IRELAND Called ‘TOTALITARIAN STATE’ By MP / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  2. In answer to what government would do this…all with this Adgenda.. .I say fuck the government and start fighting back

  3. Yup. Alongside Canada. Ireland is right up there with full blown tyranny.

  4. He is correct with his statement and comparison.

    • London had 750k marching last Saturday. Our March in Dublin starting at Trinity college had myself and a handful of others. There were more police than us. So we never had a march.

      • Thats just sad Vinny .people are idiots in Ireland. Believe mainstream media and irish government

  5. Bless you Hugo! All the alternative info guys I watch too:) Northern Ireland seems largely asleep too.

    I literally want to shake people.

  6. Sadly nothing will happen,the fluoride in the water has done it’s job well.

  7. Ireland being asleep is the same as them being called “zombies.”


    I just wonder if you did the same thing with NEW CARS. If three carmakers came out and said that all their new cars were 100% safe. But,
    hundreds of people were dieing in car crashes because there were so many things going wrong with the cars. Brakes were failing, Steering was failing. Engines were stalling. No one was reporting that people were dieing in car crashes. The three carmakers were all saying it was not their cars, it was all the driver’s mistakes. What every car buyer was not being told that the federation of the motor industry knows about these problems and have not given these new cars safety approval. But because those with a bit of clout in the three carmakers corporation have given all those in power across the world top of the range cars in their list, and all their family friends and in the club. Telling the world their cars are safe and everyone should still buy their cars as they are safe and these conspiracy theorist is spreading false roomers and the crashes that these cars are happening are the driver’s fault. The three carmakers have done their own tests and they are telling the world their cars are safe. The leaders of their countries and those in charge of car imports are telling everyone in their country the cars are safe. Would the stupid morons still go and buy the fucking cars? I bet they would not, but they will put poison in their fucking bodies.

  9. Fair play to him . least he having a go 👍
    Thank you 🙏 Hugo

  10. A country that once had the IRA! WOW! WHAT the f. K has happened to you Irish?

    • I know, and some are scared of a virus. With a 99%of survival. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

      • The 99% survival rate needs to be said to everyone who engages you in conversation. People forget the ‘not everyone will get the virus, some will get it and not know it, some will have cold-like symptoms etc’ given out by Johnson, and other world leaders, I suspect, at the start of this nonsense. One finally observation, we need to remind people that back in the good old days of democracy and common-sense asymptomatic simply meant healthy. The elderly, especially, are traumatized. I doubt if many will ever be normalized.

    • I was considering moving to Ireland a few years ago. Glad I didn’t. I stayed in Cork. I was taken aback by how pussified the Irish have become. I couldn’t wrap my head around it to be honest. The only real people I met were Eastern Europeans. The IRA/Sinn Fean are Marxists/Commie’s, they just hate Brits basically. They’re perfectly happy for the whole of Africa and the Middle East to devour their country it seems.

      • One thing I’ll never forget though and I can still picture it to this day. It’s not gay or anything. But I remember going into the city centre, and on the way, there was this guy coming out of a Monastery, I presume. He was wearing white robes, like a monk. 6ft2″, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic, smiling, holding some boxes. But he was radiant, I’ve never seen anything like it. Like the personification of purity or something. So, imagine what Jesus would’ve been like!

  11. The puppeteer (klaus) he is German (the accent is German) he want to take us back in time when the war finish. 1945 hahahaha
    That’s why this politicians act like dictators. They are under the thumb of the puppeteer.

  12. Its like living in the Twilight Zone populated by amnesiacs. I went to Cork University Hospital a few days ago and the entrance hall to Out Patients had been converted into a zoo. All the chairs had been removed to make space for a huge bank of metal cages made of steel scaffold poles. This surreal structure had been divided off to make small human sized compartments. Everyone was avoiding it like the plague, which is apt considering where it was.Crazy world!

  13. Wake up everyone – just watch a very few videos and you will quickly realise that this is NOT a vaccine but an experimental genetic manipulation – and what do we need it for when the vast majority survive this flu!

  14. I have to admit to being totally perplexed by the Irish putting up with this.

    You had the IRA, INLA, etc, all kinds of terrorist organisations taking on the entire British Government – where have they all gone?

    Are they part of it, are they waiting for their piece of the pie?

    I would have thought that of anywhere on Earth that is trying this kind of dictatorship, which must be 100x worse than anything we British inflicted upon them – that the Irish would be the first to start taking direct action.

    Someone needs to lead the world out of this darkness, if the IRA (and I can’t believe that I’m saying this and praying for them) can’t mobilise, then what hope for the rest of humanity?


    For ALL of us!

  15. People are stupid idiots in Ireland Hugo .cant believe so many are fooled by media and irish government its so sad 😪

  16. Keep up the good work Hugo, waking the sleepy is not easy, we can’t speak to many of our relatives talking about the big agenda, they are totally gaslighted, if we dared mention that we though this was a Satanic agenda, designed to depopulate the world, they’d think us bonkers. Really we consider them lost, we speak kindly with small prompts but they attack us angrily for not taking the Vaccine, protesting and not wearing masks but we will continue to do so because once you are awake and we have been from the beginning, you never go back to sleep…

    • I TOTALLY agree this is satanic, we are in end times book Of Revelations.
      we are warned of the signs heading for the mark of the beast. the bible says will not be able to buy or sell.
      nothing will be the same again. this is a plandemic agenda 21. depopulation. covid certificate of vaccine ID.
      God help us.
      Thank you HUGO for all the work you do too try wake people up.

  17. Look at Israel and India there much worse of. The poor people of India are starving both water in boiling heat. Lockdown no hope. There are worse places on earth to be. I’m sorry but it’s TRUE.

  18. People here by is in Netherlands are more waking up, we also still in lockdown, they partial opened now, but only thing that changed is curfew no more and lunch places or restaurants can be open from 12 midday to 6 night
    But only outside
    And you can not even sit next to your own kids(if above 13)
    They must sit at other table max 2
    And only outside
    Its cold and raining again
    So no use at all

  19. The below interview video that can be found on’ brand new tube ‘ exposes so much of the false narrative and lays it all out in such a way that it is a useful resource to share with anyone that suspects something is wrong but cant quite piece it altogether!
    Dr. Michael-Yeadon Full Interview ~ Planet Lockdown

  20. Hugo you definitely have some Irish blood your pain for them is palpable!

  21. I had a verruca once… took a lot of getting rid of and very painful. Most governments in the world seem to be infested with these warts at the moment…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  22. Great what the MP said but I’m surprised it’s taken this long to have an outburst!!! Is being very subservient to religion have anything to do with being the same with the government and authority figures? Is that why they don’t question anything?but then most of the British are just as bad !!

    • Is this a real dissenting voice? Isn’t it all too little too Late? Where’s the Real “ Irish Spirit? There’s something very Sinister about how The Irish people have been treated like mushrooms “ Kept in the Dark and fed BS”

  23. That Cork guy looks like someone familiar in history from around the1940s just put a square moustache on him, ah yeh, now I know!

  24. So if we have no idea why our officiais are behaving the way they are then something has seriously gone wrong somewhere, this isnt only happening in ireland but the same measures are being rolled out elsewhere! So for a bit of fun away from this madness:-

    Name the Films and a TV Series from the list below, stating either A B or C and your reason 🙂

    a) He knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow, he must convince a disbelieving world, that the nightmare has already begun… A Clue just for you – “Some had deformed little fingers!”

    b) When strange seeds drift to earth from space, mysterious pods begin to grow and invade San Francisco, California, where they replicate the residents into emotionless automatons one body at a time.

    c) Together with her friend Dr. Ben and the researcher Dr. Stephen, they discover that the extraterrestrial epidemic affects human beings while sleeping and that her son, who had chickenpox when he was a baby, is immune to the disease and may save mankind from the outbreak.

    Answers on a postcard please 😉

  25. That’s very true Peter Howard’s comments. I do feel this is a calling for many people to take the vaccine and lose their souls.

  26. Hi Hugo I’m in ireland and I’m not asleep yes it is true most of the sheep here are if you try to explain to them they don’t want to know, one thing they are good at is ratting and turning on each other most of them are quite happy to go along with all this they want to be controlled it’s shocking. I love life there is very little in this world I hate but varadqueer and the Irish government I do hate and I will fight to the bitter end for my and my family’s freedom whatever it takes.

  27. Better the grave than a slave, better a war than the pact

    • Well said, like that quote: “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees!”

  28. Better the grave than a slave, better a war than the pact.

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