Primark Penneys Want You To BOOK APPOINTMENT TO QUEUE! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Dawn of the Dead was a documentary. Brain dead zombies.

    • A woman was on the radio just now. Proudly telling the host that she was online for 6 hours. Wtf!

      • Wow just to go to that shit store, to get cloths to go on hoildays, its like these people have nothing better to do. They are fucked over in Ireland if they actually don’t stop this now. The only thing holding London back it isn’t the people it’s the government and locial councils. They are thecrule makers , we need to be the rule breakers once everthing is back open. Ignore these rules don’t go to these sht shops. Abided your time. They are nothing with you and your money. How dare they treat customers like this. Think about it. Its not about covid anymore, that ship is sailing of .

      • That’s just depressing.

  2. In my mind the only way to deal with this is to book appointment after appointment after appointment, they’ll soon fucking learn.

  3. I’m sorry but I’ll say it on your behalf Hugo, these fecking idiots deserve all they get & if they’re that fecking stupid to do it let them get on with it.

  4. Not a chance in hell of me queuing up to get into this jumble sale of trash.

  5. Words fail me , desperate so called human beings.:)

  6. I laughed out loud at this one! Yesterday I was in Gloucester and there were about 20 people queuing up the street for… McDonalds…in the rain! I laughed out loud then too!

  7. book loads of appointments and don’t turn up lol πŸ˜† they want the high streets out of business to redevelop them into sustainable accommodation under the councils local sustainable development plans. get everyone out of the countryside and packed into smart cities where they will be tracked 247 and murdered by the 5g don’t believe me? go and ask your council for the documents it’s all their.

  8. The insantity conntinues to astoound me! Come on sheeple open your eyes and see the TRUTH not the msm lies and govt bs that has you now hopping to line up to shop in a bargain basement store. This only ends when we end it – I DO NOT CONSENT I WILL NOT COMPLY!!

  9. I’ve bought garbage from there years ago. Never again. They must be desperate

  10. Ireland back into the lead in the madness stakes. The only way to wake these (that can be) Up is Shock and Awe now. For over 20 years people have tried the nice way so don’t feel bad if you upset a few Hugo!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  11. Don’t worry Hugo, if you do crack and eventually say something derogatory about these zombies, you’ll be forgiven.

  12. Please please please…im.looking for the job…yep..looking for the job that’s not advertised yet…CHIEF EXECUTIONER FOR ALL THESE STORE OWNERS AND SHEEP IN THE FKIN QUE… BRING ON THE SIDE EFFECTS AND DEATH FOR ALL THESE ZOMBIES…THEVWORLD NEEDS SHOT OF THEM9

  13. For a pair of socks that cost you less than a fiver.

  14. Christ on a bike ! What is wrong with these people . Not even as if it’s a high end exclusive store .. I wouldn’t shop anywhere that treated their customers like this . They deserve to go bust but they won’t as the sheep will take whatever they say on board . Just shop online or go elsewhere . A virtual queue to get in a queue . No thanks !

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  16. O my good graces πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™„πŸ™„
    Thankfully I do Not shop from theses stores load of crap clothes that under fit & fall apart from bad manufacturing πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Learned that the Only time I ever went years ago when my daughter was younger it was all could afford for a teenager being single mum.
    So on that note… this is
    Something else I going get get Great joy saying NO!! to lol πŸ˜‚
    Take care all ✌️No Complying ! no going madπŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

  17. Hahaha Hahahahahaha aaaaaah am I supposed to be surprised

  18. This is all done to kill off bricks and mortar shopping and funnel it through online . They just want to make it as hard as possible for people. And they are starting with the plebs as they they fold first.

    • I was just thinking that exact same thing, and then read your comment. That this is an incremental step towards everything being bought online. And that obviously ties into a cashless society.

  19. Stuck between a rock and hard place tho if everyone stopped the shop would close anyway not just this one but all of them , if we do shop and play this ridiculous game were behaving , I won’t go to the pub now have to check in sit at a table wear a mask when ya stood up can’t go to the bar no singing no dancing no doing anything just sit there and behave I’m not playing their game I feel so sorry for business owners

    • Same here, I don’t agree with loitering by the bar as it is intimidating for people wanting to be served and have seen the problems it causes. Like you I will not go back to the pub until all restrictions are lifted and they take cash. The business owners need to get together and stand up to this crap.

  20. 3.2 million deaths from coronavirus in 1 year and a few months. While 9 million people die every year from hunger and hunger-related diseases. Is this even a PANDEMIC?!

    • Amber, still need the proof that it’s been isolated to believe those statistics. Without that, it’s just flu!

    • Well said. Those are figures who have died ‘with’ it and not because of it there is a big difference. The definition of pandemic has been changed to instil fear.

  21. These robotic dimwitted wooden tops are acting as if they already have a chip in their wrist, an electronic implanted wristband, or are they already chipped and under total control through their smart devices ? Pennys is the Walmart of Ireland. These members of the slave race are irredeemable. There is no hope for them. They are a bewildered altered race of the damned.

  22. On one hand I can see why Penneys want to do this but I do agree with Hugo’s narrative. If the sheep allow this to be successful who knows how long the company will run this for. The thought of booking to go around a retail shop is madness and something I won’t do. Richer Sounds want you to do this so I took my business elsewhere to a shop who did not want to control me. I will never book to look round a shop, NT property etc or anywhere I have never booked before, I’ll keep my money in my pocket. Online booking for some businesses where you might be asked to pay in advance is another subtle way of getting rid of cash.

  23. hi we need to make loads and loads and loads of appointments and not turn up.

  24. the world is full of nutters and idiots, no wonder we are there for the taking by the powers that be.

  25. In other news, Zerohedge is reporting that the ‘Indian’ strain of the virus is vaccine resistant. Hmm.

    So can someone tell me how no one has isolated this virus outside of China, how can they tell what ‘strain’ anyone has. You would need to look at the DNA and find certain strings and match it up against variants. Well how can you do that if you dont even have a base example to work from? Does anyone really think that some super scientist somewhere is taking samples from people and comparing them, matching up the dna and looking for patterns to identify what type of virus it really is? And bear in mind that they dont have a base sample to compare anything with, Come on give me a break.

    No doubt this fiction is going to be used to lock us down again whilst they develop another shot to protect us from it.

  26. Booking to join a queue for cheap tat in Primark?! I don’t bloody think so! I’ve never once been to Primark, so I won’t start now.

  27. LoL Clown World. And just to add – how do these companies think they’ll survive when previously people could walk through their doors by the hundreds, and now they have to queue for hours to get permission to join a queue – their takings will be 1% of what they were before. All going bust – take a look at the US stock market today. Sleepy Joe gave an address to the nation, stocks fell off a big cliff. Wait til tomorrow, it’ll be carnage.

  28. Considering these people are always buying clothes, you’d think they’d look good, well dressed. Look at the state of them! I remember when I was in France years ago and I was watching football on TV. Anyway, the female presenter was the epitome of elegance. She was wearing a cashmere jumper, black trousers and high heels. My point being, only 3 items of clothing was visible, yet she was like I say, the epitome of elegance. Just another example of intelligence versus stupidity.

    • On this note, Coco Chanel said something important and 100% true. She said: “Unpolished shoes mean the end of Civilisation.” It might sound hyperbolic, but look at the sheeple in the picture. She meant, once one standard is dropped, all other standards will go too. We have people wandering around supermarkets in pyjama’s, grabbing food off the shelf, before or usually, without paying for it. They then dump the packaging on a shelf in the store. Mindless, cretinous, zombies.

      It used to be frowned upon to eat outside (unless a picnic obviously), and if you did, you would sit down. These ‘people’ are stuffing their fat, stupid faces whilst walking around. I saw a huge, fat woman, pushing her baby around, looked about 3, munching on a doughnut. It was fat already. There’s no hope for them. This behaviour is thus normalized from birth. And you try to tell them otherwise.

      • Seriously unpolished shoes πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ like it seems the whole world is fucked but your going on about one’s she’s being polished. Oh do me a favour. Go polish your BOOTS

      • I actually don’t no where you live lol but I don’t see people wondering around my locie tesco express or Co op or sainsbury’s in there nite clothes grabbing food of the she’s and not paying for it. Our you actually living on this planet. By the way should you not be worried about something more important in life. Like life its self and live and let live. Even if this where true mate. Think bout the bigger picture here. There’s a hell of a lot of people suffering from mental health problems now down t these lockdowns. Mayb standards in your little world have slipped , let me tell you this there’s always someone worse of then you and your standards. It makes me sick to think this is all you have to care about. πŸ˜”

    • Elegance , was she yet another rich bitch on TV. These people have kids also, are not in high paid jobs like the ever so elegant women on your TV u fucking twat get real

      • You do not necessarily have to be rich to be elegant. My wife was born and brought up in the Soviet Union and her family like most soviet families were not rich. She had to queue 8 hours outside a shop in Moscow for some shoes once. However looking at old photos of her from the 1980’s she looked elegant as did many men and women from the old communist bloc.

      • That was my point, Christopher. Visibly, she was wearing a jumper, trousers and shoes, that’s not going to cost that much money.

  29. Its not the babys fault tho is it. Its the parents.

  30. coming soon digital citizenship required soon to log on the net. no jab no internet no clothes lol πŸ˜‰ we’ve not seen nothing yet until we bring this to a end of course….

  31. Coming out of the Melbourne lock down last September I had to book a time slot for lap swimming by filling in a 6 page electronic form. I needed this water based exercise (after a three month ban) and bit the bullet.

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