Israel May Lockdown Everything AGAIN / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. They have to keep the pot on a good rolling boil, pedal to the metal till they get the population down with the “Vaccines” while screaming Mutation,more vaccine!

  2. ISreal, Ireland and Canada are Psyop central. How they are getting away with this, for so long remains a mystery? And we know what is coming is so much worse!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • Greetings from Canada’s West Coast 😊

      The recent totalitarian actions perpetrated against Pastors James Coates and Artur Pawlowski seem to have shaken the Canadian public into reexamining the “health and safety” narrative.
      Add to this the looming prospect of Bill C-12 (read FULL censorship)
      and the “freedom” that the public will be “granted” with immunity/”vaccine” passports, and the result is a collective wake-up call for many.
      Members of our own South Asian communities, who have family and friends overseas, are also aware that the “new India variant” has coincided with “vaccine” uptake. Furthermore, they recognize the “2021”photos showing collapsed people were actually taken during a massive gas leak, prior to the “pandemic”.

      It is encouraging to observe a growing number of rallies in small towns, in addition to those that have been held throughout the past year in larger cities.

      Cheers to you all, and stand in your truth 😊

  3. Great example to the rest of the world!
    When internally political groups who appose the jab & passport are being shut down.
    Variant my arse!
    Maybe they’ll save that trick for the end of the summer in the UK?
    Who knows with this shit show!

    • They’ve already got the Indian Variant story on a low simmer here in the UK, I reckon come September we’re in full lockdown again till next April/May.

      • Rob, the sad news is you have a point. This will go on till 2023 over autumn, winter and spring only to be released in summer.
        I wonder what the vaxxed will think when they have to have a booster or two every year??

  4. Freedom does not require a ‘Passport” of any kind. If it does then that is clearly NOT freedom. But these ‘nitwits’ can’t figure that out. Sheesh! The ‘Monkeys are truly running the zoo.” God bless & help us all!

    • LOL. Annie, watch this 30 second clip of Glenn Beck from years ago, really funny: “It’s like the damned Planet of the Apes!”

    • Here we go again utter nonsense I’m surprised that Israel are putting up with this crap and the worst of it is they got their children jabbed with experimental jab. Unbelievable

    • To be fair in the uk we weren’t very free before. Passports were needed to travel almost everywhere and they are not cheap and you have to apply for one. Visas then have conditions attached to them. Rent/mortgage prices are so unaffordable to the common man they are to work all month just to afford them and never save to buy anything outright. You need a certificate for everything going, a parent wants to work in the after school club needs one, a person who has learnt to drive well still needs to get one, you need I.d. To open a bank account and that’s the only way to get most pay packets or any are entitled to and it’s all for your safety……

      • sorry was supposed to read “any benefits you are entitled to” not sure where those missing words went 🙂

  5. Make no mistake, the Zionist J-ews are behind all that’s happening globally and have been for years. They own and control everything.
    If you need any further proof check out the videos on Know More

    • Yep, and you call it out and you’ll find yourself nailed to a cross.

    • “The Jews,” is just another globalist psyop to distract from the reality. Stop falling for it, the enemy is the Davos clique, the central banks and the WEF. The hatred of Israel is being utilised perfectly while the world watches and laughs at the Jews so no one cares about stopping it. Its basic psyop stuff.

    • An apartheid country run by Zionist Jews and our conservative government are Zionists.

    • You are mistaken. It’s the Jesuit order which are behind all what is going on. And always have been. The j’s are/will be the patsies, fall guys. Same as the mooslems. Research gematria effect news 21, Zac Hubbard on U tube. Better still read his latest book. Then you’ll understand.

  6. Different countries are testing different parts of the plan, so they can role it out better to us later on.

    I don’t believe in mutations there created at just the right times to suite the narrative / cover up vaccine deaths at just the right time.

    So basically, there going to lockdown for no actual reason, and there is no statistical way to say something will happen, so they know something obviously.

    That wouldn’t be shedding would it, all the none vaccinated are going to start getting ill, forcing a 100% Vaccine role out,sure they’ll be no harm in that at all.

    UK expect lockdown 3 by end of July, get everyones hopes up, then pull it away just before holiday season, further depress everyone.

    • I suspect you are right. The government haven’t signed a £300-million advertising contract if it is their intention to return our freedoms. At the moment, I believe and for the next few weeks or months, they are taking a breather while at the same time putting into place all they need to take this scam to a higher level. I also suspect ‘they’ are trying to work out how to circumvent all the codes of human rights around the world. Scary. Very very scary!

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  8. I’ve just had an interesting thought. Regardless of mass immigration and so on, it seems the most powerful/richest countries will remain so – France, Germany, UK, US, etc no matter who lives there. As long as you have a slave, underclass, this is how it will be. In other words. we have a self-proclaimed ‘elite’ that will do anything and everything to protect itself.

    • Andy, isn’t that how the elite operate across the world?
      Even in third world countries, it’s probably easier there as they are more corrupt.
      If they don’t agree… Use force and take gold… Simple!

  9. They keep shouting ‘variant’ but never say how varied. That’s because the variation ( in the worst one) is just 0.3%; 99.7% the same as the original. It’s the equivalent of you wearing a hat back to front; you can still be recognised and our immune system, that they would have us believe is useless, can recognised a virus changed by as much as 30%.

  10. Hahaha Hahahahahaha am i supposed to be surprised 😮

  11. So Israel….you got the jab….and the freedom was fleeting.. Just another carrot.

  12. They will come up with variant after variant to try and scare everyone until they all take the jab.

  13. I find it hard that variants are being used to scare the populations of the major western countries. it’s a known fact that there are no papers that have claimed to have identified the original isolated Tsars covid 19. So more computer models variant strains i assume. Resist these cult idiot’s.!!!!

    • Avengers, plus there’s still a real prize fund waiting for the person who has proof of isolation!

  14. Mass insanity. They know many people are weak minded celebrity driven morons, these fake people are unbelievable so easily brought. Weed Beer and a Donut for a jab. I could not stop laughing they will do anything to get us to comply and people are falling for it. The mainstream media is so very dangerous no alternative view point. Scotland is just insane with their sick propaganda. A family member has died because of this jab or shot as the Americans call it. More like a shot to the head. It’s just brainwashing on a global scale, 50 million spent on mind control.The world has truly gone mad. What happens to the ones that don’t comply with this madness.

      • I was thinking about this too. Could it be that the unvaccinated are the ones they want to get rid of as we are too rebellious and not conformist, if so maybe that’s why some unvaccinated people feel a bit ill round the vaccinated sometimes. On the other hand maybe they would they want to keep us as we show intelligence and the ability for wider thought? If the future is that menial jobs are to be done by robots and cars drive themselves etc they might only need intelligent people to program them and do clever futuristic research etc. Sorry these ideas make us sound like potentially useful animals, but I think the powers that be look at this huge population on the planet as just that. I saw it for myself when recently speaking to a man who is a high up masons and hearing his keenness for eugenics as well. He thought keeping pubs and meeting places closed/difficult to socialise in, was a great idea by the powers that be for the progression of the governments plans as they really don’t want anyone to club together and talk and form big groups together against them.

  15. I don’t fall for this Shite,we all know what is going on and what the end game is ,Roll on a Revolution and let the Heads roll !!

  16. What a shitshow!
    It seems there are two camps: those who’ve lost their minds and those who haven’t – or still have them. So, everything is dependant on clowns and morons, and reptiles like Bezos, Musk and Billy-boy are laughing at it.

  17. I am starting to barely able to listen to this stuff… mainly because people just go with this.
    No matter how much I am trying to excuse them to do so, I cannot settle this within myself.

  18. I’ve read twice now that the Supreme Court has ruled that these policies are unlawful. Yet Netanyahu still keeps this going! Something more is afoot as he’s achieved his goal of Israel being the first country to get everyone vaxxed, this making them the Star! What is it???

    • Gillian, there is a video on YT called outcry to the world, from Israel!!! It’s by BLCKBX a Dutch host interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel who is asking for help.
      If you can find it on Odysee maybe watch it there as it’s less likely to get taken down.

  19. This makes me even more antijab. I’m sure if you’re Israeli and you’ve been conned into the jab, how would this make you feel now. I’d feel conned.

  20. There are other agendas in hand, from the beginning of Ramadan Israeli police have attacked Palestinians while they were praying the last of was last Friday but we don’t hear anything from MSM about it. Advise to check the last American vagabond

  21. latest. digital citizenship required soon to use the internet. .ticks all the boxes. no jab no internet etc etc.. time to ditch the net lol. we know where this is going…..

  22. Never been afraid of dying, been shot at, blown up a little, nasty car crash, mountaineering solo accidents, 40ft rock climbing fall head hit rock got straight back up, fear doesn’t drive me, wasting my life unable to risk my life annoys the shit out of me, who wants to get old and suffer falling apart, ohhh sheep!

    This is why they have no power over me, sure they’ll screen for this trait like in those crap films which make mkre sense these days, gas chamber for me, turning that into an orgy and going out shagging 🙂

  23. Have you noticed that the crowd that won’t eat meat, are the one’s that are eager to get the vax?

    • Liner, good point!
      It seems they love following a trend and need guidance on the next big thing.
      I suppose they are also most likely to be heavily signed up to social media as well. They get it from all angles so must oblige

    • No I haven’t noticed this at all. I don’t eat meat and would never get jabbed and most of my like-minded friends are vegan.

  24. Meanwhile, nobody is concerned with real illness mortality 😡

  25. No mate Israel isn’t going to be closing for covid strains, if you know anything about Jews or have had any contact with them you would know they are not a direct people. For example if they were looking for hugo they wouldn’t ask where’s hugo? They would ask about where someone hugo talks too where is so and so? Because they know when they find so and so hugo won’t be far. The real reason they might shut everything at once is because the Muslims and Christians from around the world don’t come to the aid of the Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

    • Hahaha Hahahahahaha. Yes very complicated people but clever. No matter how understanding and forgiving we are as Christians, we will never agree with Muslims. We are as far apart as North is from the south in terms of beliefs. For starters, Jesus Christ is not one of the prophets. PERIOD.

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