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  1. I’ve been an animal rights activist for many years but IWILL NOT have anything to do with animal rebellion, not a chance! Sadly there are some good people who’ve been sucked into it and end up condradicting the whole meaning of animal rights

    • I don’t blame u. I have been speaking out for animal rights for a few years also and I think its really important we separate vegan ideals from the interests of these corporate groups and the likes of swab and gates

      • Th

        Absolutely, if we don’t the animal rights movement and what it really means to be vegan will be swalliwed. As it is many of the big animal rights charities and organisations are supporting the jab which is in no way shape or form vegan

    • I suppose it’s like everything else. It starts out legit, with decent, genuine people wanting to improve the world, then it gets co-opted/infiltrated and taken in other, even opposite directions and thus taking a lot of decent people in the wrong direction.

      • I once saw a slogan outside an apartment window in Prague, it said “Everything you do in this world belongs to them”. True on every level – luckily another world is approaching… literally :o)

    • Remember.. those who are truly worthy are chosen…….pure energy….

      The others .. the msm… sky news.. bbc.. and governments.. who see their own gain and sinister narrative are and will be condemned……

      Their influence as life forms on your planet is coming to an end….

      • Aĺl governments of the planet are being observed… be free… go as you wish.. go and feel free..

      • Yes Bob, that is most true, where is your consciousness speaking from? Mine is proxima b. Greetings.

  2. After the boiling hot spring and the severe droughts in the UK this Spring, all forecast by expert scientists, it’s obvious to us all we’re in a climate emergency. (Just off to switch on my heating again before going for a walk in the pouring rain).

    • Well said…yep put my heating on after walking the dogs and getting back looking more like three drowned rats!

  3. The “hour glass” symbol is a stretched swastika

    • The nazis perverted the swastika symbol of many old world cultures that were probably way more benevolent than the snivelling ruling class corrupt writers of his story portrayed.
      The caps-eye symbol (AI – the triangle (A) and the eye(I)) aint from the old world though, that’s defo full-on nasty, and the Baphomet thing.
      Otherwise, symbols have been fracked with, I wouldn’t worry about them, even the snake symbol. The witch-hunting jesuit-manipulated christians crusaded pagan ‘snakes’, with their snake symbol of the circle-of-life.

  4. I won’t be eating bill gates synthetic meat! This excuse for a man needs to be executed before it’s too late 🤬

  5. Its climate manipulation. They’ve had the technology for years.
    I love animal and was a vegetarian for many years. I don’t agree with cruelty to animals but I will not give up meat again to eat 3D meat !!

  6. “Plant based” doesn’t mean it doesn’t have meat, or meat products in it… In fact, some of these fake burgers (along with a surprising amount of other foodstuffs) use Kidney cells for flavouring… (on a side note, saw an interesting video about freemasons the other day – the ceiling of Philadelphia lodge has that XR symbol on it…)

    • Those “Kidney cells for flavouring” come from the abortion industry.

      What they don’t tell you is that Planned Parenthood, as well as receiving MILLIONS in taxpayer grants plus service provider fees under Medicare, is a Billion dollar business selling aborted foetal tissue on the world market.

      Google “Project Veritas” who secretly filmed abortion clinics talking about what various baby body parts are worth.

      Most disturbing of all is that human foetal tissue is used in our Food Industry as a “flavour enhancing” ingredient called Senomyx, ingredient code No. HEK 293, and it’s used by Pepsi, Nestlé, Kraft, Gatorade and ALL “energy drinks”.

      It’s in a terrifying array of food, drinks and confectionery (including KitKat bars) and the following video will give you lots of sleepless nights I’m afraid, but it’s all true.

      It’s always a good idea to research further to verify or dismiss such claims, so go ahead and Google it … there’s plenty of information out there and ALL flying well under the radar so that we should remain ignorant of what the Food Industry AND Governments are being bought-off to allow to be done to us.

      Just coz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the bastards are not out to get you.

      They say “Information is Power” … in this case, it’s the stuff of nightmares!

      • It appears that Senomyx is a company – NOT a food ingredient. Senomyx may use HEK 292 to simulate human taste buds. HEK – Human Embryonic Kidney is a cell culture stemming from an aborted fetus in the 1970s. HEK 292 is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. It is like the digitised copy of a photograph of a manuscript. Senomyx is NOT a food ingredient. Basically, what you are saying is a load of guff. But the big ‘conspiracy theory’ is – why do certain entities keep putting out this guff? Hmm… 🙂

      • Gee thanks trev for your reassuring response.

        If the HEK unborn infant was dissected and aborted 50 years ago, and its DNA fed to a couple of generations of us, no need to worry then. How many other companies compete with Senomyx and use human tissue in what other industries? Big Pharma and Cosmetics we’ve known about for years, and neither has anything to do with taste buds … so what other bits and blobs of defenceless babies do Planned Parenthood Abattoirs supply, and to whom?
        “Senomyx is NOT a food ingredient.” Really? If iHEK 292 is not IN the food we put in our mouths, then why is it listed in ‘ingredients’ and what’s the point of those tastebud-stimulating kidney cells in food and drinks at all?

        Even as Pharma admit they put foetal cells in ‘vaccinations’ (as they are immune from liability for damages), could that cause neurological injury such as autism. Prion disease is worth checking. Kuru?

        Before we can ever find the right answers to fundamental questions, we need to learn to ask the right questions of the right people. Dismissing all as “a load of guff” isn’t very helpful or informative is it?

      • Gee blackswan for your reassuring response. I have NEVER seen Senomyx or HEK 292 listed as a food ingredient 🙂 What the hell are you eating? Besides, Senomyx is not a food ingredient – it is a company. And neither is HEK 292 a food ingredient – it is a cell culture grown in a lab; it is used to map the electrical responses of food additive, for example artificial sweeteners. And how can anyone be eating DNA? 😀 This is what happens when you take a grain of truth and mix it with a heap of toxic BS! 😀 As Franklin D Roosevelt so famously said: “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” 😉

      • Trev …. amazing what you can find in the bottom of a rabbit-hole isn’t it? (“Senomyx products fall under the broad category of “artificial flavors.” ) How often have you seen THAT listed in food ingredients? And … “Senomyx has no obligation to report their ingredients to the consumer.”

        But hey, “it is a cell culture grown in a lab; it is used to map the electrical responses of food additive, for example artificial sweeteners.” Would that include Aspartame? You know that most widely used sweetener, long suspected of links to migraines and ‘brain fog’ among many life-threatening conditions. “Many experimental studies have confirmed that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogenic agent and increases the risk of lymphoma, leukemia, urinary tract tumors, and neurological tumors, even at a daily dose (20 mg/kg) that is much less than the acceptable daily dose (40 mg/kg)”. Question: What on earth is such a toxic chemical doing in our Food Supply in the first place? Don’t worry – it’s all lab tested using aborted foetal kidney cells. Oh, that’s perfectly alright then. Or not.

        Every human cell is all about DNA, but no, I don’t tuck into lashings of human DNA. However, I DO want to know what the hell the Food Industry is doing to our processed food supply in the last 50 years. For that reason I prefer fresh local seasonal food, and don’t drink tapwater either.

        Don’t get so cranky trev … take the time to check your sources again. I’m sure FDR had no clue about the concept of the WWWeb or its reliability. If ad hominem is all you’ve got – it ain’t much. Try this one for 2021 ….

        “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, and the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt the Younger.

      • Even the name ‘Aspartame’ is enough, or should be enough, to put you off 😀 Asp – the serpent, Ra – the Sun God, and tame :D. Anyway, I said to watch out for ‘flavours’ and to read labels carefully. If you don’t what a ingredient is or can’t spell it – don’t eat it. As for tap water
        I am suspicious of that too. I drink the 17p bottles that you can get in the supermarkets. To hell with the ‘greeny’ crap. I want to save myself – not the planet. I was reading a list a few months ago – something to do with potential Brexit shortages – of the chemicals added to tap water, and it was quite a list. It even included Al (aluminium) substances. Now, aluminium is associated with Alzheimer’s disease (dementia). The way I look at it the stuff is the tap bottle is the same water that Yorkshire Water put in their mains supply ? but without the chemicals added. With bottled water you are supposed to drink it within three days for precisely that reason. A while back the BBC were trying to scare us off bottled water but saying that it contained ‘micro-plastics’, but lo and behold there is the same amount, even more in tap water 😀 I bet BBC offices are full to the brim with plastic bottles. Fun fact: one of George Orwell’s first jobs was at the BBC, convincing housewives that offal was good for them 😀 At the end of the day you have to be careful what you put (or have injected) into your body. Treat your body as a temple and keep your food as wholesome, processed as little as possible, and free of artificial or synthetic ingredients. We are not there to serve other people’s business models and help them to make a buck 😉

      • The 17p bottles say ‘sourced from the Chase Spring’ wherever that is 😀 You used to get German-sourced water in the German-discounters that tasted good but the last time I looked it was sourced somewhere in the UK.

    • Re foetal cells in ‘vax-ceens’. Even if they are used in the manufacturing process it doesn’t necessarily mean that they end up in the final product. And if you see an ingredient listed on a product such as ‘Senomyx’, ‘HEK-292’ or ‘Soylent Green’ put it back on the shelf. Why would you even consider consuming that? Learn to read the ingredients label. Or even better don’t buy anything with an ingredient list. Or at least as few ingredients as possible. Be wary of ingredients such a ‘flavourings’, natural flavourings’ etc in case they are hiding something. MSG (monosodium glutamate) hides under ‘flavour enhancers’. Watch out for HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), isoglucose or as it is known in the UK, glucose-fructose syrup. Manufacturers add this toxic substance as a cost-cutting and profit boosting measure. Try and avoid consuming any artificial or synthetic foodstuffs as much as possible. It is best to stick whole foods as much as possible.

      • Do you know that fetal cells are used from babies aborted live with beating hearts. Breaks my heart. Everyday I discover something more evil.

    • Just to add, I was once told by a water engineer that untreated water was fast poisoning and treated water was slow poisoning 🙂

  7. There is NO way i am going to eat Satan loving Bill NO Gates Lab meat as there is NO way I am going to have Bill NO Gates patented COVID jib jab!!!!!! His Divorce from Satan loving Melinda has only come about due to the fact the American Military are enforcing Trumps executive order to take down plus freeze companies money and assists that have and are involved with global child trafficking and other crimes against HUMANITY!!!!! They are trying to protect their satanic gained wealth by handing it to her under the divorce terms, just like Basos did in 2020 when he split??? From his wife????????

  8. This is the only thing I disagree with Hugo on, because the way we treat these beautiful gentle animals is diabolical and unnecessary.

    • You are unnecessary
      support local farmers like we always did in history of man and don’t use supermarkets or these disgusting food chains
      and the problem solved
      Animal products is only way to optimal health, not a man made plants

    • I agree fully. It will be a good day when the last and final slaughterhouse is boarded up for good.

  9. You can stick Mcdonalds…i don’t fancy eating human flesh, after these evil crew have finished with their satanic abuse…

  10. Stay away from the plant based crap, We don’t really know what the real ingredients are “ Yuk” it reminds me of a movie I saw as a boy at the movies called “Soylent Green “ with Charlton Heston , where the whole world was reliant on this food source,
    And in end, the true source of this food “ is an horrific horror story “
    I shudder to think was this Predictive Programming?

    • A great movie, and beats hands down the modern zombie stuff. We still use the expression “Soylent Green” to describe gruesome food.

    • I’d suggest it is. That’s still one of the most revered films of this type due it’s accuracy.

  11. Just a heads up, we should all be “plant based” really, in the sense that most of the nutrients we need come from plants. That’s the way it’s been since the dawn of man. Just saying.

    Raw from the floor is the way forward if you wanna be healthy people! Just a shame foraging is illegal in the U.K.

    Eating meat is fine, just be selective of the sources. Most commercial meat is full of shite you really don’t want anyway.
    Wild, free range, grass fed, untouched by any industrial process is your best bet. And that goes for plants as well.

    These extinction rebellion freaks can fuck off though.
    Zero carbon? Are you mad? It’s the building block to ALL LIFE on this planet. Google it.

    The bull is a symbol of Taurus, Taurus represents the throat and cerebellum. The cerebellum is the part of the brain which deals with movement co-ordination, you could almost say it’s responsible with how we perceive space and time.

    • Plants you eat are all man made and most of them imported and You don’t get most of crucial nutrients from them ever, because humans are carnivorous in any biological sense, so we can’t convert pland and digest fibre.
      We evolved as human race on animal products only and seasonal fruits.
      you been brainwashed in this new age vegan religion, pushed by Billy boy and governments. Its absolutely unnatural and all vegans or even vegetarians suffers major health damages in long run and mental illnesses, including brain fog.
      Eat raw animal meat, drink blood and only than you will realise what it mean to be healthy and strong.

    • Somehow, would be great if some kind of unity could happen with the greenies. The meat eaters of the resistance would prefer family business agriculture. Cant see the greenies really being into the davos reset technofood, unless they’ve all lost any sense of nature and harmony. What they call ecology is poetry and the wisdom of the third world. Sigh, if only they could be dis-spelled of the CO2 prediction nonsense, there would be little argument about anything else they stand for, and huge unity against the technofascist agenda.

  12. They can fuck right off.

    All of their bullshit about carbon zero and not eating meat. I’d rather never eat anything plant based than put up with this shit about not eating meat.

    I suppose these fuckers are the closest to grass fed we will get. Maybe they need turned into steaks.

  13. Its a matter of time before the world becomes vegetarian only because its the right thing to do. How these animals are treated is no joke. However, the choice to become vegetarian is a personal one and cannot, and shouldnt, be forced.

    • It’s a complex ethical debate. I was vegetarian for a while, but I remember walking past a farmer’s field, with a young lamb, sitting down looking at the Sun, basically enjoying life in that moment. And I thought, but if nobody ate meat, that lamb would not exist. It wouldn’t be sat there enjoying life in that moment.

        And thats how you justify you justify your cruel bloodlust?!

      • If you actually read what I said, I said it is a very complex ethical debate, with lots of arguments on both sides. That was just an example that came to my mind, If you don’t understand that it is complex, then you don’t understand it. My point was, if nobody eats meat, what happens to the farmers? What happens to the animals? Who feeds them, tends to them? These animals will not exist on the scale they are currently. What happens to the land? What happens to butchers? Or do they not matter? What about wool, leather? Most people want all animals to be treated respectfully and with care and local farmers are the only people who do that.

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  15. Well I for one don’t care about Mc d’s, so good luck with that one extinction idiots! The only thing that’s becoming extinct is freedom and choice! Funny thing is, all the idiots whom think their in charge, haven’t realised that the plot dies with them. Schwab, Gates, etc; will die, that’s the only certainty in life. And as much as they think they’ll live forever, by cloning, reanimation etc; they won’t! Death comes to us all. Tyranny and oppression leads to slaves, it takes one person to start a rebellion, when people become that desperate, they unite and rise up! These so called “elites” are evil. Good always prevails over evil. This “great” reset has so many flaws in it. For a start it relies on digital intelligence. They track everything you do by your own foot print. Stop using your cards to pay for food! Encrypt every thing you do on the web. What they don’t know can’t be twisted and used in evidence against you!

  16. Yet another Soros project, following on the heals of Occupy, Antifa, BLM, Extinction Rebellion and now this one !
    I hate these top-down inspired organisations that are created by an elite but are meant to portray the peoples concerns.
    What’s with the double Z logo…its like Nazi symbolism?

  17. Well you have summarized it brilliantly!!! This is total and utter bullshit! I don’t get these people’s obsession to transform everyone into plant eaters… I don’t get why so many people want to control what other people eat, inject or not in their body, drink, watch, think, and so on… I say, do whatever the heck you want, as long as you leave me alone with my own business…

  18. Hi thank you Hugo 🙏

    Truly grateful I do Not eat the nasty 🤢 crap!
    I wouldn’t buy anything from a place that has funded many things to bring down Our demise people ! Over the years
    Because that Corporation are Corrupt AsF!!!!

    Have a great weekend to the Awake and those not gone dooo,lallly!!😳🤔😆
    And saying NO!!! 💪💪👍

  19. Controlled Opposition…

    Hegellian dialectic.

    As the world gets crazier, and it will, I put my trust in the Lord Jesus. I am not perfect but as my relationship with the Lord strengthens everyday. His peace that surpasses all understanding anchors me and fills me with love and purpose.

    I implore all to seek the Lord whilst he can still be found. Take up the opportunity for repentance, redemption and restitution and get the connection you always searched for but in all the wrong places prior as they would ultimately not fit. It’s the kind of hollowness that can only be filled with our creator.

    I’d start out in the book of John in the Bible.

    Taste and see the Lord is good.

    • Amen. The Lord has forewarned us that these things will come to pass and that no man will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast. I’m beginning to believe this is a system and if so we are there already. There is more to come. If you have a Bible read it and ask the Lord Jesus to reveal Himself to you. Call upon His name and He will answer you. You have nothing more you can lose but everything to gain. Call upon Him whilst He may be found. Knock and He will open the Door. He loves you and wants you to know His peace.

  20. Extinction rebellion are having a weekend long protest on the 26-27 June in London. Doesn’t that coincide with the freedom protest, last time it was the pro Palestine protest that was covered by the BBC. Looks awfully like they are trying to convince the public that the freedom protesters are protesting for everything but anti-lockdown, anti-covid passports.

  21. Eat as much of meet as you like because those satan worshipers above us don’t want you to eat any!!!

  22. Let’s not forget Hugo that Pet Therapy is one of the most successful types of therapy there is. They’re trying to make people emotionless…. May be they are taking away their C8 after all 🤔

  23. I don’t eat animal flesh or dairy products at all. I refuse to call myself vegan: I conciser it militant and wrong and do not want to be part of that.
    I do not believe a vegan diet is suitable for everyone in fact I think for many it’s likely a downright death sentence.
    This sounds to be right out of the Rothschild WEF Prince Charles, Gates Stable, a huge part of the reason for the development, release and ongoing Propaganda of Covid.

  24. cows only started giving toxic farts after 1968 when they began giving them antibiotics

  25. Look at the C**T on top of the van glued to her i-phone,,,,, fu**ing hypocrite. Bet she has a big Mac for her lunch.

  26. Thing is, yeah, the lefties are being manipulated by the parasite ruling class.
    But, their inclination against the corporations would be great, if not manipulated.
    If we can unite with more lefties then great.
    Their thoughts come from genuine problems and genuine desires – we just need to show them that the technocrats are playing them, that, even if we dont agree with all their stuff, they will have the world they want soooooo much more by resisting, by joining us.
    Whilst they are being misdirected, there is a problem with the corporate food chain. There could be more local food, like there used to be.
    And, yeah, old style farming fed people with animals that were less chemicalised etc etc (and, meat eaters, wouldn’t you prefer, in a more populated, but not over-populated world of today, to eat healthy meat a few times a week, than chemicalised meat from chemicalised animals twice a day).
    Maybe give the lefties a little break, they sometimes have a point (and yeah, and their point is being overblown and manipulated by the parasite ‘great reset’ lunatic technocrats).
    There are pollution problems (aside from the CO2 nonsense).
    The oiligarchs are the same banksters and big pharma frackers.
    If they weren’t so manipulated, and if the alt-media voices were interested in bringing misled lefties into the resistance, then:
    C’mon, we could do worse than working on enlightening the unionists and working class, and the greenies. all dissidents and decent people.
    Most of the exposure of the evil plans going on is great, but somehow, would be even greater if we could appreciate what the misled lefties and greenies are about a bit more, welcome them, show them the resistance isn’t just about the old normal, its about stuff like small-holding farms, small industry, community, everything they want too.
    Bottom line is that even the daftest of us common people are gonna create something better than the ruling parasites. Create that first, unite against the parasites, against Davos, find a way. Anything after that is gonna be fantastic compared to the great re-sh*t.

    C’mon, somehow we need to bring the lefties into the resistance!

    (Sorry, but BLM is a classic for what I’m on about – yeah, its probably infiltrated and being directed to serve the evil parasites, but, utter absolutist dismissal of the whole thing is crazy – racism exists, its waaay nowhere near what it once was, overtly, but its not been utterly eradicated – give these people a perspective, appreciate they want to get rid f nazis, show them we aint, first job done, next job is to show them we are resisting the same enemies as them, ok they wanna focus a bit more on the mask-wearing dumbass that gives black people a wide birth at the shops and looks at them funny- great, we can agree, we see idiots as being nasty and inhuman when they are scared of black people and when they are scared of us smiling people with no mask. They just want to finish off the problems created by the old empire whilst we fight the new empire. Great, we just help them see the empire has changed its game. C’mon, stop moaning at BLM please, their street people everyday people supporters aint our enemy, and are probably the last people on earth that would be pointing fingers at us in the ‘granny killers’ witch-hunt. In fact, get this, the ‘BAME vax-hesitancy’. So, the egg-shell white resistors are labelled as ‘dangerous terrorists’ for our ‘conspiracy theories;’ and our ‘flippant, careless, inconsiderate’ flouting of anti-biology bio-security ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’. The BAME folks are just ‘hesitant’. USE THAT YOU FOOLS. The historically (in modern history) downtrodden peoples of the colonies are not fools. Great. Advertise it, they aint ‘hesitant’, THEY ARE WISE. ‘WE, THE EVIL CONSPIRACIST TERRORIST GRANNIE-KILLING IMMUNE-SYSTEM NATURE-BELIEVERS ARE ONE WITH THE VAX HESITANT BAME PEOPLE. Fact is the europeans, many north north americans and aussie and kiwi folk, who happen to be white, are IDIOTS. They have been tricked for more centuries (and recently had decades of more relative freedom and living conditions that tricked them into a false sense of security vis-a-vis politics, corportations and the bankster oiligarch corporate elite)
    Similarly, the misled greenies: we are with them when it comes to living naturally and de-centralising (not everything but y’know, the corporate stuff) – example (in addition to farming mentionned above, and bringing-back more markets, greengrocers and free range stuff) if it weren’t part of a digital dystopia, working-from-home, or at least working from a local office space, would be a great thing in a reduced-beurocracy world of less commuting and less stupid treadmill nonsense working to pay taxes to the bank and to pay overpriced stuff we are tricked into needing in the urban life most of us are in cos the ruling class own all the fracking land! Yeah, the doomsday climate emergency nonsense predictions are a big problem with the greenies, but we can appeal to their sense of nature and their hatred of the oiligarchs who are the same davos enemy of us all)

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