Israel To CANCEL Green Passport Rules / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Hello Hugo I’ve left you a message or two on fb messenger
    I am Jeffrey James barber on fb

  2. Do you think the Israeli law-court was about to declare the green passport illegal?

    • I know Israel have recently had lawsuits issued against them for crimes against humanity.

      • Sarah, exactly what was thinking. Dr Reiner Fullmich and others have had luck recently so hopefully it’s having some affect on quite a few world leaders.

    • Calm before the storm, I believe they have done this so that they can target the unvaccinated. Don’t trust these people

  3. It’s obvious that they have pushed to hard and are somehow trying to save face to push from a different angel,, perhaps they’ve managed to get the injection into enough people and can reduce the pressure for a period. Who knows but we will work it out in time as we observe events around the world.

  4. My reading into that would be let them mix then when the new wave and varient hits blame it on the unvaxed. I wonder want leo varadqueer will have to say about this now seeing that he said ireland and the rest of Europe should follow Israels example.

    • You do know there’s thousands of variants I guess? Each one as infectious as the next or in other words get on with your life

      • There will be no divide…. within humanity…. governments are currupt… as a species your existence is to be free from all… be unified… your unique as a individual…. be your planet… feel its energy.. and you will always be free..

        Always go as you please… travel.. explore… the planet is an amazing place.. no vaccine passport… no coercion….

        Your life.. your existence…. go and enjoy it…..

    • Just what I thought let them mix again so when the jabbed start dropping like flies it can all be blamed on the unjabbed and a fictional variant

    • Ireland should definitely follow Israel’s example. Bomb the Muslim terrorists in Gaza all to hell!

      • CJ love, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick I think….
        Do more research into who the real terrorists are. Or are you happy to take the word of the mainstream media who are owned and are very capable of providing one sided news.
        Look at the reason why you are here… Can they really be trusted??

    • But,,, they are vaccinated and protected after all? Therefore, if vaccinated people do stop dropping dead if/when they contract “another” virus (like the experiments on ferrets suggests), it will be sad but interesting to see how they twist the narrative…

  5. Everyone in Israel should now seize back “ their liberties while they can and unite “ it is a little suspicious dropping it all in a dash, maybe their smelling the beginnings of Litigation “ coming against them all” because it surely is!

  6. I think it was the incredible outrage of the Israeli people over this insanity that led to them cancelling, they know people aren’t going to let it go. I imagine they will try again though.

    • I suspect the older Isralies remember the yellow stars they were forced to wear in Germany before the 2nd world war. These certificates smacked of the same bully boy techniques.

  7. If u think about it how can u get people to fight if there not together so they let them meet up and the trouble starts

  8. Guaranteed what will happen is cases and deaths will rise they will blame the unvaccinated then re issue green passes permanently

  9. Maybe it’s a financial decision, business need the money to gain back what has been lost over the scandemic so that means they need the unvaxed money to.

    • They don’t want them businesses back they want it all to be broken so they can build back better this is to get both sides together then make some big deal about another out break caused by unvaccinated being to blame then try to make it compulsory or somewhere close to compulsory

  10. Maybe they need the not injected for their blood supply? See latest news from Japanese & US red cross, not accepting blood from injected people.
    I also sense a very sinister scheme, in get the zombie injected, to infect the non-injected! Get them mingling!
    The sad reality is the healthy non-injected, now need to be wary of the zombie injected! Remembering that the end goal is massive genocide of the world’s population & those left over to be the elites slaves. This hasn’t changed one bit!
    “the green pass”, is up & running across Europe. In Austria medical apartheid is also reality now!

  11. Well,i’m guessing now,but the bs variants were the next move here designed through another lockdown to turn vaccinated against not vaccinated and there ramp up the pressure to implement the domestic vax passports which has always been the goal because the great reset can’t work without them.Hopefully Israel have realised they will have a rebellion on their hands of their tyranny continues.Hopefully see you all in London,May 29, We are millions and we grow in number every day.We are the tsunami on the horizon,lol

  12. Now people in other countries will definitely blame un-jabbed for the restrictions because Israel stated it’s all possible because of compliance.

  13. Hi Hugo, I think the intention is to blame a new 3rd wave spike in cases after lockdown restrictions lift on the people who haven’t been vaccinated, including children. For this to hold true they need the vaccinated and unvaccinated to mix freely again.

  14. allowing them to mix for a while then new varient theyll say has come about blamed on unjabbed. new reason to lockdown and up the jabs mandatory.

    • No its maddness over there. How can they keep up this fucking fiasco of covid when there bombing the fuck out of each other. Makes no sense but hey nothing makes any sense. Could b court cases . I think its court cases myself. the Nuremberg code. That is law it was written so this shit show can never ever happen again. So they can say about other varieties like the scotch egg or Indian take away variants its unbelievable if it dont make sense that’s because it’s not. I want to see these people bought to there knees . They have murdered innocent people all over the world. Let’s hope the people that are left are brave cause iv never seen such weak people full of fear. People I thought where strong running to get jabbed and taking tests. Wow. Fear. What’s the worst that can happen u die we all have to die we r born to die. That’s life. Bloody cowards

      • Quick fixes and decisions made for them by the media!

    • Exactly, so in my opinion unjabbed should decide not to mix with vaccinated. They started it after all. Then they can’t be blamed.

    • Nice one Alec, that’s important info. Let’s watch and see what other governments do now that the hangman’s noose is being brought into the picture.

  15. Hold on a minute aren’t they bombing the fuck out of each other over there ? Could that b a reason ? Lol

    • Nope…. They have been doing that for decades!

  16. Perhaps there’s been a change of plan. They realise the Chinese are going to have them over so it’s full reverse gears now from the original agenda?

  17. Hugo, I’m not sure but I think you missed something, you said no more passport for Jabbed & Recovered, I have a feeling the unjabbed are still going to be restricted.

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  19. Cheers Hugo

    All stinky stuff I personally feel
    Didn’t William visit there recently?
    Then come back and was shown him having his jab

    They are full of BS so what is to be believed?

    Have great day to you all ✌️

  20. Hey Hugo, maybe they are going to allow people to mix again so they can argue that the unvaccinated have caused the next wave(hoax), then they may get more extreme. If they keep segregation they have less credibility to push that narrative.

    • I think more likely now they have so many vaccinated the spike protein/ viral shedding by the “vaccinated” will do the job for them without “vaccinating” the whole population.

  21. I’m so cynical now, believe nothing they say til it happens. And still have to wear a face diaper indoors lol hilarious! BURN THEM ALL 🔥

  22. Hugo,

    did you see this on zerohedge?

    One can only conclude that the vaccines dont work, hence the need to change the measurement criteria.

    I am guessing that this rollback is due to a combination of factors. There are the legal cases, and it also looks like it wont be possible to stop all of the data about vaccine injuries and deaths from getting out amongst the ordinary people. Politicians dont like to look stupid, and there is more than enough coming down the pike to make all of their decisions and mandates look utterly mad.

    • Politicians always make themselves look stupid it’s part of the job discription

  23. Maybe to convince the rest of the world that the vaccine passport is only temporary to reduce the worldwide pushback against the passport?

  24. That’s great news! Such a shame immunisation passports are still in place in Hungary… I wish I knew why Israel ditched them.

  25. It is all one big Sh*t show. I don’t trust them one bit. But i will will try not to be negative. I really hope that it is about the law suits coming for them all. I would so like to see them brought to justice for the murdering scum that they are and i truly believe that that one day they will, I just hope that is does not lead to people letting their guide down right now. Lets see it as a step in the right direction for now and hope and pray that the murdering ends. If they do decide to bring it in again your never know it may wake up more people as they will see it for the evil that it is.
    BTW… love your info Hugo keep up the good work my man.. we need more like you x bless you x

  26. Maybe it’s so when the the flu season starts and vaccinated start becoming ill and dying, they can blame it on the unvaccinated and so come down even harder on them possibly forcing mandatory vaccines?

    • Yes, that’s basically the scenario. The zombies believe they’re on the cusp of this whole thing being over soon because they’ve played ball, so they’ve built their hopes up. Then the flu season kicks in and the ‘vaccinated’ start dying, they’ll literally lose their minds and everything will be the fault of the ‘unvaccinated’. And the media, NHS, police, army, etc will all work together in tandem, egging each other on, forcing through a more extreme lockdown. And it will give them the perfect excuse to roll out this green passport bollocks.

  27. Is it that the people in power know what is coming to them and now backtracking?

  28. They know their time is up and they are backtracking Fauci is going down and will turn this whole farce upside down. It’s such a shame more than half the people were vaccinated.

  29. We are still in a war, this is just smoke and mirrors while the eugenicists carry on regardless in the background with their insidious plans to wipe away a large part of humanity, don’t believe anything yet.
    They’ve obviously considered the court cases and many other scenarios that were bound to pop up while they carried out this attack on the people of this planet, they are still trying to change the way our food is distributed and grown, our economics and our lifestyles. Once this started there was never a cut off point until everything they want to happen falls into place… Bastards One and All.

  30. The whole thing is insane. We’re basically on the cusp of a situation where unless you get injected with poison, you will be excluded from society. Unless you can prove you have been injected with poison, and then continually injected with poison, you won’t be able to travel, work, go to pubs, anything. For something that has a survival rate of 99.97%. How can this possibly be legal? It obviously cannot be legal, and thus, what they are doing is ILLEGAL!

  31. On a different note, I am constantly seeing on tv ads and electronic advertising hoardings, photos and videos of people checking their credit score on their phones. Slowly this is being drip fed like everything else until it becomes normal!!

  32. Covid: Half of appointments missed at Glasgow mass vaccine hub

    The BBC understands that the number of missed appointments at the Hydro was higher on Sunday than on Saturday
    Around half of people who were due to get a Covid jab at a mass vaccination centre in Glasgow failed to turn up over the weekend.

    The BBC has learned a “considerable” number of no shows were recorded on both Saturday and Sunday at the Hydro.

    The venue can administer a minimum of 4,000 vaccinations each day, with a capacity to scale up to 10,000.

    It comes amid efforts to accelerate vaccination following a rise in cases in the city.

    The BBC understands that the number of missed appointments at the Hydro was higher on Sunday than on Saturday.

    Both NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the Scottish government said they were looking into the issue to establish if it was a localised issue or more widespread.

  33. Shedding!!!! Only explanation..get the jabbed to mix with the unjabbed…does their dirty work for them…

  34. If the agenda is to reduce the world population by 50% by 2025 and 58% of their population has been jabbed then that’s good towards the agenda.

  35. I have been awake all my life, and for many years, advised those closest to me, and loved ones on the dangers in our food, water and pharmaceutical drugs etc etc…

    Gladly they paid attention to that… However, my heart is breaking and everyday I stress and worry on whats going to happen to them; since last year I had been pleading with them to not get vaccinated. Now I feel alone, useless, betrayed in a sense, that the MSM propaganda was more convincing to them than the factual evidence I believed that I was providing.

    Now that they have all signed up to the experiment I just can’t stop worrying on whats going to happen sometime down the road!!!

    • It just proves they are incapable of critical thinking, of thinking for themselves. Sheeple indeed. I had an altercation with a guy at work yesterday. He said he’d had the shot the day before and his arm was numb. So I tried to drop a few truth bombs, and he starts saying: “So, you’re one of those conspiracy theorists, who believe this and that.” I just said” “Look, I’m not wasting my time talking about it.” If they don’t get it, they don’t get it. It’s just tough shit for them. They get aggressive though, that’s what gets me. They just don’t want to hear any different opinion. Absolutely brainwashed.

    • You’re not alone DC, we all have our concerns of the unknown future for those who have been brain washed into taking the jab.we try to help and advise but many of our family just think we’ve been watching too much YouTube etc

  36. As Luc montagnier publicaly stated about 2 weeks ago. It’s confirmed anyone who gets will die from pathogenic priming over the coming months. If a country seperate the populations of v And non v, it becomes obvious.

  37. Interesting that you said Michael Gove went to Israel. Wasn’t he one of the people who said travelling abroad was illegal? Or is it only illegal for the general public not the likes of Boris and co?

  38. Okay so they cancel the Green Passports on one hand, but happily drop bombs over Palestinians on the other. What use is all this BS in the name of “preserving life” whilst simultaneously you decimate it on the other?

    Bunch of genocidal hypocrites.

  39. On the face of it all, seems positive, the divisiveness is over. Or is it? For reasons others have stated such as blaming unvaccinated people for any future surge in rates.

  40. Israel have been diligently following the vaccination programme as requested by the Great Reset overlords. Can’t help wondering if they were thinking that this would give them prime prominence within the NWO. However, with all of the pro-Palestinian media backlash against Israel, I wonder if this has made them rethink that strategy and effectively tell the Great Reset NWO to sod off!

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