Doctor Says ‘We’ve Made A BIG MISTAKE With Vaccine’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown


127 Comments on “Doctor Says ‘We’ve Made A BIG MISTAKE With Vaccine’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Where the fuck do you get these wankers from and what sort of moron believes the shit they are coming out with??

    • The sort of moron who has declined the vaccine. The sort of moron who does some research and thinks critically. The sort of moron who doesn’t get brainwashed by the television. In short ME! But NOT the sort of person who lets themselves be injected with a bunch of chemicals that may turn out to be the cause of their demise. I feel sorry for these people and in no way do I think they are morons. That was your choice to call people who may not agree with you morons.

    • Vaccines never tested properly
      Normally takes 3-4 years
      Only proven to stop symptoms not severe illness or hospitalisation
      Thousands of side effects hundreds of deaths
      Spike protein of vaccine worse than virus
      Causes disruption vascular linings and sterility and eventual neuro degenerative disease
      You should never vaccinate in a pandemic but I’d there really a pandemic or plandemic
      No opportunity for open discussion
      The drugs and supplements that stop v Covid in tracks banned !!!!!!
      You are being deceived mate!!!!

  2. Not a “big mistake” at all. All known and long planned.

  3. it all doesnt add up too good , ok 3 who had phiz errr this week who I know well all have said been unwell , they had vexx around february … , so they could travel ! … they bought the lie now they are sick … these guys alll live south coast uk , its a pathogen its not even a vexx – The future does not look good thats my truth for this week ! IT IS NOT SAFE ITS MAKING PEOPLE SICK … IT WAS A BUM RUSHED MEDICAL TRIAL EXPERIMENT ( FACT ) SINISTER DONT LET THE KIDS NEAR IT !

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