Schoolkids, Vaccines and GILLICK COMPETENCE / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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96 Comments on “Schoolkids, Vaccines and GILLICK COMPETENCE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. My kids are adults now, but I home educated them anyway. If I had kids now, they wouldn’t set foot in a school!

    • Mines 18mths, he’s going nursery till primary age, 3days a week. Then I’m home educating….started collecting educational books and games, things to do with life, and surviving. Learning real history before it was lulled down to suit an agenda. Will learn life skills and how to cope in a world go e mad.. will strengthen his mind to detect the bullshit…he’s my grandson, but will be strong and aware…..he’s gonna need it.😲

    • I am considering home schooling my kids but I have no idea how it works and how challenging it will be

      • I did it for a couple of years with three children primary age. It was very hard. It helps if you have a partner to share it with, which I didnt and if you can make some home schooling friends in the community where you are. Its not cheap either and you get almost no time to yourself and they are with you all the time 24 hours a day if you don’t know many people. It was fun though too and we travelled around a lot and were outside most of the time. Its worth paying the odd person to teach other skills like music if you don’t have those skills yourself. The most useful skill I found is to teach them to read well and enjoy reading as then they are able to teach themselves a bit too.

      • The golden rule of home schooling is…
        Don’t try and replicate school!!!!
        Throw everything about formal education in the bin and do interesting stuff with the kids instead. They’ll be engaged and will learn far more important things such as thinking for themselves. Do everything you can to foster their imagination and curiosity. While they are engaged, interested and challenged they’ll be learning without realising it.
        There will certainly be home school groups in your area that you can connect with and you’ll probably find like minded people to hang with.
        Go for it, good luck.

      • Try looking for your local support groups of home-edders in your area! it’s a good start to finding ones in same boat, and they have lots of info to pass on:-)

    • Speechless. One step closer to population control by coercing schoolkids

      • I am afraid it’s worse, it’s a satanic death cult behind this

    • It was because of your video on masks and tests in schools I took my 12 Yr old son out in January and I thank you for being the deciding factor

  2. This is against the law… surely.,..any lawyers?

    • Yes, lawyers could make unheard of fortunes pursuing all of this. Why are they not? Literally, money unheard of in their field.

      • I understand the frustration but which law….psychopaths are law breakers

      • It seems they’ve brought a lawsuit against the Canadian Gov etc 👍🏾

    • By asking the parents to give the child the form to complete, they are bypassing Gillicks, which needs a professional to determine, and getting parental consent by proxy. Evil psychopaths no more, no less

    • Reiner Fuellmich and a group of lawyers globally are issuing lawsuits of ‘crimes against humanity.’ They have collected much evidence, irrefutable they say, to bring this house of cards tumbling down.
      They’ve labelled it the Nuremberg trials 0.2. They are extremely confident that they will succeed.

      • I really hope they succeed in crushing these Megalomaniacs…

        Just gets worse n worse every day

  3. Am I supposed to be surprised…..of course not. They are trying to sacrifice children 😔 😪 😢

  4. And in Israel, people under the age of 30 are suffering from myocarditis after the 2nd jab! That’s inflammation of the heart…. why would anyone risk it on their kids! It’s a disgrace!

    • The biggest disgrace is they are hiding the truth about the side effects to ensure as many people get jabbed as possible, and don’t give a damn how it effects children.

    • I am not surprised but disappointed, distressed and disgusted. Someone needs to be charged with genocide 🤮🤯😳😭😢

    • I have had HOCM for 3 years now and one heart attack at 54, it’s no fun!

    • Also dangerous EMF causes inflammation including myocarditis/cardiomyopathy.From the 5g rollout and direct energy weapons in antennae on street lamps,

  5. Let’s call it for what it is. Murder. Anybody taking part in this, is an accomplice to murder and will be tried as such in the future court trials.

    • What better way to depopulate the world. I hope teachers do not buy in to this.

      • Unfortunately many do. One of my sons teachers has taken time off during a lesson to attend her covid jabs and then returned to the class at the end. She also openly asked the whole class of teenagers, who is planning to get the jab? who is not? . He is on a music course at a college so no need to ask about this as part of a lesson. I couldn’t believe it when I heard.

  6. This is shocking!
    Trying to inject an age group that can easily shrug off cold and flu due to their strong immune systems.
    For any age group it’s wrong but I suppose they will do anything to get more uptake.
    Anyone would think Sage and the government get bonuses for certain milestones.
    This must be very difficult when parents have differing views about the gene therapy!

      • Great observation Steve. Goes back to the ’50’/60’s and the Tavistock Institute. The Beatles, etc, rebellious attitude, new words: teenager, rock, etc, the clothes, a new ‘culture’ that rebelled against their parents/forefathers. And now look where we’re at. A lot of todays children hate their own culture, heritage, race, family even. They literally believe they shouldn’t EXIST!

      • I got one of those letters yesterday. Went in the electric confetti maker with all the others inviting me for my death jab.

    • Yes if parents have different views it’s quite traumatising for everyone involved as only one will get their way. I wish it would just stop now. Children were never at risk from this covid themselves were they? They only shut schools to stem the transmission to vulnerable adults/elderly whilst they looked for a vaccine. Wtf is going on and how is this continuing almost unchallenged. Like someone else said, where are the court cases? Where are the lawyers?

  7. Good on the teacher who resigned rather than push not just blatant propaganda, but totally inappropriate literature for children to be studying. At this point in time, I would urge all pupils just to go and burn down their schools. If this plan is carried forward, in two years time, there will be no need for schools as most families will have been torn apart by severe debilitating chronic illness or death in at least one member, severe food shortages that make ‘getting an education’ so far off the scale of importance that staying alive will be a major achievement. We are in an invisible war, that will become much more visible in the next few years as people drop dead or disabled in massive numbers…..try ‘flattening the curve’ then….pretty apt given the conspiracy theory nod to ‘flat earth theory’ in the garbage touted as information.

  8. This is the last chance to save these kids.. maybe 2 months. Get the best nano worm video to any awake kids you know and let them do the sharing. After what has been released today it confirms that anyone taking the VɅxx is dead meat either immediately or in the very near future.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. I’d take mine out of college if they try me with this demonic crap

  10. Unfortunately alot will just toe the line to get back NORMAL as they think. But the fact of the matter is all you can do is say no and sit back at watch the shit show knowing your awake and not consenting to the nonsense

  11. Time to get your old sheets out and tie them to the posts around your local school, even though my daughter is no longer at school I will certainly be doing that before September saying any Teacher, Doctor or Parent who wishes to give their child an experimental vaccine, not properly licensed until 2023, is unfit in my view to hold that trusted position…….BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS….

  12. First, divide friends and relatives from each other. Now, take children away from parental control and protection.

    Incidentally, this appears to be the same “research” I (in my 60s) was invited to take part in, and sent you a copy of several weeks ago, On Tuesday, I received a text from Ipsos Mori, meaning the NHS is sharing my personal data with its corporate partners. I’m currently considering making a formal complaint under the Data Protection Act.

    • Do it Steve. They are in the wrong, not you. Never forget that.

      • This is Satanism. They are playing God, which they have absolutely no right to do. They have no right to do this to us whatsoever.

  13. This is disgusting , any parent that didn’t see this coming and get thier kid out of school already needs to wake up now and get them out fast!
    Surely all this coersion of both adults and kids is against the human rights act clause relating to bodily autonimy? Anyone know more?

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is something in the vaccine that sterilises the kids. May be not so many immediate deaths and bad reactions, but long term infertility to reduce population figures.

  15. Anyone who allows their children/child to be vaccinated with a experimental vaccination that nobody knows what the long term affects are, for a illness that the average age of death is 82….they are guilty of child abuse.

    • You are right. But 90% of the population will allow it to happen though. Which tells you we’re the victims of mind control, basically. In the ‘old days’ lets say, WW1, we were bullied into submission. Before that, starved into submission. The mind control is two fold. They say we’re the problem – pollution, virus, etc and we’re the solution – kill yourself basically, by taking the shot, to save ‘Mother Earth’. We are the ‘Virus’ that needs eradicating and we can all live happily ever after. (In HELL!)


  17. My kids wouldn’t go anywhere feckin’ near it and openly dispute with any of their peers who go along with the narrative. Their masks are washed and worn paper thin. Purposely made loose, they hang below their bottom lips and I think even their teachers feel less guilty this way. Rather than having them fully muzzled.

  18. I’m not from the UK and it’s mandatory for secondary school kids unless they have a medical reason. It’s madness to wish your kids have a medical condition! I don’t wear one, rarely approached and I encourage them to do the same outside of school, which they do.

    • It is not mandatory in the UK, it is advisory , they just want you to think it is mandatory .
      Even the .Gov website is confusing and miss leading ,which says it all .

  19. It has always been about getting the kids sterilised! They don’t want us breeding! They want to depopulate the earth!

  20. These covid research letter with the headed logos of private companies on it.
    I had 2 send to me last year 1 just before Christmas rip them up.
    But the name on the bottom was Lord Bethlii so i email him told him what i done with the letters told i not following any guidelines and stuff his jab never got a reply highly paid cronie.

    Parents please REFUSE for your children’s future.

  21. this is why i took my children out of school before first lockdown

  22. I am sure it used to be case that everywhere and at all times exactly half of the population of a country was of below average intelligence.

    So why is it that MOST people I see on the street seem to be stupid?

    • It’s 10/90%. You’re part of the 10%.

  23. I’ve just looked at my shelves of DVD’s. Every single one is violence, dystopia, misery in one way or another. You check yours and it will be the same. Literally every single one. Now you may say, “What about Cocktail, with Tom Cruise?” Yep, Cruise, MK victim, Kidman sexually abused by her father, Beach Boys linked to the Manson, Kenneth Anger stuff, every single thing you want to look at. You name it.

  24. It’s all About Control…

    Thanks Hugo…
    All your videos are first class… And I’ve signed to everything your on…
    GOD bless you my friend, from John UK 🇬🇧 🙏

  25. Hugo I like what you do & how you do it. But do you have kids in school? If no, then please don’t say you’d take them out of school, I’ve got 3 young boys in school & taking them out is a huge step!
    If the school is foolish enough to push/encourage jab taking, I will deal with those concerned directly! And also find the source & deal with them too in ways I see fit. If they put pressure, I can put pressure back. Leave our children be!

  26. Disgustingly evil.

    I feared this so repatriated my two teen mixed race sons back to their country of birth to live with their mum last month… and this story confirms why.

    I’d already pulled them from school after the compulsory mask bollox came into play but was threatened by school with council legal action for exercising my right to home teach and was harassed and intimidated by social services misandrist scum to boot.

    The pressure became unbearable, situation untenable. You couldn’t make this shit up. I’m heartbroken to lose them but happy they’re outta here.

    At least I can see and talk to them by video chat now. That’s all I’ve got now. I’m bereft but know I did the right thing.

    What with vaccine passports imminent I’ll probably never see them again ever, as an ‘unjabbed’ heathen barred from travel in future..

    A brutal price to pay to keep school child abusers and needles at bay.

    It’ll be similar prospects in store in their country of refuge at a later stage no doubt but at least there the authorities are less efficient making injection evasion chances higher.

    It’s all off the charts fuked up, isn’t it. Just insane.

    Satanic indeed.

  27. It’s down to the parents to educate their children. We have a daughter of 12, she totally understands the dangers in the vaccine. She knows how strongly us as parents are against it all. She still goes to school she where’s a mask in the corridors not in class. She’s never taken a test. When the teacher offers her tests to take home she tells them no she won’t be doing one. To the teachers reply that she is selfish!! I wasn’t happy at all with that comment. But my daughter stands her ground. she does carry a letter in her school bag from us saying if there’s any problems to do with COVID testing vaccines then they call us! not talk to my daughter about it.
    As soon as vaccinations start in school my daughter will be taken out & home school because I don’t even want her round all of kids that has been vaccinated as I’m suffering with my periods badly at the moment. I’m not sure if this is being around vaccinated people! As I do work closely with people as I’m a beauty technician.
    We’ve even sold our house to buy a cheap renovation so we can be mortgage free. Preparing ourselves for what’s to come!! & we loved our house but we could end up loosing it if my husband refuses the jib jab in the near future, as he may loose his job. So drastic action needs to be taken before we could loose everything.
    This is just one crazy crazy life we’re living at the moment. But I do believe we will win this war at some point in the future!!!

    • Hi Anita,so proud of you and your husband thinking ahead and educating your daughter to stand up for herself,you guys are a role model for other families,talk to other parents at school who may have the same ideas about home schooling and together you could share the work,good luck.

  28. I believe they’re thinking one step ahead. First get the child to agree to the vaccine without their parent’s knowledge, then let the parent find out what the child agreed to and, if the parent tries to force the child not to take the vaccine, the government will take the child away from the parent. I’ve been saying all along, the big plan is to steal as many children as possible. I hope I’m wrong.

  29. Great post it seems like your family has its head screwed on .
    Great plan and good luck .

  30. Of course they’re going to jab the kids, it was always part of their Satanic globalist depopulation agenda. At best the kids will be sterilised to be used as slaves, at worst they will be sacrifised on a masonic altar by the Lucifarian pedophile elite once their parents succumb to genocide

  31. This info was available last year tho many refused to believe it, even tho they could read the documents for themselves. Praying that all parents finally wake up now 🙏😑

  32. Apart from the obvious evil of this: This leaflet to the children contains lies. It says despite all the evidence some people thin the eart is flat. Yet the only evidence it gives are NASA images which have been proved be fake and cgi. There are 200 plus proofs the earth is flat. Everyone knew it was a few hundred years ago and they were more intelligent than us. Water always finds its own level and people in Australioa are not standing upside down. The UN map on its logo is the flat earth map. See Eric Dubay’s film and book showing the 200 proofs. ps Gravity is another lie. If gravity existed how could a fly take off ?

    • Well if they refer to Nasa images then why leave out as stated in NASA reference publication august 1988 ‘to assume that an aircraft is flying over a flat non-rotating earth’?

      If that is not truly the case then to even suggest that idea would be absolutely crazy, given that it conflicts with the official version which is that the earth is a rotating sphere.

  33. Geoffrey.
    The inclusion of flat earth in this piece is deliberate.
    The whole FE thing has been deliberately put out and allowed to flourish as a means to instantly debunk anyone for whatever they may believe in.
    For example.
    “The virus is fake”
    “But you believe in FE so how can I take you seriously”
    Do you see how it works.
    One truth immediately questioned because of another manufactured belief.
    Of course we are all entitled to our views but be careful to which hill you plant your flag on.
    Just because you don’t understand why a fly can take of and fly doesn’t make gravity a fake lie or that the earth is flat.
    Ignorance doesn’t equate to understanding and closed minds only lead to a smaller world view.
    Please don’t fall into the FE trap. Question everything by all means but allow yourself to see and understand why FE belief actually exists.
    It’s there for a reason and that reason is to discredit other ideas that are actually true.

    • T,

      I think you have misnderstood my comment , the shape of the earth and the false notion of gravity.

      I am well aware this school leaflet and other fake covid narrative tries to discredit any counter narrative by reference to flat earthers.

      I saw how they think it works. However, a lot of children are actually aware of the reality of the flat earth. It is not a belief but true and a proven fact.

      Have you read Eric Dunay’s book or watched his video ? Have you any proof the earth is not flat and motionless ?

      Ask any pilot or civil engineer eg railway , bridge or canal or road engineer whether they take into account any curve in the surface and they will say no, New zoom lenses can see ships ‘reappear’ on the horizon and seen objects which should have disappered if the earth was curved (according to mathematics).

      We are now at the stage where trying to rubbish counter covid narrative with reference to flat earthers will back fire imo. I am sure most flat earthers know covid is fake because they think and use their brain.

      Also, when people start to think and relalize they have been lied to about the earth being a spinning ball , they may wake up and realize they have been lied to about a lot of other things including covid.

      Objects fall to the ground because of relative density not ‘gravity’. A fly is light enough and designed to use aero dynamics to fly like a bird or a duck but an elephant cannot fly mainly because of relative density rather than design.

      regards, Geoffrey

      • Hi again.
        No misunderstanding at all.
        I have seen dubays work and again, misunderstanding or misrepresentation of evidence is not I am afraid proof.
        I’m too old now to be bothered with this argument.
        Belief is indeed a powerful thing. Sometimes the most powerful.
        I do not object to your belief but please, don’t claim you have proof without actually producing this proof. And not from just stuff you have read or watched etc.
        An eager mind is a susceptible mind.
        Take your natural questioning mind and actually question that which you believe.
        As I have said I am old now. Lived long enough to have had the luxury of changing my mind many times.
        I have considered many things. And answers have come.
        If I told you the actual reasoning of the creation of our universe and lives on the earth that we live, and how so absolutely insignificant the time we have is. Under your understanding I’m afraid it would be futile as it just wouldn’t fit with the perception you hold so dear.
        And in ignorance you shall exist.
        It is so much more than is it flat or is it round.
        It is cyclical, self perpetuating and infinite.
        Good luck to you. Break the confines of what currently makes sense to you and think past what others proclaim to be proof of this or that.
        In short.
        Just think. Explore that which is in you and independent of external influence.
        Find the truth that is yours.

  34. Two points of possible interest:
    1) The ‘flat earth’ thing is used by certain agencies to ‘poison the well’. For example attempts were made to associate 911 truthers with the flat earth brigade (which doesnt actually exist unlike the 77th Brigade). Its often used by paid trolls to associate groups that challenge the official narrative.
    2) With regards to the test kits, this video shows what is seen under a microscope on the supplied swabs that go up your nose. It’s scary stuff and suggest the video is viewed before Youtube censor it:

    • Re flat earth, yeah I get those insults all the time on fbook, references to David Icke and his lizards and reptilians too, in order to try to discredit all other conspiracies on the basis of the most ridiculed ones.

      • Ridicule without invetigation is the height of ignorance (Einsteen I think). Have you heard of the Reptiian brain ? All these TV watchers who ridicule Icke now just display their ignorance. They have never read one of his books or listened to him for more than 5 minutes and then dismiss 30 years worth of research over many subjects.
        I’ve been banned by facebook of course so I do not get insults there.

  35. Oh, the old flat earth chestnut, in order to try to discredit all other conspiracies on the basis of one of the most ridiculed and flimsy. Cheap bastards!!!!

  36. My husband does not see any sinister agenda behind the vaccines but does not think the kids need them. He has said he would be interested to see the presentation. I feel it may help him see the level of indoctrination these kids are facing. Are you able to share it by email please?

  37. I hope the parents teach the right way.
    I hope the kids start and studying the benefits of the use of HEMP CANNABIS AND MARIJUANA.
    I hope the kids are tired of listening to the politicians lies (marijuana is bad)
    The truth is the, plant is the ONLY green solution.

  38. IMO as a clinical researcher PhD and with experience conducting clinical trials and reviewing the quality and ethics of these for approval and publication: the key issue is whether the procedure being agreed to is research rather than a typical medical procedure. The rules are different. Gillick competence appears to refer to medical interventions of approved drugs/therapies. However does the letter not refer to research? Even if not, we know these are experimental trials. For research with children below age 16 it is my understanding you require parental consent for any investigation involving a medical product. So, even if the child consents, if it involves medical products, on the basis of this being research stage it should not be legal. I am not aware that they have suddenly changed the rules in the name of COVID or given ‘special’ status. I do know the review process could however be inadequate and there is bias in favour of covid studies which are rushed through.

  39. I am a PhD clinical researcher with experience in clinical trials. I also review trials in relation to quality and ethics. Given that this is research it is my understanding children under 16 cannot consent to any investigation involving a medical product. HRA rules. The parent must also consent which appears to be the case here. This is different to Gillick competence then which appears to relate to standard approved medical intervention e.g. drugs/therapy. It does highlight how subtle the difference is though between research and approved treatment (as exemplified by current vax situ) and no doubt there will attempts to change these rules in the near future as the state takes further control of your children (as per 1984).

  40. I took my daughter out of school at the start of it all, she’s so much happier and more clued up that her friends that are still in school.

  41. When you be listen to David icke, watch spavebusters on, listen to Stephen Lanka, read Dr Cowan and Sally Morello book, read the book “murder by injection” know that the fake virus has NEVER been isolated, a test being used that doesn’t test for a virus, mortality the same for 2019/2020 , the media is the epitome of lies, then no one would wear a fucking mask or take the poison injection. And I only named a few problems with the fake pandemic – pandemic !!!!

  42. I took my kids out of school 5yrs ago! I would be absolutely horrified and worried sick with all this going on! If there’s anyone on the fence with taking them out I would say go for it before they start making it harder to home-ed! Believe me they have tried!!

  43. We are homeschooling 3 children through a distributed learning program. The best decision ever for our kids and our family. First half of the year was hard, but eventually, we figured out great online academies and hired tutors in the spheres we couldn’t cover. The quality of education rose tremendously. For example, 2 chapters of Latin at Lukeion project (covered in 4 weeks) took 1 year at a private school.

    Here are the links to academies we liked:

    We organized socializing through outdoor sports like soccer, beach volleyball, kayaking, skiing and hiking with our children’s friends. For summer we booked camping with other families.

    Such style of life is a tremendous sacrifice, but it’s also much joy. We got more connected with our kids through discussing books and articles, debating, essay writing. Our most focus is on learning to learn.

    Thank you for reading. Hope, the links help:)

  44. I thankfully don’t have my daughter at school no more but this is out of control as said
    People need stop doing lot’s things
    but they at the top THE HORRAS who are creating this World domination are using so much fear people are crumbling and I honestly sometimes can’t believe that still so many are going along with this just to have a feckin holiday!!! Sad as the ones at the top!

    But the more who say no don’t realise do they 🙃🙄 we could live our lives again if you just keep saying NO👍🤞🏻
    I will never comply rather die alone and hated by neighbours and friends I have NEVER upset by the way… with my Dignity thank you.

    Cheers Hugo

  45. We need a strong movement to represent and protect children, my question is what impact is ‘Us for Them’ having

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