Football Crowds Told To Stop Cheering / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

49 Comments on “Football Crowds Told To Stop Cheering / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

  1. Virus has failed. Not one human alive believes caca virus exist.

  2. Without watching it..

    Because of the carbon dioxide produced…

  3. Its time to start studying these professors, preferably with them under water! Hope these Football fans give them a good boffin for the year lost watching their favourite teams play…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. I believe they will do the same for churches that already where not allow to sing and maybe for concerts too

    • They already are.. singing is nanny in the church I used to go…

  5. ???? World has gone to Hell……don’t trust government or these corrupt new norms or normals…..

  6. Feet on concrete dose not make much noise. When the chips are down the cheers will start

  7. So to be clear you will have had to have had a vaccine to get into the football ground to begin with but then can’t sing as this fake virus could spread between vaccinated people only. Speaks volumes about a vaccine that without we have a 99.7% chance of surviving and this vaccine is incapable of giving you an additional 0.3% protection. Sounds feasible.

    Could it be that the real reason for not singing is they don’t want fans singing songs about Boris Johnson and the lockdowns…..Once again they are trying to keep people away from each other and quiet as they are petrified as to what people really think. And as you say that comes from the human spirit that they will never crush. Great video.

    • That’s probably the reason…there are some interesting songs about bojo.. especially when he cancelled Christmas….

      • Yes, there was that punk song that got to number 1 at Christmas; “Boris Johnson is a Fucking C*nt!”

  8. I really find it harder by the day to understand why people can’t see the truth – depopulation and control of those remaining is and was the goal from day one!!

  9. Ask that stupid bitch how she would get on In a league cup tie at Stoke on a wet and windy Wednesday night in October .
    2nd thoughts just tell her to fuck off.

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  11. Thanks but I am quite content to Be Me, an impulsive emotional human being with feelings.

  12. Wishful thinking to think people will refuse the passport Hugo. Just look at how easy it’s been to get half the population to take an experimental vaccine, wear muzzles and social distance. People are just lambs to the slaughter. I really fear for the future of mankind if this covid hoax is an example of how easily mankind has been manipulated.

    • It’s because we live in a pryramid world. The few at the top, tell those directly beneath them what to do, they tell those directly beneath them what to do and so on, at every level of society.

  13. They have used social engineering against us for years. The tavistock institute and Freemasonic influence in this country has much to answer for. The very top brass of our Militarily, judiciary,Media, police, politicians, Drs all involved with freemasonry. How can a public servant that has sworn an oath to a secret society not have a conflict of interest going on? We have lodges in just about every town across this country and absolutely no justice or representation for the public against what the Nuremberg Code declaired a War Crime “medical experiments on people without their consent” that they want to enforce on us and our children. If people would only realise what these sick bastards do to their own children already they would understand why there is no opposition to yours being experimented on. Keep an eye on your local lodge maybe with a bit of evidence we could put them in the jails their architect brethen built for them to profit off!

    • Well said Ann. It’s like with George Washington’s grave – Freemason first, US President second. The Queen is the head of International Freemasonry, and just happens to be the biggest landowner in the world, by ridiculous margins. And when you reach the 33rd Degree in the Scottish Rite, it is revealed they worship Lucifer. So, that being the case – that is who these people worship. Lucifer, the light bringer, which is what the Statue of Liberty represents – donated by French Freemasons.

    • You ain’t ever going to get them in jail, based upon your own analysis – the Judiciary are in on it, TOO!

  14. If people actually go along with this rubbish, then they are pathetic. Just don’t listen to that shite and cheer until your hearts content or boycott the industry, they will lose profit.

  15. Angela

    What a sad, silent, controlled future we have to look forward to.

    Wake up people, wake up now!!!

    • You go in a supermarket and it’s dead, nobody speaks, same on the train – silence, people suspicious of each other. The good news is, go to the park and people don’t wear masks (on the whole), say hello, are having fun, exercising and so on..

      • I agree. I walked down to the shops in the village and passed 4 people and said hello and every one of them wanted to chat to me. People are lonely and desperate to talk to others and they are out there in the parks and walking around the neighbourhood. People don’t want to talk to others wearing masks though like in the train or the supermarket. They masks psychologically out people off talking to each other.

  16. Let’s see some people care more about football than our freedoms. Big opposition recently for Super League.. So then I think about the rave in Liverpool? Why are they doing this ? It really doesn’t add up. I smell a rat. Hopefully I’m wrong 🤐

  17. From the Ridiculous to the Absurd “ their losing momentum “ Reject all incoming Absurdity’s and be Steadfast “ don’t give their Strange doctrines any room to breathe “

  18. The nutty professors need to be fired out of a cannon asap.
    Complete lunatics that sold their soul to the psychopath foundation.

  19. I don’t know where to start these psychopaths will come up with all sort of BS and the 🐑 will follow.

    I witnessed this myself today i went to the pub for the first time and last time

    Barman on the door ( Have you got Nhs app No )
    Name and phone No gave fake details 😃
    Have you got a mask No exempt.
    Have you book a place what to sit out in this weather.
    Got a hour in a poxy garden
    Barmaid asked me my drink i had 2 pints and told her what this fucking government doing to the pub industry i told her i can buy cans in my local supermarket and seat comfortable and not have this nosence.
    I also felt uncomfortable being in this environment with sheep with there masks on and off.
    I got the bill contactless only and left.
    When got home i was charged £ 1 . 20 service charge fucking cheek
    The 2 beers was £ 9 .60 the same beers in my local supermarket are £ 4 .75 for 4 cans.

    My hole point is you can see where this is going vaccine passports, personal medical details, contactless, and control.
    I said to all this and what i experienced today they and businesses that follow this new world order can Fuck off

    • Dont blame you Darren ,I’ve got no intention of going to the pub to be treated like that and if it means I dont go in a pub again ever then so be it .

      • Thanks Tommy, as Hugo said like minded souls like us here.

        I founding it hard around me to have these opinions.

        I put this out to warn others whats going on and i will tell others out here to.

    • Yep, what a fucking miserable experience. The last time I went was before the last ‘lockdown’, utterly miserable experience. It was the longest pint I’d ever had, couldn’t wait to get away. I was outside, a middle Eastern ‘security’ guard, in hi-viz standing there, watching you with his beedy eyes. It was awful.

      • They are destroying human contact with there Nazi rules which will get worse.

        Have to get a list of people i know who think this is BS.
        I will meet them in a open park or my home No rules, No masks and unvaccinated hopefully it will be fun and party and shout out loud enjoy the music

    • Don’t blame you .. where’s the fun in that ?!! Same with booking a B&B enquired but didn’t book . Breakfast in your room .. cereal / juice etc left outside the door with single use disposable cutlery and plates . masks in public areas . The communal lounge closed , what is the point ?! Said no thanks !! Part of the pleasure is going down to breakfast and Interacting .. why do people accept this crap as if it’s normal .?!!

      • These so called ‘people’ pushing this hoax are mentally deranged. They’re constantly blathering on about the environment, pollution, plastics ,etc. and yet everything they’re pushing is doing the exact opposite, Single use cutlery and plates, (I presume cups and glasses too) masks all over the place. So these things would contain this so called deadly ‘virus’, you’d think they’d be all over it, with mask bins, people employed to pick them up, fines, etc Nope, not a peep about it. How anyone can believe any of it is beyond my comprehension.

  20. there definitely trying to destroy the human spirit. were being conditioned slowly to except it, there crashing the economy intentionally, to get us dependant on the state like universal credit so when all the jobs are gone. so you must get the digital passport and the jab or you will lose universal credit and your digital currency and social credit score. there turning us into artificial intelligence, ditch the smartphone which is not smart, the dumb phones are the smart phones in my eyes or be phoneless, they cart do it unless you have a smartphone. smartphones to me now are microchips now. leave your smart phone at home and take your old one out, that’s what i do. if this go’s ahead its goodbye freedom….im doing my bit. i just hope there’s enough of us to bring this to a end. protests in london gives me hope, fantastic to see like minded people.

  21. Cheers Hugo.. made me laugh 😆because nothing is a shock lol anymore is it to the Woken..
    I mean come on..
    please ..stamp feet instead WTF!
    Crazy 😜 absolutely Nuts ain’t they!

  22. Being female not into football at all, however come on a man or woman have the right to scream, shout and let it all out at their beloved football game. You can not stop it, and why should you even try too. For god sake let us all live. Guys enjoy your football, sing your hearts out..

  23. I remember when the World Cup was in South Africa a few years ago, the fans were encouraged to use these fazula things, like horns you blow into. Like them party horn things. They gave them out free. It was bloody awful. Just imagine 10,000’s of people blowing these things for 90 minutes – unwatchable. Destroyed the spectacle.

  24. Covid is just the flu rebranded and renamed! The vaccine is designed to destroy your immune system! Those who take the jab will die in the flu season this winter! Watch!

  25. For Fuck’s sake, just reject everything. Bin your face nappy, bin the apps, don’t get jabbed. We could end this tomorrow if it were not for the moron sheep.

  26. I don’t know why she didn’t suggest Jazz Hands…

  27. I’m afraid it would be very possible to stop the crowd from cheering and shouting and replace it with stamping. Two years ago we would never have believed people would be so controlled and accepting of a trial vaccine that causes blood clots I would therefore expect anything especially if David beckham promoted it !!

  28. This is just another move to gag people, to prohibit them from verbally expressing emotion. This will stifle humanity, cause more mental health problems. It has already been proven that singing has a positive effect on mental health. They want us to live and die miserably.

  29. Well that wouldn’t work here on Chicago. At Blackhawks games we sing the national anthem louder than anyone!

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