I Told You So! Jab Passport / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Thank you Jan “for that uplifting info “ it certainly cheered me up “

    • Jan, this is great news!
      Can’t happen quick enough in my opinion. Saw the video over a year ago and it’s given me hope ever since.

    • Cant happen soon enough. Thank you for informing everyone. ❤

  1. Just walked away from Costa coffee.

    First time going out for a coffee in a year.

    Wanted mask, name, tell number, and card with name or photo on!!

    I said, “I just want a coffee. When is all this madness ending”?

    She, “Well it’s for your safety”

    End of convo. Walked out.

    Buy hey, June 21st all restrictions lifted? Eh Boris?

    Yeah if you believe that you’re as insane as the government ministers and global population control cabal.

    • June 21 nothing will be lifted trust me because Matt Hancock announced a 3rd jab as a booster. So is everyone who got the 2 jabs all going to have gotten the 3rd one by 21st June? I doubt it

    • What if you use cash and have no photo ID? They won’t serve you?

      • Spot on. They have no right to b asking for this sort of ID I no what I would have said and where they can stick there poxy coffee ffs. X

    • I’m in Scotland temporarily and have been laying down the law, (my law) that I do not consent. It goes like this: “No consent , no joinder, no contract, I decline!” Every time, I’m told to simply sit down, they’ll get my coffee or tea. Admittedly, there has been total, shocked silence in the café. Try it, it seems to work for me. If they still refuse, I’m working on serving them with a notice of personal liability for discrimination and an invoice for doing what they ask. “My fee for giving you my details, is £1,000 in cash, up front.” Just like when you “order” your coffee! Now, about that coffee?

      • Spot on . How do they like to be confused. Because let’s face it they seem to get if on power trips and confusion. Stupid Costa coffee shit anyways and well over priced. Hate it.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if they put your details on a data base when you sign in anyway secretly. make a name up.

    • C J, Costa has the worst coffee going so wouldn’t go there anyway.
      Hopefully some of the independents will be more accommodating. Let everyone know if you find a good one.

      On that note…. May I commend the good people at Fredrics in Maidstone. Not only is the food great but they never asked me to put a mask on. Brilliant, shame I’m not local but credit where it’s due!

    • Yes same thing happened to us in Costa. We took ourselves to a small independent coffee shop instead who were happy to take cash without all of the track and trace.

      • To be honest I actually dont no anyone that has track and trace ? I no a couple of people that have bin jabbed up idots. I will have to ask about if they have track and trace . Cant u just down load it like any other app how would they no who u r. Theres always gonna b ways round this shit. It will never b reliable just like last year. All BS. My 30 year old son said his mate has just had his 1st text to come b jabbed up. Lol really . There hoping this age group will b desperate to go on holiday. These youngsters r not stupid. This is where it stops the younger they get. Mind u my daughter in her 30s willing went a few weeks ago so she can go aboard. Words fail me. Its breaking up familys all this. X

    • They have no right to ask you to show those private documents. What is this nazi Germany. X

  2. Wow it just gets worse each day, I wont be complying with any of it! Its them and us!

    • Yep I’m feeling the same , I’m now wanting those that didn’t really need the jab to start growing horns .

      • Yeah horns and a long tail!! I despair some days, I’ve really found out who my friends are, a couple I dont think I will see again due to our disagreements shall I say. I know I’m on the right side 🙏

    • Heli, I know it’s hard but I try to keep emotions out of it when I’m asked why I’m not taking the gene therapy. Let the facts speak for themselves.
      In these shit times I think we should try and look past this and treat it as mind control.
      A bit like the beginning of Paul McKennas shows where he works out who can and can’t be hypnotised.

  3. I’m afraid the majority of our compliant and gullible citizens will lap this up.

    • You did tell us so Hugo! And we believed you! The mark of the beast shall not be upon me!

  4. I will never download this app, not if they paid me.

  5. The only way to stop this is to delete it and ditch track and trace now.

    • Better still, get an internet-free dumbphone.

      • Ha ha, I like that

  6. Sheep have the sense to distrust new things. it’s called self preservation and works well for herd animals, I don’t understand the simple mentality of people today!

    • The MSM.. is finished, no one is watching their bullshit brain washing crap.. the country has woken up.. the MSM are now desperate because they are fucked..

      • The AP is from our government not the MSM

      • If only this was true! I know of plenty of people who still believe everything they hear on MSM 🙄

  7. This is the pre-lims to the mark of the beast written about in the revelation of Paul in bible. No man great or small can buy or sell unless they have the mark either on there heads or the back of the hand .. Rev 13.
    Repent for your sins and worship the One True God. Our creator.
    Good work Hugo May God bless and protect you . In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ Amen.

    • Can’t believe that you are still spouting this shit…God, Jesus, surprised the ‘christians’ aren’t up in arms screaming at the top of their sanctimonious bullshit pulpit that all this is the ‘wrath of God’…get a grip, it’s the 21st century my friend…control of the population of the world by power crazed illuminati. On your knees and bow before me…ring a bell…

      • The illuminati are a satanic worship cult.

  8. My Mother has had her two jabs and uploaded the app to her phone so she can go to France ……. but the other information, what the hell has that got to do with whether you have had the vaccination ? ” ….. is she really so stupid that she can’t work that simple equation out ? FFS these people are imbeciles !

    • Pete, to put it into context…. She’s been brainwashed into having two jabs that will not stop her getting flu or spreading it come the next season.

      It’s very clever and from our perspective ‘see through’ that the government ease lockdown as soon as summer come round but when cold season starts… It’s the same shit over again.
      Blame it on the variant… This will happen every year for the top up boosters.

  9. Then there is the ‘Cov-boost’ trial, starting soon in a town near you. No thanks….

  10. They can shove their Chinese inspired apps, passport and social credit score up their cunts.

  11. This wreaks of Treachery “ and Diabolical Deceit “and who in their right mind is going to get this crap? the Zombie minority”
    Flick this Shite” and give it the thumbs down 👎 All the way “

  12. “Mental health”, one of the favourite weapons used by the USSR. I guess they will start setting up “Psikhushka” soon then.

  13. Talk Radio is the MSM liers…. Just don’t get the app, like I did. Don’t wear a mask, like I did, don’t give your real name, like I do….. Just do not comply, like I do…… But most of all, do not fall for the fear propaganda…… Simples…..

  14. No masks, jabs, pcr tests, hand sanitising, social distancing or covid passports for me!! I’m ignoring all of this ghastly garbage completely, just wish my friends and family would see sense and do the same. Like everyone else here, my blood is boiling over at all this crap, it’s ruining all our lives!! Anyway, I’m staying at home and coping because my lovely husband is home with me, so we are looking after each other and doing what is right for us, and ignoring the government completely! It’s awful being away from family and friends though, we miss everyone terribly! I’ve stopped going to church because the restrictions there are so bad, it’s a complete nightmare! Just so relieved to have got out of having the ghastly jib jab so far, and to think that there are boosters to come as well, which I read about in the newspapers yesterday!! This whole thing is completely insane and evil, Boris Johnson and co are a bunch of sick, evil, twisted bastards who should all be executed by electric chair! I would gladly press the button to get rid of them all!

    • I hear you sister! I’m doing my own thing. I had to go to the pharmacy the other day, I asked the pharmacist when is this going to end? He looked at me as if I had 2 heads! He said ‘ I know just as much as you! Hes the f*****g pharmacist!! It infuriates me, but I wont stop asking the questions!! This is not a country I want to live in anymore. Peace and love to you we all need to stick together 🙏

      • Doctors and pharmacists are to blame for some of this as well.
        Once they work out what’s wrong with you, they look up the drug that offers them the most bonus that week or month and prescribe it.

        Pharma companies use incentives to push their vile drugs.

      • Thank you so much for your supportive response to me today, so seriously appreciated! I’m just so glad that I joined this group because for such a very long time since all this crap started I’ve been feeling so incredibly alone as I can’t talk about any of this with family or friends because they just don’t accept any of what I say. It is therefore such a huge comfort to me to be part of this group, and I say a huge thank you to everyone here for supporting each other and me! These are indeed very dangerous times we are in right now, and we absolutely must stay strong and stick together. Everyone here is right about what is happening. The sheep need to wake up before it is too late for them! I’m trying to cope by finding positive things to do at home, keeping busy with enjoyable activities such as cake baking and casserole cooking, getting my act together cooking better meals for my hubby and I. As I’m staying at home the vast majority of the time, I have to find a sensible way of handling it! I’m missing my family and friends so badly, I know we are all in the same boat, and it all so bloody sucks! As for the wretched jab, well Doris you can stick your poison up your arse!! I’ve never had a flu jab in my life, and I would never, ever have this current garbage that is being so rammed down peoples throats! You can tell how desperate the government are, and the whole thing totally stinks to high heaven! Anyway people please stay strong, I’m with you all, and totally support you. Hugo you are amazing, a true hero here! Keep up the good work my friend, you are doing a fantastic job, and we would be lost without you. God bless you all, good night.

      • You are very kind to me, thank you for being so supportive, and yes I totally agree with you that we absolutely must stick together through this shit! It’s absolutely crucial that we do! Take good care of yourself, and stay strong sister!!!!

      • Just remember we are on the right side, the truth 🙏 nite nite

    • The trouble is you’re in the same boat then as the ones listening to all this and believing it. I have chosen to “comply” where I have little choice – to I do lat flow test for work by spitting on the swab, don’t wear a mask except when I have to for my work and don’t give out any info that’s correct. I won’t stay in my house though that’s just too sad. I hope you find a way to get out and still be free whilst any of us have a choice. ❤️

  15. Its getting worse and worse. Its going to even worse. Its like dealing with a scammer who will keep stalling you until he gets all your money and then he disappears. Its like pouring water into a bottomless pit.

  16. If TalkRadio presenters gave their opinion on what is going on the station will lose its licence to broadcast. Julia Hartley-Brewer and Mike Graham go to the limit of what they can say without being sanctioned. Our best advocate, Ivor Cummins, appears on TalkRadio and using only official data he questions the official narrative and gives lie to what government is doing to us. I would rather have TalkRadio than any of the mainstream broadcasters, at least they allow their listeners a questioning voice. Heard that on B.B.C., I.T.V. or Channel 4?

    • Keith, not sure how true that is. Take Dr Mike Yeadon when he was on talk radio. He was very reserved about what he could really say. It was just thought provoking stuff compared to what he talks about on Odysee.
      So like all TV, radio and mainstream media it has to fit a certain opposing narrative with out pointing the finger directly.
      It sparks conversation and hopefully gets people to do their own research.

  17. I wish to volunteer for the Job of hangman. No fee required!

  18. All brought to you by the National Hell Service!
    Seriously though, the N.H.S cult needs to be put down.
    I’ve never understood why people love it. It’s not “free”, never has been. You’ll never get any real, decent health advice from them, only the product of the multi-trillion £ “pharmaceutical industry” (formerly known as the “chemical board”, but “pharmaceutical medicine” sounds better than “chemicals”).
    Pretty much all the staff (there are good ones) despise the general population, because we are the source of all their misery.
    All over-worked, under paid and stressed out, with an addiction to SSRI’s (anti-depressants/anti-anxiety).
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody who works for the nhs who is truly in good health… Wierd.
    They refer to us as R.D’s (resource drainers). Seriously, heard it with my own ears, from more than one person.
    Their “education” is laughable at best, and not one of them could tell you what makes your heart beat, they can explain the mechanics of a heart beat, but not the source.
    Think about that one, a doctor who does not know the driving forces of a human life. Madness.

    The A&E department is alright though. I’ll give them that.

    • Well said, it’s all true . Good point regarding source of our heartbeat.

  19. I know they will be reading our comments. They can go and fuck themselves.. fuck the vaccine.. fuck the passports.. fuck the evil government.. i do not comply!!

  20. Everytime I think, maybe I’m wrong and we’ll go back to normal, I get a quick reminder of hell no!!

    KFC machines don’t work until you’ve tracked and traced, no more KFC for me, not a bad thing.

  21. Great video Hugo, I have literally not taken part in any of this nonesence. I went all over the place in lockdown. I will never have anything not do with it and neither will my wife and kids. I wonder if this intrusion on peoples personal data will be enough to wake the sheople up? I really do hope so!

    Must be shit to realise you have ran for a jab and realise the whole time that it was a trap all along. People are going to have a rude awakening but I have a suspicion that they will rationalise it be saying “well if it keeps me safe it’s ok”

  22. People are accepting this because they think this will get them back to normal. Little do they know that this far from the truth.

    • Gillian, they’ll find out the hard way and it will be too late to undo it!

  23. Thanks Hugo
    This is really sinister and has sneaked in sooner than I thought it would.
    I thought they would save it till next lockdown but sadly not.
    WTF is happening out there!!

    • Hi Unvaxxed 🙂

      The fact that the cabal has expedited their Agenda will actually serve to lift the “veil” away from the unseeing masses.
      The information shared by Hugo, and individuals such as us, will hopefully now be considered by those who have been in denial.

      The truth WILL prevail!! 😊💖

  24. USA just announced it’s plan to go digital currency so cashless as expected just like China, UK has plans I see aswelk.

    At this rate by 2025 we’ll be just like living in china 🙁

  25. I feel the need to drop a few truth bombs. According to Dr Sherri Tenpenny, the ‘vaccine’ is the virus. There is no such thing as ‘shedding’ – it is transmission. If you are in contact with vaccinated people they will transmit it to you, in coordination with 5G. The shit will hit the fan in the fall when people will start dropping like flies. The best thing to do is boost your immune system. The best things to take are Zinc, Copper, Vitamins D, K, A, C. It’s something to look into and start preparing for.

    • Spend 1hour with a Pfizer and didn’t suffer well I was tired ( long week,so normal tired), but didn’t feel the need to eat 5000cals and sleep, like the 4 visits before. So might of been coincidental before or he might of stopped shedding or I might of gotten used to it or just having a good day.

      5G will just be to track the RFID chips that they want to put into our hands, once we do that we’ll get our lives back, then obviously go cashless and entirely vaccinated, then a few more things.

      • My mother visited me last week who’s had the 2 shots. I could smell it. It was horrible. I go to work, it’s the the same smell, feeling afterwards – sulpher is the word I was looking for. I feel ill afterwards. Then, the next day I’m fine again.

    • I’ve already opted out of this, which I suggest everyone does , just phone your surgery, they send out a form for you to sign.🙏

  26. I must admit I’ve used the ‘I told you so’ line with a lot of people now, I’m losing patience with them! How many do you have tell them x y z will happen and them say ‘they wouldn’t do that’ for it to happen before they open thier eyes and WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

    • They won’t. You either get it or you don’t. It is 10%. PERIOD. You are part of that 10%. That’s all there is to it really. It’s been known for hundreds/thousands of years. Maybe forever.

  27. Hey thank you Hugo 👍

    Not having one! Not having a jab!
    And I will NEVER comply !

    I have great joy standing up for myself out there with the zombie likes..
    idiots get a grip for goodness sake’s 👍

    Have a great day to all
    Take care ✌️

  28. There’s more information on these devil blood suckers. Thank you Hugo. More websites

    Freedom Taker.com?/vaccines

  29. newspapers should be sued only for using the derogatory term ” refusenik”

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