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  1. Problem is, when you stuff the job, there’s a danger you’ll end up on Universal Credit and even further into the total control system….

    • Yes, there is that real and very serious danger. If you want to receive Universal Basic Income, you must be vaccinated in order to get it.

      • How can u say that ? So what about people on sickness and disability benefits that dont want to get the jab and by my research they shouldn’t b getting it. So flippant the way u say this. It’s a very stupid thing to put out there.

      • I wasn’t stating it as a factual statement. If you re-read what I said, I said that it could be something that happens hypothetically.

      • Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

    • In time logic and the common law will win in the end. The cult knows we are on to them so they are wanting to burn the house down before they have to run out the building. Unfortunately the house’s are the vaxxed bodies of an infantile society.

      • I totally agree it’s not over till it’s over lol and it’s far from over yet. What just because a few fat old rich twats want to go fully jabbed up on a cruise. Well fuckem let them go. No one should be have to have a jab they dont want. Think people are still forgetting this is not law and its STILL personly choice.

    • Well looks like that will be almost everone if things dont change. I mean really a couple of the comments on here saying about being in the control system and will have to be vaxed is the most stupid thing u could put out there. People who have been on disability benefits and long term sickness benefits long b 4 bloody covid may not want the jab but putting this statement out there could quite easily push some people with mental health problems over the edge. These are the very people by my research that should be getting the jab but are offered it. This flippant comment could worry a lot of people that may listen to hugo.

      • Sorry, they should not be getting the jab.

    • There could be a way out for people like us –

      It’s a recruitment agency specialising in building employers and candidates who can’t / don’t want to work in companies imposing masks/vaccines/restrictions. I’ve contacted them myself. I found them here:

  2. There is something as the Nuremberg Code I believe, and the Human Rights…..

  3. Fair play to you, Hugo. Willing to reflect, and put your hand up. Bang on point too, as always.

  4. CONtradictions – The Seychelles did have a population of 100,000 – These Cruise Ships will be like the Mary Celeste!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  5. Great video Hugo, I like it when you freestyle it a bit. That cruise line company making demands. That will become more apparent, we all know that’s what coming. Every job you apply for, they’ll expect you to sign some bullshit piece of paper saying you’re ready to take the shot. Fuck them and fuck ‘Royal’ Caribbean and their gay ass cruises!

  6. In essence Hugo in an ideal world we would all be telling our bosses to stuff the job , but when people still have a mortgage and mouths to feed and other financial commitments life is not as easy as growing a few spuds in the garden and saying fuck that I’m off .

    • Tommy, this is why we need to educate ourselves on our rights. Especially on coersion. Maybe our body our choice will have a new meaning during this crazy time.

      • Of course I dont want be coerced I to having a dodgy jab .
        Sadly my my mortgage company and the girl on the checkout at the supermarket dont really give a fuck ,welcome to the real world .

      • Indeed. We need to educate ourselves in the art of growing spuds 😀

    • I know Tommy. And this is the crux of the whole matter. Which is why we need to figure something out. Because by going along with this beast system, we’re constantly feeding it and making it more powerful. And what you’ve just said sums it up, it is FEAR. Fear of losing this and that. And by saying spuds this and that is buying into that chucklehead Trev’s smart ass narrative.

      So, you’re argument is, basically, I’ll do everything I’m told because I’ve got a mortgage. Do you see how it is all based on fear, and by using fear, they control us. I’ve had mortgages and handed my notice in and walked away a few times. Nothing bad happened. People couldn’t wrap their heads around it. They’ll be still doing the exact same thing and getting nowhere, lining up for the shots. I’m not having a go but this fearful mindset is absolute,100% poison.

      • See Andy that’s my argument you said HAD mortgages ,well a lot of people still HAVE mortgages .
        That’s all I’m trying to point out, just like having the jab itself people have to make decisions based on thier own personal circumstances. I’m in the UK so this idea of living happily ever after in some self sufficient commune in the desert is just pie In the sky .
        More like
        It would be living on a roundabout just outside Milton Keynes and scavenging foods from the motorway services skip. And the bailiffs would still probably be on the case too .

      • For the cruise ship people, its an industry full of Indonesian people who do the daily grind work. One person who in employed, because of the poverty in those 3rd world countries probably sustains 4 or 5 families.
        We live in S Africa, here there is no ‘ safety net’ provided by the system. Sadly, due to the ANC governments sell out to the NWO, no white male can get any kind of job here… Even a menial job.
        HUGO has either been around somone who is shedding or he needs a bit of a break, because in this video I heard a serious lack of EMPATHY ….. The MAJOR symptom of the gene 8 which the jibjab is targetting.

      • Maritime law is to be replaced with common law, I’ve heard?.. things are changing for the better I believe. Let’s all try to live without fear, not easy due to all the conditioning, however I’m certainly willing to readjust my mindset and my life priorities. Great video as always Hugo.

      • I see that I have been mentioned in despatches 😀 Chucklehead – indeed! 😀

    • So what you are saying is “you are better off dead then”?

  7. Nice video hugo..good work, take it easy yourself, as life has priorities, don’t burn yourself out.🙄

    • Great video Hugo 👍💪💪

      You have been a Rock for me personally through this Insanity!
      I think you should be very Proud of your work and all you do for us out here who Are Listening!!👍💪✌️🙏

      I hope you catch up on things in your own life as someone mentioned on here,
      Don’t burn yourself out✌️👍
      And you called some people involved in the Bullcrap!🙄 many incredibly funny names sometimes you are hilarious 😂 so I not offended personally I think you’re funny and we need humour Hugo

      Keep strong every one ..Say No to the lethal injection weapon .. and let’s not take our foot off the gas giving them ‘funny hand shakers’🧐😂🙄 a run for their dollar feckin muppets lot them and a silly bus! On that note..
      when I do ever get a ‘normal bus into town that’s late.. bet the ‘Lethal weapon injection bus’ ain’t!!!! C—-S!!

      Have good day to you all and Say No!! 💪💪

  8. “Coercion
    The intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats.”

    I would credit the crew with more sense than the passengers, hopefully enough to say NO shove your job; the same job where I have to beg for tips as you don’t fucking pay me and now your trying to coheres me to risk my life and be medically experimented so I can feed my children.

    • Exactly, we need to tell them to shove their jobs up their big fat assholes. And make no mistake, these companies will tank. Most companies are weeks away from bankruptcy. We need to STOP BEING AFRAID. It is what holding us down. Somebody mentioned Ian Brown being a dissenter. He did a song called FEAR. The lyrics were: “You’ve got the FEAR.” Whether he meant it in a positive or negative way I don’t know.

  9. I really felt that ending there Hugo…thank you, and nice catch with the cruise ship vacationers too…that is the shift in consciousness we are needing now. It takes courage and strength to be able to do that. Keep supporting that conscious positivity, it won’t do you wrong, and it will help us all. And thanks for the conscious reflections of the contradictions of what is going on, steady and consistent reflective questioning will eventually cut through the BS. ^_^

    • True. Honestly, I’ve left jobs, when I’ve had a mortgage, bills, etc. I’ve never felt better after doing so. Which is why I’ve done it a few times. Nothing bad happens. Its the most liberating thing you’ll ever do. When you know that, fear evaporates. Suddenly, the employers are fearful. Trust me, I’ve been there and done it. We just need, I don’t know, 5% who are prepared to hand their notice in. We all know those 5% will be the best, most productive people and they know that. And it will send an incredibly powerful message.

  10. Hugo, you are fine. I love your messages and encouragement. Call those people is okay Hugo. I love how you narrate the news. Thank you for all you do.

  11. I dont buy any of this about seychelles….that cant be covid,there is no flu in these always warm countries,similar in india etc….who believes that

  12. Self sufficiency for sure Hugo! Leave the bullshit system and create your own! A simple life doesn’t cost much! Educate yourself to forage and use what’s around us! ❤️

    • This will lead to the hunger games… Watch David Icke…. We all need to become kinder and more heart centred. LOVE is the only thing which will lift us above what is coming here in the 3rd dimension.

  13. Hi Hugo
    I and a few others have left a great google review on royal Caribbean uk😂
    love your posts
    convid plandemic

  14. Dr Reiner Fuellmich has taken the Canadian government to the supreme Court for crimes against humanity.. Check it out. MSN Included.. Scumbags scientists too. We need someone here in 🇬🇧 too. People today can be the beginning of the resistance getting stronger. Vote for any independent you may consider will fight for our freedom and stop this scaremongering. Let’s get the Tories and Labour OUT. YES, WE CAN.

    • We do I’m pleased to say. Check out Michael O’Bernicia. Use DuckDuckGo search engine. He also has a Twitter page. There is a prosecution currently happening against the UK government ( fraud) by the people (us).

    • Michael O’Bernicia is doing the same in U.K. – a private criminal prosecution against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson.

  15. My son is also a Carnival contractor…. Carnival are vaccinating everyone in board the ship. They say the CDC are MANDATING this. Sadly as a musician he has been out of work for 14 months…. This is not a ‘silly job’ , this is his livelihood Hugo…. PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK SO DISRESPECTFULLY….. the whole hospitality industry is destroyed…..

    • I agree Julia ,99% of the time. I’m a great advocate of what Hugo says and I’m very grateful for all the time and effort he puts in .

      I have no affiliations with cruise workers and I have no Intention of holidaying on one.

      However I found this post 99% ridiculous and the worst he has

      It was in the main a personal assault on low paid cruise ship workers ,people whom have suffered just like the rest of us through this madness and BS .

      As for this self sufficient nonsense this usually comes from well off people with too much time on their hands or the ones who dont wash regularly ,hug trees and claim benefits all their lives .

      I just hope Hugo thinks his posts through a bit more in future ,he has been asking for support, I wonder if there is a cruise ship worker out there who follows Hugo and has contributed financially, because of it was me I would be pretty pissed off .

    • I agree Hugo should not stand in the way when a person chooses self euthanasia. Everything a person needs to know can be found. If they choose a self destructive option, who does Hugo think he is to stop them?

  16. Stuff Em Hugo, i’d jump overboard aswell lol. There must be someone who can be held accountable, i dont understand how these companies are getting away with introducing these measures! It would be interesting to see the email that the shipping company actually recieved!

    • Yes, the government’s have basically put the onus on companies to enforce it, or ‘mandate’ it. And those that do their bidding their will receive riches I’m sure. I know the big supermarkets are raking it in, since this lockdown started, as everything else has been closed down.

  17. I think we should be asking the important question about the situation in the Seychelles- if, as they say there is a spike in convid cases and a high percentage have been doubly jabbed up, are we seeing, from those who have contracted this virus, having a quicker recovery and the effects lessened by being full of the poison? After all, this is what they used to try to sell it to us.
    Lovely to hear your words of apology Hugo, it’s so important we don’t divide ourselves, which is exactly what ‘they’ want us to do – big thumbs up to you and all you do. Thank you. 👍🙏

  18. coercing the vaccine is illegal under nuremberg as it’s still experimental. Drug companies have been given exemption this means anyone manipulating people through whatever means to take the jab will be liable, that’s employers, doctors etc, they obviously don’t realise this.

  19. This is an attack on Christianity. All these world leaders and big tech, belong to the same “club”. They believe that Lucifer is the true god, and have sworn an oath to bring an end to Christianity.
    It, doesn’t matter what you or I, believe. It’s what they beleive, and they have all the power and wealth. They want 2.5 billion people, off the world population…..about the same as the amount of Christians in the world.

    • Well said, it doesn’t matter what you or I, or anybody else thinks or believes, it’s what they believe that matters, because we’ll be affected by it.

  20. The local power station has already made it compulsory you’re vaccinated or no job! It’s now part of you’re induction!! The experimental jab! Can’t believe how people are making it so easy for them!! Asked my dad who works there why they are all just accepting it……… 🤷‍♂️ It’s work he replied!! We have no chance!! I’m so against this jab but yet I’m the the only adult in my family who hasn’t had it!! I’ve tried my best but 🤷‍♂️

    • And can you see how it all fits together? They’ve put countless businesses under through these ‘lockdowns’, making jobs scarcer. More and more power centralised into these big corporations, who will happily do the government’s bidding if it makes them richer. Just proves what an orchestrated scam it has been since the start.

  21. strong comments on here today,are we seeing a divide now?

    • It’s a necessary shift. There will be a temporary push back, but It will pass. We mustn’t turn on each other now and focus on the real enemy. Remember, we’re on the same page.

  22. Dear Hugo, I love your videos keeping us informed of what is going on around us. However there are a couple of things I felt compelled to mention. A) I am an avid cruiser, or rather I was since I shall not cruise again while they implement all sorts of restrictions I.e masks, social distancing, testing, etc. Hugo , cruises are not just for the rich, they are for everybody. Like a hotel, you can pay for a suite, or an ordinary room. I am definitely not rich. B) the majority of crew come from 3rd world countries where these people do not have jobs available to maintain their families which in many cases are not just spouses and children, but also parents. Those countries do not have a safety net of benefits like the UK. I am full of compassion for these people. It must be agonising to have to choose between feeding your extended family or turn down the job and die. I hear what you say and I am all for standing firm against this tyranny. Let’s pray for this nightmare to end soon.
    It was very refreshing to hear you say that you will not give names to those who comply anymore. I think we are all guilty of that, me included. These people are victims of the dark forces at work, but they cannot see it…..yet. I 👏You on your comment. Thank you for all your hard work.

  23. never coerce with them , never comply to them , and live your life like you always have done

  24. O the vax don’t work, it just makes you worse, and I know I won’t see you’re face again 😂

    • Remember that Billy Idol song, ‘Eyes Without a Face’?

      “Eyes without a face, got no human grace, You’re eyes without a face.”

      Ain’t that the truth.

  25. I predict the death of this cruise company!

    • Yep, a load of this these cruise liners are now scrap, being taken apart as we speak.

  26. Calling some people sheep is valid in my opinion. We saw one sheep escape from a field into the road, followed a few seconds later one by one by the whole field full of sheep which proceeded to just group in the centre of the road. I turned to my son and said ‘this is what Hugo means when he is talking about some people being like sheep”. It helped him understand which people you are referring too. It’s a very frustrating time to live. I think you are right when you say calling them names directly to their faces wont help change their opinions, but as a descriptive word in conversation, it’s fine imo as its a good description. My son is a musician too and has had nothing to do for over a year apart from attending rubbish college lessons online mostly, no live collaborations, performances or studio time. It’s sad if you are in the entertainment/hospitality industry but if it’s truly appreciated by people it will survive into the future somehow I think.

  27. Deaths (28) in the Seychelles seem to have started on 26 December 2020. Does that coincide with the start of the jab rollout? Doesn’t seem many but the population is not that large.

  28. My two favourite sayings work perfectly every day “Don’t let the Bastards get you down” & “Don’t give the Bastards the satisfaction”.

  29. Give it two years when a good percentage of the v’d have disappeared. The predictions are the international travel industry is dead anyway, with Countries closing borders until 2023 ( Australia ) and ministers ( Lib Dem’s) in the UK calling on a cap for foreign travel and limiting of the numbers of people who can travel abroad to work towards a reduction in global warming. It seems to me only the rich and people travelling for work will be able to afford to travel anyway. The travel industry will have to raise prices to survive making it a pastime of the rich and privileged. The plebs will have to put up with a holiday in the UK, until they bring in travel restrictions within our Country when the foreign travel curbs don’t have the desired result. Cars will be targeted, and now it’s becoming obvious that electric cars are not so green, as the lithium batteries are problematic to recycle and dispose of at the end of their life. You will be prevented from owning private transport and will have to use overcrowded public transport, cycle or walk. What a bright happy New World Order 😡.

    • Fantastic😂
      You have hit the nail on the head

  30. I saw an article online yesterday I’ll try a look it up for the link. Not that it’s much consolation to the employee’s who have already passed, but OSHA in the US ( I think it stands for office of health and safety) have changed the rules that if a company mandates compulsory vaccinations then if that employee suffers serious side effects that mean loss of work, inability to be employed or death then the company shall be liable for compensating that employee or their family. Consequently a number of companies have sign electronically rescinded their compulsory vax mandate and left it up to the employee’s choice.

  31. Contradictions abound certainly with these Vaccines. Members of my family who’ve had both jabs, still have to do a PCR test before going to work. My partner and daughter work in care homes and they have to test 4 times a week, my son in law has to test even to go on a building site. Yet the pro Vaccine folk I talk to seem to think that’s normal. I think a lot more “alleged” cases are going to be blamed on us unvaccinated people, on MSM over the coming months that’s for sure. So let’s be careful out there and stay strong.

    • Good point Edward. You can imagine what’s coming. They’ll be another lockdown and the media will work in tandem with the politicians and the companies and blame the lockdown on the unvaccinated. And the sheeple will believe it, hook, line and sinker. And then, the sheeple will work in tandem with the ‘police’ and the ‘covid marshalls’ and start coming after us. We’ve got to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for this very real possibility. That’s my take. I mean, look at how vicious the cops, ‘covid masrshalls’ behaved the first time around. And the sheeple don’t know the difference between their bumholes and a hole in the ground. They’re completely exhausted by this. They just want to go back to watching sporstball. Honestly, it’ll be like the fricking ‘Day of the Dead’.

  32. I think we need to wait and see. People are jumping the gun on here today about ending up on bennifits and getting into the system and once your in u will have to have the jabb. Theres a lot of people on long term sickness and disability benefits that were on it long b 4 covid. These people may read this and not have any plans to get the jab but it will scary them. I mean special if they have mental health problems as well.

  33. It is better to Trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man

    God keeps his promises

    • Yes, a lot of people will scoff at what you say. But do these people believe we’ve evolved from a germ, or a frog, or something? If evolution is real, then surely you’d have all kinds of crazy ass creatures wandering about, people with 3 arms and 2 heads, 3 dicks and 4 assholes or something. No, a human reproduces a human, an ant reproduces an ant, a bird reproduces a bird. In theory, a dog could shag a cat and shit out a mixture of dog and cat, but it’s never happened. Ever.

      • Good comment andyc. 👍
        But the world is now controlled by a satanic secret society that has indoctrinated them with total lies.
        However, like you and me: they were offered the same choice: to follow Jesus or lucifer, most of the world opted for the latter, because it’s a much easier softer option, but only short term. That’s what they don’t know, but will find out VERY soon.

      • Thanks Alan. I can feel that this is now spiritual. I know I can be course with my language but it is the only effective way to communicate I find. Because obviously people have responded to this way of communicating and turned to the dark side, so to speak. They find this appealing. So, I think, turn it back on them and we be the funny guys, mocking all their pathetic bullshit.

  34. No Hugo, you have definitely done the RIGHT thing by calling the collaborators, names like sheep, zombies etc.. Consider the disgustingly disparaging and condescending names they call us (including your good self) even on public MSM TV and radio stations News bulletins, when we’re only GENUINELY interested in preventing them being injured or having their whole way of life permanently ruined.
    More importantly however, is that it’s been almost 14 months now since this blatantly obvious hoax was launched upon the masses and I just cannot and don’t believe that all of them could not see what’s really going on by now.
    Maybe be a tiny few with very low IQ or perhaps dementia sufferers still don’t, but I think most of them now, DO know this is not about a ‘deadly pandemic’ but about enslavement and, right now: they are comfortable with their servitude to the tyrants that hate them, simply because right now: many of them are better off on welfare support such as furlough than they were pre-March 2020. Let’s see how cheerful they are when all the tax-payer funded support inevitably stops.
    What these useful idiots don’t understand is that this is only the tip of the iceberg and things are guaranteed to only devolve into a much, much worse state of affairs. When they’re finally left with NOTHING and finally realize there is absolutely no hope and no escape, they will not be so happy, despite the obvious FAKE promises and blatant lies from humanity loathing freemasons such as Johnson, that nauseating sleaze-ball Handcock, Whitty, the entire British government, the EU, UN and the WEF etc. etc.. They literally hate them, they hate us and all of humanity, bar members of their own satanic freemasonry cabal of billionaires and unelected bureaucrats.
    So please, continue calling these collaborators the names you call them and of course which they deserve to be called and, try to coin new ones; ‘sheep’, ‘sheople’, ‘morons’ and ‘zombies’ etc. are not offensive enough.

  35. cruise ship guests”eating too much, drinking too much, farting” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Glad to hear you encouraging people not tobuy into their splits and divides by calling those who don’t seethrough it yet sheep or zombies etc. I do agree that it is REALLY bloody frustrating though! We all need to be steppung in to our wisdommore and moving out of their duality and conflict versions of reality. Their prescribed ways arenotour ways. Their reality is not ours. Ultimately we all answer for our choices and what we align with….I do not envy those who are trying to push these control agendas. Live to all and thanks for what you do Hugo 🙂 💜🌿🌳

  37. We, as the general public, and prospective customers of the cruise industry, need to speak up on behalf of the employees who are being subjected to this coercion.
    We need the immoral “management” overseeing these employees to hear a definitive, loudly proclaimed “NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!” from us, the public.
    Many of this industry’s staff are living under precarious financial circumstances, and are therefore in an untenable position.
    Let’s back them, and stand up for their natural rights!! 🙂

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