in these days automatically I do work in Payroll and your automatically opted in to the pension until you opt out. Also when you for example pay house insurance your next year’s payment would be automatically deducted unless you contact them to cancel. This is the same with certain subscriptions They say that you have the first month free but when you sign up you have to provide bank details and if you want to cancel you have to contact them But some people have a nightmare getting hold of them You really have to keep your eye on the ball with a lot of these things

  14. Crazy after watching this vid came across an article in my local paper saying Bug snack company names Leicester one of the best cities for foodies. They were 5th I can believe that as it has been said it is one of the places that has the most takeaways and restaurants in a city. So it wouldn’t surprise me if a bug takeaway or shop opened up soon. Hull was named as 4th Northampton 3rd Coventry 2nd and Bradford 1st

    • It says in the Bible not to eat certain things like bugs,can’t remember where but seems like another part of the evil ones plan .

    • I think those prohibitions were only for the Jews.

      • That could be said for a lot of the Bible.

  15. I have some news that some might not believe. You can live you life without having any smart device in your home.

  16. @David Mitchell. Chem trails in Dublin skies a lot too on a sunny day when the sky is blue. It’s not the usual planes flying to the U.K. etc. It’s different, the planes are releasing white smoke going forwards and back and flying up and down in the sky. Then the white/grey cloud formation covers the whole sky and is different cloud formation to any clouds I’ve seen before. Thick and dense. has a video on chemtrails in Dublin skies.Hugo can you do a video on this please

  17. Hey 👋 thank you Hugo

    I don’t online shop only been odd pair trainers when we were under ‘house arrest 😢🥺🙄😂’ & a supermarket shop that sent CRAP! Not what I originally ordered so I stopped all that ‘drive ya nuts’ nonsense as well !
    And I don’t have,never had,never will a ring bell.
    Feckin nosy enough ain’t they HORRAS!!👍🙄

    Have great day Every one ✌️

  18. Another great and informative video, thanks Hugo.
    Apart from any big brother surveillance concerns, there should also be concerns about introducing more 2.45Ghz frequencies into your home.
    I would guess most of the customers wouldn’t give a shit about that since being injected with a poison, sorry I meant since being vaccinated. 😊

  19. People are so fucking lazy these days they’ll bend over backwards to buy this shit…

  20. These sinister developments seem to be coming thicker and faster. It seems that the BigTech ‘elite’control-freak sickos are paving the way for an eventual implementation of Klaus Schwab and the WEF’s grotesque designs to merge the biological and the digital.

  21. Same here in South Wales, from Swansea, a few days ago. Sunny day, as far as the eye could see, the sky full of criss cross lines (a pattern of intersecting straight lines or paths) with peculiar cloud formation.

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