1. Fantastic compilation Hugo, a great amount of research. I, my husband, daughter, a few family and friends are on exactly the same trajectory. We (apart from 2 now ex-catholic) have never followed organised religion although we have always felt God in our hearts. More so now than ever before. You know 1200 Christian Church pastors in the UK have risen to what is going on and call for the resignation of devil in disguise, Justin Welby. Jamie Franklin is quite brilliant as a Christian pastor and I hope and pray that ‘Rods from God’ will bring this hugely evil force down that has seeped into every fragment of our society world wide, particularly Parliament and Charities it seems. I pray for all those trafficked children. I do think best hope comes from America and I am kept upbeat by the likes of George Papadopolous, Nothing will stop what is coming and I am a believer in LOOKING GLASS PROJECT. I will march on Saturday in London but we need more than that to turn events, however, even if we are fewer, I think it will come….. tyranny was only ever overturned by the few so there lies hope. Keep up the good work….

    • ‘If my warriors are few they are to fight
      If my warriors are many they are to die’
      The Mohawk

    • evil is pushing hard everything now, as the world nations are surve him. he is getting angry as he knows that his end is very near…he will do everything to destroy what God has created including us. The only hope, help and mercy is from The ONLY ONE GOD JESUS CHRIST. no one else can be above Him.
      Evil is very jelous that’s why he will do everything to destroy us, to destroy our purity.

      • Agreed, keep that faith! We have God on our side….

    • people are waking up!!! THE HUMAN SPIRIT IS TO STRONG FOR THEM WE CAN WIN

  2. Really well put together but I have watched three videos today where someone from the outside world thing your mad. All your hard work.. Had one saying UFO’S are demons, one saying there are accident flying machines and you going on about Satan. People might see your great videos and think. It was like when David Icke turned up at a protest last year and spoke and people though I wish he had not. We are all free but this will not reach anyone new. This is exactly what will make people not bother with your other videos.

    • Adam, not sure this will put people off as it’s one video showing the darker evil aspect of what is going on and how and laws are made.
      There are plenty of other videos here that do not even mention a hint of this.
      I can see why Hugo has done this as the comments are rife with the religious take on things.

      I think we all look for hope in different ways…..

      • And Unvaxxed, this has everything to do with religion. You can see the blatant use of demonic ideologies. You are aware that what you might call “religious” people are actually people who also understand things from a “spiritual / religious” perspective. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood per say, but with spiritual wickedness in high places.

        The people behind these things know exactly what they do – Why CERN is dedicating all this energy to ritualistic dances and monumental statues to a hindu god, shiva. Let alone their tireless search to “understand the fabric of the universe” and the Higgs boson, aka the “God Particle”, to undermine the Creator and deconstruct the Higgs boson. Why all these celebrities, prominent people and organisations wish to invoke satanic energies.

        So yes, this has everything to do with religion at some level, the religion of those who believe in what’s right – the statutes of the One True GOD, versus those who practice dark things in the hope that their satanic religious ideals will be the major influence.

        And looking for hope and knowing how the game works are two different things. Knowing how the game works and how to combat it, IS hope, otherwise the hope of wishing it “will all just go away”, that’s when upside down universe comes into full effect.

    • Adam, then they are as thick as pig shit. Hugo did not say a SINGLE WORD! It was a compilation of real images/footage. You are correct though, it will not wake them up, because they are BRAIN DEAD! Literally.

      • And you may say: “So the people at the march are brain dead?” Yes, you’re damned right I’m saying that.

      • Obviously not all, but a large proportion.

      • Agree andyc. Those marches are a complete and embarrassing waste of time and accomplish nothing, other than provide the government controlled, biased and blatantly LYING establishment media (i.e. BBC), the perfect opportunity to further denigrate, scapegoat and ridicule us as lunatics, covidiots and dangerous conspiracy theorists. The marches actually do far more harm than good.

        The ONLY solution to end this coup and total enslavement of humanity is en mass civil disobedience by ALL citizens and which must include total non-compliance to any and ALL of their dehumanizing diktats and mandates. People need to be reminded that there are literally many MILLIONS of us versus their pathetic, tiny few (and that includes their army of very low IQ, brain-dead and UN programmed police and military, totally imbecilic thugs). They can’t arrest all of us.
        Everyone just needs to NOT OBEY any of their ridiculous mandates, anywhere and ALWAYS. What are they going to do if EVERYONE just gives them the middle finger salute to ‘social distancing’, ditch their hideous muzzles and hug and kiss each other in the streets and in shops, open their businesses and go back to work and refuse to stay locked in their homes? Arrest us all and throw us all (millions of us), into some ‘quarantine’ or covid re-education camps, for refusing to wear a slave muzzle, or refuse to be inoculated with Bill Gates’s multi-billion dollar death concoction? They’d more likely throw in the towel – concede defeat,
        On the other hand, maybe they’ll just stop pretending and come after us with heavy artillery, but let’s not forget their agenda is after all, about getting rid (murdering) of most of us. And, they’re doing it, but at the moment: by stealth, via a toxic concoction they’ve fooled the sheep into believing is a lifesaving ‘vaccine’, they need to survive the non-existent, ‘deadly pandemic’. They’ve done it that way to ensure they don’t startle the stupid sheople, who don’t know they’re actually being led to the slaughterhouse (i.e. a vaccination centre).
        And, even if they do start shooting us in the streets, we CAN shoot back – again, because we have the numbers to fight back. But, only if the compliant muzzled zombies WAKE UP, GROW A SPINE, STOP OBEYING the tyrants that HATE them and JOIN OUR RANKS, instead of being dumbed-down and compliant, collaborating and snitching, cowards and Karens, which most of them are.

      • There are none so blind as those that cannot see!

    • A lot of us came to this conclusion about Satanism over the last year or so. Pick a Bible up, it’s all in there. It doesn’t matter what we believe, it’s what “they” believe. Either, this is deliberatly being played out to the Bible, or, the Bible is correct.
      Religion, is, at the forefront of just about every conflict in history, why do you assume now is any different ?. The top 1% don’t need any money, they already have that, so, what’s their motivation for instigating this blatant attack on Christianity ?

      • The jooz are waitinv for their ” messiah”- the antichrist, and it cannot come until the christianity is destroyed

      • I completely agree, the bible tells you it all. The Lord is giving me songs for these end times. Please check out Lucifers Delight

      • That, and absolute control over the people. Everything is about CONTROL.

    • Yes. Especially the American woman talking about godesses. She kept punctuating with “I don’t really know anything about that “. Hard to keep an open mind with such poor info

    • Its only the truth that sets us free brother.
      If we aren’t happy with what others are doing we must do something.
      We must ask ourselves, what am I doing?
      Hugo has encouraged us many times to start our own platforms, be our own voices etc.
      What good does it do us Complaining about those who are risking everything for us?
      Peace and best wishes.

    • I appreciate your rational and well intentioned comment but the concepts of good and evil as embodied in, eg., Zorosthanism, many see as important and super-useful guiding principles obfuscated by the ongoing Pysyop we now know to be the main ongoing project …. Our natural world is so beautiful and the wrong things- tribalism, physical violence, death, punishments- these things have been sold as evil when they are in fact just the yan to the ying. Evil is un-natural; it is big pharma, false authority, distortion of natural society, sickness, ugliness, deception. Isolation. Without the concept of good and evil we are reduced to – relativism – to idiocy. Good is god-made evil is man-made , you could say. Sure, God and the Devil are simplistic symbols of Love versus Hate. I am glad they have been re-ignited

  3. I can’t believe this shit goes on in plain site… Well once pointed out.
    What would be interesting to find out how things progressed from when they started out with they book, the 10 rules etc and ended up with the UN?
    All part of the strategy no doubt.

    There is good in this world (far more than the dark evil shit)
    Question everything and trust in the human species to do the right thing.

    We will get over this crap situation… Just hang in there!!

  4. There is only one answer to this, Jesus Christ, The Way, The Truth and The Life

  5. Had a flash back to the Olympic Ceremony & Gaga’s Mother cleared a bit more cognitive dissonance!

  6. These evil kuntz arrogantly and brazenly flaunting their narcissism so openly will be a grave misjudgement imho

  7. I believe Trumps son-in-law has brought the New York House at nr 666 and is a Jew and is being groomed for office. Maybe he’s the one you’re talking about. Jared Kushner. Check out the Yazedi of Amal Clooney fame and their belief about Yahweh. Similar I believe to that of the very early Gnostic Christians and the French Catharsis. Personally I believe it’s trying to create archetypal narratives to control humanity.

  8. Hugo the fight is on. It will be about worship. Worship is time. The only time sactioned by God for worship is the 7th day sabbath. Rome and the catholic church chose sunday and protestants took the sunday with them. Pope Francish pushing sunday sacredness. The l!st fight is about Saturday or sunday. The wise will chisw the 7th day sabbath as chosen by God. The world will chose sunday. That’s their doom. a spurious sabbath. No to sunday or death by Gods right arm for me.

    • I understand what you are saying, but the mark of the beast is a literal mark on the hand or forehead taken by those who consciously choose to worship ‘ the beast’
      I am not yet completely sure what it is.
      The AC has to be revealed first,or has ‘he” or ‘it’ already been revealed?
      Praying for wisdom!!

      And what about ” The Lords day”? What does that mean to you? Mentioned many times in Epistles and also in Revelation.

    • In agreement.
      Mainstream Christianity carries the Mark of disobedience to the Torah instruction..The same Mark as the Beast.* Anti Christ.
      * The man of LAWLESSNESS.
      Rome ripped out the Hebraic foundation, with the assistance of the Church Fathers.
      Replacing the Truth with a lie.

      Creating religions over relationship and doctrines of devils.

    • YouTube has a good series Titled, *The the DNA of Shabbat*
      Perfect instruction given to Mankind to regenerate all of Creation and to live in Unity. Scientifically backed .
      Profound Science, of which the Scriptures contain with great depth. Along with knowledge of the Celestial heavens.
      So many people cannot read the Scriptures due to Spiritual blindness.
      It reads up empty for them.
      Such is the Age.. As it was written.
      No personal accountability, no repentance, no change.

      Yah bless.

    • I don’t really understand what you mean, or suggest we do Doreen. I know some of the days of the week are named after planets etc – Sun-day, Moon-day, Saturn’s-day…gulp! One of my favourite quotes from A Course in Miracles is ‘What is Heaven but a song of gratitude and love and praise by everything created to the source of it’s creation’. Any moment can be a ‘Holy Instant’, when we choose love instead of fear, ask for a miracle or presence qualities such as gratitude, blessing, peace. Time is a human construct.

    • Saturday = Saturn’s day. Doreen. if you are welcoming God to kill you with his right arm then you clearly believe in a ‘vengeful’ version of God, and do not believe ‘God is Love’ or worship a loving God. I discourage anyone who has watched Hugo’s compelling video on Satanism/Luciferianism to take your advice!

  9. Resist and say no!

    Evil will be the past love our future. Surely people see this now?

  10. Thanks Hugo. One of the few in “truth-stream”media with the intelligence to see the “great reset” as a satanist operation. BUT: All mainstream “religious” are evil, probably satanic, & ruled by the same cult, which is at the head of the “great reset”. Didn’t you see that that “former” freemason covered one eye with his hair, and, while he had much to say about the freemasons etc., he uttered the usual evil sh*t when it came to “christianity”. His purpose? To issue an invitation to SOME (to join..), while keeping others confused & afraid (of the🔥🔥🔥🔥). Let’s have this conversation URGENTLY; but let’s keep it rational.

    • Yes, I felt that. Also note the fact he was wearing just black and white – duality. To me, it looked like he was acting.

  11. Something evil this way comes… Get ready people, get prayed up. LORD have NO mercy upon these reprobates (nor their master, the angel of darkness and deception, who “appears” as an angel of light, by whom many shall be deceived) for these demons in high places know exactly what they do. Wickedness they wish to summon upon the LORD GOD’s creation and HIS earth. The time of the beast is here. Seek the way of truth, DO NOT worship the beast, nor it’s image nor take that mark. Learn ye the Book of Revelations. The LORD CREATOR cometh like a thief in the night, watch diligently all, the hour is nigh…

  12. Well put together Hugo… what a bunch of psychopaths !

  13. Hi Hugo
    I could credit the basic gist of this video.
    At the same time, here I offer some constructive suggestions/comments for the future.
    – You did a good job with your prior postings that I’ve seen. But this video is an amateurish hack job.
    – Stick with your past kinds of posting until you get yourself the sort of good help you need to make a compelling video.
    You need a lot of good help in all aspects of that – for example, story-boarding; message delivery/enunciation; timing; much more credible sources and reference material, excluding cartoon-ish/theatrical drawings/animations/etc.; inclusion of authentic history and other content that links the words in the old books and documents that you show with real people and events, from back in time right up to the present-day.
    – And by the way, is that you with hair flopped over one eye, in a white suit, etc – looking like a stereotypical rock musician? Seriously now, who’s going to take you seriously? Sorry, I do apologise – but that is the way things are. And the verbal delivery there (in this video) doesn’t really sound like you as you do in your prior postings.
    – While your basic assertions may be true, you’re not going to convince many people with heavy handed religious quotes such as those from Revelations, etc..
    – Lastly here, for example, one of the speakers didn’t even know that the Muslim Hajj tradition occurs in Mecca, and he didn’t even know that the pilgrims there move anticlockwise around the Kaaba. How credible then is that narrator when he talked about the analogy with Saturn? Not in the least!
    – Anyway, keep up your former good work. And best wishes for a compelling re-do of the current video.

    • Hugo didn’t say one word in the episode, the rocker guy is someone else. I can’t remember his name. Someone else has shared his 6h documentary on here already. I quite liked the fact there was a mixed group of people, some asking questions. Who decides if someone is credible ? Fact trekkers? I can only imagine how long it took to make this video in what I assume to be Hugo’s spare time. Hugo’s videos shouldn’t be taken as gospel. They should encourage us to look things up and come to our own conclusions. If he flat out says all these people are devil worshipers people will just call him crazy. Proof in the comments that some people are already unsubscribing because of this one video ….

  14. Good morning Hugo
    Great video 👍👍💪

    Chilling stuff👍

    Thank goodness I am a Free thinker 👍💪

    Take care to you All ✌️
    Have a good day
    And thank you again Hugo great stuff 💪💪

  15. I had a feeling Satan is ruling our world, but this gives a new perspective. Thanks.

  16. Hugo great video. Whats the movie at the end called? Bit were the guy is speaking cast in a silhouette thankyou peace

  17. Bible prophecy will come to pass!
    SATAN masquerades as an angel of light!
    The End is near but there is still a lot more to happen as yet!

    • Yes bible prophecy is being fulfilled at a rapid rate before eyes every day. Satanism is on the rise setting the ground for the seven-year tribulation where the anti-Christ will rise in power, sign a treaty with Israel and the seven-year tribulation begins. 3 1/2 years into the seven year., The antichrist enters The third temple in Jerusalem and proclaimed himself god. And requires everyone to worship him and everyone must have a mark on their hand or forehead to buy or sell. Those people are committing to worshiping the beast and will go to hell forever. But there is a way to avoid that by excepting Jesus Christ as your savior today and then you will be rapture before all of this evil takes place. Read the book of revelation today this is happening quickly.Jesus Christ is the only Lord and savior! Bless you all!

  18. Thank you for your videos. The Lord is giving me songs for these times and the darkness that surrounds us. Please check this one out as it is along the same lines as your video

  19. Love all of your videos Hugo for their honesty and critical thinking. I must admit your mentions of ‘peek a boo’ symbolism in your other videos was a revelation to me and I completely see them now. Equally, this compilation was brilliant! I did a bit of my own research afterwards and everything about the Lucis Trust, 10 point strategy, UN mural and meditation room were very easy to verify.

    To be honest, I have never really given the UN much thought. I believed the organisation to be generally well meaning, fairly innocuous and ineffective, and likely to be overly bureaucratic. This video has certainly opened my eyes!

    I am a Catholic who has shifted from a centre left to centre right stance in terms of Religion and Politics over the last 12 months or so. We have a Pope who is deeply in bed with the UN and globalist agenda. It is heartbreaking but there are still some good honest Catholic voices out there like Archbishop Vigano, Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, Fr Altman and Fr Goring as well as news outlets including LifeSite news, Dr Taylor Marshal and Church Militant. Archbishop Vigano in particular has a lot to say against the Great Reset.

    Respect to my Protestant brothers and sisters and agnostics who all share goodwill and passion to seek the truth.

    Keep up your great work Hugo!

    • Yes, it’s very interesting. It seems as though there is some kind of spiritual battle within the Catholic Church itself. I know Archbishop Vigano has spoken about Children of the Light vs Children of Darkness, etc.

  20. They do like a good bit of symbolism. It’s how they gain their power I guess , openly laughing at us.
    Well, I for one reject their ‘power’
    I will never let them feed from me.
    Fuck the new world order

  21. I have been recommending Hugo’s Videos to a lot of people but I hope they don’t see this. Too an average person this will come across as some nutty sci-fi movie, to be polite. Other comments here refer to religion and the bible so I know it’s madness as there is no proof that anything in the bible happened. This is a big own goal from Hugo and seriously undermines his other work, a real shame

  22. If you are going to post a video hoping to convert people or make them see the light etc, it has to be something the average person will understand. I doubt many would bother with this after about 10 minutes. If I didn’t respect Hugo’s other work I would be destroying this with my comments.

  23. I agree with a lot of what David Icke says, I think he is bordering on genius. HOWEVER as soon as somebody uses the word ‘Satan’ they come across as been mad in the eyes of the average person. Leave out the Satan nonsense and what you have to say has more validity.

    • Mark you say, “Leave out the Satan nonsense and what you have to say has more validity”, but yet everything this video is showing is demonstrating that what these people and organisations practice is STEEPED in what is known as satanism, it reeks of it. How can you advocate swerving the blatant, YOU are a part of the problem of the blind, average masses you speak of. WAKE UP and smell the stinky pit of coffee hell that is being ushered upon our society.

  24. Good video.

    I also recommend reading “Remember Who You Are” by David Icke, and this book will attempt put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together and it talks about these rituals, symbols, religions you keep seeing in the video. There is a much bigger picture to what is going on.

    Just a couple of quotes too:-

    “Peoples sense of what’s possible comes from what they think is possible. And what they think is possible comes from the information they receive to tell them what’s possible. If you suppress the knowledge of what’s possible then you supress their perception and they will laugh in the face of truth and say it’s not possible.” by David Icke

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.” by Adolf Hitler.

  25. Beginning to wonder about you Hugo ? You seem to know an awful lot , whose side are you really on ?

  26. Great vid Hugo..what an eye opener, i have been awake since early 2019, knew about this shite behind the scenes, but your vid surely puts it all into perspective…its evil and needs to stop or we are all fucked…if tou notice, little by little, piece by piece thwy are implementing these changes, clearly been planned for a long time….keep up the great work Hugo ..respect!

  27. Instead of watching, try and just listen to this.
    Put your headphones on, and listen, no visuals to support it.
    And what you will hear is, total and utter crap!!
    It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever without it’s visual effects!
    Those people talking on it, make zero sense!
    The celebrities, that can’t even string a simple sentence together, unless it’s scripted, talking total crap!
    Politicians, with their prolific use of, “Um” , “Er ” and, “Argh ” between almost every word!
    To believe in this whole, “Good versus evil ” thing has been played out for millennia!
    To believe in one, you must believe in the other!
    Believe in neither, it all goes away!
    And what are we left with?
    Just a bunch of greedy individuals that want to run everything, and and everyone!
    Not for some higher power, but for their own selfish end!
    If I’m wrong, I’m sure I’ll find out one day, like we all will eventually.
    I’ve read books on Satanism, I’ve read the Bible, (admittedly not all) , it’s all fairy tales, no more than the Hobbit!
    And really, whose who anymore?
    Because not everyone that says they’ve got your best interests in mind, rarely have!

  28. Hugo thank you so much for having the courage to tell it like it is, your an inspiration and a true hero of our time. It’s not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog that counts. Bravo Hugo I applaud you!

  29. The entire world is dividing, a good percentage of people worldwide now know how psychotic this all is. This war is biblical for the sole reason because they aim to transform humanity. This is about wanting to remain human and praise God or wanting to be transhumanist and praise machine.

    It’s written everywhere, especially in our education system. The breakdown of the nuclear family, the destabilization of our culture and religious beliefs, censorship was put in place for this reason, to usher in this cold satanic change, all the while it remains unseen due to this scademic serving as distraction.. for some it served as an eye opener.

    The fake hunt towards Gain of Function is another delay and distraction- it will reveal nothing because the vacxines is the bioweapon. They are purposely chasing shadows. Once they start questioning the jab, it will point to all of this.

    Like I told my family: one scam(lockdowns) + another scam (PCR) = a negative outcome (the vaxx)

    I see war coming in mid 2022.

  30. Too many theories, as long as everybody complies nothing will change. We are like dogs, barking at the people passing in the street.

  31. Hi Hugo,

    Thank you for posting such an informative video! You appear to know a lot about the NWO and their symbols.

    Have you heard of Robert Sepehr, he’s an anthropologist who has a couple of YouTube channels and has been discussing many of the topics mentioned in the video for around 5 years? He’s very knowledgeable of the symbols used by the NWO and has made some videos recently about occult secret societies and underground bases.

    I’ve seen some information online about groups who claim to be opposing the NWO, referred to as the White Nobility families. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the groups and whether you think they are legitimate, especially as the World Freedom Alliance appears to support some of the same ideas as them e.g. freedom from coercive and exploitative credit systems, freedom to practice your faith etc.

    You showed a clip referring to Nostradamus’s prophecies around the three sons. I’m not sure if you are aware that the three sons are also described in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which have been estimated to have been written around 400 BC. The scrolls also refer to the “Sons of Belial” who are meant to be in a war against the “Sons of Light”. However, the scrolls seem to contain some instructions for the “Sons of Light” which sound satanic e.g. covering themselves in blood, consuming fetuses etc.

    Edgar Cayce also claimed to have had insights about the Sons of Belial and the Sons of Light (who he refers to as the Sons of the Law of One), although he died in 1945, a year or so before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946/7. He described the Sons of Belial infiltrating the Sons of the Law of One and stealing their knowledge, misusing it for greedy and materialistic purposes rather than using it to carry out God’s work, ultimately leading to the destruction of their homeland and the Biblical Flood in roughly around 9,500 BC. Around 9,500 BC, the Younger Dryas period occurred-the global temperature dropped significantly for roughly 1,300 years and it’s suspected that this was caused by either a comet impact or supervolcanic eruption, which also caused sea levels to rise considerably.

    I definitely think there’s something to the fight between good and evil groups but I think the full picture has been edited so that most people are unaware of what is going on and who’s on which side. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  32. Now I know you are truly awake! I never knew about the magnetic altar inside the UN building. Keep up the excellent work, your time is much appreciated. Well done.

  33. I’ve watched the 5 hours of this an advise you all to watch the real thing 5 hours straight through then you will see what makes sense eyes wide open 🤔🧐

    • 5 hours straight seem a bit heavy. Is there an ‘executive summary’ with the key points available? 😀 And does this guy really talk for 5 hours straight? A lot of youtubers don’t know how to edit their videos. Editing is an art form in itself. You don’t just use every roll you shoot 🙂 And don’t throw anything away, every single frame shot reaches the final cut sort of thing. Even Hugo knows how to edit. With all its faults this is something the rambling youtubers could learn from the BBC 😀

  34. We are living in the latter times described in The Bible, the world is heading at warp speed into the anti christ period that comes before the battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    Psalm 2:1–12
    English Standard Version
    The Reign of the Lord’s Anointed

    2 Why do the nations rage

    and the peoples plot in vain?

    2 The kings of the earth set themselves,

    and the rulers take counsel together,

    against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,

    3 “Let us burst their bonds apart

    and cast away their cords from us.”

    4 He who sits in the heavens laughs;

    the Lord holds them in derision.

    5 Then he will speak to them in his wrath,

    and terrify them in his fury, saying,

    6 “As for me, I have set my King

    on Zion, my holy hill.”

    7 I will tell of the decree:

    The Lord said to me, You are my Son;

    today I have begotten you.

    8 Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,

    and the ends of the earth your possession.

    9 You shall break2 them with a rod of iron

    and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

    10 Now therefore, O kings, be wise;

    be warned, O rulers of the earth.

    11 Serve the Lord with fear,

    and rejoice with trembling.

    12 Kiss the Son,

    lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,

    for his wrath is quickly kindled.

    Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

  35. On my fartphone, tracking device

    The Samsung “global goals” app has that circle of colours pohnson wears in video
    Or are my eyes deceiving me?

  36. None are more hoplessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free

  37. The SS head Heinric Himmler and twelve of his officers would meet up around a table in a castle once a year and read satanic versus.


      Nazis and the Occult reveals the true nature of the Third Reich’s link with arcane influences and of evil itself, as well as explaining how an Nazis and the Occult reveals the true nature of the Third Reich’s link with arcane influences and of evil itself, as well as explaining how an illeducated, psychologically unbalanced nonentity succeeded in mesmerizing an entire nation

  38. Excellent video, Hugo. A commenter on one of your videos here earlier in the week left a link to the full five hour video by that guy who he says is an aussie singer.
    David Icke has been doing stuff for years regarding symbolism and the elites. It is a fascinating subject but there is now so much of it that it is not crackpot any longer, especially judging by this segment on Lucifer.

  39. Hugo – dropping bombs without saying a word.
    You can’t tell them, you have to Show them!

    Well done that man

    • Many thanks indeed for posting this. Shocking revelations, and a wealth of detail. This is what we all need to know. What we are up against. And what to do about it.

  40. Since the first time I watched Altiyan Childs‘ video about the secret religion I wondered if it was you, Hugo. You have very similar voice and accent.

    • If he was out of the club, he would be dead as per his description. So I doubt he’s left the clan.

  41. Don’t trust anyone ever, the world is not how it seems. Goodluck people. 😉

  42. I had a thought on vern re the massive magnets. It reminded me of what was said about Chartreuse in France. When the magic loads tone was activated it could bring archangel and open doorways to other realms. The load stone was removed, apparently no one know where it is today. They used solfaggio frequencies in church. This was replaced with mozarts scale.

    In regards to chipping, its unnecessary. A friend of mind works in biometrics, for years they have been debeoplingbthe tech to recognise you. To ensure no one has cut off your finger or popped out your eye. So all of this could be used rather than chipping people.

    I have to wonder why anyone would accept Klaus as a leader when you can find images on him walking on a beach in bridal underwear with a cock sock on. Who would take him seriously. These are NGO’s of the non elected. They have no place making decisions for the world. They should be banned.

    • I think Hugo should share that pic of Klaus walking across the beach in his stockings and Tedros from WHO in his bikini, the world needs to see it! We will bring those demented down, it may take time but it will come, keep the faith X

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