Passports Scrapped YEAH RIGHT! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Not so much Mystic as Septic the whole bloody thing and present Govenment has to be hauled and made an example off in there own private capacity, every one of them self obsessed scumbags !

  2. White snake, “Would I lie to you”?

    I think so…..

    • Don’t comply with any of this “ everything they say is a Lie” Reject All vaccination passports and certificates across the board “ nothing must be accepted “ especially for International travel”
      We want all our liberties back please “not just scraps “

  3. And yet, a Government scientist has said, “We’re in the early stages of a Third wave” as cases have been over 3,000 a day for several days now!
    This was on the good old BBC of course, the Governments Propaganda machine!!

    • A govt scientist says we’re in the early stages of a 3rd wave? He/she wouldn’t be pushing the propaganda line would he/she – no of course not – nobody in any govt employment tells lies do they – no of course not !!!!Cases ?? What cases, where’s the proof ? Oh, that’s right, we don’t need proof do we because a govt scientist tells us so it must be true !!! Bring back the stocks & the death penalty !!!

  4. The fact the government are saying plans for covid passports are being scrapped means 100% they are coming. the people will decide the outcome which must be non compliance.

  5. They don’t really care about the Passport,we saw that in Isreal that used to bully people into thinking they need a passport ie Jabs, the people won’t accept it, they’d never get it through. That and I can already buy on the black market fake vaccine certs for £25, so pointless! 🙂 Go nicely with my Fake Mask Exemption Certificate LOL

    They care about Economic Damage and everyone having a jab they don’t need, why ?? It’s a Cull, MILLIONS are going to die.

    Mortgage Eviction Protection Ends today or next monday, 1 MILLION houses at risk of repossession, the “you’ll own nothing ” part! 🙁

    More and more supply issues and the knock on effects aswell cropping up, next part of the global depression is about to bite, with the fear of 3rd Wave to keep people scared.

    Using made up Variants to push the Jab these days.

  6. Well I hope they read this one… Shove it up your arse

  7. West Yorkshire Police release new programme to get people to send in their Webcam or other media of drivers committing driving crimes and errors – national banks sending emails about the analysis of your spending………

  8. No Hugo, All the measurements they put on us were only threats to push us into the new mRNA vaccine technology, when 70% has been vaccinated then they pull back all the measurements and they disappear behind the curtains for some time. There wil be no passport, no testing, no tracing, nothing, we wil turn back to normal and point at us laughing how stupid the alternative media was to believe in a conspiracy, so the next time no-one wil believe the alternative media any longer because they talk rubbish. We all have stepped into their trap to think that they would role out a communistic totalitarian regime across us. No they won’t because people won’t accept it, they just send out test balloons to see how big the bushback group of people would be and now they know it, its only a minority and so the conclusion is they reached their target, just to vaccinate 70 %, because without these threats of taking away our freedoms they wouldn’t have reached their goals!!!

    • That sounds about right. Although, i don’t think it’s just about the jab. There’s a lot going on they want to distract us from; the new economic system, for one. (The one that sheep laugh at when told). The remaining “non compliants” that don’t drop like flies will need to be rounded up some how. Fk knows what crazy shit they have in store for us, but it won’t be nice.

    • I totally get what you’re saying, but I’m still at a loss as to why they need everyone to take the vaccine, it’s not because of COVID.

      • The jab isn’t a vaccine, it’s a depopulation poison, & it’s working in a relatively small way, but wait till the 2nd one, then you’ll see people dropping like swatted flies !! By then it’ll be pretty much too late to stop it. Folks, if you haven’t already, you need to read Agenda 21/30, it’s all there & it’s no secret – THEY are so far ahead of us (by about 200 yrs) that they think we can’t stop THEM now so THEY don’t care what we know !! However – my opinion for what it’s worth – I think THEY misjudged how many people, so quickly , would realise what was happening which means we still have a small window of opportunity because there are a huge amount of both legal & medical people fighting this on behalf of the entire world. Keep the faith people, Satan has never triumphed before & there’s no reason to think he will this time either. We need to send our positive thoughts out into the ether, not our fears.

    • Yes it’s hard to say what the game plan is. I feel there are a number of competing interests, not a single entity that controls everything (although the WEF / Davos crowd would like to be the boss). I think there is a lot of winging going on, plans change, and the future is uncertain – for everyone.

  9. It makes no difference whether the UK Government decides against making these “passports“ a legal requirement at large events (it’s not as though the technology will vanish as a result) if the venues still demand them and the population buys into that.

  10. HMG have a large cooker with lots of back burners. This has been put on the back burner for the moment

  11. It’s so that they hope WE will all shut up and go away. An attempt to stop the mass riots when they don’t give the sheeple their promised freedom on June 21st.
    They can hold off for now but it will resurface with a vengence, WE must not give up making a stand for all of the people whether the Sheeple realise it’s for their benefit too or not.

  12. Problem – Reaction – Solution (Be wary of the solution)

  13. There is no way I will have any app or any ‘health passport’ under any circumstances.

    • Yes, you need to solidify that conviction within yourself. I have. They’ll have to kill me first. I have made that conviction.

  14. Can we call them what they really are please which is……


    at the moment they are free if your stupid enough to install it, Later on they will charge you for it along with a free shot so your LICENSE doesn’t expire


  15. Please everyone, remember to opt out of your NHS records data sharing!

  16. yes old passport and you can only have the new one if you been jabbed

  17. If you want to travel internationally get a sailboat. It could literally save your life.

    • I agree “ they could be feeling vibrations of approaching Nuremberg 2 Trials “

  18. Don’t take the vaccine!!! Brother brother don’t take the vaccine!! Sister sister don’t take the vaccine!!!

  19. Wasnt it Matt Hancock who said that ‘there are no plans for vaccine passports’?

    How can you scrap something that doesnt exist? On the other hand if someone can find that quote, then Matt Hancock would have to resign as it was a clear lie to the people of Britain.

  20. To the lady who could no longer be part of her yoga class because she is not jabbed…start your own group and only allow non vaccinated!

  21. Morning Hugo and All

    Well think we new didn’t we really! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄
    So full of BS!!!!!!!

    Thank you Hugo

    Take care All ✌️

  22. Listening to this I suddenly remembered the movie with Kirk Douglas where he is being involved in a weird kind of game with a showdown at/as his birthday party can’t remember the title – P(l)andemic just looks like this, somehow
    it is all very malevolence

  23. As a side note to this, I have already lost my job due to not having the jab. I was dismissed because of this. Now left jobless and unsure if iIcan get another without it.

    • Hi Tina,

      I am sorry to hear that you have been denied continued employment, and the hardship that has come with what you have experienced. This is definitely discrimination, and was an absolutely illegal action by your employer.

      It may be helpful to check with (UK based),
      or perhaps UK, to find out what resources are available to you.

      Would it be possible, for the purpose of documenting their illegal termination of your employment, for you to obtain the “company policy” re their “vaccine mandate” in writing (via email)?
      You could even request this and present it in the context that you were “considering” their policy, while obtaining the incriminating evidence in writing.
      You are 100% in the right, and you will prevail!!

      Please keep your chin up, and reach out to those in your community. You are not alone 😊

      Take care — hugs and best thoughts from Canada,
      Lisa 😊

  24. If they are indeed going to drop the passport farce (which seems unlikely given how much taxpayers money has been squandered …when I say squandered I mean diverted because I wonder how many politicians have an interest in companies that benefit from government contracts?) …perhaps they’ve realised that, when only the vaxed people with a passport start dropping like flies or make up the majority of hospital admissions it’s an easy algorithm to apply and prevents them burying the stats in the nhs yellow pages as they currently do!


  25. Maybe my words mean shit, but I come from a post-soviet union country. And the people who refused to get a “red book” (a communist party membership), still lived their life happily and decent. Never got the best jobs reserved for commies only. Never went abroad but spent holidays camping locally. Supply shortage was common, but friends and family always helped to get things such as appliances, or car parts. The bottom line here is, that those who don’t want to conform need to abandon their comforts, find pleasure in simple way of life and become more resourceful. Like in the old days. God bless.

  26. Thank you for this website & for giving me the opportunity to join. I live in Australia – born in NZ – spent a year in UK before settling in Australia. Loved UK & would have stayed there if I could have (1986 post Thatcher), but feel such pain for the Brits now. It’s a little better here, we didn’t have the open borders as badly as did you, but Morrison is certainly working on making it worse as quickly as he can. We also have the added burden of States who think they can make their own rules & over ride our Federal law, which Morrison is tending to allow. Victoria is the State under the most pressure & nobody can understand why the Victorian people haven’t rioted yet. Maybe they have more 5G & chem trails down there messing with the people’s brains. We have people dying from the jab here too, but hard to get statistics or proof. The MSM never report such things of course, but a funeral director I know quite well said that 39 people had been laid to rest through his facility after having had it over a period of about 2 months. In a Shire of about 33,000 people that’s quite a lot in a short time & there’s probably more here since then.

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