Cyber Attack On World’s Largest MEAT Supplier / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Weird how JBS, Nestle etc are partners with our mate Klaus – he’s also recently ‘warned’ us that a cyberattack on the world’s financial systems is likely to happen which would result in global financial meltdown – I read that as this is the next stage of their plan…

  2. They want us to eat worms,insects and grass…Meet is for gate’s a.ce …he bought half of Italian best fertile soils…

    • This is the first stage of the ‘engineered’ food shortages, expect many more over the coming months. Oh and someone needs to send Klaus a white cat!, then the Bond villain persona would be complete.

      • And
        George Soros needs a white fluffy caterpillar named Nero just like his doppelganger baron greenback!

  3. This is why I have been stocking up on tinned food over the months purchased A Leisure battery with an Invertor and a solar panel and constructing a Solar Collector

  4. All so bill gates can push his fake meat products

  5. I’m not a rocket scientist but if you disconnect the internet from the packing machine then you won’t have a problem… Sorted.

  6. I remember last year, when they claimed 2 or 3 major US meat suppliers, workers were stricken and ravaged by the c19 BS” closing them all down hastily “
    They hate people eating meat because it keeps people strong in mind “ and statue which enhances Independent thinking “ and they don’t want that!

    • Canadian farmers were complaining over Covid restrictions for foreign seasonal workers saying it was making it very difficult to get them and to isolate any that had fake test. All adding to costs.

  7. If the WEF and goverments globally, were really concerned with Cimate Change and damage to our ecological systems then they would not be forging ahead with 5G because it has not had extensive long term health and safety tests yet is 10 times more electro magnetic radiation than 4 g and can penetrate through walls. If it can penetrate through walls then it can penetrate to our internal organs etc. It will be a catastrophe that can’t be rectified if the Bees and pollinators die off. The Bible speaks of there being death to 1/3 of trees and all green grass in the book of revelation and people getting grievous noisome sores that won’t heal on their head if they have taken the Mark of the Beast. Sounds like radiation damage to me! we are getting to advanced for our own good and there will be consequences! They are worried abut Carbon Emissions but are spending billions on satellites beaming down rays to Earth. If there is a major EMP strilke/Cyber attack we could be plunged back into the dark ages and they won’t be ready for that if they have gone paperless and have digital everything including finances and health care etc, all records lost in the flick of a switch!

    • There is no ‘climate change’, it’s yet another huge scam. The facts are that the earth is cooling, quite the opposite to what they claim.

    • This could very well happen, in the last few years, I’ve seen massive Intentional blackouts happen and the excuses given were pathetic “
      They actually turned the whole power grid of Texas off this year while it was in the middle of the worst snow blizzard in history “ the excuse given was disgusting 🤢 no heart at all “ for the families that were freezing and suffering terrible during that time”

  8. lets go back to pen and paper and we would’nt have this problem, keep away from anything digital A.I. is a soulless energy force, keep away from it its not our frequency its coming from another reality

    • Had a conversation in a shop because their self serve terminals wouldn’t scan goods. I said what would you do if all of the scanners stopped working. Oh we’d have to add it up manually. How, there are no prices on anything, it’s all bar codes. Look of stunned realisation. If the payment system and cash machines went down everything would stop.

      • Absolutely brilliant comment thank you

        Take care

    • I totally agree with you Christopher, we should ditch the smart phones, tablets and everything digital and declare these things “foreign “ to our existence, there was a time not so long ago, these things were not in mind or thought “

      • thanks Wes, i ditched the smartphone 4yrs ago and got a old phone razor v3 from 2004 and got rid of facebook 8 years ago. never owed a tele, they add no value to your life i realised years ago, its a waste of time. life was so much better in the 80s and 90s without the phones. people talked more to each other. anything digital i stay away from, especially now, look what its done to us. so put of now, soon as people wake up to the fact its a waste of time, the better it will be. i go out phoneless and it feels great i see people and there phones and i smile to myself, its unsocial and rude anyone that pulls a phone out on me i walk away. i could never go out in public carrying a smartphone i wouldnt do it to myself, i go out setting an example that is great to not have one i’m in the process of getting a landline

      • A Landline is a good idea Christopher, I’m also thinking of doing this, and I kind of miss it also,
        It’s sad to see everyone with these devices like glued to their hands “ they’ve made the majority become completely dependent upon them, to control them as they wish “ it wouldn’t be surprising that in the end, A I would be reporting on the people who reject the NWO , to have us arrested and incarcerated!

      • I agree wholeheartedly, but I fear far too many ‘sheeple’ are too hooked on their phones etc to ever give them up voluntarily.

      • Landline, sure, but for how long? POTS (The Plain Old Telephone System) is due to be ripped out by 2025 😀

  9. Not sure if this is important, but I didn’t get the usual email notification of this video. I did with those immediately before and after.

  10. klaus, he sold his soul to the devil.
    He is the devil.
    It will burn in hell for eternity

  11. So lets use it against them. OBVIOUSLY we can’t go on a digital passport system because it wouldn’t be secure.😉

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