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    • We used to take the Daily Mail online but cancelled our subscription sometime ago. However they keep sending it to us for FREE. We aren’t paying so who is? The government and Bill Gates one assumes. We still read it sometimes for a good laugh.

      • And yet……incredibly there was a story in the mailonline today by Laura Dodsworth discussing her new book. ” A state of fear” showing how we’ve all been terrorised by non stop scaremongering from the main stream press and the Govt and the so called “scientists”….Considering the Mail has been pushing propaganda since forever……I found this intriguing…..

      • I’m very grateful for it as it creates a beautiful flame in my wood burner! 🙂 liberated from my neighbours bin as I would never buy such rubbish.

    • Okay I’m really fed up and I’m hijacking the top comment so as many people see this as possible. ITS REALLY IMPORTANT. I didn’t want to stick my head above the parapet, but you know, if we don’t do something we’re lost, and when kids are next in line, it’s time to draw a line in the sand.

      I fed some info to the UK Column a week or so ago, and it looks like they’ve realised the importance of it, because they’ve changed their yellow card reporting system so you can compare vaccine to vaccine and they briefly commented on it, I think they might go into more depth tomorrow but I’m not sure – Hugo might like to think about this too, it needs to be out there.

      So basically with regards to vaccine side effects.

      The Govt are trying to hide the truth about all of this by drowning us in a sea of data and numbers, it’s all mashed together so it’s impossible to extract any solid information where you can say “right, I know this is true and a fact, so I can build data from here”.

      Along this line they are saying “well, we’ve given X tens of millions of jabs, of course some of those people would have died, or had heart attacks or strokes, or CVTs, it’s just a coincidence, there’s nothing to see here”. And it is almost impossible to disprove that narrative. Except…..


      By listing the adverse reactions by vaccine brand, you can then compare AZ to Pfizer and see the specific complications for each, very rare conditions like CVTs, the deaths, etc. And since they tell you how many of each has been administered in the UK you can weight the numbers to give an absolute 1:1 ratio so that you are comparing exactly like for like.

      IF the reactions were indeed coincidence and caused by random circumstances, then you would reasonably expect to see the same kinds of reactions, and the same kind of numbers for each. But You Do NOT.

      What you see is that AZ results in between 3 and 3.5 times as many serious reactions, deaths, etc – a 300% to 350% difference, which strongly implies that the adverse reactions are NOT coincidence, but are definitely, 100% caused by the jibbety jab.

      Otherwise the reactions and numbers would be largely the same. NOT 350% different. So, there IS a major problem. Which is being hidden, in my opinion, deliberately.

      Just to get ahead of this, in case the govt do have to answer to this, I am not saying Pfizer is good or better, I think that is still bad, but the AZ is apparently even worse than that – we are by doing this using the govt and MHRA’s own data and numbers (which is by their estimates under reported by possibly 90%), and by using their own data we are effectively proving that there is a HUGE problem with the jabs.

      So the answer is not to stop AZ and switch to Pfizer, it’s to stop ALL of them, especially before they start jabbing kids.

      I cannot for one second believe the Govt don’t know this. To extract this data you need to think “outside the box” and outsmart their efforts to hide the truth to find a way to discover, from their own obfuscated data, a solid concrete foundation to build upon – they have the raw, unadulterated numbers. And ALL of them.

      Boris is calling people who don’t want a jab “idiots” and “Refuseniks” (an anti Semetic insult) – he is sending people to be jabbed KNOWING the harm it will do to them. If they claim they didn’t know that this was the case they are fast asleep at the wheel and are unfit for purpose. The first possibility is criminal. The second is criminally negligent.

      In either case this HAS to stop NOW.

      Thanks for reading, and most importantly (I hope) understanding the significance of this.

      • Alex Jones has just made a brilliant point. He said the “next phase is a World ID through a Global Medical ID that will finally be implemented through an implantable microchip under the skin or in the brain…. This is an absolutely draconian system, it has nothing to do with safety or security. It has to do with tracking and tracing the economy and putting carbon taxes in place that make it impossible for small businesses and companies and individual families to operate so that society collapses so they can carry out an orderly depopulation agenda. So that said, they’re now moving towards the vaccine passports, towards the Chinese Social Credit Score model.” He also says people are calling him, people in the Army, Health industry, Home Depot, etc saying they are getting e-mails saying if you don’t vaccinated, “don’t clock in tomorrow.”

      • Guaranteed, you have some really valid points here.

        What normally stops the pro vaxers in their tracks… asking them how much they know about the side effects? And pointing them to the info and videos like Hugo’s where people reported it in the 100’s if not more.
        Those are real people living with the after effects.

    • The msm.. sky news.. bbc… channel 4 news.. the lot of them… live in a fantasy delusional money bubble world….

      No idea of real life….. there privileged idiots…. that know shit… about life….

      What they dont understand is… they are only human life forms… like the rest of us…
      On this tiny planet…. i cannot watch the msm.. there just an embarrassment to thier own species..

  1. I don’t fall for this Bullshit, been hugging my Grand Daughters and family as normal.I have more common sense then to believe any MSM.

  2. The more they push their obvious agenda, the more I refuse to submit. I am like most sane, rational people, though my rational is based on facts. If for instance I knew several people who had been seriously ill or died from a real virus, and the government were urging (not forcing, threatening, coercing, blackmailing or discriminating against me) and the media were reporting real tangible facts, then I would probably take a vaccine. However I will have to be beaten and chained down before I have any jab forced on me by this obviously corrupt and lying bunch of traitors and whichever evil agenda they are following for their masters.

    • I am with you 100%…the thing that really sent red flags up for me is how hard they are pushing this on us. It is unnecessary and makes me even more suspicipus and resistant!!!!

  3. I agree with you Hugo what a load of bs nothing but propoganda and lies!
    As for ‘news papers’ I gave them up along with my tv 15yrs ago!!

  4. Hi Hugo “ it has been said, that TV is satan’s Trojan Horse” looks good til you get it home “and thens sprays it’s BS to everyone in the House “ you can’t not be affected , if we sit paying homage incessantly before it”
    Australian Television like UK is up shite creek, I stopped watching TV 5 years ago, and now won’t listen to “Fake”Stream radio or News rags, at all” and it’s really been one of the best things I’ve ever done ✅ ‘
    I really like the bit, where you said,” we need our own reset” and I hope and pray we can “ Soon!

    • I remember years ago Alex Jones (I know, controlled opposition, etc) said when TV first came out it was wholesome to get people on the hook. It went from people sitting around the radio, then to the TV. I suppose a good example would be The Walton’s. I know it’s fairly recent but it’s a good example of what I mean. And now, it’s completely weaponised against us. Even the editing – the constant jump cuts, to hypnotise us, I find it physically nauseating, literally.

  5. I’ve done my own thing since all this bull shit began I don’t need permission to be free.

  6. Hugo I think I love you. Was feeling really worried this morning about being bullied into being jibjabbed, but your voice of reason and sanity about the media nudging has made me feel a lot better. Thank you.

  7. It’s all the same scenario, every country which got involved into this social experiment using pretty much the same tools. In Poland, my origin country they using same blackmail methods, hiring celebrities and paying loads of money to promote that bullshit.
    Psych opp on a massive scale, in Poland many people have woken up and refused a jab or at least refused the second dose cos they have noticed what is going on, now the government has started new propaganda chapter and blackmail the nation quite heavy. Thanks for your work Hugo, God bless you!

  8. I’ve never owned a tv. I don’t listen to the radio anymore. ditched facebook 13 yrs ago. i heard someone’s radio the other day and the propaganda coming of it was incredible, i cart listen to music anymore its not the same anymore, its great to cut off and think for yourself.

    • Well said.. your thinking for yourself… awesome…

    • Yes, they have the radio on at work. The presenter will prattle on a bit about it, then the adverts will be going on about it, and then the ‘news’ reader. It’s pitiful, it really is.

  9. The antidote to the venom in the media is to go to Ivor Cummins’ ‘Viral Updates’, science fact and interviews with scientists of world and Nobel renown. The truth is out there and one day the scientists who know what the truth is will testify against the Wittys and Faucis of this scam.

  10. Covid 19……the biggest hoax this world has ever seen

    • Absolutely agree “ from day one “ I thought it was BS”

  11. I’m somewhat intrigued as to why the media are using the word ‘refusenik’ to describe those who do not wish to take any of the experimental jabs. The original meaning of the word relates to Soviet Jews who were refused permission by the state to emigrate from the Soviet Union. The original refuseniks were themselves refused as opposed to refusing. In modern parlance, the term now seems to mean the opposite and I suspect the majority of people are not aware of the origins of the word. Maybe there is some subtle word play here, indicating that the contemporary jab refuseniks will themselves be refused permission by the state further down the line…

    • You’ve nailed it. It is Orwellian double speak. Which he was warning us against.

  12. Back to your best Hugo, inspirational stuff.

    The treasonous “Government” and pathetic “Opposition”, the Fakestream legacy media, the greedy evil c***s pulling their strings, the enablers in the councils, universities, the traitorous astroturfing 77th brigade traitorous treasonous shills on social media, the treasonous police betraying their oath to defend the public, and the dozy brainwashed collaborating masses can all ***k off.

    Did I miss anyone out? The teachers abusing the children they’re supposed to be looking after, the cowardly NHS staff who KNOW this is a massive scam, and the so-called “Royal” family – they can all do one and ***k off while they’re doing it.

    England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland – Arise!

  13. I’m happy to see more and more people getting wise to this, unfortunately the lies in this world go WAAAY deeper!

    “They” have been up to this shit for centuries. Mass genocide, followed by a cover up, followed by a “we have a solution”.

  14. I always thought that our nation wa better than most others but now I see they are no better than Nazi Germany, befor WW2 broke out. Turning the people into Jew haters. I’m glad that I am 73years old, but I feel sorry for my kids and grandchildren s future.
    I havent taken this vaccine and I hope I won’t be forced to in the months ahead if they ban me from doing th simple things in life.

  15. I said for about 30 years, Papers and the Television are government control mechanisms, if people all got rid of there Televisions tomorrow Government would start giving them out for free; without TV they do not have the control they do at present and would have to resort to loud speakers, printing presses and hog nail boots.
    No matter what you watch on the TV is a method of control and only those who do not have or watch TV can see it if we happen to be in friends houses. I can’t stand the box!

  16. There was a brilliant TV episode (ironically) called ‘The News-Benders’ from a 1968 TV series called ‘Thirty Minute Theatre’, starring Donald Pleasance. It’s basically a stage play, with just two characters, superbly scripted and acted – real acting. It is on Youtube. This is the synopsis:

    In 1973, a short meeting between a senior TV News man (J.G) and a talented, younger free lancer (Robert) has some unexpected twists and turns which show how the News is not quite what it seems to be. J.G. has “tapped” Robert as the “right man for a job” – but Robert is not so easily convinced that he wants to take the new job. J.G seems to have a way of persuading him.

  17. As i said on previous comment yesterday about Boris.
    On Scum sky news press review 17 May.
    Johnson hanger on sister Rachel said the following
    Unvaccinated people have moral and civil duty to have a jab
    The government should build a database of unvaccinated people and come to our homes to tell us to have jab on a bus in our road, what does this bitch know.
    If they come to my home i will not held for my actions and they can Fuck off and the useless police tosspots

    • I just clicked on a ‘news’ bit from France 24 as it caught my attention: “What next for the unvaccinated in Israel?” It said employers are refusing to let employees work, certain venues are not letting the unvaxxed in, and they suggest more and more restrictions. They then interviewed this retired bloke at a concert who’d had two shots, and he was saying he was not comfortable around unvaccinated people! So in three minutes, you had fear – losing your job, not being able to participate in society, guilt – you’re making the zombies ‘uncomfortable’ and predictive programming/bullying – this is what’ll happen if you don’t take the shot.

      But it made me laugh with the older guy whinging about his discomfort. I thought, mate, you’ve injected yourself with the virus, you are the virus.

  18. Hi 🙋‍♀️

    I am unvaccinated & staying so.
    Just wanted to mention how I believe this is called being in last 3 days I have had 3 texts from Nhs book my jab.
    I have kept all these texts and letters and in the last 6 months I have,
    7 texts for inviting me to be ‘lethally injected’ , 4 flu invites, 4 letters from the post for the ‘lethal’
    All ignored & staying that way.
    I wish no one’s pity thank you 🙏 but for last 3 years I have been left in chronic pain in my spine they the NHS have messed me about endlessly & I at present am in pain un medicated because they are more focused on sending me pathetic Guff for vaccines I will not take as I wish not to
    but they won’t help me find the right people to help me learn to deal with pain that is affecting now day to day life.
    If people want to hate me for standing my ground & not becoming a delusional idiot then that’s up to them because I refuse to deal with hostility as clearly our poor planet has enough 😓

    Stick the jab! And I will not comply & I will sue them ,nhs eventually for negligence on the lack of concern for my health but always having their outrageous amounts of enthusiasm to inject me with something I don’t want.

    Thank you

    Thank you Hugo as always and ✌️ To u all

  19. Just had a follow up text for the jib jab from NHS Wales as I ignored the one from my GP surgery over a month ago . The tone is very bossy telling me it’s available Thursday .. they can Foxtrot Oscar not happening ! 👏👏🙌

    • Good for you stand your ground
      Maybe the texts from your GP’S you should block the number, glad my Gp’s have not got my mobile or email 😄👍as i would get stuck off

  20. hugo you hit it right on the head , its utter shit and bull shit

  21. If you want to know what these scumbags are going to do next with lockdowns, keep a keen eye on Rishi Sunak. Every time he extends the furlow scheme, that’s when we get locked down until. In Nov 2020 he extended until April 2021 and that’s when we were locked down until. Now he’s extended it until Sept 2021. Let’s see if we get a Summer. Each and everyone of the government is a lying B@stard!

    • Davey, good point!
      There is definitely a trend there.
      Blame it on the non existent variant.
      Meanwhile where is all this money coming from to pay off the scheme?
      Borrowing it from their mates at Bank of England who of course have the license to just make it out of thin air.
      The real trick is getting the general public to pay it back… They will do it gladly and ask no questions.

      It’s like stepping into the twilight zone!!

  22. That beer pic reminds me of the old pools winner pics,trying to scam you with false hope.

    • LOL. My Grandad used to be quite good at the pools. He clocked there was always more draws in Scotland so he would focus on the Scottish divisions.

    • Yes, they should have photo-shopped a Lamborghini, tropical island and a treasure chest full of gold into the background 😀

      • That’s the point though. Adverts should be enticing. Remember the ‘Bounty’ adverts, Paul Hogan – Fosters – a bit of Australia, etc. Now they advertise something, you think – another one chalked off my list. It’s just mind blowing to be honest. Who are they appealing to? Satan himself?

  23. The Entity known as Hancock….. Excellent………

  24. MSM…’s like they are trying to make people less intelligent…

  25. Hugo, I was scheduled to have surgery, but the hospital wants to perform a PCR. I don’t want to comply with this hogwash so I cancelled the operation. I always remember we must say NO to this abuse. Thank you Hugo for all you do.

  26. I was chatting to another parent today (unmasked and outside)who was ecstatic about getting her first jab today. Then she asked if I’d had it and I said no. She asked why but I know when to speak up and when not to, so I just said I didn’t want it. When she passed me after collecting her kids she put her mask on and gave me a wide berth!! 🤣🤣 🐑🐑🐑

    • Good, you want to avoid the zombies. There’s a hilarious scene in ‘Day of the Dead’. The Liuetenant is giving a speech to scientists who want to keep the zombies alive, he’s balling and shouting: “Where does it say we have to keep these dumb fucks alive? I’M RUNNING THIS MONKEY FARM NOW FRANKENSTEIN!”

  27. This is what they are doing dividing us, why is it anyone business, as I’m anti vaxer i don’t care if they have there jab, i never ask anyone.
    Medical business is personal.
    This is worse than brexit as which ever way you voted if someone ask you leave or remain if it was there choice they would be relaxed if was the other choice they would change, politician’s play mind game as they and MSM are doing on this back to normal life crap control and fear.

  28. Perhaps we need to start a go fund me page to collect money together for legal costs and then bring a peoples united lawsuit against discriminatory practice and the promoting of hate crime/speech made against those with inalienable rights to have bodily integrity to refuse experimental medical treatments, we need to unite to take government and any other guilty organisation/ person to task.

      • Actually just come across this , we should all get behind them and support them thet are already fighting for us in the courts .
        please support the Lawyers for Liberty it is an independent, non-political organisation, members are volunteer lawyers and members of the judiciary who defend individual human rights, the universality of human rights, the rule of law, and equal treatment and fairness in order to maintain the foundation of our democratic and just society. find them on their website:-

  29. I have a point that is worthwhile. If you are good at you’re job, a company becomes reliant on you, they depend on you, they then take you for granted, they believe what you bring is the norm. That’s where we come in. “Take the ‘vaccine’!” No, see you later. The said company tanks. And I mean BIG companies. We are in a WAR people. A WAR we’ve never experienced, but it is real. The BIG companies need attacking and undermining all the way. It’s a lot to take in, but understand we are under attack.

  30. This is also an interesting topic I believe. We have a RACE memory, believe it or not. Your ancestors are in your memory. So, I’m from the North West, but I always have the same dreams – a traditional one-story bonny cottage down South, Kent maybe – really nice, square fields, then grand houses, very private with exotic trees around them, a Lancashire village where all the window sills are green, with a train station, a place by the sea – but like Blackpool AND Scotland – then America – then SPACE! I know, it sounds cuckoo. But it’s the same dream over and over.

    • Now, that may seem crazy, but would somebody from Somalia dream about a village in Lancashire with green windowsills, etc? No, he’ll dream about mud huts and spears and what not.

      • And if that isn’t the case, how do ALL animals instinctively know how to act, when they’ve never been shown?

  31. A doctor once said… I’m not anti Vax but I am anti stupidity!
    Clearly the facts speak for themselves…

  32. This is the biggest lie of our lifetime!

    Can’t wait to look back on this like other major scams…911 & WMD.
    But this seems to have more of an impact and countless idiots buying into it.
    Even though the facts are there if people are willing to look but no, they are very reliant on MSM telling them what to think.

    I know it’s hard but don’t let it devide family & friends as that is exactly what they want!

  33. I’m just expressing my thoughts. And then I feel I am not allowed to feel those thoughts. And these thoughts are the same as my whole family – now – NOT ALLOWED!

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