Schoolkids, Vaccines and GILLICK COMPETENCE / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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96 Comments on “Schoolkids, Vaccines and GILLICK COMPETENCE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. My child also got this letter he is only 11 years old and in a school what helps children with problems. Makes me think is this letter targeting special needs children??? I as my child’s career had a number of letters and texts telling me to get the vaccine. I just ignored the texts and binned the letters. My child understands what is going on and he knows he has my permission to run away from school if they go anywhere near him with a needle/vaccine.

  2. Very well decided, the run away part is the best advice, better take him as of now to a race track with a good instructor so when the moment arrives he will be in Olympic form and win the race…

  3. I feel that my child shouldn’t be wearing a mask to school period. Thank you.

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