School Sends Out LOCKDOWN DRILL Letter / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. My reaction to this is what is being planned… Away from Windows, air pollution dangers, scaring the absolute u know what out of children… No contact or no reporting on social media… This must be stopped now… No way..

  2. Sinister, this defo conditioning. Something very dark happening.

  3. Extremely suspicious, blocking communications, locking students in, this is beyond malevolent

  4. Fcking ridiculous They have tried to make adults paranoid about everything and everyone
    Now they are doing it to children and the schools are going a long with it what a load of Bullocks
    Putting fear into children’s head is wrong and shameful
    And they say getting back to normal This far from fcking normal !

  5. Why is nobody STANDING UP FFS?

    • Government’s the biggest problem…they’re even happy to allow a London hospital to kill a 6 year old little girl called Pippa who’s mum, Paula, is fighting the establishment stazi tooth and nail to keep her alive and remove her from the hospital-Kate Middleton is a patron of the hospital…they’re ALL IN this scam just wanting to KILL our kids!!! FFS, enough is enough-we need this stamped out now…REMOVE THE BRITISH FROM OUR ENGLISH COMMON LAW PARLIAMENT to regain our COMMON LAW RIGHTS FROM THESE CRIMINALS IN POWER-THE BRITISH!! ENGLAND TO BE RULED BY THE ENGLISH-NO FOREIGNERS ALLOWED ANYMORE!!

  6. Should be called an emergency procedure – not a lockdown procedure. Conditioning definitely.

  7. Last time government tried locking my kids in the school with plain clothed officer and social worker!
    They called the armed police so good luck doing a letter like that to me !

  8. Schools have been doing this for years since the isis bombings.

  9. My son’s school did this lockdown drill once. He’s been in college for two years now, so it’s not new. Exactly the same wording in the letter. It’s definitely very odd. The older kids won’t comply with not using their phones, luckily they seem to be more freethinking than many adults. Definitely my son’s friends anyway.

  10. Funny how we all got school without this nonsense and if any school trys to stop me taking my kids off their premises whatever the “emergency” is it won’t be their only problem. This is blatant conditioning of the kids for the future Chinese style system their looking to put in place here the scumbags, if I was looking to live like that I’d move to fucking China.

    • The slow creep towards copying the way China rules its people should be an alarm to everyone in the country.

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  12. Everyone in the World must stand up against the Draconian,Totalitarian Control .weather we have the vaccine or we don’t, we must all stick together and refuse any form of control. Starting with the Vaccine Passport, that is only an excuse to introduce an Biometric ID system, to control everything you do, just like China.This is the end game of the Globalists .

  13. fuck right off people.
    letter from parents to school…
    no you bloody well won’t.
    they do this and they could be doing anything to your kids
    right kids all phones confiscated blinds drawn locked classroom…now then this woman is from government and she’s here to jab your arm???

    • Exactly what I was thinking….smells like an “emergency at school with a pupil who has a new North Korean virulent strain of covaids,so we had to do an (government approved) emergency vaccination on everyone”type of situation.I am so glad my children are finished school now,I certainly wouldn’t stand for this crap.

  14. I agree completely with your thoughts Hugo. This is very sinister and another example of schools acting above and beyond their ‘authority’ which I see increasingly happening. Imagine trying to tell parents what they can say on social media?? Parents unable to contact their children in an emergency because they’ve been ordered to turn their phones off?? wtf! Schools exist to educate, not to indoctrinate, instil fear or spread propaganda. This seems to have been forgotten and is becoming a lower priority given recent events. No doubt this is coming from above them e.g. local authority following the agenda they are given. The schools do not exist to test pupils using any medical procedure with or without consent. They do not exist to impose dangerous mask wearing. It’s getting out of hand. Parents should write to or speak to their children’s school every time they are not satisfied about anything. I personally would have serious words with them if I was sent that letter.

  15. If I were a parent of a child at the school I would ensure that they were not there on the 12 May – every parent should refuse to take their children in on that day! This is ludicrous as well as ominous . . . wonder if any correlation with the change in the law which allows children to report on their parents – went through parliament a couple of months back . . .

      • its when that particular school are actually going to practise the lockdown – see the letter again

  16. Makes me think this is deffo future stuff …. Get ready …. Already we have Chem trails polluting the air … so why not germ warfare etc πŸ₯΄πŸ€¬

  17. Drilling it into their minds… this is why they secured the outside of schools some years ago, due to terror threat. The teachers need teaching real fast as they are so thick to keep doubling down on this bullshit coming from above!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  18. I am seriously concerned about the Chid Agenda and Biden being US President ,I’ll leave the rest fo you to research

  19. Proper drill on a very dangerous activity. Can someone please help me with letting know why I am not surprised. Have I gone dump/numb….

  20. Hugo You Might Want To Look Up A Bill called HCbill122 it sounds like this letter could quite possibly be a start or a pre conditioning programme into making it a thing, I wanna pull my kids out of school and have been wanting to for months but my ex is suffering with mental health and also has a sheepish mentality and she does not and can not listen, my kids are more clued on than her thanks to me informing them & I can’t help but think This letter is to do with the Bill.

  21. Whilst I agree with your post and all the comments on here I think maybe we are over reacting slightly ,these sort of drills are common place in the USA and other countries mostly because of the threat of gun attacks in school and colleges .
    I think it’s better to be prepared,I mean if a school came under attack and there were no emergency procedures in place I think most parents would be none too happy at the lack of preparation. I mean let’s face it there are more gun attacks in schools resulting in the loss of kids livs worldwide than there are caused by fire. However I100% disagree at the small price t if this letter regarding phones and also the Term lockdown it should just be called 3rd party emergency procedures. I.e none fire drill coz in a fire you would want to get out and quick .

    • We’re not in the states, no one is going to turn up at school with an AR15 and start shooting the place up. I agree I can see the school might get attacked by a delinquent squirrel or a herd of naughty magpies, but this is way over the top. Ridiculous even.

      • Well, there was this. Probably the only school shooting incident to take place in the UK but still it is not without precedent:

        ‘The Dunblane school massacre took place at Dunblane Primary School near Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, on 13 March 1996, when gunman Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children and one teacher before committing suicide. It remains the deadliest mass shooting in British history.’

      • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      • I can understand what you mean about UK not being a gun tooting culture but don’t forget that the children are being radicalised by the deep states so that they will get used to the “new normal”. The same children who were said not to be affected by the virus needs to be vaccinated. Its ridiculous and insane.

  22. It’s weird with us sometimes, but you can do some of it.
    Don’t be fooled and don’t get involved.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  23. I saw a good video on brand new tube yesterday from the states. They had a load of ventilators that cost $26K each, and they were dumping them at the tip and ploughing them into the ground. Why? Because they weren’t “approved models” so didn’t have the “right certificate”. Now, I ask you – if there really was a pandemic and they really were wanting ventilators, etc, why not just test one and see if it’s good enough, and then use it. Surely they’d use anything. But no, dump them in the trash (hundreds of them) and let them go to waste – because “regulations”. How can anyone believe this guff?

    • I’ve seen this happen before with huge amounts of working technology being trashed on big scale which would have done the job fine. But wait a minute, they say they want to save the planet, less waste BS? Not when there’s big money to be made when the new models need to be purchased instead. I’ve seen this scam played out time after time. In these cases, follow the money, way more important than saving the planet when it suits them.

  24. Why wasn’t this put through the PTA? What the hell do they think they’re playing at? If I were a parent of any child at this school I’d be going nuts right now. How dare they instruct parents and children to not contact each other. This is going to get fucking whipped into a pulp on social media, and so it should. How naΓ―ve to suggest that parents don’t discuss this on social media, and calling it “LOCKDOWN”, really, no REALLY?. These schools are run by virtue signalling imbeciles who should be sent up the road and not let near a child ever again.

  25. Amazing, this is all about obedience, you must obey the authorities or else. It’s also about instilling FEAR in the heads of children telling them we are the only ones that can help you. Don’t contact your parents, anything or anyone outside. This really sounds like North Korea of Communist China.

    The answer to this is simple, parents that are awake to this nonsense just tell your kids to do the exact opposite of what these communists tell you to do. They do not control your children and this is not a closed of society like the old east Germany. DO NOT COMPLY

  26. In case anyone is thinking this is fake, I just went to the school website & downloaded the actual letter. They’re mental!

    • I’ve heard of that, and seen the ads for when there is a nuclear attck you’re advised to crawl under the kitchen table and you’ll be fine! LOL

      • Or do what Dr Who did and go hide in the fridge πŸ˜€

      • 🀣🀣🀣🀣

      • Yep, watch ‘Threads’ from the ’80’s. It’s actually a good film. We had to watch it at school. Absolute fear porn, made to scare us all, as usual. If people are in constant fear, they’re easier to push around.

  27. That just sounds like they want to hold the parent’s children hostage in the school. This is just their indirect way of telling you, just to prepare you for what they’re going to do. Since when in history has there been a fire drill, and you keep people inside the premises. Anyone can see that’s what is going to happen. πŸ€¨πŸ€” That’s bull crap, I feel like they’re gonna turn on the 5G when everyone is at work and school, then people will fall sick and die. Then lock up the schools with the kids inside.

  28. I saw a lady in the freedom walk last Saturday. She had resigned as a teacher. Her last comment was ‘ they are coming for your children next’ … Looks like she was right. The sheep will all do as they are told. πŸ˜”

  29. Most parents are too medicated and are in no position to question what is going on and have been well conditioned to accept any they are told its a grim scenario im afraid

  30. Any “emergency” response should have the majority support of parents first and then the local authority. Locking children in their classrooms is totally insane as all children are then trapped potentially next to the site of a fire, explosion, gas leak, flood or building collapse. Teaching staff should concentrate on doing what they are paid for -TEACHING.

    • It has nothing to do with the children’s safety except grilling children into satanism. Bible says ‘Teach a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it’. Satan’s agenda is “catch them when they are still young”. How disgraceful and disgusting is our government. Its heartbreaking πŸ’”. πŸ’” 😒. We need to wake up because very soon our children/children will be speaking bizarre languages and engaging in bizarre activities. They will soon be uncontrollable

  31. Well, if I had this letter from my children’s school.
    1. I would shred it.
    2. Tell the head teacher to fuck off
    3. Take them out of school.
    They are turning this into a crap horror film on the sci fi channel.
    Also how many sad pathetic parents who would agree with the letter.
    I think my children would disown me, If i agreed with this bollocks,and i wouldnt blame them.

    • LOL, I’ve just had a flashback to when I was in Junior School, 9 or 10, me and this lad had to go to the ‘Heads’ Office. On the door it said ‘HEAD.’ So, just before we went in I said: “Yeah, BUMHEAD!” and we went in and couldn’t stop laughing. He was with an ‘inspector’ and we got dismissed without saying a word.

  32. This isn’t about conditioning this is about jabbing the kids. Many of us have told our kids to run at the first sniff of the poison jab and it’s the schools way of trapping them in the building. Blatantly. These scum must pay.

  33. They are getting ready to “quarantine” the children. Parents will never see them again. Please get your children OUT of these schools before it’s too late. Please.

    • Great comment Lucy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ» Yes mamπŸ‘!!!


  34. I work in a school and can confirm that we already have a lockdown drill in place, and have practiced it previously. This was introduced in the school I work in about 2 years ago.
    The school is conditioning students all the time. We use a fingerprint system for them to get school dinner (parents pay into an account, and the children use their fingerprint to pay, using their account balance)
    Students have to line up, military style, in silence, every morning, while tutors check equipment, and uniform. Any piece of equipment not in their case means a detention.
    During morning tutor reading, students have to have books flat on the table, both hands on book, using a book mark to follow reading.
    If students arrive even 1 minute after 8.40am, they have a detention.
    One of my tutees asked me, “Sir, why are the teachers so horrible”.
    I feel sorry for the children I teach. Having been a teacher for 20+ years, I no longer recognise the profession. All individuality of both teachers and students is gone. Education is now just producing future automatons for the system, and today’s Newly Qualified Teachers are themselves just cookie cutter versions, that help enable this.

    • This is demonic. We have to disengage with this beast system somehow. Start bartering with each other, etc.

    • Thank you for that.
      My goodness I so glad my daughter no longer in school πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜³πŸ™„
      People wake up now!

  35. This is like all those ‘predictive programming’ movies that have come out lately – ‘Birdbox’ and other horror movies where everyone has to remain completely still and silent or the monsters will get you. Can you imagine the fear level of those kids, shut up, like prisoners, huddled in masks, can’t contact the outside world, no help from their mum and dad – because of… ‘pollution’? Or who knows what other pathetic excuse.

    Making kids so fearful and obedient – scared of their own shadow, a sneeze, or someone’s West Highland White Terrier who got lost on his walkies.

    Will they be locked down because of a parent who comes to the school and says ‘my kid isn’t being tested twice a day!’ In 2021, that’s bioterrorism. Quick! Protect the kids from that right-wing terrorist! Lockdown until that mum is arrested!

    I would take my kid out of school immediately. And I would tell them to always, always walk away from that kind of situation. Short of an actual 10 foot monster or Godzilla standing outside door of the school, ignore authority, and get out of there. If your friends are too scared to join you, leave them to it. Then call your mum or dad. Or just go home.

    Unless it’s really, actually Godzilla, face the consequences of disobedience. It’s only SCHOOL, for god’s sake.

    We have to resist. The kind of world they are creating SUCKS.

  36. I’m from the UK but have been living here in the Bay Area California for several years. The schools here all do lockdown drills and have the whole time I’ve lived here. It’s one of the reasons I pulled my son out of school and homeschooled him (that and the mandated vaccinations and the propaganda they teach). He went into kindergarten at age 5 years old and I found out from him that they were doing lockdown drills every week, mainly around school shootings but from other threats too. They were having 5 year olds hide under their desks with their hands on the back of their heads, crouched down to protect themselves from bullets. That was enough for me. We’re not in school, but I hear they all have mask mandates, not allowed to have playtime, everyone is in their own plastic cubicle at least 6 feet away from other people, and everywhere they go in the school they have to follow the lines and stickers on the floor keeping them 6 feet apart. Plus now we’ve got the kids getting vaccinated for COVID.

  37. My daughters secondary school did this about 4/5 years ago. Its because of what happens in the US, and the random things that have allegedly happened over here.

    • I understand but its too coincidental with all the nonsense going on

    • LOL! FUCK A DUCK AND RUN! It’ll have as much effectiveness.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£βœŠ

  38. Can’t decide if this is US Active Shooter or US Nuclear attack drill, either way it’s extreme for someone just coughed.

    My kids and step kids all get it and expect Facist to become the default for the world soon, 1 mom gets it, the others sheep and snowflakes. ( more and more facist jokes last season of Rick and Morty, there onto it )

    Saying stupid shit like “if everyone would of followed the rules this would be over”, can’t grasp the rules won’t stop an airborne virus spreading and that it wasn’t airborne was a lie they’ve since corrected, doesn’t live on surfaces either, so stop cleaning like crazy.

    Boris on about more lockdowns to get us ready, but zero deaths from covid in April in my area and loads of other areas, so confused, we’d be exactly the same without vaccines, only useful for the few that hadn’t contracted it while shielding, but that’s few, very few then only a small % of them, would of died. Can’t see how more deaths could occur at this stage, I expected the last wave 100%, if there is a wave it’s it’s 100% vaccine created.

    Remember people stay alert for the risk of infection LOL, how you do this with an invisible virus is beyond me, but makes you think you have control and scares you at the same time.

    We have a LEVEL 5 COUGH Emergency, everybody PANIC!!!

  39. the head of Research and Development for oncology at AstraZeneca (best known now as a vaccine manufacturer) had died at the age of 61.

    According to a Spanish newspaper, the man died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)

  40. Its pure fucking evil, these bastards want to pervert young minds so they can completely control them, so sad to see in the UK but so long as the older sheep keep complying this sort of thing will happen more and more. Sad to see things going this way in the UK, even sadder to see how stupid people have become through the use of technology.

    • I think it’s a combination of stupidity, naivety, fear and the type of society we live in. IE we respect other people’s wishes in order not to offend them. So, somebody is terrified of catching a cold, so people bow to their ridiculous demands. Wear a mask, and so on. And it will extend to this bullshit ‘vaccine’. It is absolute mental derangement now. We can’t keep bowing down to this nonsense. If somebody is offended by not going along with this shit, GOOD, FUCK ‘EM!

  41. I remember about 20 years ago, I was taken aback when suddenly all schools had huge metal fences around them. All of them. The school I went to. I thought to myself: “What the hell is that all about? To stop a ball going into the road?” They look like literal prisons. We need to stop this people. One person at a time. There was something in the bible about rebuilding a wall I believe. Something like: “One person can’t rebuild a huge wall all by himself, but one person can rebuild his section of the wall, and if everybody rebuilds their bit, it will get done.” We need to disengage with this nonsense, one by one, by one.

    • Well said Andy πŸ‘βœŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™

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