Whoopi Goldberg Peek A Boo Club / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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95 Comments on “Whoopi Goldberg Peek A Boo Club / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I believe everything these nonentities…… Sorry celebrities say, because of their vast medical knowledge.

    • I like the idea of the guillotine, no bag over the head. Actually she would be screaming if we offered her a choice of jabs and few of are own experi absolute mental as well as she is lying

    • I think all that overeating will get to her eventually in doors. Whoopi looks like she has eaten too many whoopie pies.

  2. You stay home then woopie I doubt anyone will notice or care

    • Jim Corr from the band TGE CORRS is on Telegram. He’s well awake..

      • Ian Brown is a famous dissenter.

      • I’ve got one of his CD’s, he’s doing the 666 hand sign to the eye, just like they all do. We’ve just got to be truthful here.

  3. They are all made from the same cloth. Enjoy wearing your mask till your 90 whoopi🤣🤣

    • Maybe she should wear a whoopee cushion over her face, and every time she opens her mouth, it farts. It’d certainly make more sense.

  4. The celebs are all in it together because they are all members of the free masons a satanic religion and all these people have the same agenda o have watched s video on this

    • I think there are 2 major mistakes they are making:

      1) Fuelled by their own self importance they believe that by going along with the agenda to rid the world of the “little people” they will be super important and powerful in the new world, but they are what Yuri Bezmenov described as the “useful idiots” who will be the first to be lined against a wall, since when the new world arrives and it isn’t what they thought, and they start shouting (because of their outrage of not being recognised enough because of own self importance), the new regime simply gets rid of them – they were a means to an end;

      2) These idiots think the Chinese and the Russians are also going to collapse their own economies and kill their own people to create this Schwab-like “utopia”. But the Chinese and Russians will do nothing of the sort, they have been buying up physical gold at an astonishing rate, they own (particularly the Chinese) all of the manufacturing capacity of the earth, and so they will simply sit back, let the West destroy itself, and then simply take over. Gates and Schwab thing they will be rulers of the world, super important people with huge power – they also will simply be eliminated. Along with all of the politicians and media and everyone else who think they will gain from this.

      They are the architects of their own downfall, and of the downfall of all of us.

      Even if they end all of us, at least we can take solace from the absolute and certain knowledge that they too will get what’s coming to them. I just wonder if when they realise they have been duped, will they launch the missiles, or will the Chinese and Russians have hacked them so they can’t?

      • Best synopsis I’ve seen

      • Well think about it, Oprah as an example. Why is she “famous and important”?

        Is she a world reknowned genius? An inventor or innovator? Someone who has made breakthroughs that have changed the world like Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla?

        No, she is someone whose banality appeals to the banal “little people” who have happily lined her pockets. So what possible use is she in the new world to people who think they are super smart and super important?

        Does she think they want to hear the innane ramblings of a fool on some kind of pointless chat show? Who will be the audience – Bill Gates and Schwab and President Xi & Putin (well Gates and Schwab will be worm food, but you get my drift)?

      • Oh well, guess its pointless getting a car on finance !!!

      • Great analysis…..

      • This would make sense if there wasn’t someone above all nations, governments, rulers… The people who put the leaders in place.
        And the same ones controlling nearly all money in circulation.
        Have a look into that… That’s what’s really going on.

    • Can you share this video you’ve seen? I can’t get my head around all this satanic stuff going on..I want to understand what the motives are here and what’s going on. Thanks, Heidi

      • I too don’t understand what the peek a boo club is, feel like Ive missed something everyone else knows?

      • He’s just mocking the Freemason’s and all of their hand signs. They communicate to each other without speaking – with hand signs, numerology, colours, signs, symbols, etc.

      • Heidi, One of the most interesting starter videos is Who controls all of our money? By cold fusion.
        Once you’ve seen that things will start to make sense.
        There are others that will just blow your mind but one step at a time.

  5. She is a free mason a satanic religion they want us dead

  6. How was that piece filmed? If she doesn’t ever go out I assume it was filmed at her house with a fully jabbed up production team?

    • Hopefully she or it will sanitize itself into oblivion. I bet it stinks in its place of hiding. Whoopeee!

      • Yep, she’s a whoopee cushion alright. And I mean no disrespect to actual Whoopee cushions, which bring actual fun to the world. Whoopee cushions around the world, please forgive me for comparing you to this ‘Goldberg’ creature.

        My point, we need MORE Whoopee cushions in the world, and LESS ‘Goldbergs’!

  7. In the book I’ve just finished reading it has chapters on The Music and Movie Industry. This is a quote: “Many singers and groups have appealed to the powers of the occult by making pacts with the devil in which they literally sell their souls to Satan. Satan promises them fame, wealth and all the earthly pleasures they want. In return, the musicians are expected to pay a steep price: to completely surrender and submit to Satan’s will and to serve him in all aspects of their lives, including converting others to Satanism through their music. After making their unholy pact with the devil, many singers and groups conspire to gain access to inspiration and supernatural power. Most of them not only glorify Satan and hell, they are also guided and controlled by demons.” Then he quotes some singers:

    – Little Richard once said: “Some bands before they go on stage, stand inside a circle and drink chalices filled with blood. They fall on their knees and worship Satan.”

    – Red Hot Chilli Peppers at MTV- Awards in 1992: “First of all we want to thank Satan for this.”

    – Neil Diamond said: “I swear that I completely give my mind, body and soul to the plans of our commander Satan.”

    -AC/DC sing: “I bring you to hell, I will have you, Satan will have you.” And lots more.

    “Under the immediate influence of Aleister Crowley, Anton Le Vey and Kenneth Anger founded the Church of Satan..Roman Polanski, Sammy Davis Jr and Jayne Mansfield were among members of this church. Crowley’s writing also inspired Charles Manson’s “Final Church.”

    Now look at these images of Kenneth Anger: https://i.guim.co.uk/img/static/sys-images/Observer/Pix/pictures/2013/10/16/1381924068496/Kenneth-Anger-008.jpg?width=1200&height=630&quality=85&auto=format&fit=crop&overlay-align=bottom%2Cleft&overlay-width=100p&overlay-base64=L2ltZy9zdGF0aWMvb3ZlcmxheXMvdG8tZGVmYXVsdC5wbmc&enable=upscale&s=bbe51b53a2ae29c44a26415684c6fa6d




    • I know people will be saying who is Kenneth Anger? Like I say, under the guide of Aleister Crowley, he co-founded the Church of Satan, he made a truly demonic film in 1969 called Invocation of My Demon Brother, starring Anton Le Vey and our old friends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Jimmy Page did the original soundtrack, but I think The Rolling Stones ended up doing it. Page bought and lived in Crowley’s old lodge in Scotland I believe. Leo Zagami said the film was intended to invoke a race war.

      As mentioned, Crowley’s writing influenced Charles Manson’s ‘Final Church’ and in 1969, members of this sect killed 8 people. Manson was influenced by The Beatles too, he thought The White Album and the song Helter Skelter was about triggering a race war. In 1962, John Lennon told Tony Sheridan in the Hamburg Star Club: “I am certain that the Beatles will be very successful, because I have sold my soul to Satan.” Who was on the front of Sgt Pepper’s album cover? Aleister Crowley. It was dedicated to him. It was released exactly 20 years after his death, hence the first song, starting off with: “It was 20 years ago today.”

      Lennon wrote a song called “Bring on the Lucie”:

      “Here’s something you just better do
      Free the people now
      Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now!
      Well we were caught with our hands in the air
      So let’s shout it aloud like a prayer
      Free the people now
      666 is your name”

      In his book, A Spaniard in the Works, Lennon portrays Jesus as: “A small, garlic-eating, stinking, yellow, dirty Fascist, Catholic Spanish bastard.” He did however, understand he’d been played and started to speak out against a lot of this stuff.

      Here’s an interesting Beatles album cover: https://static.independent.co.uk/s3fs-public/thumbnails/image/2014/01/14/16/beatlesv2.jpg


    • I have posted a reply to the above comment of who Kenneth Anger is and how he connects to Crowley, Manson, Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc but it’s not shown up yet. I think it’s when you put up a link, it needs to be verified. So, I think a good idea is to copy the text and leave the images out in future, just in case it gets memory holed.

  8. Look, perhaps we should all take a moment… before wishing people dead.. or claiming they are all Satanists, because you’ve watched a video on it. Everything is pretty extreme at the moment, yes. And Hugo does an amazing job of pulling threads together and showing some of the truth that is out there. However, this “like minded community” he’s trying to create seems to be going a bit wrong with all this hate and vengeance in the comments. There’s a lot of confusion out there.. I’m feeling it as much as you are.. but we have to maintain some cohesion and level-headedness otherwise you will be alienated from everyone you know because you can’t talk to them (as people have written in many comments on previous videos) without being obsessed by the evil shit, and then once you fully believe all this satanic shit then you’ve arrived in a very dark place that it really seems to be hard to come back from. I feel like I’ve been heading there recently and I don’t think it helps anyone.

    The majority of people are not innately evil. Perhaps the 1% psychopaths are, but there is also a lot of people covering their own asses, or being greedy, or scared for their future and therefore acting like Whoopi or the rest of the shills.

    Take a moment and think before believing everything. No disrespect meant to Hugo, or any of you.


    • It’s a very small number of people who have the drive, determination, single mindedness, or ruthlessness to get to the top anywhere, especially in show business or general business or politics, in the case of Gates for example, he didn’t just become successful, he became mega-successful, and has bought and paid his way to extreme power and influence. So it would not then from your own synposis be far fetched to suppose that all of these people are indeed self serving psychopathic individuals who have no ones interests but their own at heart, would it?

      • I hope all the celebrates stay inside forever I’m sick of seeing them promoting this scam. Bunch of liars and hypocrites.
        Thanks Hugo you are One of the best

    • Jools, please read my comment above and look at the images of the demon possessed Kenneth Anger.

    • Yes, totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people in the comments who are ill-informed and taking a very oversimplified view of this area. Occult means “hidden” not Satanic- there’s the left hand path followers (Satanists, black magic users etc.) and the right hand path.

      I’ve seen some articles and videos online talking about groups who are opposing those who are pushing the Great Reset (they are being referred to as the White Nobility families/ Ordo Buccintoro/ Causa Nostra etc.). I’m not sure if what is being said is trustworthy, however, like you said only 1% of people are psychopaths, so I imagine there are some people out there who are trying to fight against the agenda being pushed at the moment but they will never be shown in the mainstream media.

      It would be silly not to hear people out and tar them with the same brush, especially if they want the same things as us and may be in a position to help us.

      • “Occult meaning; mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena.”

        No offence, I completely disagree with your comment KCR. This is the problem. This way of thinking gets people pacified, IE, that there are powerful forces working to stop this, So, lets just all sit back and ‘trust the plan’. And I’ve heard it for years in various guises and it always, ALWAYS amounts to diddly squat.

  9. That’s a shame that she won’t be going out until everyone has had the jibjab. I shall miss bumping into Whoopie in my local Tesco…

  10. Whoopi Cushion & the rest of the celebrities have one function & one function only, to entertain us, they are failing in that function so I don’t see why I should do my part in the equation & give them my money. I quit!

    • Great point. Oliver Reed summed it up best when talking about himself and Alex Higgins: “We are professional entertainers, and the public wish to be entertained by professional entertainers. Nothing further than that.”

      And now all of these sanctimonious assholes do nowadays is preach bollocks. What an absolute shit show.

  11. Tell you what then Whoppi stay in forever and shut the fuck up .

    • I quite agree i use to like Whoopi Goldberg in films made me laugh Sister Act and Ghost but not no more i will watch no more films she in and the celebrities like Harry Hewitt that keep telling us to wear muzzle’s and take the jab will be on my list of traitors and will not watch them in anything.

      Just on the Gates divorce i see its all on the news and papers funny that protests or people fighting back don’t make it on there.
      Celebrities, MSM and the gates can all Fuck off.

      • The divorce is a distraction. They are cooking something. Watch it when Boridge 🤔 announces his BS on the 17th of May. It will be as if my 3 year old grandson is trying to address the world

      • LOL. Bill ‘The Gates of Hell’

  12. Hey Hugo – you remember the 130K vaccine victims group that fakebook shut down? Well the guy set up a 2nd group – 22.5K people – shut down. How about helping to send people to a non FB place they can share their experiences? The guy has set up a website here: https://c19vaccinevictims.com – if we can’t tell the truth and warn people, then all that’s left is the MSM. Cheers and thanks for your amazing videos.

  13. Is that even her? Looks a bit odd to me? Anyway, It can stay behind it’s sofa till it rots. I don’t care.

  14. Looks like she will never be going out then stupid idiot! I’m sick to death of these so called celebs who think they are above everyone! They all need a f-ing reality check of the highest degree!

  15. I was asked if I would like to join the freemasons (or cock suckers as I call them) many years ago! But I knew then that it was a paedophilic organisation, run by pedivores! And I wouldn’t sell my soul to the devil at any price! I’d rather live an ordinary life and go to heaven to be with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ!

    • Legend. Well played mate. I was on a train years ago and sat next to two Freemasons, and the older guy was talking about I presume somebody in his lodge, and he said: “Well, that’s no way to influence somebody.” I’ll never forget it, because it’s such an unusual thing to say.

      • I once got invited to the other thing, what do they call it, rotary club or something? Anyway, they had topless waitresses. I enjoyed it, not sure the girls did. Very odd thing to do if you think about it – lots of old dudes supposedly meeting for business, with hot young ladies walking around with their nawps out.

      • And those Rotary club people present themselves as pillars of the community, constantly doing charity work.

  16. There out there I’m sure, there just not going to get onto the media like everyone else, stay on narrative or shut up.

    Let her waste her life in fear of a pretty much nothing, pretty sure pfizer bately works so pointless, well sure it works but what it’s end game is the question.

  17. Alanis morrisete is with us, she’s losing followers like crazy for stating her opinion

  18. Do what the fuck you like lady puppet, don’t enforce your opinion and lies on everyone else, couldn’t give a fuck what you think.

    • I’ve seen that, such a brilliant piece of work!!!!

  19. I know you mean well Hugo, but TBH I just can’t watch these Satanic Illuminati bastards extolling the virtues of euthanasia for everyone else !

  20. I thought she was doing a very good bill gates impersonation at the beginning.

  21. Lol 😂 I definitely not in secret society …
    with my background I wouldn’t have one white ball in the ‘funny hand shakers bag’ 😂😂👍

    They have caused Mayhem and it still fascinating to me🤨 that to many people are not getting this!

    Wake up comply to nothing and… feel happy.. reverse how they Want us to feel kill them by coming and standing together Awake 👍💪

    ✌️To all
    Thank you 🙏 Hugo

  22. She’s taken the Oath of Silence for sure, goes on about India and how dreadful it is there, where were her millions helping the 350k kids that die every year in India from diarrhoea? These people make me want to spit but their time is numbered, Project Looking Glass is the Great Awakening and nothing will stop it coming! Thank God…

  23. I take it ‘The View’ is being filmed inside Whoopie’s house then, being as she wont go outside.

  24. A Disgusting Trollop…nice to see somebody posted the x factor winner vid on your page, however its even deeper than that as most Moosons have no clue! Evil creatures…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  25. Hahaha Hahahahahaha am I supposed to be surprised….she is the Jezebel of the club

  26. I liked her on sister Act .. gone off now.. as always.. thanks Hugo for updates

    • Louise, you’ll be going off them all pretty soon. Look at my above comment on a literal demon called Kenneth Anger and his links to the Beatles, Stones, Jimmy Page, Charles Manson, and so on. Look at the biggest bands, the biggest album sales – Bat out of Hell, Back in Black, Thriller, Highway to Hell – all of them. As the German philosopher Kant said: “If something happens once, its an accident, twice, a coincidence, three times, a pattern is emerging.”

      And look at the pattern, all doing Masonic hand signs, all shilling this and that, bands talking about Satan/hell constantly, promoting absolute degeneracy non stop. None of them trying to raise the human spirit, not one.

  27. Goldberg ISN”T paying attention.

    Measles has increased exponentially since the advent of vaccination.

    Formerly, when I was growing up, youngsters got the measles, chicken pox and mumps and now have life-long immunity.

    The MMR shot has also been foisted on kids and their immune systems have paid the price.

    Goldberg is as dumb as assholes.

  28. Idiocracy ( film go watch it ) coming to a planet near you!

    • Yeah, great film. I prefer Office Space though. Watch it if you’ve not seen it. By Mike Judge. Really funny.

      I know a lot of people, myself included, like the film ‘They Live’. Carpenter’s a Freemason, hence the one eye symbolism on the poster. Anyway, Roddy Piper was a wrestler, and the guy who ran wrestling at the time was a predatory homosexual. Piper basically allowed himself to be sexually abused by this character to get his contract. When you engage in sodomy, demons enter you. Piper became heavily consumed by alcoholism to suppress his ‘demons’. He’d be interviewed later on in his life and he’d be slurring his words. Absolutely tormented soul. He died prematurely at 61.

  29. She sounds just like bill gates!
    Off with her head

  30. It’s all propaganda folks. Oh, and they think we’re all thick. The cult of idiot’s want to be exposed because they have failed to keep humanity asleep. But unlike in France we will not chuck them out of the country and seize all their assets. They keep coming back like kill gates is back in India after crippling about 500’000 Indian children with not one, not 2 but 5 shots of the poliomyelitis jab. As s side note why take something called a shot or jab. The words seem fairly self explanatory to me that these things are not okay. The cult uses words they think normal folks don’t understand like Congress which simply means to hold back. Hence the American political system is designed to restrict not promote a better America. The cult hate the USA as it managed gain it’s freedom for a while anyway. Check out the words they’re using and you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going down.

  31. In terms of the one eye symbolism: “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” In other words, we’re all blind to the truth, the Masons know the truth, or a lot of it and suppress it from us. When you join them, you gain hidden knowledge we don’t know about. So they do their gay ass hand sign to show they’re above us, the blind. LOL. What a bunch of low class circus actors these people are.

  32. I hope she takes ALL vaccines from all five makers and put on 10 masks and hopefully that will shut her fucking mouth permanently. I have had it with the pandemic puppets. Again I’m saying get Dr Cowan’s book The Contagion Myth …….. And book “murder by injection” see also spacebusters on Odysee.com. pleaszzzzzzz inform yourselves

  33. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about… Muppet!
    The management handlers point them in the right direction.

  34. Whoopi. The name itself is an obvious expression of excitement, but the idea that we should all conform to a tyrannical genocidal agenda is nothing to be glad about. I just read an article which has really made me so sad. I bet Whoopi won’t have same thing to say if she gets the jab. Pfizer has been scrutinized has having living organisms that could be Morgelons in the liquid venom. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/medical-apartheid-uk-christian-leaders-urge-boris-johnson-to-reject-vaccine-passports?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com&utm_campaign=29188bd4c0-Freedom_4_13_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12387f0e3e-29188bd4c0-411745050

  35. They are ALL Freemasons (‘peekaboo’ club members) Hugo and Freemasons worship Satan. Satanism is their religion of HATE and Freemasonry is its wolf in sheep’s clothing cover..

    • If you have time (you don’t need to watch it all at once, but I did), watch this fascinating video:https://youtu.be/Y7G5CKX0je0
      The guy presenting it is an ex-Freemason and he tells you EVEYTHING you ever wanted to know – all of the secret signals (such as peekaboo) and handshakes – all their secrets and why they have to keep them secret for LIFE.
      It also explains how they are behind this whole NWO being pushed with the fake pandemic / ‘climate crisis’ dual hoax… And in case you’re wondering, YES, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, ALL of the world’s Prime Ministers and Presidents, ALL UN members are Freemasons.
      We are living in truly terrifying times.

      • Just noticed it now – someone else has already posted the video (X-Factor Winner) above.

      • Thank you for the link to Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Sounds like he’s doing excellent work. I hope more people wake up As Time is running out. I’m one of the few ones left you knows it was a plandemic from the start in order kill the human race. I also believe 100% it’s on a spiritual level, a spiritual warfare against your mighty Lord God.

  36. Clear to see who’s signed a pact with the devil.

  37. They’re all at it with their satanic symbols! It would seem that you have to be part of the cult before you’re allowed to be famous! It’s opened my eyes to how corrupt these people are and that we need to ignore everything they say and use our own common sense ad judgment.

    • Absolutely agree they have sold themselves to the satan the devil himself

  38. The cabal controlled media won’t make you a celeb unless you join their club.

  39. Who gives a flying fuck about what Whoopi thinks? for Christ’s sake, it hasn’t even got a proper name..

  40. I am glad – just stay where you are and wear your mask, so we do not see you. 😊

  41. She definitely should keep the muzzle on to cover up her ugly fat big mouth.

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