School Sends Out LOCKDOWN DRILL Letter / Hugo Talks #lockdown

86 Comments on “School Sends Out LOCKDOWN DRILL Letter / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Testing, testing, 1- 2 -3 …..

    I would like to express two thoughts:
    The immediate agenda for this directive may be “vaccination” by stealth, hence the ban on mobile phone use and parent- student communication during the “drill”.
    In addition, the continued erosion of parental rights and further indoctrination of the students is accomplished.
    In my opinion, and understandably this would create some hardship for many, I would not send my child to school, effective immediately. I would be concerned that any student, instructed by their parent to leave the premises should he/she observe any signs of testing/ “injections”,etc, would be physically prevented to do so. Possibly locked exits, locked classroom doors …

    My second thought pertains to the rallies; fantastic attendance on the 24th, but here is the key point :
    if everyone resumes wearing the masks and “distancing” the very next day, then their message is made null and void.
    We are witnessing a worldwide reset to totalitarianism, and we must stop acquiescing NOW.

    • Well said Lisa. You need to post more, you’re 100% spot on!

    • Couldn’t of said or better, we protest today, but we will be complying again tomorrow? Ridiculous, this must keep going till we win.

  2. lock down alert app next. pointless going to school. id hate to go school this day and age i feel sorry for the kids, that dont know whats really going on.

  3. This cult of stupidity has taken to using government infrastructure to condition the young for the cults long term plans of totalitarian control. Unfortunately a good proportion of the public have not only “drunk the coolaide” but have bought into it. It seems to me that as part of the humanity control agenda project some kind of trauma is inflicted generationally. What do you think? To stop these foolish officials implementing these sick agendas sue them in the common law courts. This way they are held to a higher standard of proof. And as we know the cult has none.
    Just Say No.

    • People are too lazy to go through all these lawsuits….there too much red tapes and by the time you get to the first round they ensure that they frustrate and intimate you so that you give up…

  4. Bad news. The vaccinated can infect us with nanovirus. Avoid them. No joke. Sorry.

  5. School children (if they are old enough) should be advised to immediately leave for home if & when any such “lock in” is attempted, – not returning until the practice is ended, – even if OK d by the local authority & Health & Safety. If the majority of parents resist, then the practice will be withdrawn. The very young may well have to comply – until parents decide otherwise. Its for parents alone to decide what is in the best interests of their children in emergency situations. Some teaching staff may not be parents themselves and so are in no position to determine what is in the best interests of their charges in an emergency situation. At the very least – a joint parent/staff board should be set up to discuss and decide progress.

  6. Wonder if any of the parents replied to this schools letter about kidnapping their children

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