Wales To Start UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME Trial / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. The trials of event’s in the UK is the only reason the restrictions have been lifted…. and more importantly why the restrictions have not been lifted quicker. Once these trials have been completed BEFORE any other night club’s etc are “allowed” to open the lock down will be imposed again. So blatantly obvious. All those having the jab for travelling or socialising are in for a massive shock… serves themselves right!!

    • Drakeford a C*** and his son a RAPIST IN PRiSON
      Both burn in hell 😄

    • Couldn’t agree more at this point. No trials, just round them all up and hang them. Let it be a warning to others that might try to follow them. What I find interesting, is all these old bastards like Drakeford and Hutt, join a whole line of them going back to the Kinnocks and further, who know nothing else than having the necks so far into the gravy train that is the Public Purse, that their corruption know no bounds.

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  3. The only Basic income should be for all these existing politicians, ministers and councilors…as they are moved onto the dole or prison!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Hugo, can you provide a link to that leaked email in Canada from last year?

  5. UBI was on the cards for a LONG time as a response to mass underemployment, especially of men – due to feminism, neo feminism, outsourcing and technology. It was touted as the solution to massive civil unrest and associated crime. During C19 it was ushered in last year under the title of “double dole with no obligations”.

  6. The ‘you will own nothing’ slogan has been sold for years. Buddhism practices no personal belongings. Over 500 million Buddhists in the world. Over 250 million in China. Could Buddhism become more popular in the next 2 years? Just throwing it out into the crazy world we live in

    • The Dalai Lama is a freemason, what else would you expect. Freemasons rule the world and they want you to have nothing.

    • I would prefer a Buddhist World Govenment to a Fascist one…
      Its like the locomotive thundering down the track is unstoppable and our destiny is being dictated by an unelected power elite who have control over governments and the media. The people left will own nothing and be ecstatically happy, the feudal fascist power elite will own & control everything and will therefore be ever so miserable….not!
      Agenda 21-2030, single world government, single global gold backed crypto currency, WEF deciding humanities future, no free speech, control by social credit, imposed medical interventions, eugenics. Its showtime folks, welcome to the dystopian new world order, errr sorry the ‘new normal’.

      • Manjushri, there is no difference between the two, they are one and the same. I have met several Buddhists, amongst them two family members and a buddhist monk and they are some of the most angry, violent people I have ever met. I know what you’re thinking, how could it be possible, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. They hate Christians and both myself and my partner were abused in the street by a buddhist monk just for having a Christian faith, and another buddhist started a fight with my partner whilst they were holding our infant son. I had to rescue our baby before he was knocked to the ground and trampled. Don’t tell me they are peace loving, certain individuals may be, but the same spirit that is behind their religion is the same that is behind freemasonry.

  7. UBI until the jab finishes you off

    • And that won’t take long either so they won’t be paying much out in UBI.

  8. Well, it’s coming! Where is the money going to come from to pay for this? And look how they’re treating the public like idiots!!! An insult to our intelligence I’d say!!

  9. Take care, the antichrist comes as an angel of light, a ‘saviour of the world’ when we know the saviour is Jesus. The antichrist will be ushered in, and be seen to put down the one world government, he will say that these people in power are the tyrants, and hes here to put all to rights. Its good cop bad cop, order out of chaos, dont be fooled.
    Don’t align yourselves with this tyranny, dont get the vaccine, dont get the id passport, dont worship and follow after the beast. Turn to Jesus now! The lamb of God. Follow Jesus, the only truth, the light, the way to salvation for your eternal soul. Turn and repent, and make Jesus your Lord and Saviour. There are only two paths, the narrow way with Jesus or the Broadway with satan. Choose today whom you serve. Trust in Jesus alone!

    • Just wait, not long now before he is ushered in as the false peacemaker between Israel and Palestine, then everything will start to REALLY kick off!

  10. You will own nothing and be happy

  11. Raised Min Wage so much it’s cheaper to automate a lot of jobs which means less of a work force required, so not too fair to expect people to find a job when there aren’t any which is what they do currently anyway but never mind, it’s a coming for sure, my PC ex mates have been after this for years.

    No doubt like the Aussie system, your extra cash has restrictions, no booze cigs or gambling.

    Backup plan I guess, incase the Jab’s fail to kill millions

  12. if these lockdowns continue then hopefully people get pissed off enough and give up with it and walk away, and go back home to nature, and don’t bring your microchip smartphone 😉 you won’t need it.. the great reset they say build back better so lets have our great reset and build back better, lets walk away build our own homes and live on the lands. its us vs them, the divide, lets camp for 6 months now summers here then check back to see if where still in lockdown. if so do another 6 months by that time we would not want to come back the real revolution won’t be televised i’m looking forward to the future. i have no fears what’s going on because there’s always a option there’s plenty of land out there to live on but no ones living on it yet, its baron waiting for us to arrive….

  13. This is a very dangerous, evil move they are making upon the poor, the unemployed, those on welfare will be forever penalised, unable to do what they want, unable to live their lives as they wish. Forever subservient to the state. Can you imagine having barely just enough money for food necessities & bills, unable to have a drink once in a while, unable to have a cigarette. Whether you agree with smoking or drinking is not the matter here, it is the fact that the poor.will suffer, families will suffer, and above all children will suffer. Stop this as when they say it is a trial, it is not, it has already been planned and ready for permanent implementation.

  14. digital universal basic income getting us ready to cut us off if we don’t get the jab and don’t follow the rules, pension anyone….etc etc. nearly time to get the camping gear…..

  15. World Economic Forum witches and warlocks make it very clear of each step they will be taking. They ‘care not’ who knows! As Schwabb said it will be a much angrier world’ this year and he aint kidding Hell bound the lot if them.

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