IRELAND LOCKDOWN Protest May 1st GALWAY, DUBLIN, CORK / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Itโ€™s about time, they stood up to this nonsense.

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  3. FINALLY. Come on Ireland, start channelling Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera. Can you imagine what Michael Collins would be like with all this shit? Collins pioneered urban warfare basically. And we need to take our bitter rivalries completely out of the equation. No more brothers wars!

    • ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ’ชโœŠ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ

  4. Awesome!
    This is what the Irish spirit is about.
    So glad they are waking up and marching together!
    Bet Delores is proud of these brave people.

  5. I feel soory for you all in britain. I live here,i am stunned by your patience guys! How long for? If you think by just talking you will achieve anything,then you are mistaken. Maybe you dont like the meaning of “revolution”,but thats whats needed here. We talking about our lives,children and rights here,this is not some joke. These lunatics follow very serious,carefully thought off plan here. Been preparing for years. The moment few million stand up is the moment it ends. The 500000 in london was good but not enough….need every town to be like in the same day and lets see what police can do to you! Answer is….nothing. If enough people standing next to each other they wont touch you,enough of the apaty and fear,its time to GET UP. They fooled everyone in uk with this furlough pay,benefits etc…..nice not working isnt it? But you all will pay dear price for that,trust me. Country i am coming from….we suffered alot,plenty brainwashed sheep there but when we say ENOUGH we mean it and stand together. So enough talking,shaking heads….noone will do your job….its YOU

    • Well said Pavel. Awesome. Listen to this man people. Just like Pastor Artur Maklowski in Canada. They have lived through shit like this before and the only way to stop it is by standing up against it. Look at the hell the Soviet Union was. What, up to 66 million people murdered basically. They went along with it. I remember a quote from somebody from Russia, they said: “We knew it was rubbish, fake, but we all knew to act and go along with it because we didn’t want to get sent to the gulag.” Well, they were sent to the gulag, BIG TIME!

      • because if we (correction for above).

      • LOL, ignore above correction. Hugo, can you put an edit facility on here, so when we post something, we can edit it if we need to? Like on Bitchute. It’d be a great thing to have, because we all make mistakes typing and sometimes a message can get confused very easily.

    • ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘โœŠ๐Ÿ™โœŒ๏ธ

    • unfortunately it’s too late law’s have been shoehorned in corrupt judges and politicians have been put in place for the “great cull”
      enough people have taken the bio weapon now which means we are all fucked. 5g and the led lighting will start to kill people as planned by the John Hopkins University sparrs 25-28 scenario.
      globally ww3 is about to kick off
      Taiwan is preparing for an invasion by the Chinese pla. Ukraine is on a war footing with Russia. Iran is surrounded by the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ready to strike
      India is preparing for a fight with the Chinese pla over their borders.
      Once it kicks off and the countries go on a war footing anything goes… you e been conditioned to stay home and queue at shops why? because when war comes global logistics comes to a standstill.
      food fuel shortages EMP blackouts its all been planned to round us up like cattle. we are nothing but useless eaters to these zionist satanic masonic child killing bastards.
      you gotta โœ‚๏ธthe head off the ๐Ÿ
      order out of chaos.

    • Dr Lacour put her 3 year old daughter in the trialโ€ฆ..she says โ€œโ€œThey said that itโ€™s incredibly rare, but anyone can have an anaphylactic reaction to it. But itโ€™s so rare they couldnโ€™t even give us an example.โ€ Lacour said. โ€œSo [side effects were] not something I was very concerned about.

      Pae 24/76, UK Government document for Pfizer

      Anaphylactic reactions โ€“ 240. Actual analphylactic shocks, 17.

      Liars, the lot of them.

      The article states:

      COVID-19 has killed over 573,000 Americans since the pandemic began. Fewer than 450 of those deaths were under the age of 18. Thatโ€™s a risk of 0.07% of total deaths, and out of a population of 328 million, itโ€™s 0.00013%. There is no upside to vaccinating children, only downsides.

      Doing the opposite of what a parent is supposed to do. Protect their children. How could they? Lock them up.

    • So so true… but British are British, so subservient but unfortunately its taken as weaknesses. The politicians knows that their people are punch bags and puppet/Yo-Yos….they can do whatever they want and never see anyone raising a finger. If someone wants to protest he/she is a rebel. Let it not be a black, Asian or anyone of colour, straight away they are either sactioned or poisoned….noone defends them….

  6. Well done Ireland from England
    Take back control from dictatorship politicians.
    Let fight back in this country and kick both the Tories and useless Labour out at this Thursday elections especially in London kick Khan out vote David Kurten anti covid rules to show them we mean business against tyranny

    • What we really need is proportional representation. And that’s everywhere. I want Brian rose to win, but I expect alot of the vote will be split between him, kurten and fox. That’s the issue worldwide. Every vote does not count in first past the post

  7. When I kept silence,
    my bones waxed old
    through my roaring all the day long.
    Psalm 32:3

    As a glorious crowd of witnesses we will stand up for truth and freedom! We stand for those that can’t!
    We stand for those who sleep! Wake up brothers and sisters of the human race… stand in not let them divide and conquer! We are the 99%.

  8. Goodonya IRELAND Has got the balls to STAND Up for FREEDOM!!!

  9. Well dond freedom fighters of Ireland for making a stand!
    Those of you with buisnesses open them! If you’re wearing a mask, social distancing , not seeing your family and friends or obeying any of the insane rules STOp NOW!! Say NO to the hab! Say no to the passportd!
    This only ends when we stop it!!

  10. Massive well done Ireland. Keep going, stay strong.

  11. Sorry for the typos in my post above this!

  12. If you like entertainment and want cheering up, watch the last 2 episodes of ‘The Prisoner’ from the ’60’s with the great Patrick McGoohan. Especially the last episode. It spells out all of what is going now, believe it or not. I won’t spoil it, but he’s overlooking a UN/Masonic court, he has convinced them that he’s at the top of the ‘UN’, he sits on a throne, with the UN blue carpet underneath, indicating he’s at the top – he’s playing them. They roll out certain ‘actors’, 3 in total, that they believe were working for them, but they turn and work against their masters. Honestly, it blew my mind. It’s a happy ending for humanity at the end, basically.

    • And get this, these 3 people have a massive Rambo style shoot-out with the UN soldiers. I remember an interview with Jeffrey Matte, (I know you won’t have heard of him) but he said I think we’ll win this war, just, by the skin of our teeth. A huge part of me think this is all planned to raise us up, spiritually, etc. And be honest, is that not what’s going on?

    • Is there a central site where protesters in Ireland can connect? We need to be in contact, all of us, so we can stand together. It often feels as if we are just little isolated groups but it’s not.

  13. Well done Ireland great to see we must all keep it up

  14. Whoop whoop ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช I shared my ASS OFF lol for months I love you ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช I so proud ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
    Cheers for sharing Hugo

  15. So positive to see! We are endless possibility when we unite!

    May I suggest a simple action that each of us can do, and it has the potential to affect a beneficial outcome.


    All that is required:
    A black marker
    A pad of post-it notes, preferably 4ร—5

    Write down, on each note, the website for the “va**ine” adverse events reporting website, such as the “Yellow Card Reporting” system, or

    Next, when you come across a “sandwich board”/ poster advertising the jaberwocky, simply press one of these post-it notes over the “scheduling” link/ barcode.

    Voila — a prospective customer has an educational opportunity with the help of a post-ed note!!!

    PS: I started this week; it does not damage or deface anything, and is the actual data that the public has a natural right to consider.

    Cheers!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. This made my morning, so happy to see this protest. Go Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช โค

    • Yeah me2 but what next….when people go home to rest, the deep states are busy changing laws ๐Ÿ™„ by the time they organise the next demonstration they will not be allowed to be outside their houses

  17. Well done Ireland but what’s next….the sane with the British one last week, whats next

  18. Government around the world openly trying to control the people, this goes against everything our grandfathers and mothers fought for in WW2.The people are rising up against these semi fascist politicians. Ireland have been hit hard but the people have had enough of the lies and deceptions.

    What I noticed in these videos where the sheep on the sidewalks, donโ€™t they realise the social credit system is coming for them which is what the vaccine passports are linked to. All your personal information on one tiny chip, donโ€™t forget they might even put an implant in you. Itโ€™s the same for the cops they are helping their own enslavement. Itโ€™s not about doing your job and following orders, the Nazis followed orders. Itโ€™s about your own freedoms of thought expression and choice which they are taking away from all of us.

    If these fascist get their way everybody will be tracked 24/7 365 if you do anything out of line the dictatorship will take away your credits or even withhold your passport. If itโ€™s really bad, like not complying with the poison in your body you might just end up in prison until you do comply, your whole family will not be safe from the dictatorship.

    This can all be stopped. Itโ€™s simple, do what these people are doing join the fight against these fascists, we are the majority not the billionaires and the elites. If we the people come together how can they stop millions of us all around the world. Thank you the people of Ireland what a great turn out.

    By the way here are a few things you can do. Do not watch TV the mainstream media, do not buy papers, guess what you might just put the papers out of business, that would be an achievement of people power. Lastly start making short videos for different platforms which is what I am going to be doing very soon. Get the message out there that we will not be controlled.


  19. This marvel by brave Irish people made me cry. I do not do social media nor have a smart phone on principal, so have no access to what is going on here in Ireland. I live in North Cork. Please, is anyone out there who can send me links to any organisation or links so that I can know what is going on. Isolation can be a terrible thing.

    • I know, it can be very isolating.
      There are many groups on Telegram, which is an app you download to your phone and can also use on your computer. ‘Anti-lockdown Ireland’ is one group which shares info, protests etc. Others groups are: ‘Delores Cahill’ and ‘Jim Corr Channel’. ‘Rachel Speaks Out’ is another good one, she is in the UK, so is ‘Richie Allen Show’. Most are on telegram now due to censorship. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry, I missed the fact you don’t have a smartphone. I’m not on social media either unless u count telegram and signal. I don’t like using smartphone, I switch btwn a basic Nokia when I leave the house. I’m not 100% sure u can just download telegram to your computer without a smartphone, you could give it a try. Unfortunately groups still rely on social media, mainstream or alternative platforms, to connect with ppl. A Samsung S5 smartphone has a removable battery so you can’t be tracked all the time once the battery is removed. All smartphones now, to my knowledge, have inbuilt batteries. You can buy the Samsung S5 second hand online.

      • Cheers. Thanks for the heads up

      • Thanks for that Eleanor.

  20. In Brazil the supreme court gave powers do governors and mayors beyond federal government to combat the Cv, the result was was a set of draconian measures were small business where put to their knees. Yesterday (The workers day) an estimated of 20 milion people across the country went to the streets (again) to protest against insane lockdowns. People are so desperate that thay are asking for military intervention and cancel the supreme court. Everytime the government try to do something more reasonable the supreme court go against, and at this momement they are trying to find escuses to impeach the president in order to put the most radical leftists again in charge.

    The MSM is hidding as much as possible and lying abroad, the faceBook tryied to limit the messages to inform the date for the demonstration but, everybody used Whats, Telegram, Telefone, Signal, etc. FB is no longer the main message center, eheheh, happy to see people finding ways to get arround these

    Nothig is being registered by the MSM.

    Regards to Everybody.

    • Great comment ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช thanks and
      Kind regards to you

      Good luck to us All now ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ

  21. De-constructing The Great Reset
    There are behavioral psychologists currently employed by many so-called democratic governments to permanently modify their own citizens conditioned behavioral responses, without obtaining individual legal consent.
    As the primary responsibility lies with the State itself for the protection of its population from such crimes.
    The State itself is now responsible for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’
    Eugenics, Enslavement, Fraud, Mass Imprisonment.
    These crimes against humanity constitute a major threat to international peace and security.
    The criminal behavioral psychologists partnering with the criminal state, think that the individual is their behavior personified.
    They think you are nothing but the totality of your actions, so if your actions can be understood you are understood.
    Yet you are more, much more than the sum total of your actions, you are not only your behavior.
    Behavior is an indication of the inner spirit, it is not the root.
    Behavior is the outward expression of the inner spirit.
    Only ignorant people try to change the outward expression without changing the cause of that expression.
    Without transforming your inner being you cannot change your outer conduct.
    To try to change the periphery without changing the center is a pipe dream.
    The effort is not only futile, it is harmful.
    It is suicidal.
    It is nothing but forcing affliction on oneself.
    No doubt this suppression satisfies the needs of ‘The Great Reset’ but the individual cracks under it and is shattered.
    This is satisfying the needs of society at the cost of the individual.
    It creates a rift, a duality in them.
    Their personality loses its natural simplicity and they suffer from the conflict within themselves.
    This is social violence.
    Madness is the natural outcome of a civilization based on this kind of false, hollow, behavioral modifications.
    Therefore madness increases with the advance of civilization and the time may come when our whole civilization will end in madness.
    The last two world wars were this kind of madness and we are heading towards a third and perhaps final conflict.
    Unless you become conscious of your consciousness, unless you become aware of your inner light, you will go on living in these illusions.
    Ultimately, Marxist globalist forces wish to totally destroy all capitalism, but capitalism is not an ideology.
    It is not imposed on the society, it is a natural growth.
    It is not like communism, or fascism, or socialism, these are ideologies, they have to be imposed.
    Capitalism has come on its own.
    In fact, the word “capitalism” has been given by the anti-capitalist thinkers, the communists, the socialists and others.
    Capitalism is a state of freedom, it allows you all kinds of freedoms.
    Communism will not allow you all kinds of freedoms, communism will give you only one ideology to believe in, there is no question of choice.
    Communism by trying to impose equality through state actors and social justice warriors, means everything good that should be given to all individuals is cancelled.
    The individual is first cancelled, then controlled and imprisoned by the Marxist collective hive mind.
    For communism there is no way to keep people equal without force.
    But what kind of a utopia is it which is kept by force?
    Communism is an “ism”, capitalism is not an “ism.”
    Capitalism is simply a natural phenomenon that has come on its own.
    There are no capitalist philosophers, there is no capitalist party, there is no capitalist economy which has been enforced on people, it is a growth.
    Capitalism is the only state where you are not forced to live in a cage, you are free.
    Capitalism is basically individualism, it is not a social structure.
    Capitalism gives you the freedom to be yourself.
    The yearning for freedom, truth and peace is basically the yearning for harmony in the individual and in the society.
    The harmony has never truly existed, there has always been a chaos.
    Society has been divided into different cultures, different religions, different nations, and all based on superstitions.
    None of the divisions are valid.
    These divisions show that the individual is divided within themselves, these are the projections of their own inner conflict.
    They are not one within, that’s why they could not create one society, one humanity outside.
    The cause is not outside.
    The outside is only the reflection of the inner being.
    There have been attempts all over the world to make a harmonious human society, but all have failed for the simple reason that nobody has bothered why it is not naturally harmonious.
    It is not harmonious because each individual inside is divided, and their divisions are projected onto the society.
    And unless we dissolve the individual’s inner divisions, there is no possibility of realizing freedom, truth and peace and creating a harmonious society in the world.
    Only a society which is enlightened enough can fulfill the demand of being harmonious.
    A society of enlightened people, a society of great meditators who have dropped their divisions.
    That is the only possible way that some day we can drop all divisions in the society.
    But first they have to be dropped in the individual.
    The world can come to a harmony if meditation is spread far and wide, and people are brought to one consciousness within themselves.
    Up to now it was thought revolution was the only way to create change.
    Though all revolutions have failed.
    Now it should be known that changing the individual and not revolution is the way, meditation brings this transformation.
    It is only a question of understanding the value of meditation.
    Then it is easily possible for millions of people to become undivided within themselves as conscious human beings.
    Meditation has to become almost like a wildfire.
    The effort is to make meditation a science so it has nothing to do with the superstition of religion.
    Then there is some hope.
    And people are ready.
    Nobody has paid much attention to the individual, and that is the root cause of all the problems.
    But because the individual seems to be so small and the society seems so big, people think that we can change society, and then the individuals will change.
    This is not going to be so, because “society” is only a word, there are only individuals, there is no society.
    The society has no soul, you cannot change anything in it.
    You can change only the individual, howsoever small they appear.
    And once you know the science of how to change the individual, it is applicable to all the individuals everywhere.
    The West is not aware of what self-realization means.
    It means such an absolute silence that it cannot be disturbed by anything.
    Self realization means the complete disappearance of the ego.
    And with disappearance of the ego, everything disappears.
    The whole Western psychology up to now has not come to the point of non-ego.
    It is still thinking in terms of the ego,
    How to make the ego more strongly rooted, centered.
    How to make the ego more healthy, normal, adjusted.
    The East takes the ego itself as the disease, the whole mind is the disease.
    Self realization is coming to no-self, coming to an absolute emptiness within, coming to the point where you are not.
    The path of intelligence and intuition is the only way of real life, freedom and truth.
    Life exists as a unity, but the Western standpoint is to dissect, to go to the part, to understand the part and through the part to try to comprehend the whole.
    You will always miss.

  22. There is an amazing thing we possess, and it has been proven on monkeys and humans, called the ‘100th Monkey Syndrome’. From what I can remember, 1 in 100 monkeys was taught a skill, they’ve never used before, without the others knowing about it, such as using a spade to dig a hole. Then, as if by magic the other monkeys would start picking spades up and digging holes. (Obviously, it was an experiment, they left the spades for them).

    • Itโ€™s great you share ๐Ÿ‘
      itโ€™s bringing to light this planed,demic!๐Ÿ™„ enormity of how long they been planning this upon us All. Yes I was aware for years but when ever I mentioned in conversation about government or such people would say I was โ€˜oโ€™ your crazy, your looking into it to much they would never do this,or thatโ€™..
      now a days I Know I wasnโ€™t going nuts๐Ÿ‘ I was right they at the Top are Scum and people have just been ignoring this was coming
      I feel personally.

      Cheers Andy



  24. Very Good will share on minds via hugo on minds

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