DNA Dog 💩 Swab Testing / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. There is no DNA in feces.

    ‘Nuff said.


  2. Ohh, they want to remove and destroy the fur babies

  3. You would have to be a brave War-Den to do that job, likely to end up with no hands… All dogs, with their owners should march on council buildings and leave their presents known!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  4. wont be coming near my dogs. no way they are coming for us all. These satanic morons think they can do what they like.
    They do not own me I trust God .
    we all know where this is heading . PLEASE WAKE UP..

      • Carrie, you’ll have to explain that one?
        Why will good people go to hell?
        If someone does selfless things and lives their life in a decent manner without hurting anyone. Why should they go to hell?
        Also quantify hell, as the good deeds a person does should go a long way to keep them away from such places.
        But no one is perfect either.
        Is religion, with heaven and hell another form of control passed through the generations?
        Probably not what you were expecting with the dog poo video!

      • Jesus Christ came into this world, to seek and save the loss, the Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard. (Romans 3v23) we can only become righteous through Jesus, he’s our righteousness,
        So it doesn’t matter how good we may be without Christ we are lost in our sins.
        Jesus died to save us from sin, if anyone call upon the name of the Lord they shall be saved.
        He who believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life. (3 v16)
        No-one has to go to Hell, it was made for the devil and his angels, but the Bible also says that Hell has enlarged itself because of the wickedness of man. So to escape that place Jesus is the way. Why would anyone want to go to a place uninvited, Jesus invites all to come to him and be saved, despite all what’s happening in our world God has a plan,for all who comes to him.
        Jesus invites all to come, the good, the bad no one is too evil or to good to be saved, so if your reading this and has not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, give him a try, he’s waiting with open arms.

  5. Why don’t they just employ people to clean up the dog poo rather than test it and leave it there ?? Or why do they want dog DNA on mass more likely, there real motivation, bet dog’s have Covid long term ( not really ) and will keep reinfecting everyone and therefore a Dog Cull which is a Green plan anyway, after all 1 dog creates as much CO2 as a SUV running 12,000miles each year, guess this means SUV’s aren’t that bad after all 🙂

    How much does testing dog DNA cost, bet it’s not cheap.

    Cats poo outside all the time, how long before cats aren’t allowed outside at all ??

  6. Imagine a world where we are free from government and complete freaks who come up with these sick control fetishes
    In a normal world people with these kind of desires would get counseling

  7. It’s just the scripted narrative being rolled out. It ties in with the cow fart agenda, animals are now a problem, we need to get rid of them. People should start posting dog shit to all ‘government’ buildings. Let them ‘Schwab’ it themselves. We need to create our own media that attacks the ‘government’, or any other of our enemies. Create a parallel society that does to them, what they’re doing to us! Disengage with their system, and engage with our own system. LET US STARVE THEM OUT!

    • “Let them ‘Schwab’ it themselves.” lol – brilliant!
      From 6th April 2000 – “A cash-strapped farmer dumped manure outside one of Britain’s biggest high street banks as a mark of protest over a long-running dispute.
      Father-of-four Harry Sutcliffe sprayed muck from his tractor onto a pavement outside a branch of Barclay’s Bank in North Street Keighley yesterday morning.”

  8. I’ve seen a few videos today of what the ‘police’ are up to. They arrested an elderly religious man in London for quoting the bible. The worst though, brought a tear to my eye. An elderly lady, with dementia, in America, went into a Walmart and I think forgot to pay or something. Just pocket change. The staff rush out with their masks on and start bullying her. She then heads home, to her house 2 miles away. Along the way she picks wild flowers up to put in her house. The ‘police’ come and start demanding she ‘comply’. She’s bewildered. They physically assault her, whilst she’s in pain, fracturing her shoulder, etc. They then take her to the station and put her in a cell, she’s crying out in pain and distress and the 3 ‘coppers’ are watching the CCTV and laughing, literally.

    My point is, there is a divide opening up between good people and demons, basically. These ‘police’ are getting off on their new levels of power. They are literal demons. They are grinning and laughing at causing people pain, harm, distress. And I don’t need to be hearing this silly ass bullshit about they’re “not all like that.” YES THEY ARE! They would have all resigned in disgust otherwise.

    • “They arrested an elderly religious man in London for quoting the bible.” One of the cops kicked him.
      That elderly lady in the US is an horrific story! Have you heard of the Zimbardo Prison Experiment from the 1960s (or maybe early 70s) – these cops prove Zimbardo’s experiment to be correct!

      • Not heard of that but I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks Carrie.

  9. Nothing seems by accident. Perhaps those who have been vaxed will have an impact on animals. So by pushing this weird concept they have the excuse to track surrounding animals dna. Those collecting the samples would likely be desperate for money and attached to the system without asking too many questions for their credits.

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  11. Don’t forget they’re using your money to do this, who do you think is paying them, some cretins will do anything for a pay slip. It’s your council tax money, so they’re doing it in your name. So much for democracy The bleeding cheek. for fucks sake, just tell them to sod off.

  12. Why don’t we just get rid of that toxic little fart Gates of Hell, that’s one less shit that will have to be collected.

  13. When I saw the clip of the guy saying we shouldn’t get anymore pets after they die – I really felt like getting 20 cats, 15 dogs, a few rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters!
    Can you imagine telling someone what you do for a living if you were a poop swabber!
    Poop swabber: I have a 💩 job
    Person: It can’t be THAT bad can it?
    Poop swabber: literally, I do have a job dealing with poop!

  14. There are States in US that require dog owners to register their dogs DNA. If they don’t clear up after the dog they get a hefty fine, so the streets are kept clean and the risk of transmission from dogs to humans of disease that causes blindness is eliminated. It’s one positive use for DNA testing.

  15. Ireland come the feck on now!!! I mean Wtf 😳🤷‍♀️
    Cheers Hugo, I also will NEVER be complying!!!

    May as well all of us lol start by sending poo in the post to certain’s,, leaving who be sending them to to those who are AWAKE!!!! 👍

    As the world has officially gone Nuts!!

    And I to strong to let them send me nuts & all out of my own beautiful mind 🖕🏻🖕🏻Them!!!! Dirty pedo sadistic killer’s!!! You know who you are!

    And a Higher power is coming for such evil
    People as You,s!!

    we may need to suffer some more but Don’t give in!
    Wake up save your self and your families futures

    Thank you 🙏 again Hugo for all you do stay blessed

    • They know the power of the mind to create, and the power of fear to keep on creating without stopping.
      I know the power of the programming of the subconscious, putting aside daily conscious worrying: I decided, when I entered safety critical transportation controlling, doing punishing shift work, that I could not let my body suffer it for more than five years, being already 50 when I started. My daughter decided she wanted to be client side of a punishing media industry by the five year point. We both got on with our daily lives. However, our minds found a way for both of our goals to come true. She knew about my five year plan, and that may have been why she set five years too.

      The behaviour scientists know all about the power of the subconscious, since even marketing and advertising does. We are being programmed to think NO NO NO, but worry 24/7.

      Let’s programme OUR OWN subconscious, based on what is right, pure and truthful – in this instance, I see our dog, with us, untouched by the dark side, until she peacefully passes away. Then, I see a new dog arriving in our home and repeating the instruction above. Importantly, I see this for everyone, for it needs us all to reject this dark shite.

      The higher power, call it love, God, whatever, is embodied by the light side, that’s us, and we have to fight for what is right, and stop the psychos.

      God’s planet does not need a great teaset. Inversion therapy not required.

      Thanking Hugo for all the information you sift through so that we can be ready for ’em!

  16. Only 3000 € !!!!!! They should put the fine down to 1000 € and one month in jail for the owner.
    I am a gardener, when cutting grass on the road you have no idea how many of this “shit” happen,
    as always I blamed the owner no the dog. Sorry

  17. This has been around in the UK for some years now but never put into practice – I wonder why?!! Of course people should clear up but in reality there’s very little local authorities actually succeed in regarding animal ‘control’ and I doubt this will be any more successful. Good luck with that Ireland!

  18. LMFAO. I pitty any fool who tries to come anywhere near my pooch. He’s a huge psychotic german shepherd who loves raw meat. Anyone tries to probe him will lose limbs. I shit you not.

  19. Dog pooh in the street has been a problem for years , why now? oh yes of course silly me .

  20. The mind boggles at what these cash strapped technocrats will come up with next…. How about if all traffic wardens see a dirty car, then it’s a fine…Lol.

  21. 😂…ok managed to stop laughing now. Maybe it’s because people talk to each other when out on dog walks and they want to spoil that communication opportunity now too or maybe they don’t want you to have any ways of defending your property by encouraging people not to keep dogs. Good luck getting saliva from the dog next door to me, he’s called kilo and he does not weigh one kilo but is some sort of huge bullmastiff thing with a huge mouth, loud bark and many gnashing teeth 😳

  22. Oldham Council did this years ago & it worked. I’ve no problem with this, as a dog owner I’m appalled by amount of dog poo that some owners don’t pick up, this is a good idea & the cost is put on the dog owners, not the local Council income. Another plus for this is that DNA from each dog will help reduce people abandoning dogs & stealing them, because they can be tracked.

  23. Hugo – send this to the Belgian Government! I came here to work a year ago and I was shocked! The pavements are covered in dog poo and there seems no legislation. I think I’ve seen one dog bin in a park since I’ve been here. I’ve not seen any feral dogs – so owners must stand and WATCH their dogs doing this and then just walk away.

  24. I’ve heard it said that when someone believes everything has gone mad, it could be them. Perhaps I’m mad?

    • As they say in the madhouse: “The trick is to hold onto your sanity whilst all those around you are losing theirs”. 😀

  25. More and more sh*t (pun intended) to either prompt people to give up their pets if they cannot afford the financial hassle or perhaps use this surveillance to create future reasons to confiscate your pet and kill it. We already get strong hints that they want domestic pets outlawed.

  26. There was something else about dogs the other day wasn’t there? Anyway, when people start dropping like flies if they haven’t got a database of where the dogs are there’ll be packs of wild dogs roaming the streets. I expect next will be “the DNA tests show the dogs are carrying the diease, so they all need to be rounded up”.

  27. The look on that dog’s face in the thumbnail still is priceless and just about sums everything up nicely.

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