PUB PODS / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. That is an old video. I saw that last year. I would never go in anything that would spray me with unknown chemicals. Full stop. However, if people should feel the need to do it, they should check the pubs liability if the chemicals give you an adverse reaction.
    This is all getting SO ridiculous.

    • Another way to contaminate people in the agenda to depopulate or kill off a lot of people

    • I wonder if maybe hancock has shares in the company that make them

    • Yehhhhhhh… everyday is april fkin fools day…😷🤡💉🥳🥴

  2. i dont know about pod.u could call it the beta-cyclone chamber

  3. How much per unit and how many have they sold?

  4. Decade’s iv never seen 1 of these stupid things b 4 and iv been around 4 decades. Kills all known germs. It sounds like a bottle of bleach. This is the way forward the bloke says. What planet r these people living on. There is no virus. It’s just ur normal flu virus. I’m in london and my bourgh has sent out an email saying the Indian variety lol is. Speading like wild fire in this bourgh. There saying were needing harder testing or this could bring on more lockdown. I may just add up the road from me is a large asian community and it’s my guess there not playing ball . Talk about desperation to get people to take fake tests and this jab. I say good on anyone that stands there ground and just ignores this. Also had the tv licence twat knocking on my door yesterday. Didnt answer I’m certain it was tv licence. They sent me a threatening letter telling me they were coming on the 21st. Apparently they will get a warrant if needs be to search my home? Ffs it’s all getting way over the top now.

    • We will probably be made to wear yellow stars on our jackets if we won’t have the jab! History repeating?

      • With a pretty J in the middle for Not Jabbed !? (The Jews had a J in the middle for JEW)

      • Hi, I am sorry this is not the right attitude, if you concede in your head that this is what they will make you do or wear, when it happens you will just obey and not object, they feed from the acquiescent and the fear people display.
        I am not saying this is what you personally going to do, I just thought to mention it, we should never accept anything even in thought.

  5. They could improve it by adding an orange paint to it. It’ll be sold out in Essex!

  6. Yep, they are preparing us to be disinfected in the ‘showers’ – hmmm when in history did that happen before?

  7. Does anyone else wonder if this is another attempt to weaken our immune systems ? Not ALL bacteria is bad, we human beings have symbiotic relationships with bacteria that we need for a healthy gut, skin and other functions !! There are some stupid people who are clearly a drain on our natural resources !

    • That, and a general attempt to usher in an effeminate society as a whole. (Check out the long term effects that alcohol hand sanitisers have on people with constant use).

      Its all part of the agenda to create a breed of weak, scared and emasculated herd of androids who do what they are told – without thought, let alone question…

      Where if you so much as even sneeze in a public place, people will begin to have panic attacks.

      Welcome to the era of “Safe Spaces” and general discombobulation.

  8. Funny I thought covid was in the body mainly, not on your skin and clothes, now if they had her take a deep breath while she was in there that would have made sense, fucking Idiots do people really believe this shit??

    • I was born with two fists an anybody tried spraying me with there bullshit even the bullshit that comes out there mouth would get a left right goodnight

  9. Surprised it does not take your vaccine passport photograph and a back-scatter xray at the same time! 😊
    God help save us from these soul less effin morons.

  10. Wonder if our planet is being prepared for an alien invasion?…there is far too much de-humanisation being forced down upon us.

    • Yes it is ~ Verner Von Braun predicted it as the ‘end game’ of a world wide fear campaign to force into being a world wide defence and Govrnment. Echoes of the Ronald Reagan quote “If we were faced with an alien invasion” and the current rumours and leaks surrounding military disclosure. It’s coming and I wonder if the illusion will be enhanced by the Jab and 5G !?

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