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  1. Like you said, nothing new here. Interesting that you showed Biden in his “kissing” mania. LOL. LOL.

    • Here we go again pure bs from these psychopaths and just before the world wide protest how predictable


    • Biden is a wicked peodophile , as is his crackhead son Hunter. I’ve seen the images of him, not to be too graphic, but doing Malia Obama from behind, then taking a picture of her credit card to prove it, receiving anal sex from a gay prostitute (clawing his back, with blood pouring out to prove it), receiving oral sex from what looks like a 7 year old girl (it is censored in part) and so on. They are proving their wickedness, thus blackmailabilty, thus controllability. When they do this, they get promoted and receive vast wealth. They will do as they’re told by demons further up the chain. That is how this world works, at the moment anyway.

      People keep wondering why all this stuff, look at what I’ve just said.

      • Yes he is!!!! A siko!
        Well said thank you 🙏

        All of them are Disgusting

        Take care

    • Tried to watch this on brand new tube but couldn’t as it said bad gateway code 502. Don’t know if this was an innocent technical glitch but thought I’d mention it.

      Yeah, it was obvious the lockdown easing bs would be meddled with using this Indian variant bollox as an excuse. Their facade gets weaker by the day

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  3. Sitting here shaking with anger at BoJo ‘s briefing . As I’ve said before it’s controlling coercive behaviour on the public . Divide and conquer / vaccinated against unvaccinated . Blame game / made up new variants / nhs chasing up contacting you about jib jabs/ tests twice a week
    Won’t comply with either of those thank you
    they just want to take our whole lives as we know them , away from us . Finding it really hard to stay positive tonight . So angry and disillusioned and still the sheep can’t see it

    • One way not to get angry…. Never Wath them in the first place!
      Predictable outcomes.
      Everything is pointing towards the Indian variant. Absolutely full of shit!

    • I agree with you Deborah all what you said.
      I knew this crap was coming world protest on Saturday
      Monday opening up inside is a big con.
      The roadmap 21 June will not happen as this clown will said ‘ unvaccinated people like me are causing the Indian variant or next the Greenland variant.
      We living in a horrible world controlling of our lives.
      Well Fuck them all as i said yesterday got second letter for jab rip it up in to piece’s when the third come
      I will write on it and post it back
      I am refusing this poison
      Anti vaxer
      No control by Bill Gates and the government.
      Never write to me again.

      I had enough of these Bastards and prepare to fight don’t care if i am reported for my actions.

      We got to still strong for our mental health.

    • Amazing comment thank you 🙏

      Don’t let them get you to upset
      Take care now

  4. Hugo. Have you not seen Drakeford saying they are trialling Universal Basic income in Wales.
    Another step towards total communist control

    • They’ve been trialling it for a few years in various parts of the UK, about 3,000 families, including Swansea. That’ll be when they changed the name of it from Jobseeker’s Allowance to Universal Income.

    • Just learned that today.. What does that mean for us here in Wales? Labour are always talking about redistributing wealth. So where it Drakeford going to get the money from?

    • I’d suggest he’s a compromised homosexual/peodophile. He’s proven his wickedness to the powers that be.

  5. With the average mortality age of 82, should terminally ill folk be given covid!

    • If it was a real virus but as it’s not. Treat it as flu

  6. 2 months ago i had a bet with my landlord…i said there wont be restrictions ease….new variants non stop to justify more lockdowns….and extending their emergency powers after september

    • The government signing a £300-million Covid advertising contract tells you all you need to know. This ain’t going to end any time soon.

  7. No suprise here
    All the usual bullshit different day bojo will never end this the only way it stops is when we all stand up for our rights and freedom

      • Yep it’s spelt wrong tho cause someone else had the correct spelling on hot mail many years ago if not decades

  8. Well done Hugo, you da man! One of the only guys with his finger on the pulse, I love how you just say it as it is!… Don’t ever discouraged, you are a guy who WE can follow, it’s no use us all throwing things into the fire, we need a composed person to lead us and inform us. We are behind you, when it comes to the end point we and I Will be with you!

  9. Excellent work Hugo, seen all of this coming since last year

  10. tyrants is a nice way to put these evil satanists

  11. Think you got it wrong about Israel , hamas attacked first ,

    • Please stop following the media line and research this subject a bit more.
      Why are they fighting and who has the superior firepower?
      Most major groups are funded for the purpose of division.

    • Don’t forget Hugo . Hamas started firing rockets first from residential areas in the strip. Thousands in fact . Iran are behind Hamas.
      Thank you for the good work .
      May God bless and protect you .

    • Due to unacceptable levels of harassment, intimidation and tyranny from the Zionists- their slick propaganda machine will always make sure they’re seen as the innocent party.

      • Spot on!
        Just wish others could see this too.
        One side uses the full force of the owned media to get their point across and the others are scrabbling around using videos recorded on their phones. Guess which one gets the most coverage??

    • As with everything don’t watch MSM. Seek out news from Israel to see what’s really happening. And yes Israel was attacked first. End times prophesy centres on Israel. Revelation 13 is coming to pass and unrest in Israel is a sign Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready? Get right with God, time is running out.

  12. False hope, in my opinion, is the most toxic trap anyone can fall into. Every abuser at all levels will use this to snare their victims, thinking that things will get better by repeating the same actions that have failed time and again is insanity. IT WILL NOT CHANGE. I don’t think we have enough numbers to make a real change currently, but let us see how that holds up when we are hit with lockdown 3.0. I wish you all well and stay strong.

  13. Time for everyone to wake up. I have noticed that there are a few fed up and have realised its all bull shit. But I only mean this in nicest way possible but sooner the sheep open there eyes the better for humanity as a whole. Great job hugo much love


  14. Rise up people and take our country back from these central bank puppet politicians.

  15. I was reading an interesting article by a guy called John De Nugent, that discussed a bit about Biden. It was saying before you are given massive power, you must prove your wickedness, and become blackmailable and thus controllable. Biden raped his own young staffer Tara Reade: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=kp2nY%2bYc&id=14AB25D13F81527A49C0FDBEDB1BB2A29DBDC52F&thid=OIP.kp2nY-Yc5zMq97Ru1CwHwgHaGo&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fwww.laprogressive.com%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2020%2f04%2fTara-Reade-720.jpg&cdnurl=https%3a%2f%2fth.bing.com%2fth%2fid%2fR929da763e61ce7332af7b46ed42c07c2%3frik%3dL8W9naKyG9u%252b%252fQ%26pid%3dImgRaw&exph=645&expw=720&q=tara+reade+biden&simid=608028225151711848&ck=3F6732C4B0C6630D59440D02DEA61201&selectedIndex=0&FORM=IRPRST&ajaxhist=0&ajaxserp=0

    in the basement tunnel underneath the Senate Office Building. This rape “qualified” him to become president. This is her being interviewed by Megyn Kelly, who looks as though she is very convinced of her story: https://www.insideedition.com/sites/default/files/images/2020-05/050820_tara_megn_web.jpg

  16. Another lockdown after furlough ends and I’m convinced this country will burn sadly it’s going to be the only way to stop these bastards .

    • Yes, I have posted a comment about Biden, I’ve no confidence it will get shown as it contains links. Its nothing untoward, just 2 images of the victim as a young woman and her being interviewed by Megyn Kelly. Anyway, here goes again. Before you are given massive power, you must prove your wickedness, and become blackmailable, and thus controllable. Biden raped his own young staffer Tara Reade in the basement tunnel of the Senate Office Building. This rape qualified him to become President.

  17. My instincts are saying they’ll do localised lockdowns for the top four cities with the highest cases on June 21 and blame it on the Indian variant then in September/October they’ll go into full lockdown. I provide counselling for young people in Leicester and with the on off lockdowns including the local lockdown last year this has paid havoc with their mental health Anxiety levels are through the roof. For me it is so important that they get back on track and it is so important for me to give them a belief in a positive future and making a difference and not get held back by tyrants. 😍

    • This must be tricky for you? As it’s young people and if your working for the local council you must have guidelines.
      They come in asking questions and really worried. The government guidelines are go get your two gene jabs. You want to offer truthful honest advice… Talk about rock and a hard place!

  18. 31st March 2025! Simply because the World International Bank signed of the loans and funding for the coronavirus project… along with the incoming binary star system due here by Nov/Dec 2022…. then the big red by 2024… wait and see… 🙏

  19. Great roundup. Yes get to a rally tomorrow if you can or watch an online stream version maybe if not. We will be there 2pm, College Green, Bristol. People are getting fed up of masks now, they will be dropped soon I predict. I went to hospital for an mri yesterday and the guy said to me, ‘ive got masks here without a metal strip in’, I said, ‘do I really have to wear one?’ He said in a friendly voice ‘its up to you, if you don’t want it just chuck it in the bin and lay down on the machine’, so that is what I did. Don’t you think that people are also getting angry with phone line excuses of ‘due to covid blah blah we have limited staff available’ I had this when I called the local highways group, an ’emergency line only’ apparently that has 1min, 40 secs of covid excuses and decriptions of what they consider an emergency and then options before you can get through… try it yourself and see 0800 051 4514. I’d sympathise if people were dropping like flies but its all bullshit and if they are working from home etc they’ve had more than a year to get used to it, so why are there less workers in these council/run by tax payers money places still according to everyones telephone intro blatherings?

  20. Congratulations to the mainstream people they all believed in the restrictions being lifted voted for the 3rd reich I mean tories ( all is forgiven and now we can all move on ) brigade. Then when he’s sitting pretty again week after the restrictions come back!!! And they still haven’t worked it out and never will. Thick as pigshit !!!!

  21. Drakeford has only been re-elected a week and he is at already before the lockdown has been lifted fully.
    Thanks to all the idiots that re-elected him.
    This control freak is already talking about restricting cross border travel from England which again would kill the tourist Industry and peoples jobs.
    The blokes son is a convicted sex offender and he is dragging Wales to hell,he is not fit to lick my boots let alone run a nation.
    I hope he has a very deep bunker because when the truth comes out he is going to be in it until he dies or until…..

    • Oh God, that man was re-elected? I have been watching from England thinking that there was no way the Welsh will be keeping this wimpy idiot for very long🙁

    • Yes Tommy what you said is correct
      The sheep we up against voted for Drakeford, Bojo the clown
      Sturgeon and Khan all psychopath’s and give them the power for more control of us.
      Would voted for none of these scum bags all corrupt. Voting a waste of time anti lockdown candidate’s didn’t stand a chance.
      Never voting again.

  22. I thank God for you Hugo! A real man of truth, courage, sincerity and integrity

  23. Get ready for the Internet and power shutdown. This is their next move to shut down communication and power.

    • Expected, there already sewing the cyber criminal hacking fear line as an excuse for the shutdown.

      Uk will turn into a proper purge if that happens, excuse to role out the army go proper police state, no vaccine cert can’t enter this town sir.

      4 day shutdown would kill more than covid really has, being around 35k really.

  24. You really should get behind UK Column too. Lights in the darkness……..

  25. It’s hard to believe people aren’t seeing through this now. Maybe they are but haven’t got the strength to carry on. We’ve all been at loggerheads since 2016 with the EU referendum.

  26. was on 33 comments so this is to take it to 34 and away from that number!

    • LOL. It is about intent, it is a number. I know what you mean though, you click on it, it says 33 and you think it will always be 33, so you click on it to get it to 34.

  27. I laugh at these tyrants I don’t believe a word about the so called variants, anyone can just make it up, how can we check if it’s true or not. Keep spreading the fear that’s what the mainstream media do, only fools will swallow their BS.

  28. May 14th, 2021



    I landed in Israel two days ago. We took the whole family to the desert for a few days. At about 8 pm, we went on a little hike. Afterward, I dropped everyone back at our Airbnb and went to the grocery store. While there, a lady said, “They are bombing Tel Aviv.” I thought, one, maybe two rockets, as a sign of defiance.

    When I got home, I found one daughter in tears and everyone upset. Only then did I realize that the Hamas terrorists had launched 130 terror rockets on Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is my city. It is home. Just imagine your home being attacked like that.

    Now, you might hear that it was in response to Israel bombing an apartment building. Yes, that is true…but very different. When Israel responds to Hamas terror, our goal is to do whatever it takes to stop the violence. We go out of our way, maybe more than any other nation, to not harm civilians. We send warning shots, unarmed munitions, to tell people to clear out. We call cell phones of people in the vicinity and often drop leaflets.

    Hamas doesn’t understand restraint…they see that as weakness. Hamas often puts women and children near rocket launchers, hoping Israel’s retaliation will kill them. They rejoice when women and children are killed, so they can use them for propaganda. They tell the families that “Allah will reward them for being martyrs.”

    Hamas seeks to reign down indiscriminate terror. One of their missiles hit a bus that, thank God, was empty. But others were not so lucky. In Ashkelon, an elderly woman and her caretaker were killed. In Lod, near the airport, a father and his child were murdered. They make no effort to warn civilians because civilians are their targets. In addition, Israeli Arab citizens of Lod (in central Israel) rioted, looting, and burning synagogues. The mayor compared it to Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) in Germany at the beginning of the Holocaust.

    The Times of Israel writes, “A woman was killed and dozens were injured on Tuesday evening when Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip pummeled central Israel with a major rocket fusillade, in what appeared to be the largest-ever barrage aimed at the broader Tel Aviv area.”

    What’s more is that Israel was hours away from announcing a new government with five Arab members—an unprecedented event. However, the Arabs pulled out of the deal because of the violence. They probably felt they had no choice politically and may come back to the negotiating table as things die down.

    This raw footage went viral of the unprecedented attack in Tel Aviv. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcYMT9zFWnU
    Israel’s #Irondome takes out dozens of rockets at the same time!

    As the sun is rising here in Israel, no one knows what this new day will bring. Peace or more bloodshed. Prayer is needed.

    Ron Cantor
    President, Shelanu TV — Israel

  29. Follow the 5G rollouts and see the waves of infections. Wuhan had 10,000 masts and rolled out 5G just few months prior to people collapsing in the streets, the cruise ships had state of the art 5g internet on board with satellites. Italy 5G Spain 5G even Seychelles 5G . Electro Magnetic Sickness depletes oxygen in bloodstream and has symptoms like flu and causes virus shedding. There are techno specialist explaining this on video’s but of course they get banned. I wonder if there is a red herring virus released to cover up the true cause of all the shedding of virus’s with waves of sickness and peaks and troughs as 5g is trialed or fully rolled out worldwide. It seems a bit too much of a coincidence and may play a part in the severe oxygen depletion in bodies who succcumb to radiation sickness that may be thought to be due to a new virus strain.
    watch this video to gain some insight and do your own research.
    5G Vaccine Wuhan 5G and the Corona Virus

  30. Hi Good Morning Hugo

    I listened to the video and I would like to say I am here and subscribed because I personally feel you have our backs and have Always done so thank you 🙏

    And yes it’s no BS that this was coming we new it !
    soon as I saw that in India I new so don’t worry Hugo I personally,again, am aware we in this for the long haul there is no sugar coating that!!
    But I will NEVER COMPLY or take testing or that Nasty 🤮 jab!!!🖕🏻

    As said before maybe we should buy that island between us all 👍👍🙏🙏

    Good luck 🤞🏻 today Everyone around the world going out 👍

    Peace and good luck to Us All ✌️
    Thank you again Hugo have nice weekend 👍

  31. You cant be “locked down” Hugo…..
    You can choose to lock yourself down.

  32. The Globalists puppet Governments around the world have their UN agenda 21 programme to follow of which COVID is the beating drum setting the pace!! following the completion of this by December 2021 their Agenda 2030 will be pushed just a hard as COVID has been in the last 16 months!!! Buckle up and enjoy the DOGMA!!!!

  33. Boris defended the delay in banning travel from the Covid ravaged countries. But there are still at least two flights a day landing at Heathrow Airport. I have been monitoring this over the last couple of weeks and still they land from India. Why we cannot stop these flights is unbelievable.

  34. Hi Hugo, I emailed the freedom network, the freedom hub in my area, I mentioned that you had recommended them, this is part of the reply I received;

    ‘The Freedom Hub is a brilliant collective for everyone.
    May I suggest you look up the “Light” news paper. A monthly by donation but available on line. I have a hand full of local contacts in ………
    Sadly, Hugo Talks has been uncovered as an Westminister Spin Doctor, placed on Social media to create controversy and generally stir people up.’

    Eh? WTF? Why are they calling you a Westminster spin dr Hugo???

    • Just had a look on the Freedom Network and they give me a bit of a strange vibe.

      No social media channels but they want to bring people together? Not sure how they intend to do that if they are not even marketing themselves online and making people aware they exist. I did a quick search online and found basically nothing on them other than their website.

      What do they even mean by “Westminster Spin Doctor” and if they have evidence, why don’t they post it? There’s people who watch Hugo Talks who work in the public sector/ civil service who would likely be able to verify whether what they are saying is true or not.

  35. I agree Hugo….isnt it funny how the new “DEADLY “variant has not in any way affected the various highly publicised and politicised events like that huge rave with approx 6k…or the Brit Awards or the various sports events that we have seen happening at the same time the majority still endure this scam of a lockdown.

  36. I too find their Modsus Operandi is so laughable…we need to make the must of these platforms people as they are putting that “online harms ” bill through government. We must oppose it in any way possible!

  37. The face diaper wearers are enslaving them selves and us too.

  38. The first few minutes explain exactly what is going on. Send it to everyone that does not understand what is happening.

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