It’s All Your Fault / BLAME GAME / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. they had no intention of easing lockdown when furlough was extended till September

    • Does not make any sense anyway you look at it. There will always be, probably a section of humanity that do not/cannot be/choose not to be shot for many reasonable reasons so why pass the buck for what is ,gv’s error?

    • Incredible that 0.000001% of the global population are endeavouring to totally control the entire planet.

    • It was also clear they’d carry on their divide and conquer initiative, blame the un vaxxed, blame the Indians, blame the people who didn’t stick to the rules, blame anyone and anything to keep it going.

      If only people would wake up realise the only people to blame are the ringmasters running the show.

  2. Bring it on…with my current regime of vitamins and IVERMECTIN on hand, my protection is 93 to 97% but the vaccine carriers are only 1% protected…bring the variant on….the vaccine takers are officially “Super Carriers” but they can carry the virus and pass it on with the governments blessing. I do not want to catch the virus but at some point I will…I am more confident in myself than with these genetic therapeutic injections destroyng our immune sytems

    • Where do you get your ivomectin from? My gp won’t prescribe

    • how did you manage to purchase iverm@@@in.

      • Can be shipped from India, people have been doing it. Check out Ziverdo Kits from India too.,

    • We were trying to workout where to buy… the the dosage of ivermectin to use? Have tou managed to find a good supplier!?

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    • Boris is just a human life form… on a tiny planet… i feel sorry for the elites… they know nothing… all ive on a tiny planet in the solar system…… their lies and deceit.. will be judged.

      • I don’t know Bob, I think describing ‘Boris’ as a human life form is stretching it a bit.

  4. Hi 🙋‍♀️ Thank you Hugo

    I am not an idiot thank you Boris u Clown 🤡
    And your the Idiots making such a word as ‘refuseniks’?????🤨

    Thank goodness 😅 I am unvaccinated and still sane 👍😂✌️And staying that way Period I Thank you!💪

    Wankcock Feck off!!! You absolutely Twat 👍🤦‍♀️😅

    Cheers again Hugo you are a great help have been for me personally a long time now cheers fella
    ✌️💪 to You & All

  5. Dear Hugo, I am guilty. I am 84,classified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. I have declined the jab 4 times telephonic-ally and had numerous invitations E=mail and on my phone. But I’m not scared of the flu that I don’t get any more since I stopped the yearly flu shots. Keep up the good work. Cheers Theo

    • I am a guilty 73-year-old too. Despite pressure, never had a flu injection and friends and neighbours who got it, nearly always got the but – strange but I never caught it off them either. Always use supplements in flu season and usually cleared up any cold/flu within day. I am not about to start with this eperimental poison now.

      • I’m 62, not had the jab, not going to have it.

  6. If someone other than government uses this tactic, they would say it is emotional abuse.

    I thought majority of people have had their vac already. I thought you only needed 75% immunity against the jib jab. So what is their problem. If us ‘idiots’ dont want to get it, then we can only give it to each other and wipe each other out. So what’s their issue?

  7. F O Rothchilds, we’ll not be taking your poison.

  8. Sanity 4 Sweden shared a link to these vaxxed people who appear to be magnetic;

    Also showing high signs of radiation. I just keep hearing Klaus Schwab say “we’ll fight the survivors” and it reminds me to stay on track 😂 The look of reactions in the above video seem legit – like people who fell for it and are suddenly questioning what the hell they’ve let themselves get injected with!

    • Im not sure this is for real, i do think the vaccines will cause mass damage but someone i know whos been vaccinated tried it and that didnt happen, its things like this that make the us look stupid

  9. To me, the definition of an idiot is someone who will take the word of a proven compulsive liar and do whatever that liar asks him / her to do, without researching the potential dangers of such actions.

  10. A couple of weeks ago the Government signed a £300-million Covid advertising contract to last for 12-months. I may be a refusnik but the Johnson Gang are fraudsters, liars, manipulating the public to make it easier for them to eventually bring in top-down government where we become nothing but slaves to their dictats. Tell everyone, only 0.02% of the world’s population has died of this virus and as more studies are conducted that number will undoubtedly come down. You have a 98.9% chance of surviving Covid. Variants are 99.7% identical to the mother virus. People without symptoms are healthy, ask any doctor or scientist not on a Government’s payroll. We will win because good always overcomes evil. Ask the Third Reich!

  11. Knew this was coming , us leper’s are the problem, divide and conquer.

  12. To use a quote from the fight scene between Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi..(when Anakin just turned to the darkside), as they were about to fight Anakin said to Obi Wan…”You will try!!!’ Suffice to say in the fight that ensued Anakin got beat and his legs chopped off in the process. So to this blame game attempt I say stay positive people because “They will try!!!!”

  13. All the variants and the only variant they won’t address is the 5G variant, I didn’t buy it at first, but now,, well I’m not so sure, now that we have nice new lamps and many people are complaining in the area of breathing difficulties!
    A strange coincidence,,,,, Perhaps!

    • Absolutely. We moved here back in 2009, and the one thing we really loved was the large variety of birds in the garden and little to no mobile phone signal.. Around 2010 -2011, Ii notice that the blue tits were down to about 1 pair and then others started reducing in numbers or disappearing completely. The phone signal had succenly become strong, and around that time, I started with tinnitus and getting headaches – there was a roll-out of smart metres (which I am still refusing) but most houses in the area are now fitted with them. They work from the mobile system. I don’t think weve got 5G here yet, but I know we have 4G.

      Recently I read about Shungite (a mineral stone) that supposed to protect from EMFs and phones etc. I am EMF sensitive and only operate a wired-desktop computer. I have a mobile but that is only turned on for a few minutes, if I need to have ID on on-line accounts. It is in the car if I am out and about in case of an emergency, but always turned off. At home, my broadband is turned off every night.

      I ordered two ‘Shungite stone’ necklaces from Amazon, one for me and one for my wife. I am noticing today that my tinnitus has gone quieter and it only came yesterday (Monday 18/5) I am always sceptical about theses things and it may be fluke, but I am hoping not. I thought I would take a punt at £18.99.

  14. it might feel we are are coming out of it. but the pressure to get this jab has never been so great. its slowly creeping up on us for the people that don’t want it. you can feel it in the air, are they going to come knocking on the door soon. its all about manipulating you to get the jab. i read yesterday magnets are sticking to peoples arms who have had the jab. is it acting as an antenna? are we being chipped? is it true? i need to try this on someone to confirm and get to the bottom of this.

  15. They’re always going on about cases as if they are deaths, this whole thing has hardly been the BUBONIC plague.

    • I’m 66 and not at all interested in receiving this awful jab. I’ve had everything else vaccination wise. I don’t have a flu jab either.

      • Yep I’m 73 and ditto

  16. So predictable but you know what they say about Complacency

  17. I don’t understand. Surely the unjabbed are all dead by now? We’re in the middle of the deadliest pandemic the world has ever seen and the genetic modification therapy is our only way out of it…

    • All the unvaccinated should be dead now how can people not see it’s an absolute scam. If we pass it on to the vaccinated we all should be dead. It’s crazy. What is wrong with rest of the population

      • Well said. The whole thing has shown how stupid the majority of people are. I hate to say it, but it proves that the ‘elites’ have a point. What else can you say at this point? Should these people just keep shitting out retards forever? That’s how I’m thinking now. And anybody disagreeing, wait until they start coming for you, because you’re unvaxxed!

  18. One relative dead at 67 after the jab one close friend ended up in intensive care 48 hrs after jab

  19. Fuck off Boris, you are nothing but one of many pustules on the arse of humanity. Take your prerendred rhetoric, shove it up that white backside of yours and do one. We didn’t evolve and get to where we are now as a species by buckling under pressure from Pharmaceutical companies demanding our use of their products. Piss off you massive lying, treasonous, narcissistic bag of wank.

  20. A small number of people making life had for the rest! We all know who they are! It’s not us sane rational “refuseniks” get f**ked boris your time will come!

  21. I’m now actually quite proud of not having the jab. The more desperate they get for me to take it the more convinced I am I’m right.

  22. According to the daily mirror today, “it’s your patriotic duty to get the jab”!
    And the times reports that around 10% of U.K. population do not want lockdown to finish!
    We have some seriously mentally affected people in our midst and I think they outnumber those of us with the power of reasoning.

    • They’ll try every trick in the book to coerce us into getting it – bribery, intimidation, appealing to a sense of patriotism, puling on the heart strings, everything.

      The 10% who want it to continue will probably be civil servant type people, sat at home on full pay and saving a fortune in travelling expenses. They’re raking it in.

      • that so called 10% are fales. just look at who conducted the so called poll. it was ipsos mori. they are as corrupt an organisation as yougov with their rigged polls. don’t believe a word of it and never take notice of any opinion polls , thats my advice

    • perhaps if the jab does depopulate these types, then its a good thing! lol

  23. I’ve had two vaccine letters; straight in the bin, and 2 emails ignored.(All the power lies with me)! Keep trying Boris, you lose!

    • I’ve had one, but they said it was the second. Whatever, straight in the bin. We can throw them in the bin faster than they can print them.

  24. As a refusenik myself, I fully accept the risk of getting Covid. I dont want protecting at all. Quite the opposite infact, it would be good to get infected whilst young and then I can get natural immunity. Those who say that they are trying to protect me or any other person not willing to take the jab are talking nonsense.

  25. Here’s some truth for you all…

    If you have not had the vaccine, you will die.
    If you have had 1 dose of the vaccine, you will die.
    If you have had 2 doses, you will die.
    If you have had 5 doses of each of the vaccines, you will die.
    We all die, so get over yourself. You’re not special.

    You cannot “save a life”, you can only prolong a life.
    They are trying to scare the masses with the inevitable.

  26. Yep, knew the blame game would start soon.
    Defeats me that the sheeple don’t seem to believe the admission through msm science that there are no links to outbreaks from mass protests or flocking en masse to the beach on a sunny day. They don’t seem to have grasped that if there really was a deadly disease running riot, then anti c*vid protests would get smaller and fizzle out as the protesters start keeling over and dying. But the marches are getting bigger and the gov are getting desperate.
    The sheeple do need vaccinating, against their own stupidity.

  27. Well that’s a SURPRISE we unvaccinated are to blame.
    June 21 will get cancelled due to Indian variant and unjab idiots like me the other sane people.
    Well Boris and his minsters stuff your crap and vaccine up your ass’s and fuck off and Hand**** 😄

  28. It was always going to go this way, they never intended to ease any lockdown and now every dirty trick in the book will be used to keep it going well into next year and beyond. I truly hate Boris Johnson and his psychotic band of merry murderers, I’m still not having the jab, they can fuck right off the evil bastards.

  29. it has been planned for years. we are in end times heading for mark of the beast. no buy or sell. thankfully my family are awake and we know what end game is.all we can do is trust GOD BE STRONG and help one another when things get bad which they will…men’s hearts will fail them for what is coming on the earth. read book REVELATION. i too saw magnets sticking peoples arms we do not know what is in these vaccines.( four horseman ) 1st is white horse rider wears a crown( corona) and a bow with no arrows means light covering(face masks) and goes all over world if anyone thinks a virus can infect every country in world at more less same time need to wake up. i am 74 and will NEVER submit to evil. i feel sad for all people that have been coerced into getting jag.

  30. I’m just sat here thinking how utterly bizarre this whole thing is. One and half years ago, we were all just going about our business as usual. Then this fake ass scam gets pumped out by the ‘politicians’ and the ‘media’ – “thirteen days to flatten the curve, protect the NHS,” etc. Tik tok videos of nurses doing Satanic dance rituals, masks, visors, schwabs, clapping Uncle Tom, clapping the ‘heroic’ NHS every Thursday, shills in the media saying all kinds of crazy ass shit, like Dr Shillary Jones, saying “You must wear a mask if you’re swimming” whilst barely containing his laughter (who btw is also in loads of adverts on my computer as we speak – you sell out, you get rich), coppers strangling people for not wearing outside and so on it goes.

    What a pathetic, stinking pile of horseshit the whole thing is, from top to bottom. They can shove it all up their smelly, hairy arseholes! And may the people who have been enforcing all of this burn in eternal hell fire.

    • Well said great comment 👍👍👍💪💪💪💪

      Take care

  31. Lots of Doctors coming forward, it looks like Shedding Old to Young is making the unvax’d young woman infertile and the people vaccinated have tuned there immune system to Covid 19 basic, so they have zero immunity to Covid 21 ( Gates Beta Update ) OMG so unlucky yeah yeah yeah yeah, PLANNED!!

    When people start dying who’ve been vaccinated, do you think they’ll still push there vaccine passport system ?? Cause I bet they will.

    My daughter is 9 days later and testing negative baby wise, but can’t think how she’s been anyone vaccinated, but that’s basically what’s happening, see if keeps testing negative, too young to be a grandad!!

    Lot’s coming about in the divorce about Gates, all these people have took his advice on what to do and vaccines, not looking very smart are they 🙂

    • It’ll all feed into itself. People will start dropping like flies, that’ll be blamed on a new ‘variant’, (which in reality is the ‘vaccine’), so they’ll be extreme lockdowns, the zombie’s will start chimping out and blaming it all on the unvaxxed, as will the ‘politicians’, ‘media’ and ‘police’. They’ll work in tandom against us. It will be ‘Day of the Dead’ type shit. Literally, these demons will feed into each other’s madness and start coming for us – we’ll be the sole blame for all of this nonsense. I’ve already had a taster of it at work. It’s an absolute horror show. And it will, which means it is designed to do so, keep feeding it into itself. And thus escalate to ridiculous proportions.

      Just look outside, zombies walking around in fresh air in MASKS! These people are insane. Are these rational, educated, intelligent, sentient beings? NO.

      • Agreed, but Covid without the vaccines is over we’d all pretty much had it by December, vacs are there key to keeping this going for ever ever.

        Don’t believe the you can have it twice, 15months in nobody without a vaccine has had twice, I know of 1 vaxd had twice interestingly.

  32. Agree with all what you said Andy, a year and 6 months ago we would have laughed at all the nosence.
    What these power grabbing politicians have done is control and brainwashing people.
    As for the clapping on Thursday i never clap once this was a state control brainwashing exercising.
    I shut my Windows not to ear this signaling
    As for the dancing i thought they was overwhelmed with patients oh not helping other people with other illnesses

  33. Well if they can’t get you to take the jab then they’ll find a way to devide society and make the sheep do their bidding!
    When are people going to realise there are more injuries and deaths after the jab then they could ever pin on the fake virus.

    • This is the point, they won’t ever realise anything. They’ll just do as the TV tells them. William Casey, ex Director of the CIA said: “We’ll know our brainwashing programme is successful when the American people won’t believe anything until they see it on TV.” And here we are. Their brains have been washed, removed, deleted, etc. They are not sentient beings. How can they be? Somebody explain how these are sensible, rational, intelligent people.

      • Once you take the jab it controls the mind people around me are becoming robotic. It’s only going to get worse

  34. Hugo and others try and have a look at the press reviews on sky news 17 May.
    The Daily Mail headline was blaming unvaccinated people for holding back a normal life.
    Rachel Johnson( Boris sister) was on there saying the following thing.
    Unvaccinated people have a civil and moral duty to have to jab.
    The government could build a database on unvaccinated people and come to knock at there doors to take to jab on a mobile bus.
    What douse she know is the cat out of the bag

    • Hi
      we unvaccinated no they will get up to some shite the bunch mad muppets that they are !!!!
      I tell them this…. they going have to shoot me because I will never have this disgusting injection they are out of control and thank goodness we all have each other and Hugo on here
      Thank you for your comment

      Take care

  35. Same sort of insulting language used before Brexit. Apparently we were all “idiots” then too.

  36. Why don’t the British people (who are all the targets of this anti-humanity, society destroying coup and enslavement agenda), grow a spine and tell Boris and his fellow freemasons to get f*cked, we’re not kowtowing anymore. We KNOW it’s a lie and we will not comply with any of your dehumanizing mandates and diktats! We won’t take your genocide concoction which you’re dishonestly selling to the ignorant and gullible masses as a ‘vaccine’, which no-one needs, even it was indeed a fully tested and safe genuine vaccine that actually did what a vaccine is designed to do. (This toxic, potentially fatal concoction does nothing of the sort!). That’s all that needs to happen. The only reason it hasn’t is because the sleepwalking TV programmed muzzled zombies, won’t wake up, but prefer to stay asleep and continue to blindly follow the rest of the dumbed-down herd.

  37. Very true. Oxford English Dictionary states that : ” ‘vaccine’, a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease. The word IMMUNITY is used and Doris and Co. has told everyone that it doesnt make you immune, so therefore it is NOT a vaccine. Try telling a sheep that and they will look like this 😐, totally nonplussed.

  38. The divide is becoming very obvious now, people who I would have referred to as friends pre brainwashing are now jabbed up and constantly asking me to justify why I don’t want it having refused it a while ago now. In my workplace 90 percent of staff have had it and its as if they are in a “special” club the way they all gather and chat about it! Seriously bizarre 😳.

    • It truly is. You hear them, blabbering on “have you had the second shot?” “Was it the Oxford one?” etc. They think they’re heroes or something. And they’ll still be wearing a damned mask.

  39. What happened to treating it like the flu and I’m confused if all venerable people have had the jab who are we protecting now because to fatality rate among young people is basically 0

  40. So Doris thinks that because I CHOOSE not to have the jab I am in some way responsible for the bug spreading? I DO NOT have the bug & I have never had the bug, so would someone in government care to explain how I am spreading it?

  41. Switched the telly on this morning and was flicking through the channels and I knew I shouldn’t flick onto GMB as if left me fuming. They were talking about the Indian variant and how bad it was in Bolton. They admitted that there were people in hospital who had got it who had had one or two jabs but all the people presenting on that programme today were blaming the unvaccinated for spreading it. What a loud of bullshit as we know vaccinated can still spread it. The way they were vilifying us it was to the point of encouraging people to discriminate against us and treat us like outcasts. What hypocrisy when they try to tell us that you shouldn’t discriminate against anyone for any reason because of your background or views Then they try to make people turn on people who have a choice whether they vaccinate or not. These people are vile human beings 😡

    • Yes, it very annoying – well, that’s a bit of an understatemtn! I didn’t see this show, as I tend not to tune in these days – too much anger, too much stress! But I need to keep abreast of what is happening, I guess. In my mind this is discrimination and against us ‘refuseniks’ and probably illegal.Calling us refuseniks is insulting to our humanity and beliefs, something that could land us up in court if we were to do the same. And is calling us stupid legal these days? Or is it permitted under some sort of Covid emergency law? It is our human right to refuse any medical procedure. I am noticing that since I have told people that I have declined the vax and all related tests etc. people are not exactly going out of their way to talk to me. Not that I care, but there are some people who would care and be very hurt at such reactions and it can cause mental health issues. Last year I was reading about a goup of German Lawyers who were preparing a case against all those involved in the lockdowns and so on.. It all looked so promising.. but it seems to have disappeared from the Internet now. It looked very promising at the time.. But now I am asking if they can really fight these billionaires that want us all vaccinated so they can add to the already vast wealth..

  42. Yes Derek I agree with what you say. We have to stay strong together. I won’t watch these programmes for long but feel it’s important to be aware of what’s been said about us 👍

    • Yes, Helsbels, it is important to know where we are. I find it can be a bit of a roller-coaster, but being in touch with others to feel the same, can be uplifting. There is a lot of us it seems, or why would they be saying that they need more people to take these jabs? I have had to hang on the phone for an hour or more, twice to cancel their ‘appointment’ for me.. I think next time this invite (coercian) will go straight in the bin, and I simply will not go.. I didn’t ask for an appointment, so why should I cancel it!?

  43. The predictions are that 70% plus who die in the next winter flu surge will have been fully jabbed. They have to keep on making scapegoats to explain how & why their stuff doesn’t work. I fear we will see the move to postcode “surge testing” and then public tarring and feathering of your neighbours (us). There will be a few test runs. They want to see how far they will be allowed to go in dragging away and locking up those who refuse these jabs. Because “refuseniks” are actually dangerous opponants of the govt totalitarian grip.

  44. The only way Bojo, his team and Sage are going to get some creditability is to show independent testing of the variant. “This is flu and this is another version of flu from another country” otherwise it’s just hearsay from paid up Dr’s and scientists.
    Or even more to the point… How the F did this made up variant get here in the first place? And who’s to blame for allowing travel?
    Loads of factors that the average person overlooks as they follow the media looking for someone to blame. Idiots!!!

  45. I heard a loud banging on my door at 8 O’clock this morning. But slept through it. Then I read in the news that I was now being ‘targetted’ and put two and two together. It seems that they are hell-bent on injecting everyone with this poison 🙁 Now, I am at my wits end expecting another bang on the door 🙁

    “Vulnerable people who have not taken up the vaccine will be the focus of Glasgow’s response to a major Covid outbreak.

    Up to 15% of older people in some areas of Glasgow have not had their jabs, according to Scotland’s national clinical director

    Prof Leitch told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland that the small percentage who missed their first jab would now be targeted.”

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