RAAB Says Masks to Continue After JUNE 21st / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I doubt think any of us is surprised…… People are stupid in general

    • Total bollocks. Least this should just bolster our numbers. Peaceful protest may not be the way forward.

      • Yep, it’s going to the pavement sooner or later. I’m beginning to see that clearly. These protests are not achieving anything. Obviously, I fully respect and admire everybody that goes, but the so called ‘governments’ are not waivering, they just send their pets in the ‘police’ to go and keep a lid on it.

    • What a joke this government just lies

  2. In other words… masks for eternity! What life have we got to look forward to with this new totalitarian dictatorship. Can’t believe folk can’t see this for what it really is.

    • I agree – I sort of feel we shouldn’t worry about masks but it’s what they stand for that bugs. Knowing we’re being controlled and the majority don’t see it.

      • Masks are important. The government has just ordered 60-million booster jabs for then the 3rd Wave gets here and without the masks suppressing immune systems and causing the wearers to get bacterial pneumonia they will go to waste. These people running this scam are evil geniuses. never forget that.

  3. No suprise here
    Zippy’s very appropriate for the sheeple that’s just about their mentality

  4. Of course this crap is going to stay in place! Got to keep the fear going somehow, but hey, only a “another corner to turn!” Fallen out with so many because they truly believe there won’t be another lockdown, they WILL be going on holiday this year, everything back to normal, and that daddy government really cares about them – bit like believing the prostitute really cares about you! And I’ve said it won’t. Ho hum!

  5. Nope, all I’ll be continuing to do, is non-compliance & disobedience.

  6. People of the UK..awake, stand up.. it’s time to show these CROOKS assholes manipulators that we WILL NOT GIVE UP so EASILY the F….Ng MSN gas spent the last 2 hours covering the UTD fans protest against their owners but DIDN’T GIVE A MINUTE OF COVER TO THE BIGGEST PROTEST EVER last week nor even mentioned the anti lockdown protests across Europe yesterday. Do your citizen right on the 6th May and GET RID OF THE TORIES AND LABOUR FROM AS MANY SEATS AS WE CAN. COME ON, OUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT FFS. No more masks, No jabs, No extensions, No covid passports ever.

    • The sad thing is they have planned this whole charade for another 2 years. Some time in 2023 when they have enough vaxxed they’ll be happy. They’ll all have bonuses from big pharma… All without giving a damn about their own people who they should be serving.
      The sheep will be lining up for their two lots of boosters every year.

    • Here Here this is what i said in Ireland cilp kick Tories and Labour out across the country this Thursday show them we mean business to this nosence.

      As for face nappies we all know this as Hugo said would continue foreven.

      Why don’t we all walk in large groups to big supermarkets, trains and buses coughing and sneezing and them working there promoting this nosence and the sheep will be S****** themselves with there state control nappies on 😄😄

    • I voted labour man, many,many years ago and that was a big mistake. And then i voted for conservative and again that’s turned out to be a mistake. In other words conservatives will never get my vote again. We need a new party in, a party that wasnt born with a silver spoon stuck up their arseholes.

  7. Unfortunately they really do believe lockdowns ending and they’re going back to normal! hopefully the government will bring them down with a big enough bump the wake them up, but I’m not holding my breath! Seems they’re beyond hope.

    • People will be side track by something else to talk there mind of yet anyother lie. Its just really getting silly now and not in a silly good kinda way. Me as a person . Well its get so I hardly see or speak to any one now. I cant do this what ever this is anymore

      • Remember there’s loads of us feel the same. It feels pretty lonely when you’re only talking to friends and family but there’s really hundreds of thousands – just we’re scattered!

      • Totally understand you. Im not working just now so Im alone all day and I have fallen out with two close neighbours over this covid subject area. They each asked me outright if I was getting the jab and I said no. One laughed and called me an anti-vaxer and I said no, my son and I have had all the vaccinations offered in the past, we are just not getting this one. They didn’t want to know my reasoning and didnt ask for it…but since then no more conversations with me, the mad girl next door as she is one of those weirdos.. It is really hard some days and very lonely dealing with people who cant see though the msm bullshit but there are others out there somewhere, they may just not be right in front of you today. One thing that has helped me a bit is not wearing the mask. People dont ask me about it at all and so I do believe if everyone just starting taking them off, this mask wearing crap would just fizzle out.

      • sb142021. They’re the mentally deranged fruit loops, not you! You’re better off not speaking to them. See how they laugh when the effects of their bullshit ‘vaccine’ kicks in. See how they laugh, when they’re forced to stick that ‘schwab’ up their nose every day, and get constant ‘boosters’, whilst still wearing a mask and being under lockdown. Absolute cretinous morons.

      • Yes u can 💪 I feel we all feel the same but let’s keep side lining them back .. Never give up giving in people 👍💪💪✌️

  8. I’m sure the non compliant will get blamed for this too.
    When furlough stops the real fun will start as more people will feel it.
    Is there a politician who has the backbone to stand up to the elites and fight for the people?
    I’m guessing not as they wouldn’t be in power if they had that mindset.
    Get out there and make yourselves heard. Otherwise come Oct we will be locked in again!
    That’s the last thing anyone wants….

    • Furlough won’t end my friend. It will smoothly turn into universal income.

    • This is worrying me a bit as one of my neighbours did hint at this the last time I spoke to him, something along the lines of ‘people like you will be holding us all back from being able to get out of lockdown’ 🙁

      • SB I wouldn’t worry about your scared neighbours.
        Calmly ask if they have researched the opposing views or just watch BBC and sky for their news updates. Or ask if they know of side effects?
        I’m guessing they haven’t looked into it in any way as mainstream media has already covered this for them and classes everyone who questions them a conspiracy theorist.
        Easy way out when they can’t provide the facts.

      • Ignore him . How dare he talk to you that way!
        Sorry to hear your living near Rats! I am to you not alone 👍 mine ignore me now and that’s fine because I am not changing my mind and becoming like your neighbour (twat)👍 a Statistical human like them!
        Keep strong 💪

  9. Don’t wear masks anywhere and any place that tries to enforce they get fuck all from me

    • Well, we were mask less in the bank, and got told by the manager to put one on or get out. Also threatened to close our accounts. Complained to head office. They were upset and said they will speak to this person.this was same result in another bank. We also said we can take them personally to court. Which you can. As discrimination. Keep up the fight

      • Well done Fred. Why not change banks, escalate the complaint and then change banks in protest. They’re all the same at the end of the day. Honestly, I don’t know who these jobsworths think they are. They’re an absolute plague on the human race.

      • 👏🏻👏🏻👍💪💪

  10. We need another Guy Fawkes, but one that succeeds this time.

  11. Thats why i keep saying….no point to talk to these people here hugo…they dont watch you…ALL OF US NEED TO GO GRAB MICHROPHONES AND GO LOCALLY ON LOCAL HIGHSTREETS AND SAY IT ALL… same way sheep dont get it we seem to do same over and over again….talking on here is pointless…i been walking on streets and talk randomly to people and i dare to say i got few lost souls on the right side…..but on here only….nothing will ever change…you all should know by now

    • Yes but it does give people support when they think they’re on their own re friends and family

      • I agree with you, i am in this lonely world people around me believing all this nosence.

        I’m glad i found Hugo Talks and joined this group with liked minded people like myself.

        As the government and MSM are liars and brainwashing people minds we need this platform here and speak out.

    • Yes agree I been talking when I out 👍 I mention I chat with other like minded people ect your right we can’t take our ‘foot off the gas’ theses sites are not enough no disrespect to you Hugo I mean by getting out there and keeping fighting back best way I can

      People know it’s between them and us now and I quite excited to see were this goes because I Won’t be giving in telling others

  12. Ain’t worn one yet, so Rabb can fuck off, another lying traitor scumbag, oh and by the way who wants to swim in the med wearing one so you can SHOVE yer passport up your arse while also.

  13. When Doris the Bastard said there wouldn’t be any more lockdowns, he wasn’t exactly lying, what he meant was the lockdown we’re in right now is NEVER going to end.

    • Good observation. He can the look you in the eye and know to himself he’s not ‘technically’ lying.

  14. I’m not surprised that these bastards are calling this in now. Why Raab? is it because Hancock is so universally hated?
    I’m not voting for these tossers again while this shambles of cabinet ministers hold sway…pillory the sods and see how long they smile.

    • Only worth voting if you think any of them actually run the country??

      • 49 and NEVER voted for Any of them I been hated by people over years cause it them saying ‘ o your vote matters’ hahaha 🤪

        Clearly I was right not to vote lol

        Take care

  15. It’s here for the rest of your lives sheep !

  16. I’ve just been to the pub for the first time i didn’t wear a mask nor did I track and trace every ofter fucker did and was wearing masks I wanted to smash them all up they was a couple that wore them to come in sat down took masks off then put them back on to move seats two meters away and took them off again I couldn’t believe it this is what we’re up against

    • Its unbelievable .
      Why are people so stupid?
      I never wear a mask and am so shocked that everyone around me does.

    • I know mate, the whole thing is absolutely bloody awful, ESPECIALLY when you know it’s all bollocks. It makes it a 100 times worse. You could even say it’s soul destroying.

  17. Another interesting thing – Deagle .com had a population prediction on their site for 2025 based on official estimates, it was done in 2019 I think. It showed the US dropping to 99mill and UK to 14 million! That page with that info has disappeared. Odd coincidence?

    • WOW. Wasn’t that what Worzel’s dad, ‘Stanley Johnson’ said would be the ideal population for the UK. I know he’s written SEVEN books on de-population.

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  19. The global reset is due to start in August 2021

  20. Strange how the double 3000 people no mask and no social distance rave in Liverpool has been so broadcast at the same time as the “new variant” from South Africa/Brazil has come out in London… I sense a reason for the next wave!

    • This was their experiment on people to see how well transmission & other evil schemes put in place work. Of course, they’ll blame it on variants of this fictitious “virus”.

  21. The 15 May march should show all governments who is in charge

    • True but not before reducing the tories and labour parliament seats control on May 6th. The less of these bastards in there the more chances we got some independents fight for us and oppose any more lock downs or masks and jabs imposition. I’ve already vote for reform even if they don’t win.

  22. Explains why they needed Covid marshalls…

  23. Like a few others have said on here , you try to talk to people you know and tell them “ normality is not around the corner “ but they can’t see further than the end of their noses . Happily being led like lambs to the slaughter . They are celebrating sitting in a beer garden with their track and trace nhs apps and masks . 2 or 3 people that I know I can tell they think I’m going mad / or I’m a conspiracy theorist . One had blisters on her arm the other day after the jib jab I tried to tell her it might be side effects . Insisted something had bitten her whilst in the garden . They don’t listen .. Hope it pees down all bank holiday on them sitting outside in the pub garden !!

    • I have been thinking the same from my bad experience yesterday at the pub hope all the Muppets sitting outside all get soaking wet bank holiday monday catch a cold oh they have had there jab which they think protect them mugs.

      I kept quiet about the jab expect on here but this is what i am going to said ‘ Have you had the jab ‘ My medical records are personal
      If they don’t like it they can fuck off.
      For the record here my invitation for the poison came 2 weeks ago and went straight in the bin won’t have it and fuck there passports

      • Say to it/them, “None of your business! & if your injected, you’re already dead! So keep in hell, well away from me zombie spreader!”.. Turn their fear back on to them. Works the same when you say “Go away satan!”

      • mine too, I ceremonially burnt it. Im sure it will be like Harry Potters Hogwarts invite letter though, it will keep appearing through the letter box..

      • exactly what i say people ask if i’ve had the jab. i say its personal information, or its none of your business, you don’t want to say yes or no or it could cause conflict. which has happen to me. got to keep it a personnel secret i’ve learnt

  24. So furlough & the Covid regs have been extended until September. They are employing more Covid marshals for July – next year but people STILL believe everything will be going back to “normal” on June 21st?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • They have renamed them” social distancing champions “ here 😂😂 sounds less authoritarian . Saw 5 the other day all talking to each other up close . You couldn’t make it up 😂🤪

      • Same shit on a train. Announcements all the time, by this Shakespearian wannabe actor: “You must wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth, on board trains and at stations, at all times, (pause) unless you are exempt.” Well what about the ‘social distancing’ Richard Burton wannabe? This shit is either real or it isn’t. And the width of a train carriage is 2 metres, exactly, pretty much. And it goes back to the Roman Empire – the width of 2 horses backsides that would pull the chariots along the Roman roads, then carriages and then trains – they used the same gauge size. So, the ticket guy has got his bikini bottom on his face, wants to check your ticket, and he’s right in your face. Absolute mental retardation.

    • Reminds me of Del boy Only Fools and Horses.
      This year next year we be millionaires.
      This time next year we be in the same shit
      Them covid Marshalls are grasses hope normal people tell them to Fuck off the Nazis scum.

      • There was one at the train station before, an asian bloke. He looked like the prison guards in the film Escape Plan. I’m sure these people think they’re Rambo. He’s got Army boots on, black combat trousers, a black stab vest to puff him up, with a black mask on and a hi-viz jacket to top it off. LOL. What an absolute joke.

  25. Preaching to the converted
    The sheep will/cannot change,fear of one sort or another keep them controlled

  26. And I see the sheeple are packed in at the snooker with their masks on ,its just sickening to see . And of course such a deadly virus the players and the ref nor the pundits in the studio have even got the fucking masks on ! and yet the crowd sit there like totall uncts muzzled up .

    • Bring the legendary Alex Higgins back. He’d tell ’em where to shove all of their bullshit. He’d be a one man ‘Hurricane’ – literally. That’s what he did, every day of his life.

  27. Foreign Secretary !? Well one thing is for certain ~ The majority of the Conservative Party Ministers are completely bomnkers !! And YES the vast majority of sheep will accept this drivel without question !

  28. Thankyou Hugo for all your efforts we really do appreciate the clarity of your messages in this web of lies and deceit. Keep fighting everyone…we will win. Can’t wait until we see these lying bastards strangled by their treachery and brought to justice.

  29. Oh Hugo I love listening to you even though these true info you are sharing is so depressing.
    I get to fight this bs with my partner this past year. It has pretty much destroyed our relationship.
    I went to the London protest and I am going to the next one too.I felt so empowered after coming back home even though his comment was horrible to me. Pretty much most of the people I know have taken the vaccine or will take when their turn. Nobody cares abd they ask me why do I get involved so much and loose my energy. I want to cry! Had enough sending and sharing all amazing info and telling them we are fighting for the freedom of our children.
    I am grateful for all those friends who are awaken,we have been supporting each other from the start, predicting the scenarios of events as things went along.
    We were always right and mostly laughed at. We are where we are and yet most are still asleep.

    • Aga, the ‘government’ knows the statistics. They know only 10% of the population is, has and ever will be awake. They know 3% will know what’s going on and do nothing, 3% will know and do things sometimes and 4% will always resist. Always the same. The good news is you only 4% of the population to achieve victory, as in the American War of Independence – 4% stood up and fought. So, that’s where we’re at. Don’t be disillusioned. Most people don’t know what planet they’re on. Period.

  30. nearly time to go of grid. grab your camping gear and start another life. nearly time to boycott the city’s. off grid would be a better life anyway. learn new skills practice living on the land. its no life at the minute living in a concrete jungle might as well go of grid nothing to lose but everything to gain. would like to live that life anyway no phones no internet i’d be quite happy.

    • There’s a really good British film that eludes to this called ‘Code 46’. This is the description: “The near future, Global warming has radically changed the climate. Cloning has become a reality. Without knowing it, people are being constructed using the same DNA. In this future, all citizens must carry identity in the form of a credit card crossed with a passport. Faking these identities is a serious crime against the state. William is a detective on the trail of an identity fraud. When William finds himself falling in love with his chief suspect, Maria, he must choose between his career or a life on the run with the woman he loves..”

  31. I fucking Hate these masks who the fuck would wear them either in the street and drive a car on there own.
    What i have noticed these same morons who love wearing them are the same pratts who throw them in the street and gardens spreading there germs and letting poor workers to pick them up.
    Just seen on sky news a presenter saying he would wear wait for it 2 – 3 – 4 masks to meet his friends in the pub garden what a prick.

    • LOL – watch Alex Higgins above mate, the second video at 13 minutes – it’ll cheer you up. Absolute rebel. The stories are endless. Where I used to live, he lived for quite a while, my mum’s friend saw him jumping over her back yard fence once. Honestly, at the Norbreck Hotel in Blackpool, he got drunk, cut his arm open in the interval from falling off a wall, put someone’s Man United scarf around his arm, went back out and won. Fell out of his mates apartment once, broke his ankle, hobbled around the table in plaster – won. He’d punched a fellow snooker player in the face, had to go on TV-AM at 6am. Oliver Reed got him to drink his wife’s PERFUME! Turned up on the show, reeking of Armani, saying he wished he’d hit him harder – LOL!!!! Endless stories like that.

    • What an absolute knob!
      Who would want to go for a drink with him and his 4 masks?

  32. It’s the date-game that gives it away. Why not June 20th or June 22nd? It’s easy to fling dates around. Natural phenomena such as viruses and the like are very much aware about when to stop. But this is all to do with the ‘success’ of the vaccination rollout. Yeah, right. The testing game can produce as many false negs as positives.
    ‘But where not interested in those who can see through this. They’re off the radar in any case. Where interested in the masses that can’t.’

  33. It should be ‘we’re’ not ‘where.’ Hi Hugo, could you add an editing facility so that we can correct any errors we spot in our comments?
    Raab, during this interview, also mentioned a renewed testing programme on a daily basis which is why l mentioned it above.
    If folks can’t see through this sham then God help them. Belief requires certainty and closed-mindedness.

  34. I only started watching YouTube about 5 years ago. Prior to that, I never followed any news. After watching stuff like 9/11 I felt like an idiot. I’d been fooled into believing stuff created by horrendous psychopaths. I totally understand why folk are going along with this because they trust government/media etc because they don’t believe they would lie. After 1st jab my mums husband got shingles and was still advised to get 2nd jab although he has serious heart conditions. My mum got her 2nd dose last week and was ill for a couple of days after. Society is now the danger to Society

  35. I’m getting use to these lockdowns the longer they go on the more it might wake people up. this is technological war fair on us its not our frequency its coming from a different unknown force there trying to weaken the west so we submit to this. where being given false hope so they can crust us with the next variant as a excuse. i’m not convince where coming out of lockdown i’m just not feeling it. think the big day will be the 21st June see what happens then ill make a personal decision its been confirmed that its over 21st. over is over, im not being lied to anymore or being given false hope. its mental torture. you need to over ride it. i cart even imagine a big celebration on the 21st is it really going to be really over that day. it might be cancelled the day before like what happened Christmas eve. what if your pension gets linked to the covid passport no jab no pension digital technology is a liar and can easy be manipulated or hacked.

  36. Christopher, stop wasting your time. It’s 10% that will only ever get it. You’re one of them. You either get it or you don’t. You’ll go on forever coming up with silly ass ideas – adverts, post it notes, chalk, pointless. It is 10% mate, period. You may disagree. Go do it, and I’ll see you next week. And we’ll both agree I was right. My point, the focus needs to be clear and targeted, not wandering around trying to wake up zombie’s.

  37. I drove through town the other day & I saw 10 of those Convid Stasi all clustered round a bus stop.

  38. This vessel is a reptilian hybrid, I’ve seen his slit pupils “clearly” when he 1st started appearing on MSM.


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