Holly UNPOPULAR / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Did she tho…we don’t really know if it’s all a show for the sheep..sack her..hang her with the rest of the genocide merchants

    • I don’t think she has. She obviously thinks that we’re all stupid I don’t follow her anyway I don’t even watch this morning.

      • A stage for the sheep show. No jab administered here.

    • Agree with this Gary. No gloves, alleged needle hidden, and even if she actually got it she is a paid up member and actor of the elite who get the placebo. So obvious in the Amateur staged event it borders on pathetic.

      Another b movie shill

  2. They have to wheel these people out of their closets to encourage folks to have their jab! Whenever I see these photos one can’t see the needle going into the arm!

    • I just think none of these politicians or ” celebs ” would take the risk and agree to take the actual jib jab as Hugo calls it .

      • no is part of the deal + on average £79k,no gloves is the karma thing,miss the mistakes and its ur own fault,+not sitting,hidden needle and hidden eye picture to let us know who she works for? wish it was me haha

      • All freemasonry had to give their secret sign and they were getting placebos

    • 😂u say it how it is. She is nasty 🤮 she knows it and what you called her suits her
      Take care 👍💪

  3. Great unmasking of this properganda Hugo.
    Did you notice the One Eye picture?

    • Yes and we all know what it means i hope .

  4. She is a part of entertainment industry. She also taken a oath too. To follow all agenda’s. Basically another Freemason! All the famous and rich, have taken a oath of silence also. They enjoy their life styles, they will do anything to keep it, even to take or not take a poison. They also will go up in degree, and be given other projects. A chat show, or some other BS show, which makes the people think they are people, who have mortals, and some empathy? Nope, they love money, and I do bet she would sell her soul, to get up on the pyramid

    • I honestly believe all these celebs have had to sell their souls for fame and fortune, it’s the only way, imo, they can make it in showbiz.

    • Yes she is in one eye Religion and has exposed

  5. Jibjab and one eye symbolism seems to go together

  6. false as is the failed TV presenter.

  7. How can they walk this back when the balloon goes up ? They are all making themselves targets for the retribution that . hopefully
    will follow this travesty of evilness .

    • They don’t need to walk it back,they just need to convince more than 70% to get the poison,then they will try and make it law…the ones that refuse it will either be put into ‘re-education’ camps,hiding somewhere,or dead because of the ‘superior intelligent’ mask wearing ,changed DNA zombies.

  8. It seems odd to me that she is standing up for the vaccine.

    • Why so ~? Can`t you see she is one of them ? Look at her posing with one eye at the beginning , if you don`t know
      what that signifies look into it. All those who make it to public prominance are initiated into the fold , without it you get
      nowhere .

  9. Why anyone would believe this Professional Adult Pretender actually got the jab is beyond me. They are paid to pretend, nothing they do or say can be relied on to be the truth.

    • Great point, they are trained performers!

  10. Are you going to advertise the Freedom Rallies on 15th May? It sounds like there’s a lot of appetite for them among Instagram and Holly followers! New one just decided for West Sussex, 1pm in Hotham Park, Bognor Regis. That saves West Sussexers from having to go to Southampton or Eastbourne or London. Most counties on the south coast now holding a Freedom Rally on 15th, only Dorset seems to be missing.

  11. Brilliant . Just going to pop on and add a other negative comment . She’s a Stupid cow

  12. I believe everything these nonentities……… sorry….’celebrities’ tell me because of their vast medial knowledge and medical experience.

  13. First they say the AZ jab won’t be offered to under 30’s …then the under 40’s, then the Gov order 60 million of the PZ but not AZ …this is as close as you will get to them admitting there is a very serious problem with clotting. My friend at work is 57, I have known him for 25 years with no underlying health issues ….2 months ago he had the AZ jab, last weekend he had a stroke. Medical staff who just administer this without first checking your medical record are professionally, morally and ethically negligent …but then GP’S get £22 every jib they jab. It’s a disgrace!

  14. Not sure whether this is true but overheard this waiting to vote on Thursday, two guys talking and one said someone he knew booked a jab appointment at the local Tesco and got 10,000 clubcard points. That has to be a real sign of desperation if its correct, having to bribe people with points at Tesco.

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  16. when it comes to it, we are ALL going to have to stick up for each other.

  17. Thank you as always great share.

    Holly sold herself out!
    All of them do, have & Will!!
    and only the brainwashed would take her & them other greedy power freak’s seriously !
    Thank you again Hugo 👍 &✌️💪to you all
    always great comments every one👍💪

  18. There is one positive from this BS post from her…. Hopefully her followers will start to wake up and actually do some research & not get jabbed. Great to see so many people with realistic opposing views.

  19. Well said Hugo 👍 ive just told her how I feel about it, hope everyone else has too 😁 sharing your vid far & wide lol

  20. Look at her she gained popularity from her master the devil and now like everyone else is being dumped. That’s typical of his attributes….he uses you and dumps you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. It looks like her account has been suspended. Which is a bit of a shame, as I was going to read some of the comments and maybe make one of my own. If this is the right Twitter account for her. https://twitter.com/hollywilloughby

  22. I can’t stand this willoughby bitch! One minute she’s a goody two shoes on breakfast tv and the next minute she’s a dirty little slut on the Keith lemon show! (and he’s the next Jimmy Savile hiding in plain sight!) The jab wasn’t a real one! The needle didn’t even go in. It was hidden by the “doctors “ hand! They must think we’re all stupid! But they’re the stupid ones!

  23. No gloves again!!! And I’ve never seen anyone push a needle into some ones arm or pull it out with their fingers in that strange position!!

  24. WTF had any respect for this Willoughby muppet in the first place?

    Like Goldberg, she’s dumb enough to take the kill-shot.

    And as for Schofield – no need to ask where’s he’s taking it!

    • Steel back, brings a whole new meaning to… Roll your sleeve up!

  25. 1 month ago I called Kate garraway Kate go away. I got destroyed by many folk for that comment. Itv stinks

    • Keith, it depends on the context and where you used it?
      Anyway who give a flying F about these idiots!
      Her husband was ill so what? He could have been hospital for a number of reasons. He doesn’t look like the vision of health to me.
      Let’s put it down to convid and plaster it all over the media… And Kate don’t forget to cry anytime you have your photo taken.
      Gets her more bookings on daytime TV bless her.

  26. Any celebrity who spends more time at work than with their family are obviously getting more pleasure away from home.

  27. duckduck on X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion (y t video)

  28. Never have I seen such a strange way of injecting something. Look at this ,,doctor’s” hand, you would never handle a hypodermic needle this way. Totally unbelievable. What does this brazen female think we are?

    • F**king dumbos who will believe anything. There is no way she took the poison. None of those so-called celebs do.

  29. Looks like she’s in her kitchen. You can’t see the person allegedly giving the vaccine but they are not wearing gloves so clearly not real

  30. This fake celeb is part of the brainwashing media, there is no way she had the poison injected. They get paid and get concessions for acting like they do.

  31. Many are observing ‘nurse’ had no gloves…… And…. will she get her kids done for the camera in September?….If not why not?……

  32. The best vaccine for celebrities is stop paying your television licence and then stop watching all of the mainstream media, starve the bastards of your attention and they’ll soon change their tune but its highly unlikely that the sheep will do this, they need the guidance and encouragement that these fake screen prophets offer them.
    I read a comment recently that stated “The pandemic is basically an IQ test for the population of the world” there’s going to be a lot people going home without their certificate of merit then, isn’t there!

  33. How we are tired of this brainless players. Selling their souls fo 30 pieces of silver

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