UK GOVT SPEND 320 Million On COVID Adverts Till 2022 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. And the corruption and lies continues

    • Not only that but nore tax payers money going out of the country (instead of at least being reinvested into a UK Advertising company). Omnicom (based in New York) was co-created by three Joos Allen Rosenshine, Kieth Reinhard and John Bernbach. Lookls like they are sucking all the funny money out of the Uk which will they will convert into tangibale assets and leave the dumb UK tax payer with huge unpayable debts. Then destroy the currency and offer wipe out countries and peoples debts if they agree to the new Jooish terms of finance. Total Game, Reset and Match!

    • The agenda is clear for all to see. The Perspex screens and masks will stay. So will ad hoc lockdowns. It’s the psyops of totalitarianism. All to effect a ‘menticide’ on us all. See Joos Meerloo who concisely describes how they do, what they do. And how we become the willing followers . Unless, you have the bulwark of knowledge to hold your moral compass steady.j

    • If I wanted to send you some info Hugo . Where’s the best place to send it to you .? Thanks for all your
      Most valuable information. Judy Dyer

    • I expect this is for phase 2. COVID experimental gene therapy for youngsters then on to passport ID and restrictions/containment for non-compilers

  2. Btw Hugo, I was thinking, if possible you should try and design some small badges/keyrings. Maybe a H and a T with your purple/white/black colours. We need to start a resistance that is more subtle. Ever seen the hunger games films? They have a mocking bird symbol/ badge as their symbol. We could all wear them on our shirts, or we could make it like the cubs/scouts and put them on our arm sleeves, and collect them from different internet truth seekers like yourself. What do people think?

    • Good idea. However, the literal satanist ‘Lady Gaga’ wore the ‘Hunger Games’ broach at Biden’s inauguration. As a form of mockery, hence ‘Mocking Jay’ this and that. And believe me, she has sold her soul to satan. She went to Marina Abromovic, said she was willing to do anything. I’ve seen part of her ‘initiation’ ritual – wandering around blindfolded in a forest, naked, for hours on end. Point being, you sell out, you get to meet the movers and shakers in this world. You get to sing at the ‘inauguration’ of this blatant criminal in the White House. This is the world we live in.

      No offence Lewis, I’m just dropping truth bombs of where we are.

    • Or masks that say Placebo that could be handed out to the rule followers.

      • I don’t know mate. This is what we’re all racking our brains trying to think about. It’s like I’ve said before, only 10% will ever really get it, and they already have. The ‘government’ knows the stats. This thing about ‘waking people up’ is not going to work. You either get it or you don’t. The people here get it. And that’s all there is to it. It’s only ever going to be 10%. Period. You can show people every stat you want, and you will be pissing in the wind. You know it and I know it.

      • I’m sure I’ve said this phrase “And I know and you know it” to you before, maybe not. But I never say this in real life. I never have. But it seems I say it to certain comments. I don’t speak like that to be honest, it’s alien to my local dialect. Just a thought, to me how its weird how I’m saying this phrase. I don’t know, I’m just scratching my head here.

    • Use ridicule and wit, sharper than any physical weapon.

    • designs created so far are NOT GOOD , they look rubbish so unless good quality designs created you won’t sell !

  3. They don’t care how much they spend anymore!
    All part of the plot to create hyper inflation and destroy global currencies ready for one world digital currency

    • Exactly – in the US the national debt went up by 25%+ in the last year, it’s now 28 Trillion or roughly 90K per person. And Biden wants to spend another 6 trillion on top of the extra money they’re printing. They wonder why inflation is starting to rise. It really is going to end with hyperinflation.

      • Yes they printed 21% of all dollar bills ever printed last year and I think they have surpassed that this year already. The crash is inevitable and completely controlled.

    • A drop in the ocean for big pharma who are no doubt helping to fund the campaign to suit their agenda.

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  5. Wow. This advertising company is smiling all the way to the bank while the sheep continue believing the powers that be.

  6. Hmmm – suggests there’ll be more advertising, so either it’s going to be a lot worse, or there’ll be more stuff to advertise (passports, etc?) or both. Kind of what we’ve all been predicting. Also, have you seen Bidens new global tax plan, to get global governments to raise taxes for businesses to keep America competitive?

    Kind of like a global tax system, which would I suppose be determined by a kind of global government, and maybe lead to a – hmm – lets say a global currency?

    It’s just a conspiracy theory they keep wailing. LoL.

    • We already have one world government in all but name
      How else does a senile pensioner become the figure head president of the USA just another way of mocking the sheeple

    • I’ll put my money on some other strain is released sometime in the not so distant future that does more damage than covid. Pandemic seems to be the perfect tool to bring in new and adjust old rules. It will be crisis after crisis leading up to 2030.

  7. Not in the slightest surprised. Anyone who is naive enough to think this is all about to end are in for a massive shock and rightly feel duped and lied to.
    It’s an agenda.
    It’s part 1 & 2. ( they’ve all sleep walked into it)
    It’s steam rolling ahead until the comatose wake up, sit up, speak up and support the rest of us. For our children and their children and humanity in general, please get with us.

    • Talking about massive shock, our king in netherlands actually said it in his yearly speech last year september, he said, all must make ready for a big shock and we must not stand against the plans for the new world order, it was like a command in his speech, but the sheeple still say no it wont get to that far. It is true, only about 10% get it, problem is in school, kids from young are learned in school that the government is always right, and you must not go against them. Parents have less control over their kids parenting and what they allowed to learn them

  8. All planned decades ago. I was once a lay preacher many many years ago. We knew about the plan to micro chip people. I had a tape once was from 1968. Was a scientist who was working on the idea of this back then. Wish I still had it. Most thought I was a head case. But we. Know the end game. The government are lying. And will keep lying. Normie types mostly seem oblivious.

    • Totally agree, this whole situation goes deep beyond our understanding of the whole situation and may well predate 1968 by all accounts. Check out Phil Schneider’s revelations 1995 ish and draw your own conclusions, could be a bumpy ride🙏

      • Thanks.. will check that out …

  9. Lies lies and more lies but none of us are surprised .. they have the next lockdown booked in the diary for September so they can be ahead for “ nhs winter pressures” and blame the schools / people going out socialising .. and repeat . … SSDD

    • Yes it’ll just keep going round in circles and still they won’t wake up!

  10. Thank you hugo….show about that company’s secretary having over 70 other companies….i sent you email about all of it….is there anyone who could ask government these questions…..1. How did you know you will need 120million week before 1st lockdown? Supposed to be confused times,but looks like they confirm it was all planned
    2. What advertising they mean at that point,nobody knew vaccine will be discovered at that time so what advertising they talk about?
    Check my email

    • I’m guessing that the more pessemistic of us who think the jib jab is a depopulation tool might be right. People will start dropping like flies, they’ll try to blame a new triple mutant outer space variant, and will need tons of advertising to convince people it’s the virus not the jab, and of course to scare people to death even more. And to accept the new abnormal.

      • Think you have a good point here!

  11. I expect a large part of this advertising buget will be something to do with “climate change” and the fake alien invasion plots

  12. That’s exactly what’s happening here in the USA too. I found out last week that the health department in our local county (Marin County in the Bay Area of California) received $8.8m of federal funds specifically to ramp up “surveillance, track and trace, mobile vaccine squads, and awareness raising to reach the hesitant population” over the next 2 years, which is basically an advertising and coercion campaign. I live in a small rural town (population 700) in that same county and read in our local newspaper that the nearby school teen centre director personally received $60,000 of federal funds to combat vaccine hesitancy in our community, and in the local newspaper she asked people to come forward with information about the ‘vaccine hesitant’ so they could form an ‘integrated response’. Whatever that means.

    • I suppose you wouldn’t be hesitant if they had proper research and a guarantee that there were no side effects.
      If they can’t confirm then definitely avoid!

  13. So much for ‘it will all be over soon’ absolute lying bastards!!
    If people do not start to realise then we are truly fooked.

    Also… Heard elsewhere that side effects occuring in children mixing with adults who have had the jab include nose bleeds. Not sure if this is true so keep an eye out for that maybe?

  14. it’s nearly time to get rid of the micro chip smartphone, im a proud owner of the nokia 3210 from year 2000 stays in the glove box for breakdowns only always say no to the micro chip if and when it comes in or its goodbye freedom. the freedom of not having to be chained to it is great. when or if this digital currency comes in you will be chained to the smartphone even more. ditch the smartphone now and your life will improve massively i felt even better ditching fb years ago

  15. I said at the start they were not going to stop,, friends that laughed at me are not laughing anymore even the foolish one or two the took the injection for a quiet life. Can’t help wondering how much Tesco got paid for there desperate add campaign,, It’s everywhere, it’s in the air, don’t murder your granny ware a mask sort of thing. I was awful,, actually I stopped shopping there because of it!

  16. I think it’s time to either throw the tv out the window or plug it out completely.

  17. I’ve posted this sentiment before but I just think it’s incredibly important. The ‘Queen’ is by far the biggest landowner in the world, by miles. They used to say the: “sun never sets over the British Empire.” that these people were/are the head of. They don’t do anything. The ‘Queen’ is the head of ‘International Freemasonry’. The ‘Royals’ have always professed their love of Scotland, Balmoral, etc. In the 33rd Degree in the ‘Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’, it is revealed they worship Lucifer, the light bringer.

    So, does anybody understand what I’m saying? That the people on this planet, with the most wealth, power, land and so on, worship Lucifer.

    What is Lucifer? They believe he freed man from his shackles from God through science. Hence, they worship science. Like ‘Prometheus’. They believe they can improve man, Human 2.0. They are playing God.

    • Do you see what I’m saying people? Trust the science, protect the NHS, we are the virus, muzzle/kill the humans! This is SATANISM! A destruction of the human race. You disagree, let me hear your take on it.

    • Yep, spot on. The central bankers are working with Charles on their de- population agenda. Sustainable development goals means getting rid of 85% of the world’s population.

      People, know your enemies and if enough of us unite, we stop these Lucifer sociopaths.

  18. That is the phrase of the day: “Trust the science.” And then you look at the demons shilling this shit. They all look the same. FUCK THEM!

    • I’ve been watching the final episode of ‘The Prisoner’ again, with that ‘Beatles’ song ‘All you need is love’. What do you think about this quote from the start: “Humanity is not humanized without force”

  19. That amount would have gone quite a way into making flats fire safe in the UK, and the £37 BILLION spent on track & trace would have paid for them all to be rectified…just sayin’

  20. Glad I don’t watch MSM no more and told all my Fam same Stop watching it any of it!

    I watch YT and I turn volume down exactly as any ad comes on and job done don’t have to hear the BS!!!!! Or buy expensive CRAP I would never need 🙄🤪or holidays I will only hate lol and I hate flying
    they took the Joy year’s ago but not from my soul!!!!! 💪

    Also keep telling others do same only a suggestion,
    it’s my own way of course so good luck all

    Thank you Hugo fella keep up this Amazing work thank you 🙏

    • Be careful Janie, YT, twitter, facebook,google are owned by the cult and nearly every truth teller has been banned from them. In other words they are now also the MSM.

      Bitchut, Brandnewtube, Odysee and direct websites, uk column, hugo, david icke, corbett report, covi leaks are the places to start imo. Use duckduckgo as your search engine and not censored google.

      • “BitChute is a video hosting service known for accommodating far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists, and for hosting hateful content”. Wikipedia :-). In November 2018, BitChute was banned from PayPal. In August 2020, Twitter began blocking posts linking to the site, later showing a warning to users who clicked on the links. As of January 2021, BitChute was in the process of being reported to Ofcom by the Community Security Trust (CST) after discovering Holocaust denial and Holocaust glorification content on the website, among other content considered harmful by the charity such as conspiracy theories related to COVID-19. (The CST’s mission statement says, “To work at all times for the physical protection of British Jews.”. The CST began recording antisemitic incidents in 1984) The CST has four offices, over 90 employees and a network of several thousand volunteers from all parts of the Jewish community, who work closely with the Police, including for joint patrols, advisory, and training.

        Since launching, BitChute has accommodated far-right groups and individuals. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote in 2019 that the site hosts “hate-fueled material”, the Anti-Defamation League wrote in 2020 that “BitChute has become a hotbed for violent, conspiratorial and hate-filled video propaganda, and a recruiting ground for extremists”, and Bellingcat wrote in 2021 that the platform was “rife with racism and hate speech”.According to a 2020 report from anti-extremism group Hope not Hate, BitChute “actively promotes” content which was removed from other platforms as hate speech. Hope not Hate also documented videos hosted on BitChute supporting or produced by terrorists groups, including ISIS and the neo-Nazi groups.

        It would seem that BitChute is only disliked by the same Usury Suspects.

  21. I don’t understand how Boris Johnson is still the prime minister. Or governments cannot be overthrown during a ” pandemic”?!

  22. This Government is totally out of control. We need a new political party in this country. One that will wipe out Conservatives and Labour. Country needs a party in power that has as its core beliefs true democracy!
    No corruption!
    Listens to the people and are servants of the people.

  23. Is it any wonder as I’ve séen a video showing that governmenys around the world were buying the covid 19 testing kits as far back as 2017. Hence “Warp Speed” on the vaccine roll out eh. Hence, a company like MODERNA get a contract to vaccinate the entire world even though they’ve never produce or been granted a license for any kind of medicine before. And the kicker to the senses of normal folks. MODERNA stated it took, it’s been reported it took 2 days to come with their experimental gene treatment. More freedom, less lies. Write to your government and call them out, vote them out and if you don’t agree with their fake laws don’t not comply.
    Avengers of humanity we must all become as an attack on one is an attack on us all. Protect the children and the vulnerable.

  24. They have no intention of lifting restrictions until its too late to turn anything back to normal, Johnson and the rest of the freedom hating megalomaniacs are in too deep, they sold their souls a long time ago for self profit and a place in the new world set up, bastards one and all.

      • Yes you’re right, it does get on top of you sometimes, I think I was just tired last night and needed sleep. I have no intention of giving in to them at all, no vaccines, no tests and no to everything else they want to force on us and our children and grandchildren, we must stay strong until everyone else starts to see what’s going on.

  25. Thanks Hugo for being a light exposing this darkness. The zombies will accept anything now they are so brainwashed. The BBC could tell them lampposts have covid and they would cross the road to avoid them.

  26. Doesn’t make any sense, there is no reason for another Wave in the uk, first wave stalled because of shielding, 2nd took out the shielders, vaxxine was to !ate created the deaths ≥ 500 late december, not enough haven’t had it to create a 3rd wave so options…

    1. People who had it a year ago get it again, but didn’t kill you first time so why kill you 2nd? No reason other than a few where healths gotten worse.
    2. Vaccinated start dying put down as covid, too obvious even the sheep would catch on, governments would lose there power.
    3. Unvaccinated start being killed of by the vaccinated going down as covid, this is my current favourite, increases there power as vaccines become required.

    Saturday 36hours no vaccinated contact, back to normal health wise, saturday night gf and her mom, oxford and Pfizer, woke up Sunday mouth ulcers feeling ran down. On 20hours no contact here more normal, see if goes down on gfs return later ie oxford related,or wednesday back at work, ie Pfizer related or just coincidence so far and a bug. This will support option 3 if I go down again.

    Gf was complaining about feeling rough after time spent with her pfjzer mom but since having Oxford hasn’t been an issue, they’d both had covid no symptoms on the mom as have I so not a factor, so it looks like any vaccine protects you from the vaccinated effect. This is why they’ve dropped the mixing vaccines they don’t have to.

    There has to be a plan, haven’t done the last year to just go back to normal, can’t count on depression giving them more power and depopulation.

    Or 4. we have read too much into there idiots caught up in the fear doing stupid pointless shit and screwing the world up accidently because they are idiots.

    Find out by the end of the year I guess, like to be ahead of it, I vote 3 which is bad news for us, and good news for the sheep.

  27. More propaganda to scare people against us lepers who are unvaccinated, anti masks and don’t do social distancing.
    Boris and puppets are spending our taxpayers cash on there cronies in advertising with there brainwashing crap.
    Notice the amount of signs anywhere even councils wasting money on this.
    I you see these adverts on tv YouTube switch them off in papers turn the page over.
    Better still if in the street write Fuck covid on them😄

  28. could you please tell e how you found this information on the government site as i have tried but can’t find it anywhere.?

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