Brainwash Back Better Part 2 / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown


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  1. How dare they! They are not even adroit liars, but must resort to implied blackmail! Gates, Schwab, and the moron Prince Charles, must be delighted.

    • You’re right, they are definitely not subtle.

  2. Im rolling up my sleeves to fight the vaccine

  3. Hugo Feckin BRILLIANT!!
    Some the ads just made me want vomit how Cringe 🤢🤮😂😂
    Cheers Hugo great vid
    ✌️ To you and All

  4. Another great video. It would actually be quite funny if it wasn’t so sad. So many people I know are blindly accepting the fake narrative, even people who up until now I thought were intelligent and free thinkers. In my local society I am definitely a minority when it comes to the jab and passports etc. If it wasn’t for like minded individuals on here I think I’d go mad!! Thank you Hugo for bringing people together 👍

    • Spot on. I didn’t realise how stupid most people are. I guess the elites are filtering out and exterminating the gullible, and cowardly. But then they’ll leave the gulags for us.

  5. Great video! The child catcher is a perfect comparison to their tricks. I always think of the emperors new clothes too. ✊

  6. One of your more disappointing efforts Hugo.
    Just a medley of propaganda clips we’ve already seen and even if not seen, everything in this presentation is stuff we already know very thoroughly. 🥱
    What we really need to know is what’s being done to effect some kind of positive change, such as waking the sleepwalking, muzzled moronic halfwits who are enabling this annihilation of our society, whilst ruining our whole way of life; by their willing and gleeful compliance.
    A lot Most of us have reached the end of our tethers with these sheep and are ready to start physically attacking the collaborating hideous looking, idiotic zombies, that all of them are. (Yes, I’m angry, as are most of us).
    We need REAL hope, not more humdrum about what we already know, inside-out & back-to-front.
    BTW: I don’t mean we expect you to provide such real hope Hugo, but we yearn for someone – anyone or just something that we can do, that might have some hope of effecting a change in direction, away from this insanity driven tyranny.
    Essentially we need to know how to convince EVERYONE (the dumbed-down masked zombies) to refuse en masse to comply with any and ALL of their dehumanizing mandates and diktats, which are rapidly destroying us.
    We’re in the midst of WW III, but the compliant, Stasi-like muzzled sheople (many of whom enjoy snitching on their neighbours), don’t even know there’s a problem, let alone a war that threatens their very existence.

    • I totally sympathise with your feelings. I feel the same way about the sheeple. I think for the ones who have had the jab it’s maybe too late. For those considering the jab, show them clear statistics and evidence? The jabbed won’t want to admit they have made a mistake with their beliefs about covid etc as they have done something major to their physical bodies already. I am desperate for people to wake up too. It’s getting really lonely. I am struggling to find a single person I know who hasn’t had the shot or doesn’t think they should wear a mask. I see some not wearing a mask occasionally in a shop but I don’t know why and I don’t know them, so I don’t feel I can ask them either. I’m going to the Bristol protest next Saturday 2pm, college green. Ive written a couple of times to the local mp. I’m not on social media and have no tv. I keep myself informed via alternative platforms and news people around the world. After that I think all we can do is refuse things as they come up? I don’t wear the mask and I burnt my vaccine call up letter and I emailed the surgery to tell them never to call me up for the vaccine again. Anyone else got more ideas?

    • Easier said than done Alan. Hugo is only presenting these scenes to show us how the stupid are lapping it up. What else can Hugo do? Have you any suggestions?
      Like St Antony said “One day men will go mad, and they will attack you because you are not like them” Those of us who refuse these poisons will be tens of thousands to one outnumbered. We are facing a very dark future. If I had a young family I would be terrified for their future.

      • I cant believe am saying this..I turn 40 in a few days and am glad I too do not have a young family. Can you imagine resisting this poison being put in your child’s body? As this poison becomes mandatory, I shudder for friends and family with young children.

    • Hello,

      Please check the link below :
      (They are updating their website. Please try only tomorrow later in the evening)

      This is from Dr. Tenpenny. She was so far very helpful to me, in regards to actually being able to understand the danger and differences of these vaccines mechanically.

      Once you understand this completely, it is easier to handle people around you.

      It is material, you can use to “dead agent” the vaccine propaganda.

      Kind regards,

  7. When she referred to celebrities as people who can vouch for the safety of the jab? I don’t even have a response to that. When I have retrieved my jaw from the floor, I may attempt one.

  8. it is almost that you hope that one of these “famous” die after the vaccination shot because this is absolutely bananas.

  9. The government has just signed a £300-million contract with an advertising company so they can brainwash us with more lies, more propaganda, more fear. The best piece of advice from that video is to stop watching t.v. and stop reading newspapers.

  10. I didnt realise I hated so many people what aload of liars they are devil worshipers I have absolutely no doubt now

  11. Nice video Hugo
    The guy at the beginning next advert they show about him is him with his sleeve roll up. Pathetic all this celebrities.
    My vaccine is called cannabis or marijuana or what’s you like to call it.

  12. Who is the man being interviewed at the end please? I’d like the full interview

  13. Bribed, blackmailed, bullied, cajoled…if this virus was so deadly, they wouldn’t need to lie so much. People didn’t drop dead on the streets, figures were manipulated to scare people; the media spread propaganda without permitting any dissent. I fear they have won.

  14. Wow! It’s very much like “Human hunger” games…zombies. I am appalled at the video. Where are the human??? Our morals, our human society. Overtaken by sirens, and continuous and constant barrage of ads. Truth is no longer accept?

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