Christmas ALREADY CANCELLED! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Only another 329,987 variants to go and it’ll be back to normal. Can’t wait!!!

    • It’s truly bizarre how they keep saying by doing this and that will lead to freedom. And it never materialises. The whole thing is incredible to behold. The absolute brass neck of these people is just mind blowing.

      • And the truly terrifying aspect of it is that the people going along with it are building their own prison, their own enslavement, their own misery, their own destruction ultimately. That is the grotesque, demonic aspect to this whole thing. They are deceiving, manipulating people into destroying themselves. That is the unbelievable seriousness of this monstrosity.

    • Keep doing the excellent work Hugo, you’re by far the best out there.

      Thank you

      • He is, but I feel it won’t be long before ‘they’ make a ‘move’ on him, too. Too much of an irritant , and the truth must ‘not’ be allowed to prevail !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I tried to say to people, think about it furlough is until until Sept ar his point and was when they said June 21st was yay restrictiions over day so why would fulough carry on – they weill not end this anymore than they did in April but they refused to see it

  3. I don’t think a tazzer will wake up Mr & Mrs Normy!

  4. Once we’ve had the “we’re taking the piss” variant and the “just following the agenda variant” they’ll still be snoring

  5. Thanks Hugo
    I think if the normies read some of the comments here it might blow them away. Or in other terms get them thinking about what’s really going on and who’s behind it.

    Personally I think some people are just unsure if they want to start questioning…. Cos if they did they would have to question a hell of a lot more than just Convid!

    • I always thought questioning everything was just part of being sentient. A child’s answer to everything is always why?

      • Exactly Lora, when did the majority of people suppress this function?
        Maybe we never grew out of the Why stage…

      • So true, and I tell my grandboys, as I told my children, never take for granted that your teachers are always right, if you think they’re wrong tell them and don’t be frightened to be that person.

  6. Hi Hugo
    I think we are well past helping Normy that ship already sailed with the roll up your sleeve brigade

  7. Another nail in the coffin for local businesses in Bury St Edmunds!
    Bought to them by their local councillors!
    No matter how long this goes on for, people aren’t waking up!
    We’ve got a Thailand variant now, and, Doctors in Japan are already warning of an, “Olympic variant “!
    And now, Japan are going to stay in a state of emergency longer!
    Oh yes, the UK’s, “R ” rate has increased today too!
    Even Stevie Wonder can see where this is going!

  8. I think even my mother (who despite being insistent she wouldn’t, went ahead and got two jabs is finally working out that I was right when I’ve been telling her since last year that she’s been had…she asked our Drs when they will be allowing the patients to enter the surgery to pick up their prescriptions (we have to enter a no-more-than-two-at-a-time tent) and they said, “oh it will be another YEAR or so yet, and masks even longer”
    She was horrified …I just laughed and said “I’ve been trying to tell you for over a year”
    Seems the Drs (despite our area being basically zero cases forever) know something, as well, like Bury council…

    • Missed a bracket!^
      Can we not edit comments?

      • You would need an account for that ‘feature’ πŸ˜‰ which would only make it easier for 3-letter agencies to track us down πŸ˜‰

  9. What you pointed out is exactly how people are programmed.

    Wake up watch news at breakfast
    Check social media feeds
    Listen to the news on the radio into work
    Listen to it at work nearly all day
    Constantly checking social media (filled with ads and suggestions)
    More radio on the way home
    Watch the news when you get home with dinner
    Soaps with some themes taken from the news
    And probably a real or on line newspaper thrown in somewhere as well.

    I think most people can see why we have so many obedient sheep now!!

    Wish people would learn to switch off and think for themselves

    • You don’t HAVE to listen to it though. No one is forcing you to. As Jacques Ellul said in his book ‘Propaganda’ when we consume propaganda we are complicit with the propagandist. We have a need for propaganda; you are tuning in to satisfy your need. And as Jacques Ellul also said the more ‘informed’ you think you are the more your head is stuffed full of propaganda. . There is a wide variety of media out there all vying for your attention, plenty of which does not carry propaganda. You can listen to radio that carries very little ‘news’ or only the minimum required to OFCOM. You can listen to your own tunes, audio books etc. And you don’t have to watch the TV news when you get home; take some exercise, read a book, learn to play a musical instrument, learn a language, take the dog a walk πŸ˜€ It is just laziness and lack of resourcefulness that leads you to think that you must be sat in front of the TV watching the ‘news’ and soaps. TVs are still fitted with an ‘OFF’ button; we still don’t have the ‘telescreens’ of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ that you can’t switch off. As the Red Queen is Alice in Wonderland said, be careful what you feed your head – or you might just lose it πŸ˜€

      • That’s my point Trev, wish more people would do other activities to fill their time (like you mentioned) rather than just planning their lives around TV.

        When people started watching people watching TV… Well that took things to a whole new level of stupidity and worse still they are classed as some kind of celebrities??

        Got rid of my TV license a while back mainly because you can see trends and manipulation happening.

        Complete sellouts at the BBC or have we realised what they are up to and it’s been going on for ever?

      • Jeez, there was even a programme about people watching people, watching people, watching people watching TV! Now, that is really taking the biscuit. Thankfully, it was just a one-off; don’t think they turned it into a full series. As for a ‘tv licence’ I have never bought nor never will buy one. Why pay for your own propaganda? In any case, I wouldn’t give the BBC the time of day.

      • And we haven’t yet reached the stage of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ whereby we are strapped to a chair with eyes propped open and forced to watch this guff πŸ˜€

  10. Normie Nowisdom?

    Though so far gone as to be mr and Mrs dimsdale

    • You have to be of a certain age to understand all that πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  11. Really. What a lovely surprise ☺ 😊 πŸ™„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ€£πŸ€£

  12. This is going on until at least April 2023 when the trials end, the jabs can’t be given unless we are in emergency state.

  13. LOL more variant’s to come 21 June lockdown again
    Then Christmas won’t buy a 2022 diary, oh will be ok be Easter these fucking parasites will never go back to normal.
    I’m drinking my 🍺 fuck the lot of them.
    These pratts on Jeremy Vine all saying they have had there jabs and then saying oh no more lockdown’s fucking mugs the lot of them and viewers.

    • Jeremy Vine is one of the worst! Gives me the creeps!!

  14. Parents totally NORM’s today……..

    Day first, when you getting your Jab ?? FUCK OFF TOP OF MY VOICE, mate died heart attack 13hours after having jab, no no no wasn’t the jab ofcourse, then he might of died of covid, then they go on about all the deaths, then anyone you know who’s died ?? then they list all the people they know has had it but all survived, then they start to get it, then all forgotten and REPEAT, the OMG I can’t handle this, get your jab FFS!!

    Really is pointless isn’t it πŸ™

  15. Christmas fair cancelled falready, sounds like a plan. Of course it’s a plan a long term one, they paid for the advertising till 2023 so expect more take away strains. Harry Vox had all the info in 2014, it’s just more bullshit people, don’t fall for it. Lies and more lies. Top man Hugo keep exposing these Freemasons.

  16. Can’t believe people can’t predict these coming by now, it’s so obvious. Ignorance is bliss I guess or blindness

  17. Hi Hugo, a friendly reminder that sarcasm in general doesn’t serve the purpose of healthily altering perceptions, it plays into the psychology of the system of intimidation and influencing through ‘gaslighting’…and unfortunately, merely talking about the back and forth of the control measures, and especially in a manner that assumes a position of superiority, “I know, you don’t (you stupid normie)”, without the reality of the science behind ‘covid’ cleared up, will not abate someone’s belief in the system’s projections of what it is supposedly doing ‘for their safety’. We can offer a variety of information to review, but we are not in control of if it will be, or how it is perceived if it is.

    I empathize with the immense sense of urgency that you may feel, really I do, and while I feel the value still in sharing information as much as possible, as I see it, the challenge that is before us is not about convincing people that they are being stupid, deceived and intimidated, abused and controlled, but rather that we are all being offered the opportunity to see how we are and have been engaging in deception and intimidation, seeking to control another, supporting this system to some extent throughout our life, and the abuse that has come from this…the disrespect and inconsideration that is engaged with and perpetuated…and in that self awareness, clarifying our communication and actions and offering the support of that potential for others…so that they may potentially make different choices from their own informed and respected free will.

    We ultimately do not have control over what others do, or what really happens for the most part in this life, and it is the fearful psychology of those ‘in power’ that believe they need to control to ‘stay safe from the actions and stupidity of others’ that is causing the disparity and ever increasing totalitarian existence.

    Realizing that ultimately there are no ‘others’, only appearing differing reflections of the Collective Consciousness in human form…and beyond this when considering all of Life…helps to alleviate the reactive and judgmental energy that creates and perpetuates fearful, antagonistic, and dismissive behavior, that allows for a clearer communication that increases the potential of what is being spoken being received and honestly considered…no guarantees, but it is often my experience…but even then, the perception of the information and how much it can be considered and understood also depends on one’s life experience and capacity for analyzing and distilling the information.

    I cannot say that I totally know or understand everything that is going on in a relative sense, but I have a feel for the underlying psychology involved and the potential of how it can play out, which I feel you do to, but I no longer am attached to the outcome of the sharing of information, and continually do my best to embrace and surrender the fear around the possible negative outcomes that appear to be unfolding. I know it is not easy, and this may not resonate to you totally, but I felt to offer this perspective and experience to support consciousness within you that may be struggling somewhat with this all, because I appreciate all that I feel you are attempting to support, and how well you have generally been communicating about it.

    So thank you, and may you be finding the space and support for your continued well being through all this. Peace…

      • I find there is a lot involved with what we are facing as a collective society, and I do my best to clarify perspective because of the challenges of communication through words on a screen, and I want to support people communicating not merely relying on quick soundbite and often judgmental rhetoric that impedes respectful communication and coming to a common ground of understanding.

      • I’d suggest it’s a clever type of trolling Tommy.

      • I’ve seen a few now. Where these self proclaimed ‘experts’ come on here and tell Hugo how the world works and this is how to make videos, etc. And they’re the most tedious fuckwits known to mankind. What a load of bollocks.

      • I also trust that Hugo is mature, humble, and conscious enough to know that no one is perfect, that we could generally use some perspective from others from time to time, and that he can discern for himself what resonates or not.

      • Hello andyc044, actually Hugo and I have been in conversation in email before about the topic of communication, and he knows I am not attempting to tell him or anyone how to be. I am merely offering perspective for consideration, relating openly. Do you feel entitled to judge, project, and gaslight others into how you think they should be, or to stop being how you may be uncomfortable with them being? Do you really believe you know who someone is, their motivations or not, from a few words on a screen?

      • I trust that Hugo is a mature and conscious enough person to hear perspective and discern for himself what resonates and what doesn’t, and that he is humble enough to know that no one is perfect, and that we all could use some differing perspective every now and then.

      • So Skeye, what is your motivation? And I know what you’ll say: “As I have explained, consciousness is something………….., etc”

        Maybe I can communicate a few communications – give us some fucking facts you bullshit artist! You prove what you are. I gave more facts/info in a sentence than you have in everything you’ve ever said on here. Tell us something real!

      • It is interesting that I am being accused of being a ‘troll’ by someone that appears to not be able to communicate respectfully and to be more interested in gaslighting, attempting to dismiss and dominate, to mock and project themselves as ‘knowing the real deal’. Initially, I was talking to Hugo, but this is an open thread and anyone is free to consider what is spoken, but what business is it of yours how I do that, and how anyone else may or may not consider what I have offered?

        I am uncertain as to what facts you are referring to in your comments, or what kind you want from me, since you do not resonate with my perspective and have deemed it ‘unreal’. So be it, but is there anything in particular you want to know?

        If you are interested in knowing more what my motivations are and some facts and perspective I have compiled in regards to this ‘viral event’, you can check out my Medium page if you feel to. And just to be clear, I am not saying any of this with any kind of ‘tone’ or attitude, not trying to ‘pull strings’, or to argue or compete with you about anything, just expressing perspective, how that is received and interpreted is up to you.

      • People – look at this thread. This is how they pull the strings on us.

      • And if Hugo doesn’t like the perspective I offered, he can tell me to ‘feck off’ himself…and delete whatever comments I make. πŸ˜‰

        Once again, why the animosity and interjection?

      • And read it again. Look at the ‘Skeye’ comments. This is what intelligence agencies look like. Robotic, tedious, futile, boring, useless, absolute stain on the human race!

      • Or does a ‘troll’ (perhaps hired gov provocateur) try to tell people what to believe, keeping the focus on the perception of him being ‘the good guy’, the ‘authority’ on what is true and real, and denouncing someone that is merely offering perspective and supporting respectful communication?

        Not saying that is what you are, but the behavior is rather suspicious I feel. It is a common psychological tactic of abusers and psyop agents to denounce others of doing what they are.

      • People, just read the last comment from ‘Skeye’. Does this sound like somebody trying to find truth?

      • Yes, please people, what is your perception of this online interaction? What is ‘real’ about how andyc044 is expressing? What is your perception of my expression? I am using my actual name, and you can view my Medium page, and also my fb page if you like, it is under my name. I know that accounts can be faked, and that gov agents are all over social media, but I make 99.9% of my posts public, have years worth of posts on there, on my timeline and in various photo albums. The Notes section where I used to blog is no longer available, but that is what my Medium page is for now. This will be my last reply, unless of course someone has an actual honest question or something respectful to share that requires a reply.

      • lol ‘skeye’, you mention the word ‘perception’ more times than David Icke and that is saying something. It is all about ‘perception management’ as David Icke would say πŸ˜€

      • lol at ‘skeye’ trying to make out that andyc044 is from the ’77th Brigade’ or a Government intelligence agency. If I was putting any money on who was from a 3-letter agency it certainly would be andyc044 πŸ˜‰ , eh, ‘skeye’ πŸ˜‰

      • ‘it certainly wouldn’t be andyc044 πŸ˜‰ , eh, β€˜skeye’’ – typo πŸ˜€ Honest, guv πŸ˜‰

    • @Skeye Here’s what most people here would agree is good advice for you and others like you:
      Always wear your shame muzzle, everywhere, continue complying with each and every other dehumanizing and humiliating diktat they impose and, obey all of the commands of the freemason cabal of tyrants that HATE you, as much as they hate the rest of us, and shut up!
      Don’t come here to share your high & mighty views, they don’t help anyone or anything.

      • I am using my actual name, and you can view my Medium page, and also my fb page if you like, it is under my name. I know that accounts can be faked, and that gov agents are all over social media, but I make 99.9% of my posts public, have years worth of posts on there, on my timeline and in various photo albums.

        It’s possible, albeit unlikely that ‘Skeye’ is your actual first name, but it could be. However a real name is a FULL name – something that looks more like my full name which is my actual name, consisting of a first name, followed by a surname: i.e. Alan (first name) and Vaughn (surname). The same full name that appears on my driver’s licence and passport. It’s unlikely that any of your formal ID documents would only show ‘Skeye’ as your full name.
        ‘Skeye-hridayam’ used in your webpage address is obviously not your real name either.

        You may indeed (but I can’t be bothered verifying it):
        “…make 99.9% of my posts public, have years worth of posts on there, on my timeline… ”
        But your scathing ad hominem attacks levelled at other readers on this thread, only referred to you by your alias name ‘Skeye’, NOT your full or actual name; whatever that is…
        You’re full of it. Go back to 77th brigade where you belong.

      • I am replying from my email, so I did not see your second comment, in regards to ‘scathing ad hominem attacks’, that may be how you are perceiving it, but I am merely offering my perspective, not stating things as absolute facts. If my observations of another’s behavior is untrue, then that person will know for themselves, but I offer my sense of it for their discernment.

        As to my ‘name’, I no longer have any ID of any sort, and yes, I took this name, it is my second name change from my birth name. I need no authority to validate my existence or to tell me what I can or cannot call myself.

      • Hello Alan, thank you for exampling ‘gaslighting’ so well, and how engaging in it exposes how one is reactive and operating from an insecure and ignorant position…once again, as I mentioned in the previous discussion, I am uncertain as to why anyone feels they have the need to interject for Hugo, whom I was talking to directly…but your perception of who I am and what my perspective is on this ‘viral event’ couldn’t be further from the truth. See my comment and the link in it at the end of the comments if you would like to actually find out. And don’t bother with the antagonistic attempts at ‘triggering’, I am not competing, telling anyone what to do or how to be, or arguing anything.

        I am merely offering perspective for consideration, if it isn’t appreciated, then the reader can forget it, unless of course they feel ‘triggered’ and to react…but what right do you or anyone have to tell me I cannot speak? Isn’t that exactly what we are addressing in regards to this totalitarian technocratic system that is attempting to take over the world and tell us how to ‘behave’?

        So no thank you, I will not ‘shut up’ or behave or express myself how you deem fit.

  18. Heard that Ireland cancelled Christmas back in January. If our government are following the leaked roadmap we will have the military in the streets in a few months and the economy will crash very soon.

  19. This may seem a bit off topic, but it relates to the Lucifer/Baphomet video really. Does anybody remember that great children’s TV show from the ’80’s called ‘Choky’, based on the John Wyndham novel? There was a scene that always stayed in my head. Matthew, the main character, has been possessed by this spirit called Choky. He asks his father: “Why are there two genders?” His dad answers: “What do you mean?” “Well, why have male and female? It seems incredibly inefficient, two to create one.”

    Maybe that’s what that Spice Girls song was about “Two Become One.” Anyway, an interesting thing to look up is ‘Monad’ – meaning a single unit, the number one – the Supreme Being, divinity or the totality of all things.

    • It may also relate to the ‘Mona Lisa’ – because people always ask, or so the experts tell us, is it male or female?

      • That could be kind of related to the Rorschach ink-blot test .i.e a gay man would see the Mona Lisa as male πŸ˜‰ As ‘skeye’ and David Icke would say it all depends on your ‘perception’ πŸ˜€

  20. And I have heard people say that Freemasonry is based upon ancient Greece. This is how complex it all is. So, the devil horns is really Taurus, the Bull, etc. So, that links to the stars – astronomy. I’m just freestyling, but look up Monad and it will make some sense to you.

  21. Well when you know what their goal is you know what they’ll do next. I think we all expected anything remotely fun to be cancelled, certainly at Christmas.

  22. That’s just how I felt this time last year when it was announced that the National Eisteddfod, due to be held in the first week of August, was being cancelled – not long after the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ period was over.

  23. Enough talk, time to fight, humanity is in a war for survival. It’s time for some serious arse kicking.

  24. The mental thing is when the sheep wake up and join the rest of, before their eyes there will be very little to see, only arrows, socially distance signs, free donut for the latest vaccination sign and well basically feck all else lol

    They just don’t get it at all!

    Lockdowns, wipe out the competition business as Kluas Schwab says in his great reset book, no pubs, clubs, shops!

    Stand back nothing g to see here

  25. The muzzled zombies aren’t saying anything against it or pushing back in any way whatsoever, so obviously they must think ‘it’s all for the greater good’! So fuck ’em leave them to it. The rest of the world is much the same as this bunch of piss weak, totally spineless and voluntarily enslaved masochists who LOVE their servitude to tyrants that hate them, so let them be. Why even bother reporting it?
    We can’t make them see the elephant in the room – they simply refuse, so let them take Kill Gates’s covid death ‘vaccine’ jab they so desperately want, and let them die. We’d be far better off without them,

  26. Morning Hugo omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    You have me screaming lol πŸ˜‚

    So , so far it’s been summer cancelled and Christmas nowπŸŽ„

    Ok ,,,πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈwell thank FECK I am NOT A ….. β€˜Normie’ !! ?!

    If you are a’ normie’ Please Stop πŸ›‘ and don’t be ..Please wake up for the sake of what humanity is left!!

    Thank you πŸ™

    Have a good day to All..

    Thank you for giving me a big grin Hugo πŸ˜‚

  27. fuck um .let them get on with it. lock everything down forever.. I’ve get my camping gear, start my own great reset. i’m not being no digital slave. summers here get outside as much as possible, make the most of it before they lock us down again this winter.

    • Camping is all fine and dandy in the warm summer weather but come the bitter cold winter we will all perish bugging out in the woods πŸ™ The UK does not have the climate for all year round camping. You could always try glamping – glamorous camping, like a home from home; the ‘tents’ are not cheap though, you can easily pay Β£1000 and northwards for one. Then you need to 4×4 to get all your gear out in the woods πŸ™‚ and the off-grid sat-nav to make sure you don’t get lost πŸ˜€

  28. just pushes me even more to live a off grid lifestyle and prepare. i will at some point the longer this go’s on. practice camping while summers on the way. and create new memories, take your mind off things.

  29. If it’s any consolation Lincolnshire online told us our popular Christmas market in Lincoln was cancelled around a month ago. Easily checkable on Lincolnshire Live online.

  30. People named normies alot of them can see there is something wrong but they have put that much faith into everything and worked hard to follow all rules so now they feel if they just stop believing then it would of all been for nothing so they keep following they feel there at the point of no return but there not people ain’t judging no more they just want u to come back to rational thinking and see this pile of shit for what it is and like the world wars we stuck together so if nothing else we should remember we are all different but it don’t mean we can’t work together

  31. There’s something weird and satanic about that Gotthard Mountain/Massif including the tunnel. Check out this German-language documentary with the title “Der Gotthard oder die spate Rache des TEUFELS”, i.e. The Gotthard or Devil’s late revenge.

    That’s the tunnel where EU officials watched that satanic opening ceremony thereby legitimizing it!

    !!!Gotthard Teil 1

    Gotthard Teil 2

  32. I just updated this post today, and remembered some here in this thread were wanting ‘facts’, I am not saying I know that all this information is totally factual, but I did my best to compile information that could be verified generally.

    Covid-19 & The Great Reset β€” PCR Tests, Experimental Shots, β€˜Pandemic’, and the Illuminating Research of Alison McDowell

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