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  1. Remember when people thought LBC were the pushbacking voice of opposition. Like Hitchens, Belfield etc they’re just sheephearders designed to trick and coerce you into toeing the line at a later date. It’s all planned waves of manipulation. Initially, they gain your trust, agree with their comments, become emotionally connected, then they flip and you follow them into oblivion.

    • Steg, Alex Belfield is his own man, he tows his own line. Hitchens has spoke against lockdown since March 2020. You are totally wrong.

    • FREE vaccine? Wow big pharma are giving it away and no one is being charged?

  2. Quite astonishing how so many of these MSM screaming banshees spewing HATE SPEECH are morbidly obese. Do you think they are only too well aware of their compromised immune system? Maybe they will be the first to go and we can then live in peace…..

  3. I have not had the jab but I have not had Covid and nor has anybody who I have come into contact with. Hugo is right with all he says.

  4. I won’t have a vax no matter what so all you ugly famous twats can fuck rite off. Andy Lloyd Webber the ugly twat can go get all the vaxes that are left over..the only reason I’m not having it is BECAUSE I’M NOT A FK8N LAB RAT YOU PRICKS..2MINS IN A RING IS BATTER THESE EVIL CUNTS ..I SAY AGAIN BORIS AND HANCOCK..FUCK OFF..AGENDA 21.POPULATION CONTROL..WHY ARE THE SHEEP SO BLIND…WE ARE AWAKENING AND THE CLOWNS SONT LUKE IT..SO THEY PUSH HARDER.SENDING BUSES OUR TO KILL THE PEOPLE…WAKE T FUCK UP

    • Eli ! Us awake know what’s going on and as far as that moron Webber he has nothing to lose taking the poison … just look at him🙈 it’s genocide!!!! All trying to murder us and we know it

  5. Well done HUGO, you tell these slimy, evil, cretinous bastards !

  6. Hugo, every one, even without a dog, knows it is the same as last year, a A NEW VARIENT, more deadly than the last. Well even the ITV Tom Bradly has commented that it is becoming a “King Canute” joke and they all know this if they are as educated as they profess. The problem I see is that people will now distrust the NHS and governments enough to disregard any real threats in the future as we have when they send us these very sophisticated bowel cancer tests even when we have no symptoms. We will never go on holiday again until there is no social distancing, mask wearing on a beach etc etc. So they have won that restriction to stop international travel not because of any virus threat. They want to to kill the economy so be it, then they will realise that their wealth is built on what they steal from us.

    • Nope… She was busy standing in for Noel Fielding

  7. At some stage these traitors and pushers of the child-slaughtering poison are going to be held accountable for their actions. If they don’t drop dead first of their vaxeen (if they’ve even so much as had the real thing, of course.) Either way, happier days are ahead. Just stand firm for now!

    • I hope and pray every day that this agenda will fail and fail miserably! The comments of people who are copped-on, especially ones such as yours which show your awareness of the sheer murderous evil of these inoculations,give me great hope! They’re a pure tonic for my soul! God bless!

  8. The government has took away your freedoms Sarah, not people who aren’t taking the vaccine. She has been totally brainwashed or paid to write this, as have countless others. But at this point I’d be happy if they split the country in half, all the people that have had the vaccine can live together and vice versa. Although we know divide and can conquer is their plan. I’m perfectly happy for anyone to have the vaccine, as long as you don’t force me too. All to their own.

    • Lewis, she’s paid like the others. Just look into who owns most of the media and there’s your answer!

  9. See this is why i don’t believe 30M have had the jibjab. If the uptake was so high, they wouldn’t be pushing it as hard as they are, nor would they use ‘celebrities’ to promote and push it onto people. Many people aren’t turning up for the second dose due to horrific adverse reactions

    • In the USA, They are offering incentives too! Big Macs, food and in one state a $1,000,000 free lottery if you have the jab! Problem is that everyone who reads this will already know its all BS. It is the sheep who will not read it or see the real Truth. They will follow their shepherd to the slaughterhouse, and possibly take us with them. 🙁

  10. The day I listen to, and take notice of so called celebrities, and establishment shills, will be a cold day in hell!
    We all said this divide and conquer technique would be used to create an, ‘them and us ‘ society!
    This is total psychological warfare being used against the general public, unfortunately, there’s too many gullible people that continue to fall for it!
    How people can’t see through it, I don’t know. It’s so obvious!
    All the facts are there, if people only bothered to look for them. Instead they continue to listen to the MSM, that feed them lies and propaganda in the governments favour!
    I can see before the years out, a lot of us will be excluded from certain things, things we once knew as normal life and took for granted, will become only for the vaccinated!
    Unfortunately, there’s too many people willing to accept freedom passports, they look forward to their servitude!
    They’re the selfish ones, they’re taking our rights away from us without a second thought!

    • Here in leeds we have just had a reminder of how my family are in the minority. The new lord mayor has won 43% of the vote, labour as usual for leeds, same as the last hundred years! The reform candidate, who we voted for, was anti mask, anti lockdown, and anti vax. Guess what %tage he got of the vote? 2%!!!!! That’s how outnumbered we are in this disaster of a country!!!!!

      • Death, I think the voting system favours those who are for the mainstream view. I bet if you did a poll there would be a lot more than 2%

      • It is the same where I live. The mask-wearers outnumber the Thinkers by 8 to 1, even outside in the fresh air. I went to London for the Rally on April 24th. I posted pics etc on facebook and whatsapp and got some real abuse. One ‘friend’ wrote this…( bearing in mind I dont want to be vaccinated and catching the Killer Virus doesnt bother me one little bit )… ” Perhaps the BBC didn’t want to show how many mindless and brainless idiots there are that walk around thinking there immune to what has and still is killing thousands of people .
        All of you that took part should be refused a vaccination all together ,and when they left there jolly get together they should all have been given a present. A DOSE OF COVID 19. And then see how quick they are to join in the fun and frolicks. That’s my personal opinion and I’m sticking to it . Sorry if it offends anyone .” I did not reply, my wife asked me not too. These are the types of people who will see us locked-up for ever.

      • Your friend and many others needs to see the local authority burial and cremation figures from 2015 to 2021, if they were easily available people would see that there is very little difference between any year so NO Pandemic…..death figures do not lie, end of story…..

  11. What about the Carlsberg Beer variant? One sip and your fucked.. Chicken Tikka with rice variant is of major concern to the government

  12. Dear God, in this greatest of all spiritual battles, please can you help save us from the brainwashed complicity theorists and propagandists that are in the process of destroying humanity.

    • I don’t know your faith but please be assured, God WILL intervene soon. Even IF the End of Days is approaching, and the Man of Sin is not known to us yet, he will only last 3 and a half years! With faith, hope and love, we can tough it out! God bless!

  13. The planning and collaborator numbers is astounding. Maybe they really are brainwashed and can not think for themselves. Gone. Just a vessel

  14. I am praying that the truth will eventually come out, and everyone who has contributed to all this poisonous propaganda, will be held to account, and be prosecuted by the Peoples Courts for War Crimes, with World Genocide and De Population of the Planet being the ultimate goal, where as in the Nuremberg Trials simply saying ” I was only doing my job or only doing what my bosses told me to do” etc was not considered an excuse, we all have our own minds and if something is not morally or medically right, we should speak out, or be held complicit in the greatest crime in the history of humanity, and be brought to Trial then summarily executed for mass murder!
    Informed consent is all we are asking for, I am not a so called anti – vaxxer per se, to use the official pejorative’s currently being bandied about by the Official Government media puppets. I respect everyone’s right to have the Jab ( it is not a vaccine!!)
    All I want is to be afforded the same respect, for my decision not to have it. That is a simple thing, like freedom of speech, it is our human rights that are being eroded and after two world wars, where millions died to ward of being enslaved by Germany and the Nazi’s responsible for the Holocaust, we now are being enslaved and divided by the Committee 300 who are pulling the strings, Globally, all roads lead to Rome and Bill Gates (the pseudo Philanthropist) and Eugenicist, and Schwab the Nazi controller of the World Economic Forum. Be sure to make a note of them all for when the next war comes along and again it will be fighting for our freedoms and rights as men and women, all born free and all equal, until they incorporated us via our Birth Certificates, where again we had not given or consented to this trespass, and enslavement, to use Common Law we are not a part of the corrupt Legal System, that is where we must take the fight through the Public Courts, look on awarriorcalls.com or earthunited.global. It is a glimmer of hope in all this madness, Thank you Hugo for being the voice of reason, long may you continue.

  15. Good one hugo.i don’t read or listen to msm anymore but when I see this on here my blood boils at what they are doing. My own sanity is restored by the knowledge that I’m not alone – anyone feeling like that I say go to your local stand in the park. Just being among like minded people gives you a lift.

    • Hey mate! I travelled 100 miles to go to London for the April 24th Freedom Walk, it was the most exhilarating experience of my life, I’m 62yr old. To be with normal people doing normal human activity was brilliant! Talking to folk, close-up, shaking hands, smiling and laughing, not being uneasy about upsetting someone who is a sheep etc….. and ALL without silly anti-social distancing and silly face nappies. How ridiculous to be excited about doing such things! But that is what Doris and his cronies have done to us all. The sheep will lead us all to slaughter, I fear. 🙁

  16. The rothchilds the royals the vaticant and rockafellas co trol and prefer the government’s along with the billionaire puppets like Bezzos zuckerberg buffet gates sorros..governments are the biggest puppet show of all. A modern day punch and judy to keep US the children entertained and quite..FACT!!

    • Neil, not a lot of people bknow or want to believe that though.
      Voting systems are so clearly rigged…. It shows in the turnout for freedom marches

  17. were definitely not coming out of it. there trying to split us up to bring in this sole less archontic world by conditioning us, were not technological beings we are biological beings. stay organic as possible. look after your health. eat well. they’ve robbed us for over a year now, and took our freedoms away and crashed the economy. it really is time to get on with our life’s and think for our self’s and keep saying no.

  18. Spot on Hugo 👍Never in the history of the planet have vaccines been pushed so hard, never have they made it so blindingly obvious what they’re real agenda is – glad more people are waking up to this – SAY NO TO THE JAB, SAY NO TO THE TEST, SAY NO TO VACCINE PASSPORTS, SAY NO TO ALL THE RIDICULOUS RULES THAT ARE NOT LAW – WE ARE MANY THEY ARE FEW, UNITE AND THIS IS OVER!

  19. Thank you Hugo for being a voice for us skeptics apparently 20% of the world(Reiner Fuellmich)

  20. Love you Hugo!! You speak the truth and make me smile! She is a witch and he is a reptilian, hope they disappear soon!!

  21. its a company called QINETIQ Hugo that is orchestrating these campaigns in the media.

  22. Lbc radio sucks farts!
    And I’m not surprised that the slimeball Sarah Vine is married to the slimeball Michael Gove! They are a perfect match! The propaganda is trying to tell the unvaccinated people they are in the minority but it’s just not true! The vaccinated people are in the minority! How do I know this? Easy! They give themselves away by launching attacks on the unvaccinated! If everyone was taking their poison there wouldn’t be any need for it! So obvious! And I hope Vine and Gove really have been jabbed! Let the experiment begin!

  23. The British government is a money grabbing, power snatching bunch of psychopaths, so are the mainstream media, so are the stupid idiots who have had the so-called jab. They deserve what they get!

  24. Love the passion in this video.
    Arguably the best video yet.

    Good work Hugo Talks.

  25. 2020: We are hiding from a virus
    2021: We are hiding from a vaccine
    2022: We are hiding from vaccinated people

    • 2022 and beyond: We are hiding from the vaccine passport

  26. the elite human life forms… on your planet know nothing..the universe and those who know are watching.. you will all be free soon.. from evil… ….

    you all will be free again… God made it so….

  27. It seems now that all is left is to wait it out, and see what begins to unravel as we approach the autumn months. Protests, at this point are useless, unless the number out-weighs the opposition, which quite frankly, will never be. I know it seems un-active, but in this case, it’s probably best to let it all play out now. I say this as I work in a major retail warehouse ( not amazon ), and the amount of people here that have taken the serum is astounding! Even the ones I have repeatedly spoken to about all this nonsense, and whom agreed with me have ended up taking that shit. “And why I asked?” “Because you have to.” is they’re response. They wear they’re masks everywhere, ( I know its company policy, but all you have to do is make up some bullshit health excuse, I did ) yes, even when cycling! So, it’s a dead game, friends. At the moment it feels like we are the underdogs, on the losing side, but if the rumours about a large percentage of the vaccinated dying during the third wave become reality, then we, the wise, the sensible, and the strong will rise. Remember, the phoenix must first wither and die before rising from the ashes to burn her enemies.

  28. Whatta load of trollop-froth! I wouldn’t even pay no mind to these sockhand mouth pieces. “Conspiracy Clown” club? Sign me up any day!

  29. I’ll take clown over puppet. At least I won’t go blind, have a heart attack or die due to injecting poison into my bidy

  30. The Deep Staes Globalist 1% Agenda21 & Agenda2030 are coming off the rails a little bit more each day!!!! COVID??? which we all know is an abbreviation for Certificate Of Verification Individuals Document for use in their world wide Marxist/Socialist Nano Tech track and trace programme must not be allowed to continue to enslave the worlds population. Keep up the fight and resist this dark agenda and mind control programme we have all been subject too over the last 16 months. The light is coming!!!!!!!!

  31. Oh look, it’s Andrew Lloyd-Webber – the man with the inside-out face 😀

  32. I am more than well able for anyone who tries to assassinate my character this way! I will tell them that my obligation to others does NOT stretch as far as doing something that I KNOW deeply offends God! The vaccines are all developed using foetal cell lines in one way or another. I know that colluding with the ongoing slaughter of human beings deeply offends God and is, in fact what is truly selfish! Furthermore, very few who take the vax are genuinely doing it for others!
    Everyone needs to watch the interview of Pamela Acker by John-Henry Westen at LifeSiteNews.com. Contrary to what the impostor on the Throne of Peter says, the abortion-tainted jabs are not “remote” evil, but ongoing and very very proximate, as the cell lines die and have to be constantly replaced, meaning that pre-born children have to be constantly aborted and vivisected hastily to remove their organs before they die, without anaesthetic nor even pain-relief!
    Oh, I’m more than well able for ANYONE who tries to cast the “selfish” slur on me!!!

  33. On one side they say that the jab isn’t gonna prevent people from getting it, nor from spreading it and on the other hand they call non jabbers selfish? Tell me the logic, if there is any.

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