Under A Spell / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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94 Comments on “Under A Spell / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • Oh Hugo! Hugo!! In Wales 18 and over are now being called for vaccines!! If Ireland is asleep Wales must be dead!!!!!!!!

  1. Unfortunately we have to watch it to see where they are going.. and its not good. They seem to no longer care as the general public are in a trance, however for anyone awake this has no effect on as its so blatant and over the top now!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

    • I hear what you’re saying but I disagree. I don’t think we do need to watch it at all.
      Get rid of your TV licence and stop paying for the brainwashing!
      If you’re aware of the message, it will only make you angry watching that rubbish.

  2. As seen in the picture what a fantastic ending to ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ that was.

    • Yes, great film! And it feels exactly like in the film. People have been taken over and if they find out you are not “one of them”, they point at you and scream! I need to find the bloody giant pea pods and destroy them!🤣

      • I think this ‘government’ lives in fucking pea pods!

    • I loathe youtube but a clip of the ending of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ is to be found on that infernal site:

      • I never watched it because I’m old enough to recall the original from the 50s, which scared the shit out of me as a small boy watching on the telly. But it looks pretty good from that scene.

    • It seems people can’t be themselves anymore. Not complying is being normal. It is like they forgot.

  3. I suspect that the MSM hit piece on the private school not accepting vaccinated teachers was an exercise in fire fighting. Snuff it out unless it goes viral – which it could if not checked. This is an on-going propaganda war.

  4. They have turned the British Army brainwashing department loose on the British people.
    Really: check 77 Brigade. And check Lt. Colonel Tobias Elwood ( also Tory MP)of that outfit.
    All happily involved in ” behaviour modification ” programmes.
    In the widest sense: lock down motivations, vaccination fear mongering, ” community protection ” pseudo science, 24/7 “news” brainwashing. And much, much more. Such as ” art work seen on TV advertising for the jab and “protecting the NHS”.
    Same very dirty, very nasty heart and mind brainwashing this UK Army Psy Ops Unit performs against British enemies.
    Tobias should be given a geography lesson : the UK ain’t a middle East battle ground, boy; and the Brits aren’t Russians, Chinese or Taliban. Brits elected you to serve and protect them. What Elwood and his Psy Ops outfit deliver, is far from that.

    • Well said. We’ve had ‘kings’ before, and we’ve removed their heads from their shoulders. History always repeats itself!

    • Good point, but if we really elected them it should be easy to unelect??
      Especially if we don’t like what they are offering and spending valuable taxpayers money.

      • That means none of us should vote , I am all in favour of that approach even though I have always voted in the past.

  5. I suspect, the vaccinated/sheep might actually be killing us, rich school ie Elites protecting there kids someones leaked what’s going on possibly??

    There has been a lot of makes no sense, without something sinister up, keep vaccinated and not vaccinated apart like in Ireland.

    1970’s Merkel Chicken Vaccine, did above behaved like these vaccines, didn’t stop you getting or spreading just stopped symptoms, not vaccinated = DEAD!!

    Been around Pfizer vaccinated people this week and feel ROUGH, very tired, swollen mouth and eye lids are all sore, maybe I’ve got a bug, but don’t get ill often, gets better then gets worse again after being around, fishy, not back at that client to Tuesday so see if repeats.

    • Yes let us know how you feel after Tuesday again.

    • In this spiritual war, the vaccinated people will be gradually possessed by demons ( because they will get a long series of vaccines, this one was just the beginning) , because they rather trust the corrupt leaders of this world than God.

  6. Great video as always Hugo – great format – concise, informative, no fannying about – straight to the heart of the matter.

    IBM is HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey (just move the letters one up). And what happens at the end? They turn the son of a bitch off!

    I was thinking, this has been planned a long time, so it’s going to get worse people. We need to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and so on. Understand, it will get worse. Stock up on food, avoid paying tax as much as possible, learn practical skills that you can barter with. and so on.

    In terms of injecting the virus into people, check this video out in terms of predictive programming from 2015, by the band Killing Joke called “I am the Virus”. It’ll blow you’re mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4wdbibV3IM

    • Check the lines: “I am the virus, I am the hydra headed beast, I am the worm you can never delete.”

    • Barter what exactly? A smartphone for a bag of carrots? Bartering is an anachronism and belongs in Biblical Times. We have moved on from swapping oxen for bales of wheat. Bartering would reduce our standard of living to that of Biblical Times. And of course it would fit right in with the ‘zero-carbon’, ‘greeny’ agenda. It would be impossible for a modern economy to function under a ‘barter’ system. If we were reduced to bartering to provide for goods and services it would bring about a complete destruction of our standard of living. What if you have nothing to barter with? What if you do not have a garden to grow carrots to barter for a churn of milk? We would live brutal, short lives. Didn’t you learn anything from the Great Toilet Roll Panic Buying? Have you never heard of ‘price-gouging’ on eBay/Amazon? Bartering in action? Bartering although it may sound cute and cuddly simply would not work. You are as always up against human nature and human nature always wins out. Be careful what you wish for… because you might just get it 😉

      • Except the monetary system would not even apply in a new world order. Are you not aware of the social credit system? The consequences are not very good (loss of land, inflation, fewer cars, limited travel due to “climate change” and increased robotics / automation) except you are insanely rich and you can buy your way out of a system.

      • Everyone has something to barter with. Time, energy skills. Its not all about carrots and milk I think a short brutal life might be better than a long comfortable one in chains. At least we would value it. I lived in France and Portugal in the mountains mostly off grid and I can tell you that a day chopping your own wood has so much more value than a day spent in an office to pay for your heating. Or a day in the veg garden or foraging compared with a day in an office so you can pay for food in a supermarket? I am not sure what you mean about our quality of life now. There is not quality. We might live longer and have softer hands but we have lost our meaning.

        ‘can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?’ or ‘Did you exchange a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage’ Pink Floyd

      • Anita, great comment. Genuinely inspiring and totally true.

    • Say we did go back to battering. Suppose you want to barter your neighbour for a bag of carrots. Your neighbour wants a churn of milk in exchange but you only have an oxen? But another neighbour does have a churn of milk. A bit of a dilemma, eh? Maybe this bartering isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 🙂 What could the solution possibly be? Well, you could exchange a ‘monetary token’ with your neighbour for the bags of carrots which they could exchange with another neighbour for a churn of milk. And so a modern economy is born 😀 where we no longer trade goods and services directly but use a system of ‘money’ 😀

      • Sounds messy ,I’m off to the super market ,see ya.

      • Yeah well, I’m off to see if I can barter a chicken for a bag of corn with a neighbour 😀

      • That’s the whole point. They’re reducing our standard of living. They want us eating insects. You can barter with skills. Hence, why I said learn practical skills. What I’m saying is they’re going to drastically reduce our living standards. “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” I’m saying prepare yourself because we’ll end up with a digital currency very soon linked to the social credit system. And you just being on this site will affect your social credit score negatively.

  7. Thanks, fab peptalk, we need this. I feel less alone.

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  9. Really nice summary Hugo of the current state of things. I don’t think it’s really New Agey to think like that. I think what you’re suggesting is really how it really is. Its’s all about energy and deep spiritual stuff. Shit! Now I sound like a hippy too LOL

    That news story about that school is really dark. ‘They don’t stray from their Agenda unless it’s part of their Agenda.’ Really like that.

    Personally I think it’s very dangerous for people to start thinking that being around vaccinated people is making them ill. I personally think that is nuts. Sorry to say it. I think it’s really dangerous and divisive.

    Any idea that intends to separate people is coming from the wrong place, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the really positive tone.

    • Think you’re right on this. I would need to see the evidence to prove it really happens. Otherwise it’s just another devide tactic.

  10. Hugo, there may be some truth about people getting sick from vaccinated people. In fact I went to the dentist yesterday and now I have a strange headache. The dentist assistant asked me if I was vaccinated and I told her, NO. She said she was. I heard Dr. Sherri Tenpenny speaking about this phenomenon too. Thank you, Hugo for all you do.

  11. One can’t help but lament the irony of Hugo’s venture into the historical fiction of the Holocaust while warning at the same time not to be taken in by mainstream media propaganda.

    • Very insightful comment.
      The alternative view of the day was they fought the wrong enemy.
      Saddest thing was the loss of lives as always in times of war.

  12. Thanks Hugo, excellent work as always. Hooray at last to see a school with sense and what seems like intelligent people in charge. A rare thing nowadays. Good advice to “observe not absorb”. Brilliant! Good news from the emerald isle as well. I suspect there may be more than that not registering. Eire awakes!

  13. Brilliant advice Hugo. Ignore the psychopaths pushing the lethal injection and their BS. We all have to stay strong for the sake of our children and their future.

  14. I’d love to listen to an actual msm journalist from the 80s 90s to see what they thought of msm journalism now. True journalism is done by the likes of yourself. Great work Mr Talks

    • Would a better name for “MSM” be OLD MEDIA?
      The real mainstream media now which is getting a large audience is that of Hugo Talks and others like him.

      • Great point Oscar. I’m going to start using that term – OLD MEDIA. That’s what it is. I no longer pay the ‘TV license’ and so do not consume any of it. Don’t buy ‘newspapers’ or magazines. It’s dead. So, it’s not even old media really, it’s dead man walking media in reality. I’ll use old media for now though.

  15. A spiritual war is exactly right Hugo. People need not fear the media, and their corrupt lies, it engulfs us in negative energy. Be positive we need to raise our vibration to positive only.

    • Exactly. Let us stop being afraid. It’s tedious. We do have Guardian Angels. I’ll give a few examples from myself. I’ve always been interested in coins/money – not the amount, just the actual things themselves. I have scores of stories regarding this throughout my life. I’ll just say a couple to save time. I had a career break a few years ago, then needed to go back to work, had an interview, a 50p coin (which I was collecting at the time) was shining at me, blinding me – it said ‘Be Prepared’ on it! Last Sunday, 11.45pm, after work, my cat was mithering to go out, which she never does. I let her out, there’s a £10 note on my door step! I pick it up, then there’s another. I pick it up. Then there’s another. I pick it up. Then there’s another – £40 on my doorstep! I found a £20 note on my way home from work a month before. Honestly, I could go on all day.

      • I’m not lying. I’ve just re-read my comment and people will think that. I’m not. I never lie. I’ve no need to.

      • That’s quite cool. I’ve had it three times too when I was really worried about money each time. One time I found a 10 pound note at the children’s play park at the end of a money stressful day with three young children to feed and then a fiver outside Boots when I needed some painkillers for my teeth and little money and then I bought a cheap pair of trousers in a charity shop and when I got home there was a £20 in the back pocket so I was able to go back and decent coat too. There will be none of this luck anymore I suppose if they change to digital currencies though will there?

      • I found a £5 note on the pavement the other day so that proves conclusively that I must have a Guardian Angel too 🙂

  16. Hey Hugo, from a truth seeker down under, keep up the great work mate.


  17. Thank you Hugo

    That’s what Black magic is MIND CONTROL to control the individual or individuals with Fear and Doubt of yourself and if affective to the real ‘weak’ it will help making them people commit suicide

    Thats Sick!!!!

    PURE EVIL yes spiritual yes and your totally correct we must become more Positive sticking together saying No and send it back to them.

    Thank you Hugo keep up the great work fella 👍✌️

    And I am always positive for Ireland 🇮🇪 👍✊

  18. I had to laugh at the pic of Donald Sutherland – that film (those films as that was the remake) was one that crossed my mind a while back – The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Those who are not one of “them” gets fingers pointed at them and screamed at. It is so like us “unclean and infectious” people who refuse to get injected and labelled as evil. Well done to the Irish oldies rebellion – er, I’m in that age group!
    Interesting re the school. I don’t know that it would make a difference as households are likely mixed with infected trial people living with those who haven’t. Personally I haven’t noticed anything . . . yet.

  19. Hi Hugo, it is spiritual war. Please realise that atheism and new-age are agendas. The truth is that the world is biblical and Jesus is real. Better get saved!

      • He already has, but you have to want to be saved or you won’t be. It’s that simple.

      • Yes he is if you believe and give your life to him. It’s all out there in the Bible please read and research like you do about all this. Honest. God is drawing his people to him in these satanic days ! X the devil is the biggest liar and deceiver and wants us all to folllow him! Don’t be fooled.

    • It absolutely is a spiritual war, many hundreds of years in the planning. You only have to look at the beliefs of the entities that rule this world to know that Jesus is real. The new age, higher-self nonsense is another tool of theirs to distract from The Truth. Altiyan Childs has a lot to say about this in a video that is over 5 hours long and a VERY hard watch. Everything we think we know is a lie, by design. We are seduced by their darkness, black magic, mind control and social engineering. We really do live in a fallen world.

  20. Would advise everyone to look at this link at end.Thankyou again Hugo you are a amazing! a man very conected to intuition and strong enough to stand in your truth. https://youtu.be/fdzW-S8MwbI

  21. Everyday I log onto the Sky and BBC YouTube so called ‘news’ channels just to leave truth comments, info links and thumbs downs, spread the good word on their own platforms.

  22. Thanks Hugo. I never listen to MSM. Only through yourself. Take care of yourself Hugo, we appreciate everything you do.

    • I too don’t listen or watch the MSM seriously anymore, I take a peek but just to see if it’s ever changing for the better….it isn’t. I watch Hugo and ukcolumn news and there’s an interesting ordinary lady who writes an everyday blog but she has a section called “my research” and it’s often interesting what she has come across in the world/news. That’s how I found Hugo and ukcolumn in fact. Link added: http://meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.com/p/research-2020.html

    • Yes, thank you for getting the info out there Hugo!

  23. Great video Hugo…good to see the comments going up. You called it correctly. ‘They are not fit to clean our sh……(I thought you were going to say ‘shite’) ….shoes’ That is the right line to take. NONE OF THEM….Poiticians, Health Officials, Police……..all corrupt scum.

  24. Regarding the school: the headteacher has obviously been leant on by the parents and, judging by the fees being charged, these are influential people who know something that’s not being passed on to us plebs. Can’t work out why CNN have decided to run with it though.

  25. The way to victory is through NOT taking their vaccine!

  26. Classy talk and excellent analysis of the situation, in so far as it’s possible to understand what’s going on!

  27. It felt like a positive step today when I read the comments section of an article written by our local mp (who wasn’t local until she got elected and barely anyone has ever seen in the flesh) and they were using it to point out the flaws of the current crisis etc link here: https://www.stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk/news/19270157.siobhan-baillie-vote-local-elections/
    Also the IBM link doesn’t surprise me. My ex husband who is Russian and was brought up in a time of strict communism is now working high up for IBM in Bristol. Completely into everything being online and digital, very elitist and controlling and extremely judgmental of anyone he sees as less educated than himself. Now it seems he has got his dream job of potentially being involved with controlling the whole uk population. Don’t accept any of it. It’s harder to get back out of this crap than to get into it and so it’s worth the fight to resist.

    • I-Beem were very much instrumental in the Holocaust primarily through selling the punch-card machines to the Nazis that were used to identify Jews and others destined for extermination through the Census data. Leopards do not change their spots.

    • No wonder that he’s your ex husband sb! Oh well at least you’re safe from him now, but the problem now is that none of us are safe from many more tyrants who are as bad or worse and the stupid sheople don’t even realize it. They proudly wear their shame-muzzles and gleefully obey them as they sheepishly march in lockstep, to their inevitable demise.

  28. Thank you Hugo, for some great comforting words, as always. Just what we need.
    On a slightly different note, can I just ask everyone’s advice? I have recently seen “Freedom Alliance” election flyer and they look like a good alternative to vote for but I have seen that The A B woman is a member. Now I am slightly confused as everyone say’s she is a shill and I had never heard of her until a week ago ( I don’t do twatter or FB so have no idea) and don’t want to be going down the wrong path.

  29. Well done to Hugo for staying positive.

    These people are all negative energy, and we mustn’t let them work their spells on us 24/7, as they try to do.

    When it gets tough and all the official lies seem all too much, I remind myself of this Churchill quote from the darkest days of WW2:

    Very bad news came in, and the Imperial Chief of Staff said; ‘This is simply awful – I feel terrible!’

    Churchill replied: ‘It is indeed awful news, terrible news: and I feel wonderful!’

    I’m sure his usual double whisky and soda also helped a bit….

    Brit = Grit.

    The 77th Brigade of armchair ‘soldiers’ – a disgrace to their country – can go and get stuffed.

    Let them use their ‘skills’ for the people of Britain, and not against them!

    • OMG!
      Just watched a bit of the Europa. Makes a lot of sense!
      Little know facts now help to join the dots.

    • It will be interesting to see the effects that come from this experiment on people at this concert in Liverpool this weekend.
      I strongly feel the effects of “shedding”, which I would rather label transmission will be horrendous & then of cause they’ll just say it’s this never lab isolated, so non existent sars covid 1 & 2 that are to blame!
      They’re truly evil bastards!

  30. I am really not sure about the reference to the Germans, yes IBM would be able to make a system that could catagorise people for what ever reason and no doubt the Germans imprisoned many people not just Jews. Legitimate criminals and suspected communists were arrested and many ended up in aledged “death camps” and we hear about how many of them were moved to multiple camps somehow missing out on being killed time and again. When you listen to Hitlers speeches which were also always his views as written in Mein Kampf he did not change his tune as to who the villains were/are, the bankers. He said more clearly what most “truthers” say today, that “A small rootless international clique” is turning the people against each other and does not want them to have peace. Now before I get any hate coming my way I am not on any side here, from taking in both sides of the story and I see it as one side is lying much more than the other! If you take a few minutes to look into where the camps start and where they trail off you will see that most were built by the Bolsheviks, Russia was covered in them and the line stretches throughout Eastern Europe. Also you have to take on board the fact that Hitler did not disarm but rearmed the population, the previous Weimar Republic disarmed the Germans who were clearly in the hands of the banking cartels at the time. Volkswagen was also created by Hitler to give the people decent affordable transport hence the name peoples car. Are these the acts of someone that wants to enslave? This IBM article is in the media, are we not told that we should not take it in? Or do we take in the MSM when it suits our view? At this stage all of what we see is controlled and in my eyes disinformation. I know we have been trained to hate the Germans of that era but do you actually know what was said or do you just take the story of the people they were opposing who are still in control and lying to you today? Go up against the biggest liars of all time and you will be the most slandered people there will ever be!

    • I know, it’s very complex. From my opinion, I believe it’s Freemasonic, and that they level up the disinformation constantly, even to this day. And then they sit there laughing because they know the truth. It’s truly a bizarre world we live in, controlled by liars, thieves, demons basically.

  31. In ancient times ( today as well) the holy fathers of the church knew that fear is the number 1 tool the demon to drag down human beings.

    • Yes, it’s strange. Why would anybody want to frighten people constantly? So they’re in a constant state of panic, terror even – the answer is obviously to control them. That’s what they’re doing to us 24/7.

  32. So when you are told that you are required to ‘obey’ for the greater good, you can offer some of the quotes from this enlightened YouTuber Academy of ideas:

    “Greater Good” is Used as a Tool of Social Control” https://youtu.be/gvPKTVK10JE

  33. Looks like us non vaccinated will have to form underground world like in the days of the war my grandparents used to tell me about. Can’t believe I’m actually saying this in these days. Feels like I’m in a nightmare some days. X

  34. Thank you dear Hugo for all that you do for us here. It is indeed a huge comfort to listen to you each day, as you have so much common sense and give excellent advice! Excellent and highly informative videos that you do for us too! You are providing a vital service for the public, and I’m personally deeply thankful for all you are doing here. It is clear to me how much you care about other people, and you will be blessed by the Lord, that’s for certain! I totally agree with what you say about the MSM. They are utterly evil, devious and are going all out to manipulate the public. I stopped watching the news ages ago, mercifully our TV blew up cos it was old, and we never replaced it!! I used to watch the news every lunch time, but now I don’t, and it’s brilliant! The mainstream news is so incredibly depressing anyway, so it is much the better thing to do to keep it switched off! Thinking about what you were saying about the gene therapy jab shedding, that is well scary! If people are feeling ill after spending time with those who have been jabbed, then there clearly is something nasty going on. I’m staying at home most of the time, and now not going to church at all. All my friends and family are getting jabbed all around us here, so I’m keeping away from everybody to be safe. Really missing everyone really badly though, and missing playing piano for music group at church and also the organ, but I’ve got absolutely no choice. Very upsetting indeed as church was the central part of our lives, and now I just don’t know when I will go back. Very dark, scary and sinister times we are living in, that’s for sure! I’ve not been jabbed and nor has my husband. We will carry on that way!!

    • I’d love to be able to play the piano, such a great instrument. I also love the harp and the proper wooden xylophones – very underrated instruments!

  35. My best advice is simply to not watch / listen to / read their fear porn. If you don’t know what they’re saying it cannot affect you.

  36. I think the Centner Academy will be used as an example. They will be made to reverse thier decision in a court hearing as the media comes down hard on them. It will be a massive shame as it’s the right decision not to be vaxxed.
    Really hope I’m wrong on this and they continue as they state in the letter. They are trying to help fellow teachers by giving them a choice.
    Hopefully they start a movement with other education establishments across the world.

  37. Interesting to see the results of their big experiment on people at this concert in Liverpool this weekend, which I fear will have the devastating results they’re looking for.
    I believe they’re gonna test their so called “shedding”, which I label “transmission” & other effects of they’re schemes on people at this.
    They will then of course blame the consequences on the non lab isolated, so non-existent virus sars covid 1 & 2.
    Thoroughly evil bastards!

  38. It will be interesting to see the results of their big experiment on people at this concert in Liverpool this weekend, which I fear will be horrendous!
    I believe they are testing to see what they’ve achieved & other schemes they’ve put into place.
    Of course, the consequences of what happens after this, they will blame on the not laboratory isolated and so non existent so called sars covid 2(& sars covid 1) “virus”.
    Thoroughly evil bastards!

  39. It’s like this & this is the insanity of it all!
    My family knew I was involved all over the place in various combat arenas soldiering for over 30 years, involved in all kinds of things & I now have to suffer the consequences of what I’ve seen & done & ordered others to do! & for what?
    I’ve been warning them all of the consequences of what’s still going on since the onset & not to comply with any of it, as I haven’t & still don’t!
    But, selfish desires conned them & a lot of them ignored the mounds of evidence I presented them & my warnings!
    Results: I have an aged Aunt, double injected, stuck in solitary confinement(quarantine) in a care home, not allowed to leave her “cell”, under any circumstances! Care workers go in kitted up in basically NBC suits! She’s covered from head to toe in these blot clot like blemishes(bruises)! & the swines had the nerve to say this was a reaction to her hair dye! Are they really serious?!
    My injected mother went to see her & cold only speak to her through a prison like system of protective glass between them, speaking through speakers, having to wear a mask the whole time she was in there! ???
    Strict quarantine to protect my Aunt from others, or more like care workers from my Aunt?!
    Then there is a man I know well, who’s married to dear friend of ours. He was also warned, but said F you & your “conspiracy theories” & went & got jabbed. He seems to be okay for now, but his wife(our dear friend, who hasn’t been injected, is now in hospital covered in the same blemishes as my Aunt, in critical condition!
    & that’s not all. Another close friend, dead against all these criminal measures, like me, doesn’t follow any, or does his wife.
    However, her scared & selfish father went against all warnings too & went & got injected!
    He’s since this, been coming round a lot to see his daughter & the kids.
    Next thing I hear is she’s had a seriously painful period & these red blemishes, appeared on her legs.
    We are very clued up on bolstering our immune systems naturally & she seems to have got better, but this is far too early to tell yet! Has she really got better? We sincerely hope so!
    What I say to anyone who will listen is this! This is long planned mass genocide of the world’s population, by a small group of extremely evil satan worshipping psychopaths, who truly believe this Earth belongs to them! & that satan will help them live forever! We are spoiling their view!
    They just want a few hundred million part human slaves left over to worship them as Gods!
    We all will die one day, don’t live in morbid dread of it everyday! LIVE YOUR LIVES AS NORMAL AS YOU CAN & DON’T SUPPORT THEM IN ANY WAY!

  40. Geert Vanden Bossche DVM / PHD a vaccine expert has made videos stating that these vaccine are leaky vaccines.
    He is asking for the mass vaccination programme to be stopped.
    2009 Swine flu – rushed vaccine pandemrix – caused deaths & narcolepsy – Ireland included.

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