Australian Guy Has HAD ENOUGH! / Hugo Talks #lockdown


104 Comments on “Australian Guy Has HAD ENOUGH! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Well done mate, australians are getting the bullshit the uk have already had, your right they are maggots, its like 9/11 your either with us or with the terrorists and we know who the real terrorist are

  2. Not the way to win hearts and minds but I think we can all understand his frustration. It says it all, doesn’t it, close gyms and sporting arenas but open fast-food takeaways.

    • Sometimes you have to give people tough love.

      What did he say that wasn’t true?

      They need to hear it. They should be fucking ashamed of themselves and they should be publicly shamed every time they leave the house.

  3. Good man!! Hugo are you interested in a video showing that hospitals are still empty? I visited q friend today, both of us walked round without masks and the only time we were stopped was by a guy wanting us to walk all the way to the other side of the hospital to use a lift to her ward (she has chronic COPD) whebn there was 2ft away…we usedcthe one 2ft from us!!

  4. To those of you claiming he’s missed the point, or saying that this isn’t the way to change minds, do yourselves a favor and fuck off. He’s spot-on, and more to the point, he’s voicing the anger and frustration that a lot of us feel the world over as we watch you sheep engage in your pointless security theater and ignore the glaring logical inconsistencies and outright contradictions in how this supposedly deadly pandemic has been handled, all because you’re too cowardly to entertain the fact that you got played for chumps. We’re suffering because of your cowardice, and yeah, that gets to be a bit too much to handle as our Governments continue to push us to the limit and beyond, all over something that was never going to kill the majority of us in the first place.

    • There is a chance that sooner or later there maybe 1000’s of frustrated people like this man who will be agressive and want to be heard. Then, the physical war will begin. Unfortunately, the donut- eating sheep far outnumber us, I fear for ALL of our futures. This man speaks for all of us Thinkers. This video makes me sad because this is REALITY but I see no end to the scam. 😔

  5. Spot on. I feel his rage. From the beginning I knew this was a scam. I was abused yesterday for not wearing a mask in the street by couple I let them know what I thought of their pathetic views.

  6. Totally understand his anger. The sheeple, especially now so many are jabbed, are part of the problem, dragging everyone else down.

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