Mystery UK GOVT MOSQUITO VIRUS WARNING / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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117 Comments on “Mystery UK GOVT MOSQUITO VIRUS WARNING / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. June Relaxing being pushed back likely, bet they’ll keep holidays abroad restricted aswell, cause of the BS india BS!!

    As long as the pubs allow people in, everything else is and will be ignored anyway.

    Bike ride tonight, usually busy pub, cracking bar maid big errm eyes, me and 2 mates, ZERO others nice night aswell, paying 2 members of staff £100+ for the night for £10 worth of sales, there all going to be bankrupt.

    • LOL, reminds of the Dubliner’s song, ‘Maid Behind The Bar’. You can’t beat a bar maid with big (cough) ‘eyes’. You’re right though, they’re going to tank. Apart from, I’d suggest Wetherspoons. The owner’s mates with Worzel and has been buying up pubs in London at knock down prices.

  2. Pathogenesis and Immune Response of Ebinur Lake Virus: A Newly Identified Orthobunyavirus That Exhibited Strong Virulence in Mice… China has been very busy ! !

  3. Bill Gates team just released a whole load of Genetically modified Mosquito’s…. Curious 🤔

  4. I saw this news report and thought “here we go, something to blame some of the jab reactions on!” Then I saw Hugo Talks and how they had all disappeared, so I looked and I found that The Express newspapers story of this was still live, I thought “they didn’t get the memo to delete it then!” But then I looked at the date it was written, Thursday 14th November 2019! And I found the Independent had done a similar report dated Wednesday 27th May 2020!

  5. This has Bill Gates stench all over it !!!!

    • I entirely agree. He did this in Florida, presumably with Washington’s consent and encouragement, to punish Ron DeSantis for defying Biden’s silly edicts. Moreover, at the National Institutes Of Health, they are trying to find a way to inject mosquitos with the deadly vaccines (which are in fact registered as: ‘gene therapies’), so that when they are released, they will inject this poison into anyone who happens to be in their path. As I have stated before, Gates is deranged – and dangerous.

  6. Totally with you on this one hugo..a lot of DUPLICITY nowadays out there..
    You know what I am saying?….

  7. Interesting. I have read articles debunking Zika and Ebola virus myth. Jon Rappoport I think. Maybe they need justification of deaths, miscarriages etc once vax programme in full swing for younger people? Plus closing windows, fear of going out (like last summers advice) reduces vit D and immune system. Removed so quickly, who knows? Bit like sudden adult death syndrome, something they put out there then refer to and say they warned us about when death rates rise due to the jab perhaps? Confusion and chaos. Soon we will be told to stay out of the countryside for our ‘safety’ all in line with Agenda 21. Thanks Hugo

  8. I saw an article some weeks ago how Kill Gates had been tampering with mosquitos & putting a virus in them & they were going to be released on a US state (I think it was Florida), so I do not suggest anybody becomes complacent and think this won’t happen. There’s been a few videos of kill gates saying the next one is going to be worse and we all know it’s going to start again at least by September.

  9. Interestingly, this close windows advice is in direct contradiction of previous advice to open windows to let the Covid germs out.

    • Bill gates is mosquito man.. research his history on mosquito spreading using mosquito as a vaxx deliverer

  10. Follow the money.. Bill gates is where you need to research the mosquito issue

  11. Sounds like there was a miscommunication within the fascists NWO WEF project team. Somebody misread the date this phony news was to be realeased and probably got a bollocking from the Project Manager who in turn got a bollocking from The Mad Professor Schwarb😊

  12. They spread the dengue fever in the Caribbean probably via mosquitos then sent in a swarm of gmo mosquitos as the solution some of them had the zika virus though. These demons r tricky

  13. Bro remember Bill Gates has been releasing mosquitoes in Florida I’m sure check it out please

  14. Now bojos 21st June open up gonna change too cos of”Indian variant”
    Coincidence? Funny how stories being changed you know media is instructed by gov.

  15. Subliminal messaging of fear!
    PsyOps doing it’s job!
    Stay awake peeps! 🙏

  16. Check out Woodward tv on u tube he talks about this posted a few days ago!! Still on there

  17. Hay hugo did you hear the Bill Gates was going to released genetically modified mosquitoes in US do you think its is them or could I be genetically modified what’s hitos with kovid in them or possibly even a vaccine because I sent a link to mates and the same thing happened love wot you do keep it up many thank C bola

  18. Well it seems that the papers are to early and therefore didn’t listen to their briefing properly. This is meant to hit the country not now but in the future 🙂

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