Third Wave / Warrior Spirit / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The “third wave” will take the “vaccinated” but it will be blamed on those that have chosen not to be jabbed.

    • Strange how these morons are the most outspoken when it comes to genetically modified food but happy to have a gene modifying injection

    • Drewster, you’re on the money there.

      Looking dire, isn’t it: especially as the warrior spirit and sticking to principles Hugo correctly states we all must cling to will jeopardise being able to buy food for some.

      Employees blackmailed ffs!

      What an evil dystopian reality agenda 21 is becoming in real time

      • I have not been paid since April 16.04.21 for refusing a PCR test….not even got to the Vaccine yet!!
        When you have no money it’s hard to stand by principles, am fighting back but not easy. I’m a Care Worker

    • He should set up a go fund me page and start up his own business doing the job he loves.

    • Our government has a agenda and we ain’t included in it.

    • Hugo your doing a great job tell the brave guy on the cruise ship job who there trying to get the jab or lose his job to register under John smith common law re register his birth certificate and take back his name as a living man and out of there statuary contracts if he does that and goes onto the common law court website be a different ball game another thing they have kept hidden from the public would advise everyone on this site to look into if we all registered under common law tomorrow the law of the land the law of the people this bs would be over tomorrow good luck to the guy stay strong and thank you hugo for all your great work stay strong people we will win this β€πŸ‘πŸ˜

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  3. Principles may be expensive but loss of true freedom is way costlier

  4. He won’t be out of too long, those staff taking the jab will soon be too ill to work or dead!

  5. Correction
    He won’t be out of work too long, those staff taking the jab will soon be too ill to work or dead!

  6. It’s the age old story. This is how Satan works. He’s forcing us to choose between the Spiritual and the Material. You go against your principles and mutate the natural body that God has given you by taking the jab then you will have all the material things of this world. The job, the house, the car, the pub, the holidays. But not for long because the jab will make you sick. It’s our choice and sadly we are being coerced into making it!

    • Yes and as all the jabs are abortion-tainted in some way, one is risking eternal damnation by taking one. The devil and his demons are very legalistic and would consider it along the lines of “accessory to murder after the fact”! One would have to repent and confess and resolve never to have one again before one died or be able to claim “invincible ignorance”! How many could in this age of the internet and all humanity’s knowledge available at the click of a mouse? Only a those with no access to the internet , censored internet like China and N. Korea or not able to use a computer very easily like some elderly, many of whom are decent and only took it because they were emotionally blackmailed that they should do it “for others”, I should think!

  7. I stopped wearing a mask about a month ago. Nobody has questioned me anywhere except one small clothing chain. It is very freeing.

    • Well done, Jacqueline. Not enough people realise that you don’t need to have what the shops, media and government would have you believe is required, a MEDICAL exemption. What none of them will tell you is that you can easily and legally exempt yourself from wearing a face nappy just by saying it causes you distress.

      • Yes, the Statutory Instrument in Ireland, Clause 5- 1-i-ii is about exemptions or “reasonable excuse”! 5-1-ii is “extreme distress”. It would certainly cause me extreme distress to go about wearing a LIE on my face!

      • If you say you are EXEMPT – then you are EXEMPT – self declaration of EXEMPTION is all you have to do – it is even stated on the Govt Face Nappy Web page – Just Declare yourself exempt if and when asked to put a face nappy on.
        I have never worn a face nappy and in 15 months I have only been asked 5 times by security to put a mask on – Each time I have calmly said “NO” and walked in MASK FREE – without a problem – I have been MASK FREE ALWAYS without a problem entering anywhere at all

    • Over the past year of never wearing a mask only one persons questioned me needless to say they didn’t get my custom

    • I have never worn a mask since this lie began – in 15 months I have only been stopped by security 5 times and asked to put a mask on (on 2 occasions they have even offered me a free mask – I refused) each time asked I have calmly said “NO” and walked in MASK FREE every time – with No Problems ever – I have never been stopped entry to anywhere MASK FREE ALWAYS.

  8. I’m so sick of this situation and the brain washed people that refuse to look at an alternative to what they’re being told by the media. If I have to live on the street and eat from bins I bloody well will. I have a dependent son who is autistic and knows what’s going on. WTF will it take for these bloody idiots to wake up. We will live on the streets if we have to. Fuck these evil pricks.

    • Well said πŸ‘

      I hope you and your son don’t have to be lowered to such levels bless you πŸ™

      Take care ✌️

    • Well said πŸ‘… my sentiments exactly

  9. UK trade unions are on the side of fsm – reluctance /refusal to assist members who will not wear masks or refuse testing & vaccine

  10. I’m waiting to see if mandatory jabs come in for social care staff. I’ve been a support worker for 26 years, I’ve already declined it twice! I will have to walk away if this continues the way I feel it’s going!

    • I fear this is coming to social care:( the sector will lose so many staff I’ve heard lots say they wont take it .. I am in an organisation connected to it but I’m not front line .. I seem to be the only one in my team not to be vaxed .. haven’t been challenged on it yet but that’s because they seem to assume we have had it by the rhetoric . 100% not having it . Stay strong x

      • Mayb it’s time to start telling a few porkies lol
        . Yes if had it. No questions asked. I mean come on we have been lied to for how long now ? Iv been called all the names under the sun because I dont conform to any of this shit ever right from the start. Now I’m thinking maybe just mayb just say that’s right had my jabs , card lost that nazis yellow card. Play them at there own game in fact someone out there most be able to print a load of this shit up. Yellow cards. How hard is it. Apps u can have a pic of an appon your phone. Its an app u put up to a pic that’s what I saw. Just play along with there shit. How amazing would it b if this was done all over the world. Secrets and lies lol think it’s about time we to told a few white lies of our own. What’s the very worst that could happen? Nothing that’s what. My friend phoned me saturday and he said he had to have the jab for work ? Hes a self employed builder now I no that’s lies. He said it was to protect the elderly but they have 2 shots at least I said why do they need protection? They dont work he said. Me, so why have u botherd then ?if none of it works wtf are u doing it. He put the phone down on me saying oh ffs u just dont understand. That’s right I dont. Because u dont need any of this poison. I thought some people I new had a little bit more about them then this. It also seems more of my male friends have buckled no bollocks after all. Talk is cheap . I’m still upset as he was a good mate to me. Hate to see him putting me down and being so self righteous and smug about it. No one talks to me anymore.x

    • Just trust something much will come along for you. Good WILL prevail we have to remember the power of good ALWAYS wins in the end. Look at Ghandhi for example. Blessings..

      • But Ghandi was assassinated!

      • Karma – is always returned – they know what they are doing and Karma will come back and bite them on the ar*e big time.
        Turning them into a Gene Modified GMO Zombie may well be part of the Karma returned process.

    • Get in touch with for information, it is illegal to coerce you into raking an experimental medical treatment, you can sue for malfeasance if you got side effects.

    • You’d think that principled people are exactly the type of people who the Care Sector would want to attract. They have trouble finding enough staff to fill all the jobs already as the pay is so low, now they want to force out anyone who has principles? It β€˜s bizarre, crazy & immoral & now, as if right on cue, in The Guardian this morning : β€œCovid : UK Rights Watchdog endorses compulsory vaccines for care home staff!” Just think about that for a moment … the body that is charged with protecting our individual & collective rights in the U.K. endorses removing your right to autonomy over your own body ffs.

  11. Time to bin the bullshit! Who the eff is sage? I didn’t vote for them! Open up on the 21st Boris or you’re toast!

    • David, they are the scientific advisors that overlook the basic principles of the PCR tests and how easily they can be manipulated to suit an agenda.

      Especially if some of the members have invested heavily in pharma or hold senior positions.

      Shocking really because the average person doesn’t care enough to question this.

      Said it before…. Show me the common cold, flu, Convid and so called variants analysed by independent Dr’s and scientists then I may consider it’s real.
      Otherwise I’ll revert back to it being utter bollox!

      • And we all know who’s funding them

  12. Awesome video Hugo. The surfer theme really resonated with me. My favourite band as a child was the Beach Boys – I know. But the surfer was a symbol of health, freedom, technique, strength, beauty, talent, etc. It really is now about strength of will I feel. Maybe it is all designed like this – only the strong survive. I don’t know. But I will not take this shot. They’ll have to kill me first. And I mean that with 100% conviction. We all have to make this decision one way or another at some point.

    • And people, don’t be afraid of stating that conviction. Do you think this ‘elite’ value people without conviction – no. People with conviction are respected – PERIOD! WHAT ELSE MATTERS IN THIS WORLD?

  13. If you won’t let us use you as shark bait we’ll let you go.
    Umm… No.

  14. Third wave??
    What a load of bollox!

    If you listen to Dr Mike Yeadon, he mentions that your body has a clever way of identifying a virus and deals with it as soon as it resurfaces. So it remembers this year’s version of the flu and deals with it.
    If there wasn’t a second wave of flu, then how come there’s a third one in summer?

    Not sure about anyone else but I’ve never had a cold in the summer.
    Maybe the sniffles if you get cought out in the rain walking home from the pub or something.

    It’s all about pre selling the booster for Autumn and I’m guessing now that the J&J jab has approval, side effects and deaths will go up again.

  15. Well said Hugo, don’t let the bastards grind you down and stick with your beliefs.

  16. It will only be possible to get through to more people now if they can be convinced the jab is actually dangerous. It seems many are aware of that, but are not SURE of it enough to change their behaviour when faced with the choice. I had hoped there was some change with the MSM recently, but it was a false dawn/ managed opposition.

  17. They’re already putting aticles for some time, as we know, saying those of us who haven’t and won’t have the jab are to blame for the restrictions staying and we knew they’d say there would be a ‘third wave’.
    Good guy, we need more like him!!
    I’m on disability and fear that what’s hapoened in Oz will happen here and my money will be dependant on getting the jab. I’m growing my own fruit and veg, I’m stocking up on non-persishables, food for my dogs, more natural rememedies from essential oils to herbs along with other medical supplies. Next on my list is a strong tent or cheap caravan becase if my money goes so does my home. I’ve stocked up on much much more than this because i WILL NOT cabe I WILL NOT comply!!!

  18. Around me few have worn masks (other than in supermarkets) they have been socalising for about 6 weeks now since the cold whent away, a few of the local bars are open on the qt, they are all quite angry and say there is no fucking way they are getting locked up again no matter what!

  19. Soon, people in their workplaces will learn to unite, stand strong, and hire a fecking lawyer. They can divide the lawyer’s fee amongst themselves. In the meantime, the vaxxed will ail and die and we will have a treasure trove of positions to choose from. Give it time.

  20. Coercion for a medical procedure is against The Nuremberg Code

    • Unfair Contract Terms Act Section 2(1). Employer cannot exclude liability (for coercing jab causing death or personal injury). Plenty of Yellow Card MHRA evidence Reiner Fuellmich/Doctors for Covid Ethics Sukharit Bhakdi MD etc. Nuremberg Code/Helsinki Declaration “Informed Consent” required. Also test of reasonableness in sections 2(2) and 3.

  21. First Wave TV show intro. [Not trolling, I swear. This just seems reverent].

  22. Excellent video! In full agreement with you Hugo! No compromising on what is right and true!!

  23. You can predict everything they do. But I’m back to my original view. THERE IS NO COVIDS.

  24. Go that man!!!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Really proud of him πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    Should be more of us doing this !

    Thank you Hugo

  25. Waves of Bull Shit – Sounds like the Billionaires will be sailing their own boats, cooking, gardening etc but I guess in reality they have been shown the AI Robots!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  26. Good morning thank you Hugo πŸ‘
    Great vid.

    So far my daughter has walked from her job because she refuses jabπŸ‘
    She is looking forward to new job who are NOT going to force her!
    So keep being Strong πŸ’ͺ people and refuse ANYTHING theses muppets in control of our lives force upon us!!!
    Great vid Hugo well done πŸ‘πŸ»
    Thank you for everything you do really appreciate it fella πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Have a grand day to you and All ✌️

  27. Well said Hugo. Having a backbone is apparently hard to come by these days. Definitely seems people like this chap have theirs firmly intact.

  28. I once saw an experiment on how to make a cat drink alcohol. First it was given a saucer and it refused to drink. Then a process of dissociation and disorientation took place and things that got a certain response gained an opposite one. Suggestability then became easier and when the poor cat didn’t know what day it was, it accepted the demon drink. It seems that this is what governments are doing. Good is bad, friend is enemy, trust is betrayal and so on. After a year of dissociation, ordinary people are much more susceptible to suggestions that they would have never considered before. We just have to try and get them to look at themselves are realise they are being conned.

  29. Hugo my wife asked me yesterday Conor have you ever wondered why our daughters primary school head master had been off this past while, she used her name but I don’t wish to so will refer to her as head master. They suspected she had menagitis, she was severely unwell and had many trips to her GP and hospital. This is from a reliable source that while to my knowledge she doesn’t have menagitis she had a major reaction to her vaccination!

    I work for the NHS and like this gentleman on the cruise ships I won’t bow to the pressure. I’m not taking the risk and dying at 38 and leaving my 7 year old without a father. They can take everything but my body is my weapon of war.

    To paraphrase the great Michael Collins

    “We have a weapon at our disposal, a weapon more powerful than the entirety of their whole vaccination empire, that weapon is our refusal.”

    Peace and love people peace and love

    • I also work for the NHS and so does my partner. We will not get the jib jab and we are pretty sure we will lose our jobs eventually as they are already talking about making it mandatory for NHS staff. We have a daughter and I rather she has parents than money, we’ll find a way to survive until we win………..because we will win!!!

    • We need another Michael Collins or Brian Boru or a combination of both! I too refuse and so do my husband and son! God bless you and yours Connor!

  30. We all need the “Tom Petty” attitude.
    “No I won’t back down,
    I’ll stand my ground”.
    Good on the brave ones that don’t buckle to the Globalist commies.

  31. Well lets hope that when their employees turn into zombies as a result of the jab, the rich will regret this decision. Isolated on a posh boat in the middle of the sea with lots of flesh eaters, you reap what you sow.

  32. Never bowed. No mask no jab. Still fit. Worked through it. I ain’t no Sheep. Folk will wake up when we are locked up again for nowt but by then it’ll be too late for many.

    • Everone I no has had this jab . I’m an out cast lol. So gonna make out iv had it lol. Just like the make out u have covid .act like uv got it. Fucking lie I’m gonna. The government does and the MSM. It’s my turn to play games now. Act like uv had it. Not got it. Had the jab. Fake cards the lot. Let them prove it. X

  33. Oh it’s all too prevelant, here in Ireland we have the sheep going along with everything, it’s only a matter of time when anybody who refuses the jab will be out of a job. There is no unity in the people the question on everybody’s lips is did you get your jab and which one did you get. I say no and I ask them why did they take it the answer is always the same,,”I want to go on holidays,” nothing to do with their health, dumb fucks.

    • It breaks my heart the way our people have caved in so easily and sold their souls so cheaply! The men and woman who fought and died for a free Ireland must be disgusted with us and wondering why they bothered! To “go on holidays”? Not even to keep their jobs but just to go abroad for a lousy fortnight? It’s despicable!
      My mother-in-law had it and when my husband asked her why would she do that, she just replied “Sure it has to be done!” Did you ever hear the bate of it? He tried to inform her but he was taking to the wall!
      People like ourselves will just have to accept being in the minority I suspect and hold tough! Ireland’s future depends on people like us and ur numbers are growing, albeit slowly and thanks be to God for that or “For What Died the Sons of Erin?”!

  34. Hi Hugo,
    My lovely neighbour Martin at the age of 75 has just suddenly died after having his second jab a fortnight ago. High blood pressure leading to lack of oxygen to the brain.
    He was extremely healthy guy and taught scuba diving in the summer.
    How dare they cover up all these stories with utter crap saying its safe.

  35. Yes my daughter had it for her holidays. I’m shocked at her .I bought her up to be a free thinking . Seems I lost her she started working for a very large DIY store here in the uk.

  36. Same answer as before ,Boris ,Hancock ,Gates and all your mates You are wasting your time with me so Fuck Off and rot in hell !

  37. The third wave is all part of the plan as the fourth wave will be. With all the information out there now I am losing sympathy with those who have health issues after having taken this poison.

  38. We are meant to follow rule after rule ,yet these globalist billionaires cant even adhere to human rights laws they make me sick and they can fuck right off job or no job I’m not being anyone’s fuckin slave !

  39. Awake Spiritual Warriors, now is the time to prepare for the Mother of All Battles.
    The pendulum has swung too far in favour of the forces of darkness.
    God help us all.

  40. I too work in the yachting industry. I haven’t worked since last year as most yachts let the majority of crew go because owners weren’t on board and no charters booked due to lookdowns. So the millionaires wanted to save money! They didn’t want to pay crew their salary to not work while still being on board for 3months! yachts need constant maintenance. Truly sick. I am hoping I will find a yacht this summer that doesn’t require the jab…. I am am holding out that some of those millionaires don’t want the jab either…. But who knows. Also, don’t know if I would want to work for one of the elites who really won’t be taking the jab! And won’t want people shedding it.

    • The second best day of my life was when I bought my yacht πŸ™‚ The best day of my life was when I sold it πŸ˜€

  41. My Sister said I will never see her and my Nephew and niece again unless i get the jab, couldn’t give a shit about my sister by why she dragged her kids into it!!! i said see you later then, I will continue to send them birthday and Christmas presents and hopefully one day they will understand.

    • Hi Danny,

      I believe that they will come to understand your boundaries regarding the “vaccine”, and will appreciate being acknowledged on birthdays and holidays.
      It is so unfortunate that your sister is choosing this approach, and I hope that your neice and nephew will ultimately not have the injections.
      It is very fortunate, and thankful, that you will NOT be choosing to receive this “vaccine “; you will therefore be able and available to mentor and participate in these children’s upbringing should they need your help.

      Take care,
      Lisa πŸ™‚

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