Lockdown News Roundup / May 3 2021 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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60 Comments on “Lockdown News Roundup / May 3 2021 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. And still people dont wake up to this scamdemic

    • They will never stop…unless we stop them!
      Looks what’s going on with the foreign holidays, we might let you…nah not this time..

    • Hugo, how much do you know about common law? it could be very powerful if you found out a bit and put a video up on it. People will be shocked to find out that their life is a fraud from birth. That they don’t really know who they are. Look up ‘a warrior calls’ (Christopher james) as one of those leading the way worldwide. This is a massive movement and people are waking up and it could be a solution for us.
      Message me if want more info.

      • Its on my list of things to check out, I did look into it a fair few years back. But will check it out again. Do you have any literal examples where it has worked?

      • Why not put the details up, for all to see, then we can all get more involved from the Get Go, and dig around for more info. Seems like cloak and dagger stuff on your part.
        Believe me, the ‘watchers’ know who and what we are, whether we us our actual names or pseudonyms!

  2. Come round and try jab my dog. . You won’t be walking away.. not a threat..a fkin promise you fffing clowns..im here. Come get me

    • It’s just getting more ludicrous. Why the sheep won’t wake up I don’t know. I’d like to see them try to inject me or mine. And NZ can fuck right off. No way would I work for anyone requiring a vaccination. They’d see me in court. Why do people give up their rights?

    • They won’t turn up to your door, they’ll have the vets do it during the next yearly dose of other jabs that are mandated by law for all dogs. Just remember it’s experimental & NOT allowed to be mandated BY LAW!

    • Damn right. Let them even suggest it to me!

    • Exactly touch my dogs.
      Geonocide thats what it is.
      Coming for us all and people dont friggin want too know .
      Evil scum.

    • Well done Gary…No one will ever touch my dog

  3. I sat on a work zoom call the other day with several others . One woman openly said “ I only have 4 more of my employees to lean on then they are all vaccinated “laughing she was challenged by someone else that it was there choice then she said “ oh yes I mean encouraged “ makes me sick .

    • Hi honeybeez22,

      Will you have the opportunity to participate in another work zoom call with this woman who openly boasted about pressuring her staff to be “vaccinated”?
      If so, may I suggest broaching the subject (her “values”); perhaps you might state that you were troubled by her previous comment.
      For example : “I would like to clarify why you believe that your employees should not have a natural right to decide if an experimental injection is personally safe?”
      In addition: “Are you committing to accept full personal liability and financial responsibility for any and all “vaccine” injuries/ deaths? ”

      We must hold to account anyone who is participating in the loss of our body sovereignty and essential freedoms.

      • Sorry I have only just read your reply.. yes I fully intend to 👏

  4. People..take note of all these people implicating all these measures.. remember them by name then when this bullshit all ends we can hunt them down and execute them like they did the Nazi’s… hang them publicly.. I will offer my services free with NO REMORSE AT ALL

    • If it was the 70s that would happen…..down tools….

    • Exactly “ we should all start building the Gallows for these inhuman scums”

  5. Great Hugo as always ✌️💪👍
    Second Go Brazil 🇧🇷 👍🙏

    And I agree.. speak out get out do the Feck what You want.. I am…
    it saves wanting cut me wrists and cry lol 😂

    Thank you Hugo have great day fella

    ✌️To all

  6. Seems that the people of Brazil aren’t buying the nonsense. The street was packed with people but here in Oxford the Cowley Road Carnival is going to be Online and At Home for the second year in a row.

  7. How can people not see this!
    As for my dogs, not a chance they’re sticking anything in them anymore than I’ll allow them to do it to me!

  8. Jesus Christ, I’ve just seen as well – you remember the Gardai turning up at that church and banning the service? The guy who filmed it – they turned up at his house, arrested him and have detained him under mental health act and taken his kids. How the HELL can the Garda do that? They are acting just like Nazis.

    • This is criminal. I believe he was later counselled and they found nothing wrong with him. However we must pray for him that he gets his children back!

    • He needs Delores in his corner, she’ll sort them out!

    • How can the garda get away with that ,taking his kids omg .well done Hugo keep at it we love you !!!

    • It was 3am and he woke to find 3 of them at the end of his bed. They took him and his children at that time. They just broke in. He’s out of custody now. It was on “mental health issues they took him and out his kids into care. Last post I saw, he was out but he still doesn’t know who has his children, where they are etc.

  9. Powerful. Well done to Brazil, gave me goosebumps.

  10. They’ll be able to make it mandatory for our dogs,, obviously,,. I think that will have a lot to do with shedding, if we’re not going to go near sheebies we’ll still cuddle our dogs

  11. One of my neighbors was taken into hospital on Friday with vision loss. They told him it was a small brain clot. Another neighbour was taking into hospital because she kept fainting. Another neighbour’s hand swelled up, and my best friend was in bed for a week after his first jab and is really worried about having his second. I warned anyone who would listen not to take the jab, but they all said I was overreacting.

    • Red, just to add… When they go to hospital, there wil be a ward full of others with similar side effects.
      Have a chat with your neighbours when & if you see them again to find out if this is true?

  12. We can all see this, we are all and our pets under attack from WEF, Bill Gates and psychopaths government’ s around.

    That witch with her evil eyes in New Zealand should be burned at the stakes against humanity for locking free people up standing up for there Human Right’s in concentration camps.
    I hate all the bastards more and more each day.

    • Go check out Nigel Farage you tube channel he put up a video on New Zealand selling their souls to the Chinese Communist Party in April.

  13. If some ppl lose their job they lose Their home too if they have kids what do they do ,
    I’m not saying it’s right but ppl will look after their own first .. I walked out of a job because they were forcing the mask but I’m lucky I rent and my partner works alone so no mask I understand that this isn’t the case for a lot of ppl thob

  14. Wonder why there was the masonic emblem next to NZ prime minister ? You didn’t happen to watch this youtube video this weekend? Bit long & the dude desperately needs a haircut ! However, I have been struggling to understand how all the world seems to be jumping to the Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab agenda. Just saying it’s the world ‘elite’ still left too many unanswered questions. Even if this guy is only half right, then the devil really is IN the detail…


  15. Thanks Hugo, I never knew about the protests in Ireland or Brazil but then I stay away from MSM.
    It’s great to do many out there rising up.

    Could you do a video on rights for people getting hassled at work so everyone knows their rights and where they can get help if things go to court.

  16. Obviously they want to KILL all of the pets when it goes ‘Wrong’, obviously it’s designed to go wrong in some form or another.

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  18. And to think I’ve wanted to visit NZ because I thought it was a beautiful country. Fuck that. But it’s not the country that’s bad but the evil bitch who’s in charge.

    Someone on FB posted from the UK about how her 70 year-old husband.got a bad reaction from having the first dose of one of the jab brands. They were told that he needs a second dose but in hospital. They’re still waiting for the second dose appointment and felt frustrated and ‘fobbed off’ (quote) that it hadn’t arrived. It’s like grasping your hand around a red-hot poker a second time being convinced while hoping that the second attempt will cure your badly burnt hand. And there were others among that FB posting who were told to ‘shut up’ because they were whingeing that their jab appointments weren’t happening soon enough. The world’s gone nuts.

    • I’s rather live in NZ than anywhere else. Just because we have a horses head “in charge” does not mean the NZ population likes what it is doing. Let the sheep go and get their vaccines, travel and work in MIQ if they want to, the majority are opposed. I meet new people everyday from all walks of life in my business and I’ve only met two that are drinking the kool aid.

  19. Getting on an aircraft, whose pilot has been forced to take a toxic injection, to allegedly fight against what cannot be proven to exist, (viruses & contagion) that could paralyze, blind or kill the pilot at any moment, while you are on the plane, is like jumping out of a plane with a parachute that has just been attacked by chainsaw-wielding nut..

    If you are intending on complying with absurd tyrannical health-damaging restrictions on freedom-violating airlines, it’ll be a good idea to at least make sure you demand that the pilots have not been “vaccinated” with the death-jab paralysis poison.. and ask to see evidence that they have not.. a “vaccine-free” passport..

    • You know that’s disability discrimination to refuse to get on the plane flown by someone who could go blind or keel over dead any second.

  20. Brilliant video Hugo. Inspiring words at the end. I was just thinking as I mentioned it yesterday. ‘Lady Gaga’ was introduced into satanism by Marina Abromovic. Part of her initiation ritual was to wander around a forest, completely naked and blindfolded for hours on end. Presumably, this creates fear and terror and thus demons then attach themselves to her. Apparently, she has to have somebody watch over her every night, as she has constant nightmares and wakes up screaming in sheer terror.

    So, my point is, like you said Hugo, we have to stop being afraid. Its only wicked people who bully, scare and terrify people – in order to control them. If we’re no longer afraid, their power evaporates instantly.

  21. Thanks Hugo, you are doing your best to give awful news in a honest way without being overbearing. I salute you

  22. I would advise everybody to get employment legal cover. It’s cheap ,it may even be in with your home insurance policy. So if they sack you for not taking the vaccine you will have legal representation at court.

  23. This is the evil rothchilds depopulation agenda.

  24. Microchip will become the mark of the beast. They’re trying to normalize it. World is biblical, Jesus is real. Better get saved!

  25. Btw you mentioned “elections”. There is no such thing. If voting worked, they wouldn’t let you. Leaders are Selected, not elected. Democracy is the illusion of choice.

  26. Hugo thankyou for all the scenic pictures you put on your videos. Yes it was a very hard video to watch so I concentrated on the beauty of the sea picture. This was a very unsettling video. However we need to know. I remember when I first starting watching your videos last year I thought nah this is scaremongering. However after a little while of lockdown something didn’t make sense so I started to watch your videos and others .I soon discovered that you were right.Now I go on them to learn what is happening and meet likeminded people. I do not feel so isolated after I have been on your videos and read the comments . A huge thankyou Hugo I have alot of respect for you.

    • Good to have you here.
      Say what’s on your mind, maybe we’re thinking the same?

  27. The cult of stupid ideas indulged by the press propaganda machine are having a hell of a time getting people to take this experimental gene shite. In my work I meet 15 to 20 people a day and the numbers of people telling me of someone who’s died or been injured by the experimental open air gene interference treatment is growing daily. So from my own personal information I can tell the uptake is falling away. So for a country like New Zealand, the new home of the cult, getting these poor people isolated thousands of miles away from anywhere to take the c19 vaccine would be a win at least and a booster for their now low moral.
    Let’s hope the people of New Zealand have a bit more backbone than they are given credit for. We are winning don’t be in any doubt about that. But we must keep pushing back. Share the info please as so many normal folks have not a clue as to the depths of these cult morans depravity under the control of kill gates the dimwitted.
    V is for victory.

  28. Here i am sitting at my keyboard with my fingers hovering over the keys attempting to reply to all the shit thats going on, but, they continue to hover! Does this mean i’m just lost for words or is it i’m so F***ing F***ed Off with whats going on i’m loosing the will to Live! Oh and the wicked witch of the west can go F*** herself, Bitch!

    • She’s a demon alright. Remember when she was saying if people don’t take the test, she’ll put them in camps, and then, grinning her silly ass face off, saying: “I think they’ll take the test then.”

  29. LOL! I’m self employed what do I do?

  30. Excellent vid Hugo 👍👏 what is wrong with some people today ?? Spot on with everything you’ve said. This is the legislation the Kiwi guy was talking about. Share, share share!


    Cannot believe some would rather take an experimental CONvid injection rather than speak up & scream NO! Seriously, its pretty sad how spineless & dumb some people are proving to be. They were warned 😑💔

  31. NZ’s Prime Minister is Jacinda Ardern – check out her bio to see exactly what the world is dealing with.

    Not only did she work in PM Tony Blair’s office as a “political adviser”, but as President of the International Union of Socialist Youth she spent time in Jordan, Israel, Algeria and … China.

    Take note of this …. (and keep it handy)

    ///Nuremberg Code.
    Section 6 Article 3.
    “In no case shall a collective agreement or the consent of a community leader or any other authority, substitute for an individual’s informed consent.///

    Leaders should be aware mandating masks on the citizens of a nation and preventing their access to food, healthcare, transport or education if they don’t comply, is a WAR CRIME.
    Masks, invasive tests or ANY OTHER MEDICAL intervention MUST REMAIN VOLUNTARY.

    This entire pandemic charade is nothing short of Organised Crime’!
    Fight it – or be Complicit!

  32. its definitely time to get camping gear and a load of seeds together for new zealand

  33. Hi Hugo, I´m French but I live in São Paulo – Brazil. Here everything is almost back to normal, same in most Brazilian states. As you metioned in the video, if it was up to Bolsonaro and the federal governement, there wuoldn´t have been ANY RESTRICTIONS to personal freedoms and businesses in Brazil. Problem is that the Supreme Court of Brazil, packed with leftists morons by Lula and Dilma Rousseff (ex-corrupt leftist presidents) gave FULL POWERS to governors and city mayors to combat the PLANDEMIC. But as you saw in the video, Bolsonaro can count on massive popular support and I think he´ll be re-elected in 2022, and that´s an excellent news for Brazil. I would even dare to say that people, now starting to understand the real nature of the PLANDEMIC, will support him even more now as he said from the start that this flu should never interfere in our daily lives. Cheers

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