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  1. We are not conspiracy theorists..we are truth tellers…im.not afraid of any of these wankers

    • yep… mhra yellow card ? argue that I dare them lol wankers

  2. Anything to hide the truth from the public,I would love tio see the faces on certain people when this finally breaks out.

    • Uk Collumn news and Hugo are the ones i only trust to give me well researched qaulity news!

      • Try Dr. Sam Bailey, Ivor Cummins, Tom Woods, and Gateway Pundit. All good sources if you like this site.

  3. BIG PHARMA is set to make hundreds of billions over the next few years with this virus “Scare”. So Big Pharma are just protecting their future profits. Never ever trust the Big Pharmaceutical companies. They will kill hundreds of thousands until they are caught out and then they will pay a few billion dollars in fines. Please be informed Hugo, if ver you get taken down I am copying your videos as a back up. I hope yu read this, if you check out “The Hill” from yesterday on you tube. They posted a fantastic video showing how proper reporting has now led to concrete evidence, that Dr Fauci, the medical expert advising President Biden, was responsible for gett ing congress to agree to a programme called “Gain of Function” whereby scientists altered the DNA of the SARS II virus to enable them to develope antidotes (so they claim) for future variants of the virus. This was done in conjunction with Scientists at the Wuhan Lab. I told folk last May, that America was culpable in all this and not China….here we are, the glue is coming unstuck slowly but surely

    • Colin, I was under the impression that any side effects can not be claimed as this has been introduced as an emergency (gene therapy). If you have blood clots, severe allergic reactions, uncontrollable shaking…. List goes on!
      Pharma companies will do everything to say it was coincidental or unrelated…. Shocking!

  4. I’d love them to try to re-educate me! πŸ€£πŸ–•

  5. It suggests to me that there must be millions upon millions of people refusing the vaccine for anyone to go to this amount of trouble to coerce us into conforming. This could be better news than it first seems.

  6. These dopes are the ones not living in reality. I have arguments daily with non brain using covidiots. Fuck em, sick of em fucking up our world with their dopeyness. Get vaxxed and fuck off. Literally.

  7. I’ve already replyed. Censorship? Really Hugo ?

  8. Money pot for the b’s of build back better and their stenchmen

  9. Good job Hugo, making yourself hard to cancel…

  10. I guess the honeypots make it easier for them to set up their list of undesirables for the death camps, shall we break old the yellow stars now or later on? They need to be reminded “I was only following orders” didn’t work as a defence last time & it won’t save them this time either.

  11. It would be useful to have somewhere on here where people can name and shame honeypot groups like those on Facebook.

  12. Freedom Cell seems like a good way to combat this and make secure small groups. It’s an idea more than anything, working in groups of 7. https://freedomcells.org/
    Have considered building an app around the idea as thought it would help resocialise people without it being a dating site. At least worth looking at!

  13. Sounds like they’re losing the battle I know a few more people at work that are saying they’re not sure about the vaccine. amongst all the sheep that would swear black was white because the television told them that. Let’s hope the unsure people don’t get taken in by these shills.

  14. I’m on FB group and had a response from one of these trolls. His profile says “GMOs are safe and vaccines work” Lol.

  15. Thank you πŸ™ Hugo

    I used FB once! back over 10 years ago and man did it affect me πŸ˜’πŸ™„ shut it down immediately!
    it’s a Hot spot and a Honey pot of Strange and quite frankly rude and hurtful people as from my personal opinion πŸ‘
    So Feck U FBπŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»YT and MSMπŸ–•πŸ»

    And I so pleased I subscribed πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

    Cheers Hugo once again for all your blessings, kindness and devotion to this channel πŸ’ͺ
    ✌️To you and all

    • Same here Janie, I had it about 10 years ago and found it soul destroying so I cancelled my account. I felt better instantly.

  16. Yep, looks like they’re getting a tad worried! Ha ha. But we’re brighter than that. We actually do our research. If you’re like me you question everything that smells. Not being on any big social media platforms means you don’t get lured by these groups, either. As Rob (above) says it’s best to stick with small trusted groups. Less chance of being infiltrated.

    • I will be coming off Facebook this week for good. Not because I am afraid to get suckered in with the Sheep, but because of the outrageous censorship that takes place. As Hugo warned us last month. A group of over 68 thousand people, sharing their horror stories since they took the vaccination has now come down. Even if I have to live off Grid. I will never willingly take the vaccine. After reading just 3 chapters of Virus Mania, my concerns are cemented.

      • Dan, I’m waiting for my copy… It’s had some really good reviews and helped a lot of people see what’s really going on.

      • Who is the author please?

  17. All it says to me is they’re really worried by those who won’t be vaccinated. There must be a lot more of us than we think.

    • I think so too. I’ve had 2 texts alone in a week saying come get your jab as we have spaces left. Maybe I should do what that American guy did and “take” my shot 🀣 eg walk off with the phial.

  18. Yes I was thinking, their propoganda is soo intense and severe atm there must be millions of people who will not be getting the jab. So in a way, we could be quietly happy there is soo much. Btw Hugo you should have included yourself in your own analysis, but you are correct to tell everyone to do their own research too. Be suspicious of everyone and ready to question everything people

  19. Isaiah 8:12-14
    International Standard Version
    12 β€œDon’t call conspiracy everything
    that this people calls conspiracy,
    and don’t fear what they fear,
    or live in terror.

    • I am on my third complete read of the Bible ( currently in Numbers ) thanks for this. πŸ™‚

  20. I have a real anti.vax group on fb.
    It’s been up for 8 years… There’s always tells on fb and honey pot groups,, nothing new in the vax world

  21. It’s a minefield out there… Don’t rely on anyone else to stop this… it’s down to YOU to see through the lies and deception to find the Truth!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

    • Thanks for the link. I am originally from the UK, but started travelling two years ago. Currently in Brazil. I hope I can find an equivalent here. Cheers

  22. Wondering which ‘Agency’ Dave n Dick are employees of?

  23. I’ve given up trying to convince people. Some close to me agree but the vast majority have and or will take the Mrna gene therapy injection. All I can do now is be patient and hope some will awaken to what is really happening. But I am not expectant of that happening. It seems to me that a lot of them simply don’t want to face such an idea, they just want their simple life back and are prepared to bury their collective heads in the sand and do as they are told until that happens. “You can’t wake someone that is pretending to be asleep”. Take care everyone.

  24. That Richard sounds like a rite eh …prick.

  25. They was trying to pass a law that’ll close down anything against there plan / the narrative, no updates in a few weeks, might of already snuck it through and waiting for a while for a cool off period to expire before they start using it.

    They if passed will just shut down the DNS to your site and Brandnewtube will vanish aswell.

    Freedom of speech is going quickly, anyone even talking could be inprisoned ( Gas Chamber )

    • Yes, this is a real thing. We have to expect the worst. One thing they’re obsessed with is destroying Christianity. Maybe we should all carry a cross to warn these demons off. What are the people implementing this stuff thinking? Rhetorical question. They don’t think, they do as they’re told for an easy life. Whatever the cost.

  26. Hugo my wife and I where at her friend’s 50th birthday on Saturday past. It was strange firstly being out but what was odd was some people we haven’t seen in some time and others we didn’t know and the conversation started like this how are you? Good to see you have you had one or two vaccinations, out of 30 odd people wife and I were the only ones not vaccinated. People where ok with us, yet you could see some people felt uneasy, one guy even said if I wasn’t vaccinated I wouldn’t be here. Anyway I just smiled and drank on and thought no point debating as people don’t understand.

  27. Webs littered with spies and traps.

    Covaids slowly fizzing out.

    Normality will return.

    • Where have they got their incredible wealth from though? They don’t do anything. Yet, they’re worth trillions.

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