Lady Calls Funeral Homes About Covid Deaths / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. I did this 6 months ago, rang 12 in my local area..well about a 50 mile radius, same were busy or had been any busier..if the deaths were what we were told these results would have been different…it proves that the information we have been given was incorrect and we were lied to.

    • UK column News did the same investigation checked out all the counties around the UK for deaths burials and cremations no difference from 2015 to March 2021. All lies genocide

    • Check out Ivor Cummins for good videos on the numbers. They lied about the number of people who died from Covid-19 but they obviously didn’t lie about the number of people who died. When you compare total deaths in 2020 with the previous 20 years, nothing to see. Additionally, there are 37 peer-reviewed papers which show lockdowns have no effect. We already know that masks are ineffective. And they didn’t have the death shot, I mean ‘vax’, to attribute the result to.

      • quit drinking the Qanon koolaid man re comparing deaths. If you actually understood the data you would understand since covid started (march to march), there were about 650000 more deaths than prior year. That is the largest increase by far in 100 years. Guess what, all other deaths were ‘normal’, if not miscoded and were actually covid (ie heart disease always spiked when covid did yet signficantly higher than 2019).

    • Everyone need to start waking up to all this rubbish about COVID-19 and all these so called deaths that’s happened And think about getting your life back. Bill gates and all those other control freaks need to know that there are thousands of people who are not going to be told what to say or do. And you can stick your jab where the sun don’t shine.

      • Well said
        Excellent cilp Hugo, the more we see through these LIARS the better fight we got.
        I think we all know somebody we know have sadly die last year this year this is life sadly people i know near to where i live, a relative have die of heart attacks or horrible cancer.
        I Hope all theses liars pay for there lies.
        I never believe in this since last March over the top BS and stuff there poisoning vaccine where the sun don’t shine

    • Martin, they were dead quite then?
      Sorry had to…

      First time I’ve seen this angle, great way to find out for yourself!

    • You can always check company house for pubic income

    • I also phoned funeral parlours in south london and surrey and i was told they are not busy same has normal no increase

  2. Funnily enough I saw this on the BBC last night……………. (just as the cow was flying over the moon)

  3. They will just say we’ll it’s because of the lockdowns that we don’t have more deaths you can’t win

    • Because it’s orchestrated, a script. They control the narrative so they never lose. If you write the script, how can you ever lose?

    • Gonna take the advice to question everything. Why was the last call louder and clearer and why did it have the phone message at the start when the rest had nothing? I hope it’s legit but it might be dodgy

  4. I suspect that fake individuals (google deep mind, these faces are not real) were generated by ai, to supply identities. It is a dark thought but i wouldn’t put it passed people if they had the technology, which they do.

  5. Living next door to a cemetery I can confirm no extra traffic in 2020. Maybe a drop tbh

  6. I’ve just posted this on the other post, but it’s incredibly important I feel. Please read these excerpts from a chapter detailing the logic of the New World Order in Bill Cooper’s 1989 book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. It’ll blow your mind. The power elites were warned by leading intellectuals that over population could result in the possible extinction of the human race.

    “They were told that the only things that could stop these predicted events would be severe cutbacks of the human population, the cessation or retardation of technological and economic growth, the elimination of meat in the human diet, strict control of future reproduction, a total commitment to preserving the environment….

    It was determined that an immediate attack on the problem would involve two points of intervention. The first was to lower the birth rate and the second was to increase the death rate.

    The chief recommendation was to develop a microbe which would attack the autoimmune system and thus render the development of a vaccine impossible…The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by VACCINE! ..The cure will be administered to the survivors when it is decided enough people have died. The cure will be announced as newly developed when it has in fact existed from the beginning.”

    FROM 1989! .

    • For all we know they’ve been planning this for centuries

      • Yes, he does say that. referring to a reference in The Protocols of Sion dated in the 1700’s and that the Illuminati have planned to rule the world for centuries. This crisis basically led those in power to form an alliance, the chapter is called “Anatomy of an Alliance”, and that: “The Illuminati’s prayers had been answered.” So, you are 100% correct.

    • How does depopulation solve extinction of human being. Something more sinister going on

      • Yes, he does address this. He says: “Is the world population crisis a hoax? It is possible. All I can say is that my own calculations…confirm that the crisis is real, and is, in fact very serious. If it is a manipulation, the whole world has been fooled……It does not matter what you believe. If THEY believe it, you will be affected because they the power.”

        I know what you mean though, they concoct a crisis that suits their agenda.

      • This specific chapter is incredible really. For example, he explains methods to lower the birth rate – condoms, pill, sterilisation, abortion. Women’s Liberation movement to demand free abortions, using “pro choice”. Homosexuality was encouraged and Gay Liberation was born. Unfortunately for them, he explains:

        “Since large populations were to be decimated, the ruling elite decided to target the “undesirable” elements of society, Specifically targeted were the black, Hispanic, and homosexual populations. The poor homosexuals were encouraged on the one hand and scheduled for extinction on the other.”

        Also, San Francisco has been targeted using CIA Project MK-NAOMI AND MK ULTRA. Why San Francisco? Because it has the largest homosexual population in America.

      • Thats what we knew for long time,no increase in deaths so can’t be more busier

    • Thank you for posting, will be searching for that book!

  7. We’ve all been lied to, it’s what governments and politicians do best. Their global master’s objective is mass depopulation, and they NEED you to take the Covid JAB, because that’s what will kill you within the next 2 years, that’s all

    • So mayb this time next year funeral homes will b over run. Oh I forgot they want people to have no fuss cremations. No family to attend take your body of to be cremated return ashes in a jar to family a few days later. There advising this on tv right now. No fuss cremations. Start paying of now. To save ur poor family the worry. I say bollocks. Government want people dead let them pay for it. Any mug that takes this jab and gos along with this deserve everthing they get. The information is out there now. It’s right in there faces. On there own heads b it

  8. You Canadians are so polite & true get out & enjoy your life

  9. i did the same thing in my home town and went up the the grave diggers and headstone makers. I wanted to give them bottles of waters and some energy food to help them go through their days rushed of their feet and having no time for rest with the hundreds and thousands of death by this scamdemic.
    They all looked at me and just laughed. That was enough as they all knew what the real truthers knew. The governments of the world are lieing to their people as they have all taken their bribes by the Bill & Malind Gates Foundation and every world leader is all reading from the same songsheet coming from the WHO who is controlled by B&MGF. Also the MSM IN THE UK theBBjimmysavilleC is receiving a large sum from the B&MGF. Our world in now in WW3 and the invaders are B&MGF and all the cronies who work alongside them taking all their donations( the words they use to make them look good) when infact it is the bribes to take control.
    How come B&MGF holds all these patents for all these vaccines years before this scamdemic? Lot to answer for and ehen the people WTFU maybe we can put all these evil bastards behund bars fro a very long time. Killing them is to good, they need to suffer in confinement for many a years.

  10. Hi thank you Hugo

    What a pleasant young lady.
    And fair play to her.
    And at least the funeral homes tried to be honest 👍🤞🏻

    Take care Every one 🙏✌️

  11. My sister works for a funeral service. She was furloughed for several months last year. The only reason can be that there was not enough work. Even then, the sad thing is she just doesn’t seem to see what’s going on!!!

  12. From the start of this we have been played like fools or I should say the sheeple have and they will not open their eyes until their masters tell them it’s ok to do so.

  13. Good girl!!
    And thanks, as always, Hugo!!

  14. No great revaluation to those of us who know the only virus is the msm and politicians. What I found interesting was how many British companies could you ring and have the phone answered by a human not a machine? Very few I would guess.

    • Revelation even good old spelling correction or Google censorship depending how you look at it

  15. The “pandemic” will occur when the effect of the ghastly toxic injections develops, as has been the purpose of the scam-demic, to fulfill the genocidal dreams of the psychopaths who have always wanted more for themselves and less for everyone else.

  16. Hi Hugh, I been a follower of your snippets of sanity for some time now and as per the your norm this like your previous posts is a breath of fresh air in this insane world. When looked at, all cause deaths, when extracted from the NRS (Scottish Government’s office for births deaths and marriages ) for 2020, there is no significant difference in deaths for 2020 compared with 5 year previous year average for all cause deaths. All cause deaths provide unbiased numbers of deaths compared with covid attributed deaths, which we now know for sure from CDC themselves have been fabricated.

    This lady is telling the truth. The pandemic does not exist.

    It is ALL lies.


  17. I bet if she makes the same calls in a years time she will get some different answers after the vaccine deaths. Fucking bastards…

  18. Uk 2021 at the deaths peak it was on the news funeral home was asked and said no change.

    I know of 2 deaths alledged from Covid.

    1 death 72 year old man, 3 people have reported same person to me.

    Other, 42 year old woman neighbour of an ex, sandwhich shop girl other side same neighbour, work coach lives 6 doors away, 4 others same death.

    If you talk enough you’ll realise everyone knows of the same few deaths, and Jan 2020 1000+ deaths per day from flu, so no change onky it’s name.

    As Andy says this is a cull.

    Bad news it really looks like if your around people with mRNA vax’d it transmits to you so it’s the same as getting it, have had vax symptoms i don’t get any more being near the sheep, they don’t need 100% vaxd just enough for it to spread, explains the young woman getting screwed up fertility wise despite not having the jab just like having the jab.

    Smart bastards really have rigged the system against us, won’t be long for the deaths to start increasing.

    Ohhh The Sun has switched sides posting people dying after and suggesting vax death, interesting, setting up for whats to come 🙁

    • The transmitting from the injected to the non injected could be an unforseen problem for the billionaire psychopaths running this covid fraud.
      They’ve a good chance of depopulating themselves.

      • No, as mentioned in the book I discuss above. They have basically developed a microbe, a prophylactic and a cure. The microbe is the vaccine/virus for us, the prophylactic for the ruling elite and the cure for the survivors after they deem enough people have died. The guy who developed this was Dr. Aurelio Peccei and he was considered a hero because he pledged not to take the prophylactic or the cure. He decided to take the same risk as the general population.

  19. None of this surprises me. We are in the midst of history’s greatest hoax.

    • The worst hoax ever implemented on the human race. Pure genocide

  20. (I would just hate it if I answered the phone and a stranger said to me ‘How are you?’ That just really irritates me. Is that just me? Maybe it’s an English thing not to like that.)
    I chatted to a funeral home in a town in the Midlands. Their response was just the same as this. They seemed kind of embarrassed about telling me, and they said things ‘are not the same as you are hearing in the press’. They said they were ‘quieter than usual’ and they said all the funeral parlours they knew were also quiet. This was back in around summer 2020.

  21. Did you notice how pleasant, friendly and sincere they all were though. Canadians are a pleasant optimistic people compared to us whiners. Spent many years there.

  22. I’m from the USA and not a conspiracy person at all. Like at all lol. I asked my cousin who’s an RN at in ER in California and she said she didn’t see the numbers being reported. I also work in biotech. This is definitely a lie.

  23. Burial figures don’t lie ……. this is a scam, can’t write to my MP because blocked…… Hope we can find strength in our numbers to bring this information to the asleep. It’s hard, everywhere is a dead end because of the collaborative evil MSM…..

  24. Thanks for this Hugo, loving your work as always!

    I think we should be asking everyone who is thinking of having the jab to jot down their allergies beforehand. Also things like migrains, nosebleeds… Before having it and make a comparison after they have had it or worse had both jabs.
    For the purpose of short term side effects.

    That would be interesting!!

  25. Another exposure of this diabolical hoax” This should strengthen our Stance this complete nonsense ,to say, NO” at every turn of this crap “

  26. This is awesome, it really is and I’d love to share it. But I just can’t. People already think I’m nuts, I don’t want to push it any more. But with this and Cummins destroying the govt today if people can’t see that we’re being lied to on a massive scale, well then we’re right up shit creek without any paddles or a boat even. We’re neck deep in the doo doos.

  27. Thank you Hugo. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Well done young lady – now as the health bods seem to love the word “coincidence” isn’t it strange how over a 5 year period in different cities, the burials and cremations are pretty much normal – less than some years. That was someone who did some research and it was shown on UKColumn. What a coincidence all over. Sickening to see this happening worldwide though.

  28. The question is : what is the reason for which they are doing this mass lying?

    • Because they want massive depopulation. Simple. You take the shot, you’ve got the virus. Which you then spread. So, don’t take the shot.

    • Amber, the simple version is that the media get paid by the big pharma companies to act as a marketing machine. So if those companies have the MPs, media, so called scientists and academics paid for then they can create panic & demand for the jab. The product is sold to the government and paid for by taxpayers as it absolutely necessary to buy these to save lives… Yeah right!

      At the same time the people who literally make money have jumped on the bandwagon to save production costs and said it can be transmitted on notes. So we must go cashless.

      Microsoft have signed deals for the passport a least a year ago when the MPs were saying… No way will we need a jab passport & how did that work out.

      Get a copy of virus mania while it’s still available….

  29. We do not need any proof . Not now. We have one thing we can control and that is how we react to any given . Let look after each other as well as ourselves . Live for now . Much love.

  30. Exactly. Where are all the bodies in bags? Piled high everywhere? Any ensuing grave pits? None. Ambulances flashing blue sirens rushing around? It’s one big lie.

    • How do you explain all the body bags and graves in Brazil and the overwhelming numbers of cremations in India.
      Could someone reliable call these countries and ask the same questions.
      How ever covid started and from wherever, i suspect the breach at Fort Detrick USA, you can read it on their website but nothing in the media about it. This is a real virus that needs social distancing and masks when indoors, just like you would in a bad flu season. Lock downs not necessary unless people don’t do the right thing by others to stop the spread. It is airborne and like herpes can live on surfaces, hence the use of hand sanitizer and hand washing.

      • You are talking utter nonsense. Sorry to be so harsh but do you know how many people die every day through sickness, starvation well beyond before all this started in India? it’s tens of thousands daily. You are suffering from severe cognitive dissonance and seriously need to do some research other than from Main stream media. We know several Indian people who keep in contact with their families over there and they are stating this is totally fabricated as are many other, do yourself a favour and at least watch UK Column News,,,,,

      • Yes Jane I’m fully aware of the many deaths in India from starvation and sickness as well as globally. I read a varied source of media news from dark web to main stream and still conclude this virus is real and many are dying from it who are otherwise healthy individuals through complacency and people ignoring the infection control protocol to not only protect themselves but those around them.
        I’m not rushing to get vaccinated but i certainly do the right thing to protect my immunity and those around me. By signing into places i frequent allows our local and state health departments to contract trace me and others if a breakout in my area happens and to get tested and isolate until a negative result is given.
        What is wrong with following these protocols especially if we are in an area that has covid present? I have nothing to hide by being traced if they need too.
        The India deaths are not limited to media exposure by mainstream media only, I see it on most news sites.
        I understand your disbelief in the number of deaths as I could also say you may only be watching or reading what you only want to see or hear.
        Sadly for many out there who follow QAnon and the like don’t realise it was started as a joke by the founders to see how far they could push gullible people and they are still going at it, one of their long running members has come out and explained how it all came about and how he got sucked down the rabbit hole, losing his family and loved ones along the way until one day he actually sought help to break the power he gave away to QAnon and now talks publically to help others to wake up.
        People are desperate to believe in anything, a sense of belonging in these and pre covid difficult times.
        Covid is real and the world needs to unite to beat it, not segregate with disbelief. 5G rubbish and defiance will not advance us as humans beings. I’m not saying this is what you follow, just saying this is what has happened in society since covid. It’s all rubbish!
        Yes greed needs to be wiped out and equality for all is desperately needed and for those who are struggling with starvation and sickness needs 100% attention, the amount of wealth in the world is sickening that its not being distributed to stop starvation and homelessness. You, me and globally people have had enough and want real change but staying divided over Covid is not the way. Conspiracy is not the way. Working together in love and yes lobbying our Governments is a way but dont deny those who have already lost loved ones, young and old, from covid by downplaying this virus and how many have died from it.

      • I am afraid I disagree with you entirely. 5G is a serious danger. Vaccinations of any kind have NEVER proven to help anybody. Do you know what every Vaccine in the last few years contains. Aluminium (poison), Mercury (poison), aborted foetal tissue, etc, etc, etc. Do you know that Vaccines of any kind prior to MRNA have been known to cause colitis from which both I and my brother suffer from even though we have a healthy diet (my mother was exposed to rolling mercury in her hands as a dental assistant). Do you know that in the experiment of using MRNA vaccine on animals for SARS COV 2 all the ferrets died with pus in their lungs? Probably not. Your Government does not want you healthy, it wants to see you rely on big Pharma rather than natural remedies because that is what makes money. They also want fewer people and they want to control them because they can’t control the number they have right now. You are DELUDED, the Government is not your friend they are the CONSPIRACISTS and they are controlled by the BANKS, wake up!

      • Jane, there is no mercury, aluminium or fetus tissue in vaccines. Covid mRNA has used a kidney cell from an elective abortion from the 70’s that was donated to science which they have coded to identify protein spikes that all virus’s have and placed this into a monkey until the cell has developed the protein spike protection, then taken out of the monkey to use for vaccination preparation. The monkey was not harmed nor is there any of the original kidney cell from the fetus present nor has the vaccination have any live virus. Its coded to replicate only. If you look up every ingredient in any of the vaccines you will see its mainly salts, sugar and lipids. No human or animal tissue at all.
        Which vaccines do you say have mercury or aluminium or human tissue? Have you ever travelled to countries that have required small pox or yellow fever vaccines to enter? These vaccines have been used for years with no harm. The disease is much worse if you got it. I am healthy and never get sick, I look after my immune system with diet and exercise and yes got fully vaccinated as a baby. Im 65 and couldn’t be any happier with my health. I don’t fear Covid as the recovery rate is high but to those who have morbidity issues should be concerned and protected. This is why high death are present in India, the UK, US and parts of Europe as diet and exercise, lifestyle and poverty are at the forefront of this virus.

        Australia and New Zealand have proven that following health protocols such as hand washing, social distancing, masks when required and lockdowns if there is an outbreak from returning citizens who have quarantined but later presented with symptoms after returning to their homes.

        5G is only harmful if you live under the tower, the magnetic radiation does not travel far from the tower, you are in fact at more harm from 2, 3, 4 G and every day by power lines that feed your electricity to your home and cities. Unless you have satellite wifi you are privileged to be online using the internet from towers. Breathing exhaust from all the cars does more harm, and i guess you drive a car?

        I’m sorry to hear your Mum got mercury poisoning form dentistry and this no doubt was passed through to you and your brother from birth. Amalgam fillings are no longer used and most people I know had these fillings removed many years ago.
        My Mother dies aged 45 from cancer caused from nuclear testing back in the 50’s close to our state. There have been clusters of cancers since then in my home town and surrounds and if there is anything i fear is is cancer from my Mothers damaged DNA. Not from a vaccine when I decide to have it if and when we have an uncontrolled outbreak of Covid.

        I’m fully aware that big pharma is a business that doesn’t always have our best interests in mind but they have also saved millions of people from life saving medications.
        I also know chemo used in cancer is not safe but this has also saved many lives. I don’t believe our Gov is depopulating us as they need us for the economy. They actually believe is large populations and yes this may feed into the Pharma medications to actually keep us living longer which means more for $$ for the economy. Not by killing us off with vaccinations.

        There is so much imbalance in the world today I know, but there is no reason to look at everything going on as a conspiracy. Wars are more serious where people are being blown up and misplaced. Warring over oil and resources..This is the greed I worry about. I am not worried about finding a way to control a serious virus, however it may have come into our society.

        I’m not delusional and I do look at both sides of politics, life and all religions to try and live a balanced life with a balanced view. No one is perfect! I won’t be drawn into conspiracy theories as I see the damage this has done to may people and what lives have been destroyed and relationships lost.

        I will agree to disagree with you now and wish you well on your journey in life. Be well and stay safe out there!

      • Big event happening soon. Media blackout. CNN. Prism. Re-tune your dial. Sticky fingers. Biden in hot water. Trump. Helicopter ride.

  31. I’m still waiting to see someone unwell never mind dying!

    • Trev, how soon? You don’t honestly believe Trump will be returned to power? He will be imprisoned and or bankrupt. He preys on conspiracists to advance his own agenda, it’s all about him, his wealth and ego, not about You!

      If the big event doesn’t happen what will you do and where will you go next?

      I hear you and that everyone in the world is wanting change, I do too but I don’t believe for a minute anything big is going to change. Doesn’t hurt to dream but unless you’re on the ground, walking the talk and working in the community that is supporting this change, hands on, then nothing will get done. The people vote with their voices based on what they see happening in their own communities, not by what they see and hear on TV or on social media. Real action and change happens with You and not by the rubbish being spread by QAnon and the likes. That started as joke to see how far they could suck in people who are lost and easily manipulated. Do your research on how QAnon began. I’m not denying there is corruption in Governments and the Corporations but not all Governments and Corporations are like this.

      Wealth is good if its used positively and shared which happens every day with donations to local charities. Sadly people who are doing it hard tar all wealth as evil. It’s not!
      Covid is real, be it a virulent flu or not and yes healthy humans end up in ICU on life support from it and yes many healthy people have died.
      Jesus alone will not save you, only You can save you.
      I’m still out on the vaccine and am not rushing to get it, if I get it at all but i do take precautions when there is an outbreak. Infection control is real and important.

      • One more thing I’ll add is Trump’s latest rave where he does admit Covid is real and while in power bought millions and millions of vaccines to put into your body, these are his words! And many on this site think he is the saviour for the US and is going to make a come back. I think not! For all those who trust him, how do you feel now hearing him say these words re Covid and vaccine.

  32. My take now is simple – keep it simple – don’t take the shot, boost your immune system, don’t go along with the QR codes, etc. We need to ride it out for as long as possible. I’ve given up on trying to ‘wake people up’. They’re a lost cause, because you could work on them for years, and they’d flip back into mind control in a second. It’s an instinct more than anything and they don’t have it.

  33. Andy, how can you fight the power of TV & media advertising?
    It’s all about wanting to go on holiday during the summer and agree to being locked in for the rest of the year!
    No helping some people…

    • Yep, you’re right. Hence, the brainwashing – the CIA MK Ultra as mentioned above. It is a real thing. Honestly, you can spend forever pointing out literal truths to people – next time you see them – Ground Zero. They believe everything the TV tells them to believe. No hope for them. And they are the ones chalked up for ‘removal’ so to speak. And this is the problem, you do end up thinking, (regarding the elite) “they’ve got a point.” I know, horrible thing to say, but you could ask: how are these people ‘human’? Where is the spirit, soul, instinct, etc? Do we need BILLIONS of people like this? We all know in our gut the answer. I’m just being honest.

    • Unvaxxed you are right, I’m fed up of people saying they’re having the jab so they can go on holidays or go out for meal somewhere. I would only take a (legitimate) vaccine to be protected from a disease not so I could fly to Spain and lie on a beach drinking all day or go to a Cinema to see the latest crap film, since when do you need a vaccination to do everyday things, its madness and the weak minded are lapping it up.

      • Coffins, there’s always another avenue if people are willing to do the research.
        The weak minded will easily give up their core values. is a good site with loads of free advice especially if you find that you have been unfairly treated during this BS plandemic.

  34. The same amount of deaths that happen every year, a real pandemic would decimate half of the planet or more.
    At least some of us still have the ability to think rationally and make informed decisions, I have lifelong friends who no longer talk to me and the funny thing is I no longer want to talk to them because I don’t trust them any more. Look after your families, keep your heads down and don’t give the bastards an inch, refuse the jab, the tests, any apps and anything else that benefits our governments and hope something positive comes from the impending lawsuits.

    • There is a trend emerging here, is there not people? You speak the truth – look what happens. As Jesus said: “What they’ve done to me, they’ll do to you.”

      They’re gonna start coming for us, people. The zombies will want their pound of flesh.

      • Or mayb just mayb we want ours. Calling us nut jobs. Think about it. Will they even b capable of anything in the end. Fuckem I’m sick of them and there stupidity

  35. Look at that young lady using her brain to get facts. Not sitting there talking about going in my holidays or out for a meal. Gathering information. There is no other way. I’m sick to death lol about being contacted ever bloody day about this jab. I have other health problems and nothing just on and on about this fucking jab. The more they go on the more I no I would rather die then have it. I have never seen anything pushed so hard .ever. if it doesnt make any sense that’s because it’s not.

  36. the typical reply of those who are completely brainwashed: ‘why don’t you go and work on ICU’
    second reply: fear long covid

    • Frank, the people working in ICU are still human? Some might catch the flu and will get over it quickly. So I would take a job there providing I didn’t have to have the jab.

      My take on long Convid : in short it’s bollocks.

      Flue symptoms affect people differently, if they have underlying issues it’s going to take longer to get over it. Same if they have an unhealthy diet, smoking and excess alcohol consumption.
      The ones who supposedly have it are not exactly a healthy example.

      In return I would ask how much they know of the government yellow card system, VAERS etc….

  37. Well that video could have been a lot shorter. Couldn’t have just played two, then done a voice over ?

  38. I work in the cremation industry and spoke to a number of funeral homes and crematoriums last year, and they all said that 2018 was worse. They weren’t overrun with bodies

  39. Ex husband does funerals in Merseyside. No extra work. No more than normal. Says a lot for me. However, he, his wife and my son still believe the govt line. Even with his own evidence, they choose to trust the govt and think I am a conspiracy nut job. I’m baffled when Ex has first hand experience of no extra funerals

    • Extreme cognitive dissonance at work there, obviously

  40. Everyday, same people, same discussions, same conclusions; yes, I/we know whats going on but helpless now to do anything about it. I have become too tired and stressed fighting this to what we deem ‘Lost Causes’. I have lost the strength and desire to awake people from their comatose state (the very people who should have been on my/our side), not because of the crazy label imposed upon folks like you and I, but because I have gotten more exhausted trying to (what seems like) being a normal human!

    It is over and here is why:~

    We can no longer peddle the truths that we learned upon family & friends who chose not to listen and got jabbed. Purely out of respect, it is wrong to fill their heads with more anguish and fear relating to the real science behind these jabs, that I’m sure most people on here are aware of. It is for that reason I am defeated.

    My submission, we have already lost this battle to awake and save humanity… now,,, the life we once knew and had is over,,, all that will be left is to sit back and wait!!!

    • It is not over, keep strong….. really interesting listening to what is going on in America right now, George Papadapolous and so much more. Keep the faith! we are beyond waking people up now, we have done what we can, although I am going to the London March on Saturday, keep yourself strong and focused on day to day things, like you did before this shit show, weather looks to be lovely for the whole of the UK next week, enjoy it, walk in the countryside if you can and GOD BLESS X

  41. What else people need to wake up? Jesus.all sheeps and is going on? MSM needs really to be drag into our FREEDOM PROTESTS ON SATURDAY.Hugo, there’s ANY CHANCE we spread the word through everyone here in the family? Today Boris and Hancock are stating the 21st restrictions lifted are in doubt. I’m one who will go bananas if our freedom is restricted by the Massala variant. Had enough, keep resisting people. They’re after kids next.

  42. Everybody here please help me!! I urgently need some really sensible advice right now. My husband is due to have a heart procedure soon, and the hospital where he will be having it is giving the death jab to all their patients! They have their own vaccination centres. I’m really scared and panicking cos my husband could be forced to have the death jab too before he’s allowed to have surgery! How the hell do I stop him doing this? He will have a phone appointment before the op, and my greatest fear is that he will be pushed into having the death jab when he gets that phone call. How can I stop this happening? I’m absolutely terrified of losing my darling husband. Please can someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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