They ARE Coming For Your KIDS / Hugo Talks #lockdown #Canada


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  1. Thanks Hugo,I believe if they were to say that peoples dogs or cats had to be jabbed,then we would see an uproar.

    • They did start saying that and nobody did a thing and I’m sure it will come up again. Unfortunately so many still buy into the fear and think this this is a good thing – we need to find a way to make people realise before it’s to late, if it isn’t already as far as the jab is concerned

    • Fucking kill all the chink cunts would be a smart move

      • There is no virus, no excess death’s do some research.

    • That is coming, they do not want us to have pets

    • I have it on good authority -the Darkhorse podcast – that the emergency licence for the vaccine is illegal as it a regulation that an emergency drug can only be used if there is no medicine or drug for the disease the vaccine is intended for.

  2. What are they really up too?
    It seems very abnormal and outrageously wrong.

    • If this doesn’t ring alarm bells you’re lobotomized.

  3. They have jabbed your old parents they are jabbing you and now they are going for the innocent children, when the fek will the sheople wake up and smell the bs. This is a cull of the human race.

    • Exactly, all part of the depopulation and control agenda

    • I’ve been jabbed I’m fucking doomed. this is disgusting. Them kids should have permission from their parents
      I felt pressured to have my jab because my mother is terminally ill. Hugo you are fabulous. Keep the good work up.

      • I watched a program a while ago Angie about de-vaxing your body. The Dr said that you won’t get all of it out, but a high percentage of it. Maybe worth researching!

      • You need to boost your immune system – zinc, copper, vitamins A, C, D, K. Look up Dr Sherri Tenpenny, an expert virologist explains what to take, how much, etc.

  4. Sounds like The chid catcher I’m Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!! Ice cream, lollipops, lemonade!!!!

  5. Vaccinate children for a virus that they are not at risk from. In England 0.1% of all COVID deaths are the under 25’s. This means that children are at zero risk from COVID so why vaccinate them? This is all very strange and plays into the conspiracy theories.

  6. This has to be a War Crime if ever there was one!

  7. Those police are no different to sondercommandos emptying the gas ovens.

  8. Was there a huge iQ dip in the last 3 months? Child abuse and an ice cream makes it all better. What a sad, sad day

  9. Utter bastards – I’m so angry and upset that parents are not educating their children, their precious babies 🤬💔😭 shared far & wide #SaveOurChildren

  10. The world is imploding this is anough to make you sick just whaching that video it’s like being in a nightmare

  11. This is appalling, those cops should be protecting the children, they are shepherding them into evil. It’s going to end badly, of that there is no doubt. If they take this stance against the citizens – and remember they Police by consent – then they will also be targetted and will pay.

    • This is what I’ve always said. They’ll happily send you off to your death. They’ll do exactly as they’re told. Balling and shouting at them is just pissing in the wind. I mean, look at the state of these coppers – robots. Fuck ’em. I just hope they all take the shot.

  12. Grooming children with ice cream?! The police tell us to watch out for this vile abuse… yet here they are!! Allowing grooming to go on.. it’s vile!

  13. Really am getting so sick of people not seeing this and standing up to it, what exactly will it take!

    • I’ve said it over and over – it’s 10% that understand what’s going on. Always has and always will be. 3% will know and do nothing, 4% will know and do something intermittently and the other 4% will always resist. The good news is, you only need 4% to win a war.

  14. I find it harder to watch this enticement into a life of problems or death…. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winning Virologist says all Covid Vaccine takers will be DEAD in 2 YEARS from antibody dependent enhancement, you have a choice people, time to realise that the Conspiracy theorists are the truthers….

    • Yep, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was invented by the CIA to discredit anybody questioning the JFK assassination. And it’s worked a treat. Even to this day. I was called one yesterday. It’s amazing, you try to help people, and they smear you. Just like the Jesus/Barabbas situation. The zombies want to free the convicted murderer.

  15. Fauci has already stated on MSM that 4yr olds and up will be able to receive jab by end of year or 1st qtr of 2022 latest. At this point, it seems jabs from birth is their end game.

  16. I can’t believe that people blindly take the jab. Then talk as if it’s an achievement. I have never followed the crowd and allways done my own thing. I have also asked myself am I normal because I haven’t wanted to do what others have done. I now know what wrong with me. I question things that are told to me and I can think for myself I have never followed the crowd. Not being normal could save my life , the life of my children and enable grandchildren to come along.

  17. We all need to stand up and be counted and start now, every one of us will make a difference, don’t wear masks and talk to everyone and go to the London demonstrations

  18. Our decision makers and democracy itself is now owned by a powerful global elite of corporate fascists. Call me paranoid but I believe their aim is total world domination and the loss of nation sovereignty in the form of a single global government and single crypto currency.
    It’s a shame this fascist elite are unlikely to convert to Buddhism.

    • I think that may be an optimistic take on what’s going on to be honest. Their plan, which has been long planned, is now OPERATIONAL. It is being rolled out before our very eyes.

  19. Any parent who knowingly allows their children to be injected needs to understand that if their kids die or become seriously ill, they have done this. They are culpable in the harming or murdering of their own children. Only they can stop this and anyone that doesn`t will have to live with the knowledge they advocated, approved and allowed their babies to die.

  20. This is hugely hugely dangerous to see how children are being coerced using the same sort of tricks that a paedophile would use.
    Parents really SO need to wise up to what is going on…I am appalled by this, totally appalled.
    All for a virus that was downgraded in terms of severity by the UK government in March 2020, but somehow has been used to bring whole countries down by the irresponsible actions of the government and the mainstream press.
    How are you going to explain to your daughter who took the vaccine that she is now infertile…

  21. These fuckers need culling along with the parents for allowing it

  22. It’s like a Margerat Atwood novel, but it’s actually happening, this is not going to end well!! How can we stop it?????

    • Don’t take the shot. If enough of us don’t take it, what can they do?

  23. God bless us all

    That poor lady having to get so upset it’s feckin Outrageous I am a mother and I feel her anger god bless her.

    Thank you Hugo

    This is awful people encouraging their children to do this they should be totally ASHAMED!!!!!

  24. And yes my daughter is UNVACCINATED because I love her and have told her over my dead body will we be infected by the evil people and an hoax that is causing so much pain and sorrow awful I really upset

    • Janie, stay strong protect your daughter, as a male i feel upset seeing this abuse and how any parent would let this happen to there child, i haven’t got children but if i did i wouldn’t not let them have this poison in them, same as wearing masks having tests they are my child not the state.

      This is child abuse and what the Nazis done to children at there murdering camp.
      Parents protected your children at all costs.
      All the best to you & your daughter


  25. Yes they are lifeinthemix on YouTube last two post are worth looking at Hugo
    Sean young top man

  26. In Canada Dr roger hodkinson called this out in 2020 – the odds of dying of covid are 1 in 300,000 for under 65’s. And they want to jab little kids with a 1 in 1 million+ chance of dying. If people can’t see there is a much bigger agenda then they are idiots who will never wake up.

  27. They lowered the age in Britain and America. To 14

  28. I’m feeling the anger here.🤬🤬🤬 I can’t believe this is happening. It’s a global authoritarian coup!!
    I wish people would wake up, sharpish!!

    • They won’t, the people who will awake are already awake. We need to focus our attention on these people.

  29. The Canadian government has proved to be the worst Oppressive government on earth during this whole Plandemic “ No government should undermine a Parents God given right to protect their kids from this diabolical poison “
    May the Canadian government get Hit with Full Litigation of Genocide treason and Murder from the Nuremberg 2 trials that are on their way “

  30. Totally disgusting. Pig filth prohibiting scared adults from protecting children ffs!

    We gotta rise up here or forever hold our peace!!!!

  31. I feel her rage! I will die before they jab my son! It’s happening in Hungary too, parental consent is required, but a form can be downloaded and there’s no way the signature can be verified, parents don’t have to be present! pregnant mothers by the hundreds are getting jabbed too! I’m screaming inside!!
    I feel like the lunatics have taken over the asylum! Surreal and terrifying!

  32. This is absolutely horrific and sickening, I just can’t believe what I have just seen here tonight!! Someone stop this insanity!! Come on people rise up and now is the time to fight against this evil! Thank goodness for the Nuremburg 2 trials!! I’m a completely independent thinker, and I would never, ever just follow blindly what other people do!! With something like this that is the absolutely worst thing you could ever do! As an adult you take responsibility for your own health and as a parent you take full responsibility for your children!! Nobody has the right to take that away from you!! Period!!! So glad I don’t have children, this is the most disgusting, evil thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!

  33. Gut wrenching. They are fighting so hard for their children. I hope those children realise how much they are loved and that it isn’t a game. As a mum I know how powerless we actually are when it comes to trying to reason with our children even when they are in their 30s. Peer pressure, brainwashing and oh what a jolly jape it is. NOT! 💔

  34. Tonight when I was driving back from visiting my Dad to take him some dinner, I had the radio on in my car, listening to Classic FM because as a musician I enjoy their music. But I had to turn it off pronto because the ads came on, and you guessed it, they were all about getting tested and jabbed!!! Oh my goodness it was so full on and blatent, so shameless! Totally sickening, I turned it off immediately. Felt so bloody angry!! But you have to be a strong person, and not let this crap upset you,. I’m ignoring all this garbage and trying hard to get on with my life. No PCR tests, no track and trace, no masks, absolutely no jabs, no jab passports!! I’m refusing everything!! I don’t sanitise my hands or spray my basket when shopping!! I’m a rebel and proud of it!!!!!!!!! Absolutely the best way to be!!

    • I’m with your Carolyn 👍
      I listen to music on radio sometimes to switch off from social media, then it’s spoil by covid brainwashing crap adds 😭

  35. horrendous, heart wrenching. They will pay big time hell fire not far away. God be with us all.

  36. That’s the most disgusting and sickening thing I’ve ever seen, ZERO kids under 20 have died, it spread quick among kids they’ve already had it and didn’t die, but there not going to listen, FEAR is winning.

    The Baaaa Sheep have no intelligence or ability to think for themselves I see, shoot the lot of them.

    Carol me to, been forced sanitizer twice the entire BS thing, mask hell no, walk in and if they complain I just smile and ignore.

    In the next 5 years, these muppets will regret taking this crap and the 6 monthly boosters when millions start dropping dead!!

  37. It would take more than 1000 faggot pigs to stop me getting my child to safety. What’s wrong with parents these days? Nobody has any balls. Fucking bunch of pussy ass wimps. You deserve everything coming your way!!

  38. Sounds like the BBC must be involved in this. 12-15 year olds and a live DJ. BBC are well known for employing DJs who might enjoy involvement with kids of that age

  39. These creatures have lost it… and the parents WHO allow this to happen to their kids are scum, all so this trash can CONtinue to go on their crappy package holidays or go to the pub etc, However I have to admit the free Ice cream is tempting!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  40. This is child abuse! They attract a child with nice gifts and treats, away from their parents, so that they can do harm to them. Whether out of desire or hatred, whether paedos or sadists, it is abuse. There are no other words for it.

  41. I feel a deep sadness and I feel your pain. I have a 12 year old child and feel so sad that there will be children taking this without any idea of what they are doing. I listened to Dolores Cahill tonight who mentioned a culling proposal that was planned in 2010 for 2020-2024. Given that there is no come back for damages and the constant cover ups and gaslighting its very suspicious. I think we need to be ready here in the U.K. What can we do? One of the mums has given it to her 15 year old son and soon to her 12 year old daughter and I know my friends school has reported a number of kids have had it there too, 12,13 and 14 year olds. It’s happening now.

  42. Such a creepy feeling watching the government lure children with treats. Where have we seen and heard that before?

  43. This is a crime against humanity. Well done those people speaking out against this evil.

  44. The kids of these police officers will also get jabbed without their permission, for an ice cream. Are the police ok with that?

  45. “Sweeties,,, Lollipops”, sound familiar, the child-catcher on Chittt-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

  46. Excuse me madam, please take the batteries out of that smoke alarm. The beeping is upsetting the children.

  47. As a parent those scenes were horrifying and upsetting. I’m dumbfounded that people can’t see what’s going on, the fact that there are temptations/incentives for adults is enough but now kids!! The war is coming and I’ll be on the front line for my children. We need to start building an army because sooner or later they’ll be coming for us that refuse to obey!

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