PROPAGANDA, Fake News and Crisis Actors / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Its all about propaganda. Look at how they are portraying Bedford. Poor Bedford its the next guinea pig after Bolton which was after India 🇮🇳 😳😰😓🥺😳

    Am I supposed to be surprised 😮 🤔 😕

  2. Hugo, ‘Subject Access’ uploads videos of the marches x he’s on you tube.

    • Sure is” I watched the march from Australia “ Couldn’t find anything at first “ until I saw Subject Access “ who took some really good footage of the march” watched for 4 hrs until I fell asleep “ Really appreciated him for filming the Event “

    • Thanks for the link. I got as far as the second page where they mention extremist/right wing views and none of their assertions are backed up by evidence or demand explanation or debate. Just another example of emotional gaslighting.

  3. Fuck off Boris, you are nothing but one of many pustules on the arse of humanity. Take your prerendred rhetoric, shove it up that white backside of yours and do one. We didn’t evolve and get to where we are now as a species by buckling under pressure from Pharmaceutical companies demanding our use of their products. Piss off you massive lying, treasonous, narcissistic bag of wank.

    • Stop sitting on the fence, tell us what you really think🤣

    • There is beauty in this comment. Oh for it to be on a big billboard somewhere for all to see!

  4. personally, i think its all a con, its a plandemic not a pandemic

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  6. C.O.V.I.D 19 = Certificate of Vaccination Identification 19. NO to Vacc. NO to Certificate. NO to complete oligarchy control.

  7. One has to look at what is in plain sight. The bigger the lie, the less likely it will be that people will question the lies. In other words, the more you make the lie huge and blatant, the more most people will refuse to believe what is staring them right in the face. This is because the truth is too crazy to be anything other than a “conspiracy theory”. Top this off with total and absolute control of the MSM and you can propaganda those lies away.

    I must first mention 9/11, because it is central to the first leg of the plan for this century from our would be masters. We saw this in action on 9/11. We watched as controlled explosions brought down the WTC 1 and 2, yet most of us believed that passenger aircraft flown by complete novices, caused those building to drop exactly as if done by professionally controlled demolition. A minority of people worldwide were immediately suspicious and this suspicion was soon confirmed when we saw WTC building 7 come down by the exact same method on the very same day. The damage to the Pentagon was totally inconsistent with an aircraft impact and the wreckage miraculously melted away all signs of any passenger jet. Subsequent investigations revealed that the wreckage did a remarkable job of imitating a missile. Mainstream media went into overdrive to ignore all this, and promote the narrative of jet fuel melting the metal WTC supports and thus impacting the floors. Architects around the world knew this was complete BS. This did not stop the MSM completely blanking the many reports of multiple explosions that were heard in WTC 1/2. The upshot of 9/11 was that congress swiftly passed revolutionary new laws that completely removed all the blocks on the intelligence agencies breeching citizens personal privacy, and thus opened the floodgates for wholesale spying on US and foreign citizens. 9/11 also gave a green light for War in the Middle East. In other words, objective achieved. Cost to the perpetrators was zero. Cost to humanity? The loss of thousands of innocent lives on 9/11 and hundreds of thousands dead and maimed in the military conflicts that followed on from the political and legal impact of 9/11. The cost today is the subversive spy culture we see everywhere from your Google browsing cookies to the rank censorship of free speech on YouTube and virtually all online platforms. You watched as a POTUS (like or dislike is immaterial) was censored by Twitter and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it, because the NWO elites who really run all the so called sovereign governments, including Washington, said so.

    Roll on 2019. We watched as they dropped in the streets of Wuhan, yet this collapsing in the streets from “covid-19” did not happen anywhere else in the whole wide world. We saw the shocking hospital scenes in Lombardy Italy, comprehensively covered by the MSM, We did not see the actors playing doctors and patients. Try find any of those involved today. You are told to stand two meters apart to stop infection, yet you have to have a swob inserted up your nose all the way to the blood brain barrier to find a sample? Johns Hopkins University has confirmed that you can be vaccinated with a PCR test even without knowing. PCR tests that are based on a synthetic virus and that have tests cycles set so ridiculously high, that massive numbers of false positives will result. You were told that the hospitals were packed with the dead and dying, but the staff TickTok danced away their ample free time, because their wards were really empty, and they tried to tell you!. Any basic check would reveal that the all cause mortality figures for UK and all countries in the western world were quite normal in 2019/20, and well within the range for national deaths, especially for respiratory/SARS type ailments. You are told that you must get the experimental injections, however, once you do, you still need to wear a mask and social distance, because your infection/transmission profile is exactly the same as an unvaccinated person?. very important, because continued transmission of “covid” is crucial to the governments continued implementation of the lockdowns and thus the systematic destruction of the worlds economy by carefully selected sector by sector. Billions are being pressured to take experimental vaccines for a virus that 99.9+% can overcome without medical intervention? Experimental vaccines that have never ever been given to human beings before and have been rushed out ten times faster than normal?. Injections for which there are zero animal testing results? Experimental injections for which there is absolutely no recourse to legal action for any damage caused to the health of those of you gullible enough to take them. Remember the unfortunate people falling to their deaths from WTC 1 and 2? Take these rushed experimental mRNA injections and follow up boosters that are coming and you are literally following them out the window.

    When doctors who swiftly reacted to the initial MSM lies uncovered that Hydroxychloroquine was having a highly beneficial impact on patients who has SARS type conditions, the WHO and MSM immediately launched a rapid campaign to pronounce Hydroxy, a drug that had been safe enough to give to pregnant women (as per WHO website until 2019) for decades, was now totally unrecommended and positively dangerous?. I could talk about how the definition of a Pandemic was altered prior to Wuhan, to facilitate the rollout of the lockdowns and the experimental injections. I could mention the forthcoming introduction of CBDC (central bank digital currencies) or universal income for the control of their new money system and control of the low paid in society, displaced by the false lockdown measures. You will notice a lot of talk in the MSM, mostly coming out of the US about the “UFO threat’ commencing in June 2021 onwards. Remember there always has to be a threat and the bigger the lies the better. The evil subculture of secret societies that controls the money system and controls all of the “sovereign” governments are at War with You, your children and your loved ones. They hate you and they always have. They have have a plan. it’s a different plan to WW1 and WW2. It’s different to the Oil crisis and climate change story. This plan will succeed or fail based on your ability to open your eyes and comprehend that the world that you and your forbears have lived in, has been highly manipulated by a sick and evil breakaway society that has set up and run the financial system, the internet, big Pharma, big tech and the MSM. They have infiltrated the education system for many decades and altered societies social system through every possible medium, to prime this generation in particular to roll over and submit to their evil plan. A plan that calls for a massive reduction in the worlds population of “useless eaters” and absolute control and enslavement of the remainder of humanity forever.

    The British Government and MSM are lying to you and are run by a group of elites who are part of a worldwide elitist breakaway culture hidden behind secret societies. They are implementing the objectives of a One World Government and if you allow them, they will destroy your lives and the lives of your children without hesitation. They will commit mass murder and enslave humanity to their own ends. Take off your masks and go back to normal life. Open your shops and businesses and Hug your brothers and sister and seek to remove from power all those who have presided over the murder of the old, the forced experimental injection program and the depression and suicides of people pushed to the edge by their evil tyranny. We need Nuremberg 2.0 and its needs to bring to justice the thousands of elites worldwide who are evil and rotten to the very core.

    • Nuremberg 2 is coming brother “ There’s enough “God Fearing Men” to judge these Wicked bastards!

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