MAGNET VACCINE ARM, What IS GOING ON? Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Richard O’Brien sums it all up perfectly in his lyrics that feature in the penultimate song from his work of pure genius that is ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

    And crawling on the planet’s face
    Some insects called the human race
    Lost in time, and lost in space
    And meaning


    • Yes it’s real.i put a magnet on my sisters arm and it sticks she had the Pfizer

  2. Magnet sticks to my shoulder joint. It also sticks to my partner’s upper arm. Both unwaxxed (except years ago in our childhoods) What’s going on? 🤔 Try a really small fridge magnet in few different spots.

    • I tried it. Nope do not stick to mine, I’ve not had the vaccine however had childhood ones, altho few as we didn’t get many back then, i, am 40

  3. The Human Race is either too clever, or too stupid for it’s own good!


  4. One of the magnet posts also had a message about someone who took a RF meter to work and found the veed were producing massive amounts of RF radiation too (like mobile phones etc).

  5. It’s shocking that people are sticking magnets to their arms and laughing like it’s hilarious! I can’t believe people are so dumb! Scary!

  6. My mother did this to our groundsman yesterday and it stuck! Had a magnetic pull, straight after he got the astrazeneca. Would not have believed it if I didn’t see it myself.

  7. My sister got the jab yesterday, she almost cursed me out when I asked her to check into this. She said she totally believes in the jabs and that I was trying to hurt her, maybe. She is a total dumbass.


  9. My wife who has underlying conditions got her second jab today and six hours later I done the magnet test and it stuck and the more I checked the more the magnetic pull, so it is real…

  10. I assumed this was bull until I tried it myself 2 days ago and the magnet stuck to my injection site, it’s not strong attraction, but there’s no attraction anywhere else on my arm. I had one dose of the Pfizer in Jan. I’ve since got a magnet to stick to two other people who had both doses of Pfizer.

  11. NANO Tech concentrations responding to external EMFs from mobile communications at the point of entry into the body!!!!

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