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  1. Hugo,i agree is not worth it. But i dont see a solution you offer? We got to do something about it,cos as much as we moan on here they just go forward with their plans,cant you see? 1 year we state obvious facts and where are we? Nowhere,nothing is organised or done to really oppose all that,so you will be right cos all freedoms and rights will eventually be taken away as we do nothing to stop it

    • Big brother watch is another channel
      Worth following. They are pushing the legal aspect by trying to repeal the coronavirus act.

    • Hugo hi love your post and follow you all the time, I am a Veteran of over 23yrs British Army and my assessment is the U.K. has not Enough Police or Military to man the streets of U.K. when this all kicks off and believe me it will kick off very soon, look into the Police and how many they can really put on the streets for public order, You will be very surprised WE ARE THE PEOPLE who will win this shit show

      • Yep, it’s literally nobody. I remember somebody saying in Rochdale, it was 2 coppers at certain times. And that is one of the crime capitals of the UK.

      • Spot on. Same all over the world. There having a laugh or someone is at are expense

    • I totally agree, but no one does fuck all but chat and walk and picnic. This is not enough. I have a smart meter . It dont no fuck all if I unplug it. Simple as that. Anyway there are people as we speak pushing this Nuremberg code of human rights. Let me tell you these cards are like pay as u go cards . There will b certain shops that will let u buy what u want. Were theres a will theres a way. Do u honestly think the aussie are thick. They were the very people sent there to use there heads it must of seemed like another planet at that time. They are strong minded people. They wont let a silly pay as u go food card stop them. People will ways find a way round everthing. That’s human nature. They wont b putting up with this shit. Same as the poor in the uk. Its laughable. We are not living in fucking nazi Germany. If nothing else people forged food ration books and so were theres a need it will happen. Lol

  2. Any business which rejects health passports has my full support. Any business which only allows people with health passports will not be seeing me. This is the only way to stop this nonsense. Do not support any business that insists on health passports.

    • I haven’t done any of what they’ve said, unfortunately that’s not the case with some family members even though they now see where this is leading, or at least more clearly than they did, they’re still following along with what they’re told to do. How do we get people like them to stop following theae rules? As we know this only ends when we end it but how do we get enough people prepared to take action? As with many I have family members afraid of losing thier jobs and I can’t get them to see that if enough people stuck with it and kept refusing they’d have to relent or they’d have no work force and no consuners

      • Look at China so many of them and yet still living in communism. how many does it take to pull the opression down??? i am againts it and will do everything in my power to disobey.

      • Far play for this comment 👍💪
        I agree because I to have Daily issues with this situation you spoke of

        Take care

      • Ian, they’re terrified. It doesn’t matter about common sense or anything. They’re scared. They think that if they don’t do as they’re told, they’ll end up homeless, in prison and so on. That’s how this world works. They won’t change. They’re ‘conditioned’. They will never buy into the, if we stick together thing. It is, was it is.

    • I agree .. I won’t support any business with over the top trap and trace or passport / test requirements
      It’s the only way – hit them in the pocket and vote with your feet – BUT it requires a hell of a lot more people to get on board and not sell their souls to devil for a holiday or a concert / football match . Some are just sheep who will do what they are told . It’s getting quite depressing

      • Agree with what you said.
        I haven’t had it yet a business telling me to pay contactless but i we need to say to them in front of other people No keep your products and walk out
        We should support business that users cash and don’t support masks or passports.
        But it may be hard to find in this horrible future 😕

  3. They don’t want anyone to have any happiness in their lives do they? They hate us and they want to make our lives a misery! I think we should kill them! I’m up for a fight to the death!

    • we need a peoples liberation army against these evil and satanical tyrant bastards

  4. few years back they tested this cashless card on aboriginals and since they spent much of their dole on booze – yes, they were protests but many approved the fascist card use because it was for the good of aboes!!! NOW IT CAME FOR THEM 😈

  5. What is going on in Australia will be used as a trial. Some time in the future, they will say that Australia was successful, and that they could use a similar system in the Uk. This is why they have started with gambling, fags and booze, they will gain support first, before moving on to bigger plans and more countries. Once this is all in place they can update the system very easily to include a lot more things. It’s definitely a trap.

    • No it’s not. In london theres people in shops that used to buy milk tokens for fags so its crap. U just go and u will find. They can do what they like it wont work in the long run.


  7. I said this would happen. People dismissed me. And proven right again.
    And still they think I’m a conspiracy theorist.

  8. Hugo is preaching to the converted. There are millions out there who slavishly follow the govt diktats, my own experience shows 99% compliance with the mask wearing wherever I go. Their eyes show me they’re thinking “what’s this bloke doing here with no mask on?” They don’t know or care about Eric Clapton, or Covid passports. Their aim is to get the jab so they can return to ‘normal’. We the people with the power of thought and reasoning know that ain’t gonna happen.

  9. We never had been free really, just look through all the manipulation! We never had been free (apart from spirital freedom)! Freedom always depended upon work and income, whatever you wanted, you needed money to pay for – no the carrots are changing – that’s alll, sorry to say.

    • Well said. I’ve just finished a book from 2006 detailing basically how the world works and what’s coming. The last 2 chapters are ‘The Chip’ and ‘The Road to Hell’. I know people don’t want to hear it, but the author (he’s called Robin de Ruiter, together with Fritz Springmeier) ) says unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it. He says (from 2006) pretty soon “an electronic chip card will make cash transactions obsolete.” The card won’t last long though, it’s just an incremental step towards the microchip, “Because the chip will charge itself from fluctuations in the human body temperature, the forehead just below the hairline is the best spot to implant.”

      The existing supercomputers have already been programmed to process the chip’s information.

      • And so on that premise, when Worzel, etc gets up there and says the card is temporary he is not lying. He knows it will be temporary because the next phase will be the chip. This is how duplicitous these people are. Because the card will cause problems. You lose it, you can’t travel to work, you can’t do anything until a new one arrives. So they’ll say to improve our lives you’ll have to get the chip.

        The whole thing has been planned for a very long time and it is being rolled out incrementally, step by step under the guise of a so-called ‘pandemic’, also running alongside ‘climate change’.

      • It is true, it stand in the bible in revelations too
        You shall have a mark in the hand or forehead
        Without it you can not buy or sell
        That is where all are caught
        So i estimate the vaccine passport is the front runner dor this as covid made that cash is too dangerous to use due to the “virus”
        Then the passport wil be acces to things to also buy
        Then it will just be changed
        As it is sold to all as new tech
        Or they will create a problem with the old pasport system
        To show the chip is better to use, then we totally screwed

      • That’s one mans point of view ? The world is a big place and not everone will go along with this shit. Does anyone not want to stand up and fight for our rights ? Can sit all day reading a book on one mans point of view but I’m I’m afaird to say the world is full of diffrent points of views. If people sit back and allow it saying they feel depressed then it will be a breeze for whom ever it is that wants this. There are very few people in the world that will put up with this shit show.

  10. Good work Hugo. Let’s show some defiance on the 15th at the worldwide protests. I’m heading to the one in Edinburgh. The elites can stick their technocracy

  11. nearly time to get back to nature where we came from, stay strong people

  12. People on benefits will just not have any say if this comes in and the decision will not be manipulated by public opinion on this one I fear. All I can see is that that 20% they can have in cash, will just go to the local person who sells duty free fags from their house at knockdown prices , like they do round here already or on home-brew equipment or the ingredients for it etc. There will be ways round it. What I find frustrating is saying for example that alcohol would be banned when not everyone has a problem with alcohol and all food is ok when some foods are much worse on the body than a couple of glasses of wine. Its the fact that some toff in a posh office somewhere gets to choose what the card works for, for other people he/she doesn’t even know. I also agree with the person saying we already were not free, high rent/mortgage prices keep most people in slavery to their regular wages as just one example in daily life.

  13. Ooh, this one’s got me a Facebook ban Hugo 🤣 Facebook no likey

  14. On the Australian my Gov site, there’s a box on your page saying Take me too Digital ID” or remind me later “ there’s no,” No Thanks button “
    They push it on us” pretending to have standards “ Their a Bunch of Lying Bastards” and their day will certainly come “

    • Yes 👏🏻 👍👍💪 and not soon enough!!!! 👍

      Take care

  15. Conflict and the force of arms is the only way to achieving a lasting peace. Just saying!!!! Works every time.

  16. There was an amazing book from 1996 by a guy called Vladimir Megre. It’s sold millions. It was called ‘Anastasia’. It became a series called ‘The Ringing Cedars of Russia’. He was an entrepreneur on a trade trip to Siberia in 1995, where he experienced incredible spiritual phenomena connected with sacred ‘ringing cedar’ trees. He spent 3 days with a woman named Anastasia who shared her unique outlook on subjects as diverse as gardening, child-rearing, healing, nature, sexuality, religion, etc. It changed his life so much he gave up his business career to write a book at her request..

    One bit that I remember for example, he was in his forties at the time and she instinctively knew he wanted a child, so she basically slept with him to provide a child. She said a child must be brought into the world with genuine love from both parents, who wish to have a child. The child will be happy and contented because they were brought into the world through love.

    My point is, she lived happily and healthily in the Siberian Wilderness, in nature, alone with her family. It’s something we’re going to have to think about here.

  17. This will come to uk. Probably about 5-10 years away. It’s easy to do it. Uk society believes the only people claiming benefits from the government are scroungers etc. So they believe 3 million max only get benefits. Over 40 million men, women and children rely on government for ‘handouts’. If a scrounger, pensioner, single parent, dual parents, terminally ill person etc want to keep their payout from government they will have no choice but to bow down and obey.

    • But if the saying that’s been repeated over and over is correct. U will have nothing and be happy lol if that’s correct then that’s most of us. Think about that. All these smug tossers they wont no what’s hit em.

  18. This has been planned for a long time….the sinister elite are not true humanity I’m sure….we are in a zoo… being tested on…our history is a lie…,

  19. This Daily Mail story is manipulative. This Debit card has been around for 20 years or so. It was brought in to assist mainly mothers from having their alcoholic partners take their money or women suffering Domestic violence etc. you can buy whatever you want, you just can’t buy alcohol, cigarettes or gamble.
    This assists Centrelink customers to keep their money and helps them to budget. It is NOT compulsory and is not and never has been linked to the Vaccine passport. This is an absolute lie.
    Many people on the Debit card love it and can opt out whenever they wish.

    • U can also buy a pay as u go debt card and buy what u want ??? So there will always b away. I personly think this is crap. U cant stop people spending there money on what they want. Dole or not. So the guy round the shop can let u have what u want in his shop and passes it of as food lol it’s been going on forever. This is crap. Man will always find a way. let me tell u this . The government are not street smart. They never have had to be soon and arsh come to mind here.

    • Spot on. Nothing new. People should get it right b 4 they put the scare on people that dont no any better . X

  20. A similar system as been used in aboriginal communities for years in Australia.

  21. Going back to the Eric Clapton video. Your comment about TalkRadio is unfair. They have had suspensions from YouTube the same as you for ‘breaking community rules’. Julia Hartley Brewer savaged Lyn Truss, the Trade Secretary, last week, to the point that for the first time I was nearly sympathetic towards a politician. JHB is against lockdowns and mask-wearing and is not afraid to say so on air but to keep their licence to broadcast TalkRadio has to rein it in and allow the official narrative. It’s reality. Doctors and scientists get banned from social media just for quoting official data. We live in a heavily censored environment. Lies are not so quickly banned as the truth nowadays. Keep up the good work, I’m sure your tribe will grow and grow.

    • Shes fake posh twat. Has no clue about the real world. Of course they had a ban , makes them look good .

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