Unfriend The Unjabbed GMB / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Haha that’s priceless as I cannot be around the jabbed as they’re dangerous to my health & I regard them as mutants. Not unfriended then as of yet but def can’t be near them….sad but true! #SayNoToThePricks 💉💉

    • Same I’m trying to keep my distance my mum shes unvaccinated but constantly surrounded by her vaccinated carers she and my siblings are always poorly they havent had a break from getting ill since they had the second dose

      • My sis in law was diagnosed with Grade 3 cancer after her second jab, the aggressive kind 💔 God help those who’ve had it 🙏

      • Sorry to hear that 😞 I’m lucky my daughter thinks like me. Hope your son respects your decision & you stay close 🙏

  2. Unvaccinated should ban the vaccinated if the researchers are correct regarding the “vapours” vaccinated people release

  3. As we move out of COVID the restrictions and propaganda will get worse as the government tries to keep control and stop people from looking at what has actually happened.

  4. Exactly what I’ve been saying for a year now. muzzles and social distancing were introduced to stop people talking, planning and debating. Lockdowns to stop the meetings. Finally divide the population into fighting each other so they can get everything they want through whilst the people are fighting amongst themselves.

  5. they have used the same tactic forever……i witnessed it 1st hand during the 1984-5 miners strike, they used the MSM to divide us all and subsequently closed all the coal mines anyway, its our own fault….we enable their behaviour by our own complicity and silence……we have become a nation of ultra passive cowards

  6. I won’t turn against anyone. That’s what they want. Free choice in my opinion if you want the experimental jab. But I will defend myself if people challenge why I don’t have it. And I actually think some FB friends have unfriended me already, must have seen some of my comments flash up. True Hugo, they want echo chambers and don’t want the awake waking everyone else up

  7. The deep state and the Great Reset has always been about divide and conquer…nothing new hear. Pure poison!!!

  8. Must watch video lewrockwell.com World Renowned Physician blows lid off Covid vaccines …show this to your friends before they unfriend you …it could be their last !!!


  9. I hate this show in the morning I just want to throw my breakfast at the TV so toxic and it’s infuriating!!!

  10. To be 100% fair, I’ve pretty much got rid of everyone who has been vaccinated, they change, become dumber, more stuck up there own asses and kind stupid as there risk was 300,000:1+ and I don’t associate with dead people that just don’t know it yet.

    There taking an untested jab and think we are the crazy 1’s LOL this is getting ridiculous.

    Never used a Mask, never used hand gel and only wash my hands occasionally, still kicking:)

    Classic divide and conquer, doing it Black vs White via BLM, doing it with Gay and Jabbed and unjabbed.

    Bet there not mentioning Mortgage protection stops soon and 1 Million households are at threat of being evicted, we will own nothing part coming true.

    • I agree totally. It’s too depressing and pointless to engage in a debate with people who still think as they do after 18 months of this bullshit. Friendships can’t survive something so dark, as it’s not like disagreeing about the usual trivia of everyday life that has no real effect on either party concerned. This is monumental, yet people can’t or won’t see it.

    • Wow when is this set to go into motion? That will affect private rented too wont it? & tbh tired of all waste of time I put into trying to wake people up all they care about is their easy street ticket to freedom..

  11. They do not tell the people how many refusniks there are, do they? If there were close to a million people at the last Freedom March, there must be another million or so around the country refusing the vaccine. Perhaps it is 5-million. This what everything is about at the moment, the fake Indian variant, the ‘unfriend the unvaccinated’ and all the other propaganda. The more people who refuse the vaccine, the less likely they can step up their plans for the Great Reset.

    • Peers Corbyn said yesterday he thinks 30% will not have it = over 20 milion

    • Unfortunately, there’s too many that will take on board everything they’re told to by MSM like GMB!
      The last 18 months have proved time again how gullible people are, they’re prepared to accept everything at face value, and not ask a single question!
      If people feel they need to unfriend someone over this, they’re not really friends.

    • The govts around the world have been told to get a minimum of 70% vaxxed. If they are now moving into excluding the unvaxxed and compulsion, it means they are way off that target. 50% maybe? Let’s not forget that their propaganda about how many have been vaxxed is given as % of the target group. So we know there are over 4m pensioners, and 70% have had the first dose (a figure I don’t trust either).
      That means at least 1m pensioners are saying no, like me.

      There are many millions in the UK who have not been caught in the net yet.

      The longer we can keep this up, the more determined the anti group become. I know from working on elections, canvassing for political parties, that the postal vote group was mainly pensioners in 2017 and 2019. Many sent their votes back as soon as they got the form in the post and then later regretted it as the weeks of campaigning went by. Sadly, for those who were the first to get the jab, it cannot be undone.
      At least with a vote you can wait until the next election.

      I also hope that the recent revelations about Hancock’s care home killing fields will make those in the older age group stop and think if getting us all jabbed asap was really to protect us. It seems the captives in the care homes paid a heavy price again with the forced jabs, and consequent spike in deaths. In USA it was said that those the jab didnt kill in care homes often suffered set backs in physical and mental health. We need to have data on that too here.

      • Well said Florence – hopefully news of the court case for Hancock and his 3 musketeers re Pandemic Fraud will also get out into the mainstream – proof of fictional stats / data has been all over alternative media for so long now, something’s got to give soon.

  12. As if Facebook could be any more of an echo chamber…

  13. These asshole couldn’t make this up, it’s no wonder that GMB’s Rating are down the Toilet, I say stuff these asshole and shove there GMB crap up there ass.

  14. ‘The Final Solution’ for Refuseniks ? divide and conquer , sameold story different puppets ,

  15. What a convenient way to weed out all dissenters, along with the passports….

  16. I do not tell anyone my vax status and this includes my employer – this is no ones business and people should stop making it so. You wouldn’t normally announce blood tests, other vax, smear test etc.

    • I agree!! In the office today everyone was talking about their first jab when their next one was…. i slunk out the office.. I think i am literally the only person in there that hasn’t had the jib jab!

  17. anyone asks if you have it, say non of your business, or to be polite its private information, ignore it all.

  18. That’s ok we just don’t attend their funerals soon 😂

  19. Definitely about devising us for sure. However, when this plays out, I think if will be the jabbed that will isolate themselves.
    I actively avoid friend and family that are vaccinated. I haven’t cut them off…we still talk and zoom each other but I said I respected their choice and now they have to respect mine. If you loose anyone along the way…they never really cared in the first place.

  20. That programme has been rubbish since Piers Morgan left anyway. It had the odd chink of light eg Bill Turnbull last week but yesterday Adil Ray made derogatory comments about the demonstrators disrupting shoppers on Saturday and now this. Well I’ve got the message. I can’t stomach him and Suzanna anymore and I’m gone. With regard to the divide and rule issue I’m trying very hard to button my lip around my proud to be vaccinated maskwearing friends but I’m finding it increasingly hard work and, if they decided to defriend me, to be honest it would be a relief.

  21. How about – Is it time to educate the vaccinated on what goes into the ‘vaccine’? I think this should be discussed on the MSM.

  22. if someone doesn’t want to be your friend because of a vaccine then they were never a real friend in the first place.

  23. Excellent post by Hugo and brilliant well informed comments as always. Thank you all – you help me keep my faith in humanity

  24. If they are going to discriminate against you purely on the basis of you being independently minded and not suicidal, then they’re really not worth knowing. This might have a silver lining because you may find out who your real friends are now.

  25. This whole thing is backfiring on them I feel. If somebody ‘unfriends’ you because you refuse the poison jab, then they’re a pitiful excuse for a human being. I’d suggest the ‘refuseniks’ are basically the best people in society, as they question things and engage in critical thinking. So, by people ‘unfriending’ you they’re doing you a favour, especially if this ‘vaccine’ is transmissible as many virologists suggest. So, this divide and conquer thing will work against them, because the best people – the refuseniks won’t have the shot and won’t be engaging physically with people who have. So basically, this divide and conquer strategy provides a form of immunity for the refuseniks.

    • Also, this thing is just another in a long line of strategies they’ll use against us. We’ve just got to keep refusing. And ultimately, if they frog march us off to a camp and force it on us through violence, then they prove what wicked demons they really are. So, it will be clear for all to see that their ‘New World Order’ was built on lies, fear, intimidation, propaganda, bullying, violence, deception and so on. That will be the foundation of it – An Empire of Dirt.

      • This brainwashing and to scare people it what they are building( Build Back Better )
        Tv news and crap like gmb turning the sheep against us the unvax i don’t care who as had the jab it’s there choice not mine but don’t tell me to have it.
        I know someone who said’ I had it to see my friends and to go back clubbing’ i think there stupid that my choice i don’t want fall out with her but she will probably not like my decision.
        I fear we will probably to grass up by people for not having the jab.
        Time will tell

      • Stay strong Darren. Don’t ever take the shot. If people fall out with you over your decision, it’s their problem not yours. They’re the ones killing themselves, just so they can go to a skanky club.

      • Nobody will be grassing up no one. The ‘authorities’ already know who the unvaxxed are 😉

      • ‘They are all on the database’ as ‘TV Licencing’ would say 😀

  26. I don’t like vaccinated people because they are spineless sheep! I keep away from their kind!

  27. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha they are so desperate now…..what moronic imbeciles..and if they trust the vaccy wak why are they worried

  28. Keep trolling news paper collums when the post propaganda…..

  29. Oh the irony two box tickers who’s ethnic group have low take up rates of the covid jab. Well helping the cause by coming out with this divisive hateful bile.

  30. This is now getting seriously a disputable criminal act by government to coerce the population into taking a substance against their will when they know it is untested genetic modification. Going to the extreme now of promoting gene therapy with new born babies that costs £2million per child. Are we entering a Frankenstein era where they play with most vulnerable.

  31. If the jab is so wonderful why would anyone give a fuck if I have had it or not.
    As for Nick Hewers car Keys in the punch bowl swingers party he can stick it.

    • Absolutely brilliant point Tommy. You’ve 100% nailed it. Comment of the day! If this ‘vaccine’ is such a miracle cure, why would the people who have taken it, care who has or has not taken it? They’re ‘immune’ right? It’s 99% effective. So, if they do ‘unfriend’ people over such a thing, they’re proving what mind controlled zombies they really are.

  32. Excellent video Hugo, thanks.
    The lies, propaganda, behavioural psychology, predictive programming has brianwashed so many, even people I know who I thought were intellegent enough to see through this nonsense. This television programme is the slippery slope to a holocaust situation.
    Their Utopia is our Dystopia.

    • This is an interesting thing – Utopia is a place that doesn’t exist. It is Greek: “Utopia” comes from Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) which translates as “no-place”

  33. please watch RESISTANCE GB on u tube and listen to the Indian Farmer saying what is really going on in India:::|||| ..


    • Will a good guy doing live streaming watch Resistance GB YouTube, better than the MSM, he not scare and challenge’s the Met police over there disgraceful behaviour over freedom protests and at Shepherds Bush on the sleepover protest.

  34. Remember, they might not have to vax 100%, to get 100% Vax’d, because it sheds/transmits to the none vaxxed when we spend time with the Pfizer BS, I was wrecked massive symptoms 3 times around pfizer Vax’d, but haven’t suffered since.

  35. 😂😂😂🥺🙄😂😂
    Thank you Hugo
    This is Outrageous!!!
    They are getting sicker!!!🥺

    Omg it’s awful because far to many people, normie’s is it?!! Lol .. still watch this brainwashing BS!!

    I mean let’s face it YouTube now take this piss with ad after ad after ad!

    It’s great having here and other like minded kind people whom comment here and not being Fooled by theses evil people!

    I am un jabbed so is my precious daughter or my Dog!!!
    Cause they apparently starting in Russia vaccinating pets there?!
    Someone mentioned this?
    Not sure 🤔 but they not killing my loyal friend 🐕‍🦺

    Thank you Hugo
    Take care all ✌️

  36. So sad it’s just corny. All smells like a bad case of something terribly awful. And too hell with social media anyway, life is so much clearer without the illusion frizzling my brain capacity.

  37. defend all you love to the utmost including our dear animals. my doggies never had a jag in their life; they are healthy and happy…

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