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  1. Nice… he was meant to do an interview with a Truther friend.. but his PR woman stopped it as I guess bad for business. Media = Medium
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

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  3. Van leading the way and showing the other, so called, anti-establishment rebels the way. Where are they all anyway ? …. too afraid to lose some of their precious fan base and income revenue ? Some rebels lol

    • We have a lot of Van the man & now ordered the album that this tracks comes from to add to our collection, it’s called The Latest Project🤗

    • They are mostly pushing the vaxx wouldn`t you know , shows who their pay masters are .

  4. Van the Man stating how it is.FACT!

  5. Love Van, being in my 60’s and born in Belfast, like himself, I’ve always liked how different he can sound, ‘Have I told you lately’, ‘Cleaning Windows’, no not the George Formby version! I was on twitter defending Van the Man as there was an absolute hate fest going on, and I mean hate fest, (bastards that they are these paid trolls).

  6. Of course they own the media. Lock stock and two smoking barrels of it. That includes all music, radio, TV, and Hollyweird. Why not take a look at that last one Hugo and be totally sickened.
    When you realise just what they have been doing for over 50 years to our children you will begin to see how everything that is happening has been subliminally programmed into people. Mary Whitehouse tried to warn us over the years. When you see what these people are up to and doing to themselves today you will never want to watch another production coming out of the Hell hole every again. Here is a clue. Which sex is Angelina Jolie?
    Once you have joined up the dots on that you will see why there is so much confusion over sexuality with young people today.

  7. Okay this is getting WEIRD, WTF is going on, 6months ago my Uncle didn’t believe doing what he wanted, bumped into him, complaining the gym was like normal that isn’t right, errrr, had the vaccine, confused as to why I’m not having it, he hopes I don’t die and I should have it.

    He’s turned into a very compliant sheep since the vaccine and coulldn’t even accept the government own upto 23% of the deaths being not covid, even when I showed him the news on the BBC.

    Seeing lots of others, becoming more laid back, more compliant in all ways after they’ve had the vaccine, more meek add sheep like.

    I fear the shedding will kill us being highly likely, but hell NO am I becoming some drone who can’t think for myself, better dead than smeg!!

    100% back in good health, see client some day next week, see if I get sick again, no plans to be indoors with vaccinated till them, so good recovery time ( other than GF Oxford that doesn’t seem to be affecting me, just pfizer.

    • That is so weird you saying that, my dad is 83, been the most independent, do exactly as he pleases, took no rubbish from anyone, spoke his mind, regardless of what ANY one thought, especially the authorities, didn’t believe any of this business in the beginning, refused to wear a mask, stay in or keep away from people. He’s now, literally overnight ( well over the 2 jab period) turned the dead opposite, it’s like he’s a different person, believes it all now and not happy that me and my 2 brothers won’t get the jab and won’t believe any facts we tell him.. we’re very confused..

      • Linda, Hypnotised by the media by the sound of it.
        They have been a captive audience during lockdown.
        Do the right thing…. Trust the science… All that rubbish.
        They have coerced the F out of them.

      • Glad I’m not the only 1 seeing this thought I was going nuts, had to wall away from uncle earlier it’s just not him,nsaid this to jabbed gf and not a flicker she’s changed aswell since 1 jab.

        Invasion body snatchers 🙁 i want zombies I’ve trained for zombies!

      • The jib jab affects your thought process. The neighbour and a relative has had the jab. The neighbour is like a robot since she had the jab she’s had heart attack high blood pressure moles on her skin and gone blind. And she still believes everything the msm. Luckily she had injection in her eyes and eventually her sight came back. They were very independent people and didn’t take rubbish from anyone and now their best friend is daily and nightly news.

      • Once people take those jabs, they have to become zealots for the “vaccine” program and at least proclaim to believe all of the propaganda because they have agreed to be injected with to an experimental substance that will never fade away and cannot be taken back out – now it becomes imperative that everyone else make the same “sacrifice.” It becomes insupportable to think that there could be people who will avoid potential horrific potential side effects because they opt out. “I took the risk and you should too” seems like a fair bet on the general thinking, even if sometimes on a subconscious level.

      • If he didn’t believe in any of this business why did he have the 2 jabs?

      • My first husband too. I spoke to him a few weeks ago and he said he had had the first jab and I was shocked. He used to be a new age traveller and was careful what he ate and did in the world. He thought my worries were weird and kept trying to battle with me over facts and debunk my research on the covid conspiracy. He was a bit angry I wasn’t going to have the jab at all. Yesterday I texted him, are you ok? He said ‘Yes all good, totally jabbed up now and healthy’ …It was weird.

  8. Wrong film genre this is bigger and worse than ever expected, this is alien Invasion of the body snatchers shit, there personality is changing, my uncle above wasn’t my uncle I’ve known all my life.

    Worked with someone I’ve worked with for 15years genuus level, IQ 150s like working with average person, had Oxford both jabs.

    Changing personality, changing our DNA, moving in aliens? Invasion.

    How the fuck do we fight this, loads seeing same as me and asking wtf is going on I see to.


    • It’s Lucifer, not aliens. They will be using aliens as an excuse at some point, but it will be a hoax. Probably after the rapture, if the Bible is correct. This is an attack on Christianity, the coming years will make the last 2000 look like a stroll in the park.
      I, hope the rapture is real, because you won’t want to be around for Tribulations. If a rapture does take place, and a load of people disappear, they will blame it on aliens, we have 7 years from that point, till the end of days.
      Jesus will then rule in peace with the remaing Jews for 1000 years. Then I assume the cycle begins again, until we get it right.

      • Keep reading the book of Revelation. After Jesus return and after His millennium reign on this Earth this Earth is destroyed and there is a new Earth and New heaven that has already been prepared for the redeemed of mankind. All who’s name is written in the Lamb’s book of life will be able to live there with God……Paradise!

    • Turveyd, unfortunately you can only give them the same info you have to open their eyes.
      If they are so brainwashed to not even consider any opposing views then maybe….. And it’s harsh but…. They’ll just pay the highest price long term.
      Really wish there was an answer to this, I’ve got friends and family that have had it.

      • They where, it’s all BSer’s and suddenly, SHEEP following along, I must get it, it’s great, like a cult I first thought, now it’s becoming more I find it hard to type this more invasion of the body snatchers.

        Had friends turn to sheep before, thinking back, likely started the procedure via Flu Shots and in the water.

        Masks?? lower Oxygen help the organism, that’s been shown in the Pfizer Vaccine take control ??

        Yep crazy shit, but like talking to a different person, not ruling anything out, Satan based ?? Alien Based ??

      • It’s amazing you should say this. I was at work today at a supermarket, and I had to walk away from people, they were absolute zombies. I just kept saying to myself, this is not a serious country anymore. I couldn’t stand to be around most of the customers. I just kept thinking, get the hell away from me. I was thinking, people have suddenly got a whole lot worse, more zombified, which I thought was impossible. Honestly, it was bloody awful.

      • I am finding it pretty intolerable to be around those who are living, breathing and complying with this evil pantomime. It is so hard to maintain my life-long ‘respect every soul’ stance 🙁

    • Watch Dan Hananns latest video, talks about how sage know that the presence of a consistant perceived danger will change our psycoolgy

    • I truly don’t no where to go anymore or what to do. Is it me or do people seems to be acting werid. Like there that bit smarter then most people. I’m being serious now this is scary shit when you see people changing almost over night. It’s getting to the point that I have to keep reminding myself I’m not nuts. It’s a very lonely word for millions of awake people. My only worrie is what’s the end game ? I mean these jabbed up people seem a to be doing great ? Looking over and above fit and well ?? Full of life lol done up like dogs dinners. I feel like shit. Loo, like shit. My life will never be the same again. I can’t see anyway out of this. What’s the point if ur the leper ?

  9. Friday Quiz time….!
    Ok so between us let’s see if we can work out who “They” are?
    Rchilds, Rfellers, Bbergs, Gates, WEF…. Anyone else?

    • DuPont, Russell, Onassis, Collins, Morgan, Kennedy, Hapsburg, Li, Bundy, Astor, Vanderbilt, Bauer, Whitney, Duke, Oppenheim, Sinclair, Schiff, Solvay, Oppenheimer, Sassoon, Wheeler, Todd, Clinton, Taft, Goldschmidt, Wallenberg, Guggenheim, Bush, Van Duyn. Powerful families/bloodlines interlinked. For example, Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt.

  10. They own the media own the government own everything. We will own nothing. The truth sets you free.

  11. Just what I needed after a hard day – cheers Hugo, you can’t go far wrong with Van the man that wants to rock your gypsy soul x

  12. And on listening to the whole album, it’s good to know that he’s been polarised the right way & he knows it enough to tell them so – ‘it just doesn’t ring true, anymore’ and ‘I fell into a cult’ – choice lyrics that will hopefully help other understand the realty they’re in x

  13. Some very strange comments on here to night, aliens ,rapture , music videos, WTF is going on ,its just a shitty greedy horrible bunch if ncuts that want to run our lives . End of .

    • Or that’s just the cover and what’s going on, is way more sinister, never seen personality change so much so fast, getting angry aswell at any attempt to discuss, when before he was saying, died within 28days of a car crash, know it’s ALL REAL!!

  14. It has been shocking to see how most called artists have bowed to this scam ….Van is one of the few who wasn’t compllcit in silence while our freedems were stripped from us and that should be rememberd….

  15. Great stuff from Van the Man!! please check out my 2 songs i stuck on you tube: Anti-mask / covid bullshit song and Anti vaccine song : Gates of Hell ( Gil Bates ) by Jason Marvyn.

  16. Keep the vids coming Hugo they’re bang on

    • Yes, that’s a good point. Hugo, when you need a break, a rest, or are researching something. Repost something like this. It takes minutes, gets people interacting, and certain things will click with certain people and will lead to more truth. It’s a win/win.

  17. Hugo thanks a million for this Van Morrison song, what a hero, not only is he a great musician but is also a great man of the people. The scum BBC won’t play this track or the other two he has composed about the plandemic.

  18. Hi Hugo,

    I just read that in Germany the “vaccinated” or people who has “antibody’s” is from today, sunday the 9’th of May, not included in the curfew that is forced on the whole population in Germany. diversifying the population and putting a huge pear pressure on people that are “critical” of the jab. It has already started!
    What a fu.. up world it has become.

    • Wow looks like it’s beginning then. I want no part of this world now. I want out. No one will miss me. I came into this world with nothing and I will leave with nothing. I just can’t bear this anymore.x

  19. where are all the other musicians ? – these people have the respect of the population – well done Van Morrison for standing upmfor what is right!!

  20. Here are my favorite subversive musical gems that have been released during the pLandemic so far – all should have had many millions of views by now – SHARE!

    Most are from underground artists, but there are a few mainstream acts in there too – including Richard Ashcroft.

    This was one of the first: (Adam Lawson – Break Curfew (aka F#@k The Quarantine) – created back in May 2020)

    Then we had a classic from UK hiphop legend Fliptrix: (Fliptrix – Problem Reaction Solution – video filmed at London protests Aug/Sept 2020) (The Realisation Pt.2 – another gem from Fliptrix – Oct 2020) (Covid 19 The Musical – Frankie goes to Nowhere)
    (see official website here: )

    This, from Canada, is great too: (THE NEW NORMAL – Felipe & T.Y)

    Alongside the very vocal Ian Brown who we are all well aware of already, Richard Ashcroft clearly knows the score too, this should have had millions of views by now: (Richard Ashcroft – Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple) – a classic Lennon Cover)

    There are plenty of great parodies too, so be sure to check all the gems to be found by MediaBear and Charlie Cheswick: (Media Bear – many banned from youtube) (Mr Cheswick)

    Last but not least, there’s even this gem from 2009 – now more relevant that ever: (Mike Adams – Vaccine Zombie)

    There are plenty more by various underground artists, particularly rap/hip hop, seek and ye shall find – but those are my favorites to date.


    – as for why most mainstream artists & DJ’s are remaining silent, to say I’m dissappointed is an understatement.

    Danny Rampling is speaking out, so that’s one I know about (check his Twitter here: )

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