DELAY TO FREEDOM Surprise Surprise! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • You don’t sign a 300-million quid covid advertising contract if you plan to end the restriction in a few weeks, do you? This will go on until next year, believe me.

    • Nor me, only limited by businesses which closed!

  1. There they go running of down the road with the goal post yet again what a suprise. Wake up sheeple ffs! I’ll be in London tomorrow hope to see millions there 😊

  2. Don’t worry, Doctors are already warning about an Olympic variant from Tokyo!!

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  4. All part of the plan. Control (social distancing) , terrorize (fake death figures) and manipulate (muzzles) until the opposition is mentality defeated.

  5. Indian, Kent, South African, Thai. They must be sitting conjuring up new variants by the day so here’s a few of my own Mongolian, Kardashian, Ffestiniog etc etc.

  6. I wonder how many variants it will take for people to begin thinking outside of their allocated brain space to realise they’re still chasing a carrot on a stick. Even a dog can work out after half a dozen times that a pretend throw of the ball is a wasted effort. This is pathetic. There are some members of the animal kingdom who are better able to recognise when they’re being taken for a mug.

    • Sheep are not very bright they just follow

  7. Gather round team….we need to adhere to the global project plan milestones:
    Q2 2021 – 3rd Lockdown & Supply Chain Issues.
    Q3 2021 – The Global Debt Financial Reset & deployment of the military to suburban hot spots of civilian unrest.

    We are truly being fucked-over by a handful of elites and their billionaire lackeys, God help us all.

  8. To make it easier for the global sheeple any variant will now be known as Covid-21

  9. If you have a high temperature, then its possible you have the Vindaloo Variant. If your symptoms are mild then it’s possible you have the Korma Variant. Will that not be the next narrative? lol

    • Currently suffering the Asda smartprice variant…No Temperature, No cough, No other flavourings or symptoms.

    • ….we have all been exposed to the BBC variant 😊

  10. All these Liars are reading from the same sheet of music β€œ here in Oz,
    Victorian Premier Dan Andrew’s has plunged the state of Victoria into a complete statewide Lockdown β€œ for the fourth time and victorians are seeing their small business being decimated by these continual Lockdowns β€œ

    • There will come a time when people say enough is enough now… we’ll take our chance with Convid now.
      For some that was April 2020 others are quite happy being locked in all the time.

  11. What time and where in London, tomorrow, please? Can anyone tell me as I hope to be there. Thanks.

    • Lisa shaw.. the bbc presenter has died from the AstraZeneca jab…. wtf… is going on.. this is mass genocide… by the government and these corporations….

      • The BBC article mentions blood clots. I think I may have mentioned this a day or two ago before it was public knowledge.

        A coroner will consider if the cause of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw’s death might have been complicated by her having had the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

        Her family said the 44-year-old was treated for blood clots days after her first jab. She died on Friday.

        An interim fact-of-death certificate lists the vaccine as one of the possible factors being considered.

        The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said vaccine benefits exceed risks for most people.

        The BBC has seen the interim fact-of-death certificate issued by Newcastle’s senior coroner Karen Dilks.

        It confirms an investigation into Ms Shaw’s death will be held and lists a “complication of AstraZeneca Covid-19 virus vaccination” as a consideration.

        The document does not determine a cause of death – that will not be issued until the investigation has been completed.

        The BBC Radio Newcastle presenter was not known to have any underlying health problems.

        In a statement, Ms Shaw’s family said: “Lisa developed severe headaches a week after receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later.

        “She was treated by the RVI’s [Royal Victoria Infirmary] intensive care team for blood clots and bleeding in her head.

        “Tragically she passed away, surrounded by her family, on Friday afternoon. We are devastated and there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that can never be filled. We will love and miss her always.

        “It’s been a huge comfort to see how loved she was by everyone whose lives she touched, and we ask for privacy at this time to allow us to grieve as a family.”

        An MHRA spokesperson said: “We are saddened to hear about the death of Lisa Shaw and our thoughts are with her family.

        “As with any serious suspected adverse reaction, reports with a fatal outcome are fully evaluated by the MHRA, including an assessment of post-mortem details if available.

        “Our detailed and rigorous review into reports of blood clots occurring together with thrombocytopenia is ongoing.”

        It said the number of cases remained “extremely low”.

        Ms Shaw joined BBC Radio Newcastle in 2016 as a daytime presenter. Her voice was well-known in the north-east of England where she had also had a successful career in commercial radio.

        Following the announcement of her death, there were tributes from listeners and colleagues.

        The BBC described her as a “brilliant presenter” who was “loved by our audiences”.

        It said: “We’ve lost someone special who meant a great deal to a great many people.”

      • Read a small piece in the sun, she may be linked to a complication caused by astrazeneca vaccine, what bollocks she had severe headaches a week after having a jab.
        On LBC Nick Ferrari was complaining about a rugby player refusing the jab and tell people he must have it to protect others what bollocks callers joining in saying he should be dropped from his club because it will stop there freedom what bollocks.
        I knew this what happen people turning against people like me who question this BS.
        Makes for more a Anti Vaxxer and proud not to have this poison.
        Hope members of the government read this and MSM puppets feeding this nosence.

  12. The light at the end of the tunnel is the train coming!

    • So true,Teresa.
      Blasting out The Who – We won’t get fooled again

  13. I want to swear and shout but it’s not going to do any good, when you push against something you make it stronger. We need to be organised, civil disobedience, clandestine operations in effect. Any takers? I’m off to Port Meirion for a holiday, I am not a number! πŸ₯³

      • The last two episodes are incredible, especially the last episode. From my reading of it, it’s a commentary of what’s going on now really. And actually very encouraging for us. I won’t spoil it in case people want to watch it.

  14. You couldn’t write the stuff! Oh, you can and they did…

    • Yep, just a childish script being rolled out everyday.

    • What gets me though, is how they can get up there, in front of the WHOLE WORLD and spew these lies. Why would any sane person want to deal with these people? How can you have any kind of relationship with them? How can you ever trust them? I just find it completely mind blowing. They literally have ZERO shame.

  15. Has there been a lockdown and muzzle mandate then? Oh sorry, it must have skiped me by.

  16. The threat to the end of lockdown is nothing more than an attempt to coerce you into having a jab. I know people who have had the jab because they think it will get them on a plane and no

    • Somebody at work, a woman in her early twenties, literally said; “I’ll take it if it gets me on a plane.”

  17. We know Boris will come up with one variant after another to spin it out as long as he can. More people need to ignore these pernicious restrictions.

  18. Well who (WHO?) would have guessed it? We all saw this coming months ago. Well done Hugo. A rare real NEWS website. Now theres a novelty nowadays!

  19. Once again planned road works Saturday and Monday…every time there is planned freedom march..wankers

  20. Haha all these cuisines of covid variants! Spoiled for choice it seems

    Anyway Fook it, I’m still enjoying my summer regardless, here’s to time well spent with my family, and look forward to some nice weather outdoors, maybe some beers and summer activities and what ever the feck else I want to do, lockdown or no lockdown.

    Oh, and to hell with the MSM

  21. My theory is that the London protest tomorrow will be covered by the media this time. They will use it to justify their bogus infection numbers when they ramp them up and further divide us by blaming “those refusenik anti-vaxers” for “stealing our summer”. From then on the division campaign will get even nastier and more intense, with incentives to snitch and further taking away the freedom of those who refuse to be vaccinated. Prepare for an Israel-like reality in the coming months. Having to prove your vaccine status for everything. We will no longer be able to say that we haven’t been affected by anything because we just didn’t comply. Those London protesters need to start taking things by force or else it’s pointless

  22. How deliciously delightful.of Boris to have said so. A veracity variant from onion bhajee land leaves me gutted.

  23. That’s even less time to enjoy the summer for the obedient sheep!
    Meanwhile everyone here will go about their business as normal.

    It’s becoming an absolute joke!!

  24. Get your fuckin guns and get ready it’s the only way. All these freedom marches are owed by controlled opposition. So OK if they march what will actually change? Exactly nothing. Stand up and live or lay down and die!!

  25. Ive got the ‘Bite my shiny metal ass’ variant.

  26. Who would have thought! I know people that booked holidays and all sorts… Madness, well they were warned!

  27. Parliament Square, 1pm tomorrow. So far these freedom marches, haven’t changed anything, they have been completely peaceful, but you will be with hundreds of thousands of like minded souls. We are the resistance, we are not complying, we are not going away. See you tomorrow

  28. The only virus is Boris. He’s a psychopath driven by Klaus. The only way out of this is simply to ignore it.

  29. We really have no-one to blame for this but ourselves… For God’s sake, WAKE UP and STAND UP to this BS!
    While you keep wearing those hideous shame-muzzles and obeying the tyrants that HATE you, it will NEVER end, but WILL ONLY GET MUCH WORSE!!
    The sheople should have worked out their simple, progressive plan of gradually increasing oppression and tyranny long ago, but they still refuse to see and just keep being subservient little idiotic slaves!
    Simple solution: GROW A SPINE and STOP COMPLYING! Johnson and his cabal of humanity loathing freemasons at No.10 have been LYING to you all along, you’re being played as fools! Because all of you gutless, compliant masked morons ARE the biggest fools that were ever born!

  30. To me it looks like both Cameron and May did there part and got out while the going was good they both didn’t want to do the deed,, I believe Boris took the job in full knowledge and well prepaired to carry out the dirty deed. There is to much going on, to many coincidences to many words he said well before any blown up virus. To much evidance to the contrary that his actions are not necessary. Not to mentiuon his utter complyance and enthusiasim to push an esperimental injection on kids that do not need it and force un into a digital jail. He is a traitor of the people on a track to genocide to men woman and children, with his treatcherous workmates called opposition,, all tratiors.

  31. Morning thank you Hugo

    β€˜Don’t stray from the path!’

    And yes the people
    β€˜With a Mind of their own’ Won’t believe the BS no more 🀞🏻πŸ’ͺ

    Have good day Every one πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  32. But the Indian variation is veddy veddy serious.:)

  33. In September it’ll be the George Formby variant that’s transmitted by window cleaners and seagulls followed by the Enid Blyton variant that’s passed on by gatherings of five famous people about the place… we are now in the realms of extreme absurdity that’s called the new normal by the hordes of sleeping sheep content to live in a state of controlled fear and vaccine soaked dreams of a better life…. (Fucking Twats)

    • LOL. But what does it say about these ‘politicians’, media puppets and so on? Surely, these people are literal psychopaths. At best, they are dishonest criminals.

  34. Thai restaurant, lol! Great slip up. Whenever they announce the lifting of restrictions of any kind, if, within 24 hrs you start to get their “dire concerns” then you know it ain’t gonna happen.
    As Ickey has said countless times, “Know the outcome and you can see the journey”.

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