It’s All Your Fault / BLAME GAME / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Halfcock admits the vaccines will be the death of people. When they start to die he will say “I told you so” I wonder what new variant will appear next! Perhaps the Kentucky Fried Chicken Variant.

  2. LOOK UP Dr Pierre GILBERT conference in 1995 hear what he says about vaccines. then do your research about liquid crystals it was on twitter,

  3. I’ve noticed now, that the Sheep who love wearing Masks have started to get little Kids (3 and 4 years) to point out and call out People who are not wearing Masks!. This is a really bad thing to teach the Kids at that age, because they are teaching the kids to have a go at People without thinking and asking questions before yelling at People who not wear one of these Muzzles. I was in Asda paying for my goodies and was wearing a Sun flower Lanyard (I am legally exempt) and a young Girl saw me, pointed at me and started screaming at me!. I was in the Pound Shop (I was wearing my Lanyard) and young Woman holding a Baby saw me not wearing a Mask and says “Ooh, she’s a naughty Woman isn’t she? for not wearing a Mask”.. the Baby only looked about 2 years old!. They should get rid of the Mask Rule. It’s not good for People and causes trouble, it’s cruel and unfair, it causes upset for others.

    I was at the Shop and this Woman was chatting to the Shop Assistant as he served her, then as she was about to leave she shouted to him “Have you had the Jab?”, I thought “Should she be asking that?”. I was packing my Shopping up outside the Supermarket and this young Girl, she looked about 12, fake Tan/make up put on with a Trowel? A Mask, Aviators Glasses etc she saw I wasn’t wearing a Muzzle and she shouted at me “Had the Vax?!” and I thought “should she be shouting that at Strangers?”, I don’t look my age and I’m very short (I’m 36), so People in the Shops think I’m a little Kid and have a go.

    • Hi yes people who are brainwashed unfortunately are becoming worse and far far rudeness beyond belief
      So stay calm keep strong 💪 and good on you for being‘yourself’💪

      Take care ✌️

  4. Mat Hancock is an Arsehole!, the more he moans at us for not having his dodgy Jab and blaming us!, the more I hate his Guts!.

    • i think most of us feel that way. He thinks he is going to persuade us to change our minds and take this poison, but it is having the opposite effect.

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