Nudge Theory / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I don’t think you’re looking into it too deeply at all.

  2. I think you’re spot on in your analysis of this. I believe a similar thing is happening with the way we are being bombarded with adverts about death, especially “pure cremation” where there is no funeral. I think we’re being conditioned not to be shocked or disturbed by the idea of death and to see humans as “productivity units” that are easily and cheaply disposed of. That way, the great cull that we see happening will become less shocking and there won’t be any public outcry. It may be me who’s seeing too much in this but there’s something sinister in the current bombardment with these adverts. All I can say is that Auschwitz practiced ‘pure cremation” too and with all the other Holocaust similarities going on at the moment it makes me wonder……

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