Social Media Boost For Jabbed / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. It’s reminiscent of an episode of Black Mirror.

    • I’m really thinking it’s definitely is some long term effect that’s going to happen with the jab now , that is why it’s being pushed so hard so they can do everyone before the effects start to happen.

      • I’m thinking these criminals have been put on death row, by having the jib.

  2. Better for us….we will know who is vaccinated to avoid them

    • Good point Pavel. That may be actually be very important pretty soon, on the basis that the ‘vaccine’ is the virus, and in terms of fertility.

    • We must also take note that they want us divided, it’ll be easier to control us. They are trying to divide us in many ways, the evil creatures!

  3. Are they working through a list of the seven deadly sins with these incentives?

    • Interesting. Can you elaborate on that point. It’s just that Iron Maiden album ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ starts off with ‘Seven Deadly Sins,” etc. I remember the number 7 having mind blowing information in the Book of Enoch. – Seven Seas, Seven continents, Seven mountains, the Seventh Son from Adam and so on.

  4. They are desperate for us to take this flu jab. It has got to get you wondering why.

  5. They won’t see half the sentence out, personally know of at least 10 local people who have died within 48 hours of having this lethal injection

    • Wow, I was at work before in the canteen. And this woman, in her 20’s/30’s started talking to this lad. She said she’d had the ‘Astra Zenica’ jab and had blood clots, skin burning like ‘meningitis’ she said. She had to have time off. And then they wanted to give her the second shot! She refused. But the lad, 22, said he’d had it! They all seem to concur the ‘Astra Zenica’ one is worse. This is all they speak about. Mental. It’s like a fricking cult, out of ‘The Wicker Man’ or something.

      • I see a national MP shadow Secretary in Labour getting her second jab today on Twitter. All the tweets back to her well done , I’m having mine on this day that day, no one bad response on there funny that.
        Stuff there offer’s of anything i would rather be sane than live with this experiment poison in me.

      • I see today a national Labour MP in the shadow cabinet on her Twitter page with her sleeve up for a PR photo having the jab.
        Reply’s to her well done, I’m having mine this day that day, not one anti vax comment funny that.
        They could offer me anything still wouldn’t have the experiment poison in me.
        Burned a photo of Bill Gates and his wife tonight hope it come true 😈😈

      • And it obviously is poison Darren. It’s incredible to behold.

      • It wont b when there 6 foot under. Oh I forgot the government is pushing cremation. No familys there .take ur body away to do god nos what with. Few days later your family get u back in a jar lol. It’s called a no fuss farewell. 😂 it may not b ur remains in the container but hey it dont matter no one will no. The best part is you get to pay of for this monthly while ur still alive. They can go fuck themselfs. They can pay to dispose of my dead body. I shall b dead what does it matter. Lol.

    • It’s unbelievable the whole charade
      I’m in Ireland and I’m stunned at the amount of people who have taken it and are not awake to the situation
      God help us all

      • Ireland has sunk to the gutter Aideen, it started when they allowed the Sun rag into the country. Then abortion made legal. In fact I read a story in the Westmeath Examiner this week that championed ‘pain relief’ for babies being aborted. WTF? Is this what we have become? RTE are a criminal organisation, they feed directly off the BBC. They are reason so many have been brainwashed and scared into taking the poisons.

    • A lot of people on community service are not what u would call real criminals. Silly things like getting 2 many points on ur license. Not taking the jab 🤣😂🤣 that will be next. Ffs if it’s like this now what the hell is this time next year gonna b like ? They cant make u do anything these stupid places that want to see a track and trace its illegal it’s not law. Everthing that’s going down now is not legal. What part of that do people not get. U could take these people to court. What they gonna do arreste u. Lol for not showing ID at Costa fucking coffee. Fake it .nothing else for it. Hack the very systems that are making these fucking stupid apps. I wish I new how I really do cause I wouldnt hate. To bring the whole lot crashing down all of this .

  6. Blimey it just shows the sheer desperation of these people to force the jab on the public! Total scumbags!! For goodness sake this wretched thing is NOT compulsory, so just leave people alone! I’ve not had the jab, and I’m so relieved to have been able to completely avoid it so far. Booster jabs coming in the autumn so be sensible people and keep away from this shit! DON’T BE A LAB RAT! BE FREE!!! We fought two world wars to live in complete freedom, so don’t get sucked in!!!

    • Inbuilt hardwired self defence mechanisms are betraying them they have no choice they must mimic and follow must not be left alone must stick with the herd
      big bad wolf could pick me off if I stray from the herd
      mirror neurons are controlling them

    • Ur spot on. They cant force anyone to take a jab to wear a mask to get tested . I have never right from the start gone along with these lies. People are acting like it’s a badge of honor to b jabbed up. Its shameful that they actually belive they are better and smarter then anyone that dont want it. What lives are being saved now ? Who needs saving ? How are people so blind . Look hard at what the nazis done and how easy it was for them to get to that point of dehumanization. It didnt take long. Propaganda the MSM all helped. Look at us today. It’s a war but not like any war we have had b 4 in the history of man. Stay true to yourself. X

    • Yep, “Who do you want to free, Jesus of Nazareth, or the convicted murderer, Barabbas?” And all the zombies in the crowd say: “To hell with Jesus, give us Barabbas!”

  7. Well done brother we count on you, as my friend said to me ( which keeps me posting etc) WE HAVE TO KEEP CHIPPIN AWAY, ALWAYS DON’T GIVE IN!!

    SO I DO

  8. Yes yes well said Hugo, thanks Hugo. The bribes are a sign of desperate times calling for desperate measures. Who wants to date paedophiles, psychopaths, rapists and perverts anyway. Its best they date each other transmitting and boasting their vaxes. Its all loads of BS. My pastor started Kingschat and Yookos without any sensorship. He prophesied all this about social media and its sensorship. Its all one thing Potato poteto tomato tometo.🙄🙄🙄🙄

  9. It’s becoming more obvious that the jab is something sinister. I mean, why would these jabbed people who are allegedly now safe be bothered if I died from covid? It would be my own fault, right? So why the bribes and threats? It doesn’t make any sense at all. The short term affects of the jab are blood clots and death for many. But it’s kept out of the msm. I think we’ll soon see the medium term affects of the jab on these sheeple! And eventually the long term affects. I think only the unjabbed will survive!

    • @ David – It’s Darwinism at work. Natural Selection, the survival of the fittest or put another way … those with the most acute ‘survival instincts’ will see Humanity through.

      Sheep always fear the howling wolf but forget it’s usually the trusted shepherd that eats them.

      Darn it! I’ll never really enjoy Shepherd’s Pie again!

  10. In UK I’ve noticed a trend targeting younger people that goes something like: You’re very lucky, for a limited time we can offer you the jab as there is a batch that we are going to throw away and will go to waste if you don’t take it… Those behavioural instincts fiends at it again, methinks.

    • They (BIT) know how to hook anyone on SM – especially the young. This is major FOMO (fear of missing out). I expect there are special adverts going out to that demographic, hundreds of versions, each tweaked to make it a bit more appealing, that us oldies will never see. We know that Cambridge Analytica have been doing this for years for the Tories/ Tory govt. We still dont know why it is so important that they want biliions of people injected, or why there are 89 “new vaccines” in preparation, or what they have planned for those of us who have declined it. We onow they have something, because we know every step of this has been planned years in advance, and every option and outcome has been covered.

      • Because they want massive de-population. The people who want to save us all through their ‘vaccines’, just so happen to want to get rid of a good 6 billion. Henry Kissinger said: “Countless millions will die resisting the New World Order, but life will be so much better for the people who survive.”

      • The globalist are not god’s or have any special powers. They are simply minded fools whom are indulged by a weakened and childlike society conditioned to trust the power structure of government. We have the power to stop this as the majority but we don’t stop to question our motives. Without questioning authority we allow it the rank and privelige over our own best interests. Government has no power except that which we give it. if more people just say “no I won’t.” to unlawful men and women who try to take away your freedoms the social dynamics will change. So whether you are a man of woman, young or old, resistance is never futile. We must protect the children from this jab scan. If they cannot reproduce humanity will be forever lost, trapped in their own bodies. Say no to masks and all vaccines.

      • Very well said “ Well Done 👍

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  12. We need to rid ourselves of the british in England as THEY ARE THE POISON that is KILLING THE WORLD-and has done for the last 300 years…time to wake up from this crap!!! VOID the act of union with Scotland and REMOVE THE POWER OF THE british and remove british from the islands of England FOREVER PEOPLE NOW!!! Look at Daddy Dragon-the full English-8pm mon-fri you tube/rumble-the constitution(English) is the solution-the british ARE NOT A NATION, NOT A COUNTRY so CANNOT HAVE A CONSTITUTION…just like the eu, ussr, etc., etc…

  13. A friend of mine administers the bad medicine – as I said before I don’t mention anything to them. She said they’d run out of stickers – stickers!!!! And that people were disappointed! Can you imagine the clamouring for the US bribes if they are happy to get a bit of paper with glue on the back over here!

    • The sticker is the virtue symbol for public display. They have been so brainwashed that they not only want to make a public statement, to strangers, but because they feel somehow righteous. This is dangerous demagoguery. Do they think the unvaxxed will be intimidated? Is that the intention? Look at the Nuremberg Rallies, the WEF lockstep, and then the trials. This is a terrible time.

      • I totally agree. But in my mind it is a badge of shame and I feel pity towards them, I just don’t understand them at all – these were funny and crazy friends before. As for the jabber – she sees it as a wonderful cause. I truly doubt she actually has bothered to ask what she’s administering. Ignorance is bliss for her – but in the eyes of the law (until our illustrious comrade Boris changes it again) she is just as complicit as those in the forefront of these crimes against the people regarding Nuremburg.

  14. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to expose their personal and private lives to the world through the use of antisocial media apps or websites. I only use Skype or Whatsapp, but strictly as a vastly cheaper alternative to a telephone, and ONLY to make phone calls. I believe all of those apps are also quite capable of ‘social media’ functionality where you can join groups etc,, making the apps look and feel much like smaller but functionally, very similar to FB, twitter, Instagram, Gab etc.. I have no idea how to use those options, nor do I ever want to know.
    I know many who are hopelessly addicted to their FB / Twitter accounts and are online all day talking utter rubbish about nothing mostly, to total strangers they’ve never met, but who they believe are their ‘friends’… These people really do need to GET A LIFE!

    • You should ditch Whatsapp as it is owned by Facebook and is not private anymore. It was ‘updated’ in February which is when I deleted it from my phone. Even Telegram isn’t safe as the programmers can look at your chats and call data anytime. There are some that are genuinely encrypted, but not many.

  15. We have to take measures against this sicko media propaganda from BBC, SKY,DM, GUARDIAN, TELEGRAPH AND ALL THOSE WHO STILL SCAREMONGERING US. did anyone see how their standards hit new lows? Covering the 180000 thousands so called free Palestine protest in Which police were hurt but not a small mentioned of the half million anti lockdown protests month ago nor the BBC rout last week why is it! We all know the reason behind but I will be participating next Saturday and let’s see if this time the government understand we mean business. LIARS, crooks . Resist

  16. Flat out desperation” there maybe a few takers” but if they got any brains, they’ll serve out their sentences “ from that fries eating “Creep “ too cutting criminals Sentences in half” this is sickening and disgusting 🤮 “
    I hope and pray, that more and more will awaken and see the writing on the wall for what it truly is “ Genocide “

  17. Delighted to hear about the Vaccinated dating,, I made up my mind quite a while ago that I would not date or even kiss anyone without being sure that they have never had that stuff put into them. No blood products either, not even if they say I will die without it. Don’t want it, Won’t have it, Ever.

    • Good point, if they don’t want to touch or be near me. Why would i want hug or kiss them 😕
      This could be interesting

    • Yep, good point Ray. This is exactly what we need. We need to know who are infected, so we can avoid them.

  18. They really are desperate for you to take a jab nobody needs as everyones already had it and nobody has had it twice at all as of yet, not suspicious at all, definately not a Satan ( Gates ) led cull, all is fine!!

    No point dating someone who’s had the jab, I don’t expect they’ll have a long life, so that’s all good 🙂

    • Bill Gates is dead just a nice though burned a photo of the evil c*** tonight hope it come true i really hate him.
      If the vaccine zombies don’t want to get near us, why should we get near them interesting

    • I agre Turveyd. They have sold themselves and us out. People say we are the 99% but we are not thanks to those poisoned halfwits. They are genetically modified now, the globalists can switch them off at will by frying their cells or sparking a deadly disease like cancer inside them. Avoid the Zombies like the plague.

  19. Thought I would post this one as It gave me a chuckle
    I reported an NHS sponsored link as fake news, a video about vacs and this is the response from Facebook and yes it had the blue tick funny as ….

    You anonymously reported’s ad.

    We removed the ad you reported
    Friday, 21 May 2021 at 08:45
    We removed the ad you reported
    We reviewed the ad you reported and have removed it as it violated our Ad Policies
    Thank you for your report. It helps us improve the ads we serve. We’ve let the advertiser know that we removed the ad, but not who reported it.
    Click here to review and manage your ad preferences.
    Learn more about giving feedback on ads.

    • Legend. Mate, if that is you’re forte, ramp it up to the max. I don’t even get what you’ve done, but you’ve got to go for the fucking throat if you know what you’re doing. Honestly, these ‘little’ things are seeds – next stop – Oak Tree.

  20. This is my thought, so don’t bite my head off. But, I’m watching a video on Youtube, the guy is a Christian, saying Jesus is coming back, it’s in Revelations, he quotes this and that. But. as we speak, the Jews are resurrecting the ‘Third Temple’ thing. And as I went to work, you had Muslims all over the show asking for money for Palestine, literally – loud speakers, buckets for the change. IE all different coalitions shilling for their particular cause at the same time. They all believe themselves to be right and truthful. Are they all speaking the truth at the same time, whilst contradicting each other?

    • Hi
      Yes it all STINKS don’t it?!!!!

      Take care 👍💪

  21. Hi Good morning thank you Hugo 💪

    Thankfully I have never been on FB, I not on TWITTER , and none the others I have a daughter 24 (unjabbed💪👍) and she been on theses platforms for years and I used to tell her so many times ‘delete them’ as I could see the effects over time of her being old enough to use it that I was loosing her!!!! It’s caused us numerous times to argue (not good 😌) but she older moved out and has her own gaff works hard but still Addicted I feel to theses mind numbing site’s you mentioned Hugo 👍

    Have great day to you All

    every day I wake with the knowledge I have No poison ☠️ in my body I feel Grrreeeeat 💪💪💪😉

  22. When I see tattooed freaks having the jab it gives me another reason not to have it. Letting prisoners out early who have had the jab is madness, they are playing with the safety of the community.

    • But they are not ‘letting prisoners out early’. As the video clearly states it is only those serving community-based punishments.

    • I hate tattoos wouldn’t have one, another example of people joining others i seen this before i got this one that one there who care i don’t
      Same fools getting there jabs to impress there image

  23. DESPERATION!!!! Governments must be at their wits end to be offering the stick & carrot! And people are gullible enough to take it!!! DOH!!!

  24. Well this suits them down to the ground as it helps their aim of inserting Chaos into society. Turn everything on it’s head, encourage crime while hassling people for meeting their families. It’s all engineered by the propagandists and the behaviour insights team.

  25. When I did a psychology degree we learned about minority influence. Interesting to note, a minority can only influence the majority if they are consistent with their beliefs and unwavering. Majority influence on the other hand is harder to resist and easy to manipulate someone. So interesting points to note. Stay strong people and do not blink.

  26. No amount of bribes and or cohersion is going to make me take the Gene therapy, DNA changing Bill no Gates mark of the BEAST patent No2020666 jib jab!!!! Everyone who has taken that position has endangered their lives far more than just allowing your own bodies immune system tackle the virus that has a 99.5% survival rate!!!!!!!!

  27. Just noticed some fb comments. One if them says: ‘l’ve just had my second shot (or something like that) and am now invincible.’ I replied with; ‘awesome that you’re now invincible. How deliciously delightful.’
    That person won’t realise l’m taking the jib (no, piss)

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